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  1. So, since this is now a thing with multiple players... Does he still keep this year's eligibility if he starts with a new school next year?
  2. The whole mwcboard to the fact that the sjsu/unlv game may have title game implications...
  3. My kid has that french bread pillow. weird.
  4. That's our biggest margin OOC win vs FBS since at least 2012, BTW.
  5. Just got home. Heard the final few minutes. Gonna go back and watch, but this score is encouraging. Dominating defense and an offense that was able to do things even if sloppily, it seems like.
  6. Not at the game, and probably won't be able to watch all but the 4th quarter. Have to go to some dinner with my wife's work colleagues. Who don't drink. Blah. I have a couple beers in the fridge and the dvr waiting. Hopefully it will be worth watching. My brain says a 2 score sparrans win. My dead spartans fan heart says we lose by 20 points. Lol.
  7. That was dumb to throw over the middle Ike that on an Aztec d ready for a throw.
  8. Even if sdsu loses, they still will go 3-0 to start conference play.
  9. I've seen bad sjsu teams, and a couple good ones, give bsu all they could handle. But the deal was always that the broncos would almost always pull it out at the end. Not sure where that comes from.or how to recapture that.
  10. When's the last time your really read it, though?
  11. Sac state may save this from being turd of the week.
  12. So, if sdsu and sjsu eat shit this weekend too, are we the worst conference in fbs?
  13. These people are not stupid. They know the risks. They're still doing it, despite the risks. Personally, I am fine with letting that guy have the job that is not being filled and thus contributing to inflation instead of the Rural Pennsylvania flunkie who won't go to rehab. But I'm just a bleeding heart liberal. What do I know?
  14. Prohibition never stops the thing. It just makes the thing more deadly.
  15. Yes, and those spikes in dead people during times of increased demand for labor would be much lower to zero if not for the fact that those people were prohibited by law from existing in the place where they died.
  16. apparently that line is moving in sjsu's favor. Though I'll believe it when I see it.
  17. And Wyoming beat the conference champs last year. AFA could be the class of the conference still... they just met a team that matched up well against them on a good day in a tough place to play.
  18. This is a pretty good point right here.
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