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  1. Yea, a porter works on a cloudy cool beach day. I'd kill a man to be under some fog next to a pier right now.
  2. Lol. I was just having a conversation with my advisor who does california history. He hates the term 'it is what it is,' but then when I was talking about some counterfactual he was like, "I always just say when people bring up counterfactuals, if things were different they'd be different." I was like, how is that different than it is what it is?
  3. Anthropology and history are quite different, methodologically. And even then, his deterministic approach is old school anthropology that a lot of people in that field critique. And I basically said in shorter words what historians say about his work - interesting ideas, some good observations but ultimately trying to do a little too much intellectually with him trying to fill in the gaps left by the scope of the project. Theres a reason his greatest admirers in history are economic historians... they sometimes do the same thing. Historian JR McNeil wrote one of the most generous rev
  4. Also, everyone should be wary of guys like Jared Diamond. He's fine, and his books are interesting. But these guys come from areas outside of history and decide that they can approach history like a scientist and explain everything with a singular grand theory. (Turchin, Pinker, others, too) It's fun to read, but it's generally shoddy history, it's generally overdeterministic and it generally seeks to do something different than the discipline of history is set up to do.
  5. I would fight that guy right now if it meant I could be in the sunset with the cold and fog.
  6. But that's not why we have celebrated him. We've celebrated him because - as pointed out earlier - Italian and Irish Americans wanted the accomplishment of an Italian and to a lesser extent a catholic to be recognized as particularly significant to american history in the late 19th century. Ironically, the kind of thing that race baiters in state legislatures are gnashing their teeth about right now. I'm fine with historians focusing on processes and systems more than individuals. 'Great Man' history is boring, and the Atlantic history exerts I know generally agree that the conditions mea
  7. I was in the Safeway in the sunset about 2 months ago. The only murder was the one I almost committed because of how long it took me to get a turkey sandwich. Its funny... I've spent a lot of time in the city the last 6 years, but that time has been mostly spent in one neighborhood since my sister who lives there and I both have kids. My SF experiences lately have really been limited to a couple parks, the academy of sciences, the beach and a couple Irish bars.
  8. I never even knew it was! This is new to me. I will have to ask my wife of she remembers any clam chowder fridays. I grew up a Presbyterian in a small town between Stockton and Modesto. Not a ton of clam chowder related events around me.
  9. I agree if it was a mix of regional and ideological... a complex patchwork. I fear if people continue to move and live only around their ideological similars and there becomes some clear, singular line dividing two factions.
  10. The union was smaller then, andbthere was also a clear north/south correlation between a specific region and a specific ideological issue. In a union as big as it is now, regional factions (not parties, but coalitions) are both inevitable and a good thing in a healthy, functioning republic. The problem is when the regional factions overlap with ideological factions. That's when shit gets real.
  11. Regional politics based on geographic needs were also as powerful if not more so than ideological politics. Like an east/west divide was as much of a thing as a right/left divide.
  12. It's one thing to make a statement, but denying sacraments to a sinner comes off as almost literally playing god to me.
  13. Yea I meant the church more than the people. But people like my mother in law and the little lady in my neighborhood who walks with a rosary every day and has a defund planned parenthood sign on her door... they listen. Bishops. In America. How many of those guys to this day think and say the press and the liberal elites have it out for them and that's why the church was "unfairly" targeted for that whole +++++ing little kids thing? Makes the blood boil.
  14. CBS News: U.S. bishops approve "teaching document" that may rebuke Biden and other Catholic politicians who support abortion rights. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bishops-possible-rebuke-joe-biden-communion-abortion-rights/?ftag=CNM-00-10aag7e I mean, maybe their teaching documents would mean something if they hadn't been protecting priests who rape children for the last... forever.
  15. Yea comedians always tend to get that perspectives when they become millionaires.
  16. There were liberals and conservatives in both parties back then. They weren't as ideologically polarized as they are now.
  17. It's true. I didnt even know people cared about Columbus day until I lived in the northeast. Lots descendants of catholic european immigrants in those communities out there. I had never heard of fish on fridays until loving up there either.
  18. Exactly. A lot of Irish groups were on board, too, to make a Catholic more prominent in US mythos.
  19. I said this elsewhere, but I had a research day planned at a federal facility and it got cancelled last minute because of this. So I'm officially against it.
  20. Yea the parrots are unique. But I +++++ing hate parrots. My mother in law has one.
  21. Typing on my phone sux, apologies for the typos.
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