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  1. That guitar looks like it needs a 7th string...
  2. Go back to my post picking then, and you'll get all your answers.
  3. I'm going against everything I stand for here, both in the game and in my heart. But I'm surprised they're still on the board. California State University, Fresno. @TheSanDieganthen @Slapdad
  4. I wish Chris Webber would have "quit" on his team a little longer in 2003-2004.
  5. I miss the days when I ignored the Olympics because they were an exercise in jingoistic American exceptionalism. It's somehow more exhausting to ignore when they're a front in the American culture wars.
  6. Planned Parenthood should sponsor a bowl. I'd go, no matter who was in it.
  7. When I was in college at Davis, they used to have this thing in the spring called 'Whole Earth Festival.' Basically like a 4 day hippie party on campus, and buses full of stinking phish fans would descend. All vendors served vegetarian food, and served it on washable wares that were collected by an army of volunteers to prevent waste and carbon footprint. While I was there, every year my buddies and I would set up an all meat, charcoal bbq spot where we would drink beers and hand out food on disposable plates. Cuz +++++ those assholes for ruining my campus. In the same spirit, I hav
  8. I honestly doubt that, unless you think there is going to be a bunch of tier bowls dropping from networks next year. There are going to be NFL prospects in that game no matter who makes it, and while the bowls may not draw as well as the playoff, they draw better than what ESPNU and FS1 and CBSSN have on right now which is like college bowling and stuff. I could be wrong, though.
  9. What is it? I am honestly asking. I would be surprised if it is as simple as either option, so I would like to know.
  10. It's not just the conference, it's the networks. Eff them. How many banks and insurance companies were advertising bowls and other major sporting events after 2008? There are bowls named after companies that built the military industrial complex. Like I said, barstool sucks. But in the grand scheme of social impact, let's be real.
  11. Wait, so is Barstool doing this (streaming the game exclusively) on their own? Or is Barstool doing it because none of the networks will carry the game if it has their name on it? Barstool sucks, but if it is the latter that's bullshit.
  12. That's not really true. Grad programs get really specific and can vary over time. Once you get to the PhD level, we're talking differences based on sub-disciplines and specialty areas.
  13. That looks about right. SJSU can repeat, but will need some breaks along the way. That can be said for whomever wins the west. Injuries may be the biggest factor with such a strong division. My predictions: the West champ has at least 2 conference losses and the tie breaker matters in the end.
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