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  1. Excuse me... I always mistake Pyramid lake with Eagle Lake. I'm not as annoyed by this as I was when I thought it was a different place.
  2. That makes sense to me. Fishing on a boat with your grandad... a great way to spread covid. Protesting with thousands? Perfectly fine.
  3. Im not sure the touchdown dance is such a good idea right now.
  4. There's nothing racist or antagonistic about stars or a big blue X either. Put them on a flag, and they symbolize something. For the record, anyone who thinks the CA flag should be changed is dumb. But things become symbols, and those symbols come to stand for other things.
  5. The division is also more complicated than it was during the first one. If there really was going to be an armed conflict, there would have to be a very, very clear geographic and/or social issue that made it clear who was on what side. Dem/GOP, or Rural/urban is too complex and not clear-cut enough.
  6. Thilis seems like there's a kernel of truth in there. That's a believable scenario during the rancho years.
  7. I should know this off the top of my head but I dont. There were a lot of bears and the California brown bear was a pretty impressive and terrifying animal. It was either as big as or bigger than the kodiak. So my guess is that it was meant to be scary and cool.
  8. Also it was followed by long process that involved marginalization of what always previously an aristocracy.
  9. Fun fact... it also depicts a California brown bear, which is now extinct.
  10. My communist wife told me today that she would be actually excited to vote for a Biden ticket if he picks Tammy Duckworth.
  11. I dunno man... they're going bonkers over there about the concept of "common good" conservatism. They also have quite a bit of intellectual diversity among their staff and contributors. I've seen them completely eviscerate the "intellectual dark web" and also post a friendly interview by John Stossel (barf) with Jordan Peterson (double barf) the same week. We can disagree. I admit to being a fan boy. I am biased.
  12. Feeding bears in massive garbage pits was a huge draw for tourism too. But it doesn't mean it was a good idea.
  13. Pretty much my thoughts. But Rushmore actually serves as a pretty good monument to the hubris of the progressive era and to modernism in general. See that mountain over there? Yea it's nice but I can make it better! That's pretty much what modern, progressive-thinking people did in the late 19th and early 20th century... find ways to "improve" upon nature.
  14. I haven't read any of his stuff, but I'll take your word for it. I disagree strongly with you about Reason. I don't agree with everything they publish, and I think they're misguided in a lot of ways. But I think the publication is intellectually honest and also open to intellectual diversity in ways that a lot of ideological publications are not. I'm interested in an example of the white evangelical stuff specifically you're talking about. That category is such a shit stew of hypocrisy and corruption that it's hard for me to get a sense of exactly what you mean.
  15. Oh man, you wanna talk about rabbit holes...
  16. Oh... well yea, I've found Mt Rushmore to be dumb for more than a decade.
  17. FWIW, also, the author is not a Reason staffer. He's a professor and hosts a podcast through Slate, whose ideological origins are maybe less problematic for you? JOHN MCWHORTER is a professor of linguistics at Columbia University and hosts Slate's language podcast Lexicon Valley. His next book is Nine Nasty Words.
  18. I didn't write those last ones... they were excerpted. Click the link to read the whole thing.
  19. It has been raised as an issue, at least in circles I run in. But not with any serious sort of way. The Latinx activists I see tend to protest about the existence of California in general - that this is all stolen land and belongs to Mexico, which kind of makes a debate about representation a non-starter for anyone serious.
  20. That's too bad for you. When I read an article from Jacobin or Mother Jones or The Nation, or when I read scholarship in a field I find to be epistemologically misguided, I don't just write it off because I am not ideologically aligned with the board of trustees of the organization that produced it. If I think it has something to say that's good or interesting or worth engaging, I'll read it an think about it. I think you're missing out. As for Reason roasting historical wrongdoings of white evangelicalism... probably. But they're not a history journal, so it would likely be in the context of some current event that was taking place when the article was published. I know the outlet has been no friend to the religious right. But one thing they have been out in front on for decades is vehement calls for police, prison and general criminal justice reforms and looking at the racial disparities as one of the primary reasons the issue is so immediately pressing. They've been doing that since like the 70s.
  21. That's why I it will probably change. But it is interesting how some things become recognizable symbols and others don't. I'm sure there's some work on how the stars and bars became the symbol of the south after the war and not the actual CSA flag.