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  1. 17 minutes ago, scounty said:

    He has a large, widespread catalog. Snowden has over 40 million views. 

    If you'd like some suggestions, for your first full episodes I can link you to Bob Lazar, which is wild, or the Navy fighter squadron pilot talking about unknown aircraft they encountered over the Pacific.

    I get that he has become the corporate press Boogeyman. 



    When it comes to Bob Lazar, Rogan ain't got shit on Art Bell.

    Edit: Also, he's not a corporate press boogeyman. That's just what the right wing press wants people to believe. Most people who know Rogan's deal know him for what he is. A pretty curious but dense dude who likes to condescend but also can be open minded at times, who enjoys bringing wing nuts and good comedians onto his show to have longform conversations. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's dumb.

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  2. 1 hour ago, MetropolitanCowboy said:

    The CRT panic by Conservatives is overblown and misleading…it’s also something that’ll never be in a K-12 school, despite the fear porn surrounding that talking point. 

    Of course. I've been asking for like a year now on here every time this comes up for some real examples of in-class assignments or instances of indoctrination. Still haven't seen more than maybe one or two legitimate examples. 

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  3. 39 minutes ago, SDSUfan said:

    Cops in most jurisdictions now wear body cams AND are subject to civilian police review oversight.

    In many states and jurisdictions, police have broad authority to block the release of that footage for a significant amount of time and have wielded that generously and continue to do so. They do the same with any and all information related to use of force and investigations, always have and always will. Civilian review over local police forces are a joke. Anyone who's been around police department knows the that. The single best way to allow for real accountability for abuse of power by the police is to carve into qualified immunity, which your boy in Virginia is against. 

    Saying that police have MORE accountability or oversight than teachers, or even close to the same, is one of the most laughable things I've ever seen posted on this board. And cops get to kill you.

    39 minutes ago, SDSUfan said:

    Do better.  Your shit is weak.

    You didn't answer my question. Do you like the idea of snitch lines for police? How about for gun owners? Or people who violate COVID rules? Or people who over-water their lawns?

    39 minutes ago, SDSUfan said:

    I'm all for teachers wearing body cams and/or ( preferably and )cameras in the classroom that parents can log into and monitor.  I think it would solve a lot of problems.

    What problem, exactly, would that solve? I mean, I guess one of the problems would be that we would finally get a real example of indoctrination in the classroom. Since, for all your bluster on here, there has yet to be one posted.

    Do better.

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  4. 35 minutes ago, HR_Poke said:

    Idk. If ECA disagrees with you on this one, I'm going to side with him. He tends to be one of the most level headed people on this board.

    Everyone has a right to be wrong. In this case, it's not me. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, SDSUfan said:

    Except it's the exact opposite. Nazis and Stasi had moles, spies and stooges reporting the activities of citizens to the government.  In Virginia, citizens are enabled to report the misbehavior of government employees to the government

    I understand you won't understand this very subtle difference.  you are after all a Leftist and therefore unread, innumerate and profoundly ignorant of historical events. You're comfortable that way. It means you don't have to apply reason or critical thought.  You just spew whatever Rick Maddow tells you through the TEE VEE.

    So forget I said anything Comrade.

    I'm curious how you'd feel if there was the same system for cops.


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  6. Just now, grandjean87 said:

    And, one of Johnny Cash’s big hits, A Boy Named Sue. Shel also wrote an album or so for Bobby Bare, iirc, and  hung out w/Kristofferson.  Some other of his others songs on top of those Playboy cartoons. 

    Dude was a fascinating guy. And some of his kids' poems are... dark. I'm surprised he's not been banned from school libraries, to be honest. 

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  7. Just now, soupslam1 said:

    Of course, however, there is a happy medium between the way I grew up and helicopter parenting. I’ve been pretty permissive with our kids and my wife is the opposite. I’ve come to realize were both right depending on the circumstances. 

    Well, the current movement to ban ideas from schools by force of law is very analogous to the rise of stranger danger and helicopter parenting. Right down to it being driven by a perceived threat cooked up by national news outlets which make parents think that something which is incredibly rare is coming for their kids. You have the cultural and legal corrective, all in the name of "protecting" the children. But in actuality what you do is stunt their social growth and resilience to placate the parents' anxieties which are stoked by a false sense of inflated risk. 

    All of this banning of ideas in the name of protecting children from intellectual "dangers" is not going to go well for any of us. Mark my words. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, soupslam1 said:

    That’s pretty much how my brother and I grew up because my mother didn’t want to be a mother and split when we were toddlers. My dad had to work so we pretty much grew up on our own. 

    It had its good points and bad points. It taught us to be independent and take care of ourselves. OTOH we didn’t get much supervision or guidance so we got into a lot more trouble than we should have. It was growing up by trial and error if you will. 

    I don’t carry any resentment, we actually had a lot more freedom than most kids. 

    What about in comparison to the helicopter parenting trend that it's in response to? You know, always making sure kids are always supervised. Parents always watching and preventing them from getting hurt, always intervening. Kids always having everything scheduled, no free play time for their own to get dirty and explore the world on their terms? Trunk r Treat? Stranger Danger. Calling CPS if you see an 8 year old playing in a neighborhood park on his own. So on and so forth. 

    Would you say that the concept is a step in the right direction away from the helicopter parenting trend?

  9. 1 minute ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    I liked you Telsa Idea.  Was there ever a man who would have been more suited to be a Suess Character?  Really?!?!  Could do a whole Suess style book on him.  

    And it would undermine the pro-Edison bias in schools today. Seriously, +++++ that guy.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    Caught up on the thread now.

    Sorry, I got to side with @smltwnrckr here.  

    The biggest impact of the cotton gin is not the reduced labor to produce X, it was that it increased the profitability of growing cotton which increased the demand for land to grow it and slaves to work it.  Within 50 years of the invention, slavery increased over 400%.  States that would likely never have been slave states were incentivised by those outrageous profits to become so.  The conditions of the slaves was made materially worse.  

    The implication on the page in question was clear, that the cotton gin made the labor more bearable for those whose toiled in the industry.  

    Better to just leave it out, than include what it did in two paragraphs.  

    Stop trying to indoctrinate children with your woke propaganda. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Aslowhiteguy said:

    Do you know what was he saying about evolution? 

    That organisms adapt over time to their environments. 

    1 hour ago, Aslowhiteguy said:

    You can certainly talk about animals without getting into evolution theory. 

    I mean, you can talk about physics without talking about math, too. But what is the point if you're trying to learn the subject?

    1 hour ago, Aslowhiteguy said:

    It's no surprise a Christian school wouldn't want him teaching about evolution. 

    It was to me, even growing up in a very conservative Presbyterian church. But luckily the pastor there agreed with Stan from South park, who asked... "Couldn't evolution be the answer to 'How' and not the answer to 'Why?'" when suggesting that evolution and God are not mutually exclusive if you use your brain a little bit.


  12. 1 minute ago, soupslam1 said:

    I’d say that’s an overreaction, but you apparently believe conservatives are basically racists and don’t even want the mention of slavery being taught in public schools. 

    Do I apparently believe that, or are you reacting to something because of your own biases that are informed by information you consume? You made a bunch of assertions about making little kids feel guilty and about kids being trans and about sexually explicit material in children's books without any evidence. You just said it, as if it is true. But generally when people try to show evidence that such things are true, they fall pretty well short of the assertion. 

    Something to think about before advocating for snitch lines. 

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