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  1. Lol @ making this some sort of trump thing. TDS, indeed.
  2. Think of any album a smart person in your life has recommended to you, and you listened to, and decided you didn't like because the mix was weird or mids were off. You'll probably have Lo Fi.
  3. I generally agree here. Making and consuming music is so much easier today than it ever has been.
  4. I respect quality sound, but there is a strong tradition of lo fi recording that results in great music too.
  5. It's not bizarre at all. Powerful religious leaders and institutions do things that betray their faith-based principles all the time. I would argue that power and faith-based principles are inherently at odds. The Bible seems pretty consistent on that one.
  6. Dear Little Robe, Congratulations on being born, despite the fact that your parent is a robot. I love robots! They helped me win an election. Your Prez, Donny
  7. I did that on purpose. Not to call you a freeloader, but to point out it's often times more complicated than we make it. I live in farm country, and the farmers in my community regularly complain about "lazy" people getting welfare, when the farmers act completely and utterly entitled to the federal and state subsidies they get every year, generally incredulous when they don't get more, while the people getting welfare who they are calling lazy are generally the people working on their farms. So my ears always perk up when I hear that. I actually don't have a problem with welfare reform, or at least entitlement reform that ultimately impacts the way welfare is structured and distributed. It's gonna have to happen somehow.
  8. Can't afford it, or can't stomach paying for it?
  9. Where did I argue that they should get free medical care? I am specifically commenting on you suggesting that people on welfare are there because they are lazy, and then using an example of someone who is objectively in a situation that requires one to be the opposite of lazy to succeed. You should find a better example. Here's a good example about where we should consider welfare reform - people who make specific choices where they can choose to mitigate potential risk of future catastrophic health issues and instead say that they'll "take my chances," then experience a health catastrophe and get public assistance or get to declare bankruptcy when they would have been in a better situation to deal with the catastrophe had they made better decisions when they were in the financial position to do so. My in-laws are those people. It's annoying. Do you know anyone like that?
  10. Lazy +++++s like people in med school? I haven't met a lot of lazy people in med school. And I know more than a couple of people in med school.
  11. Do they have trans story hour at their libraries? That is the only question that matters here.
  12. What you can get away with depends entirely on who is listening.
  13. So you don't read your own posts? And you didn't think it was dumb when I stated the same thing while Obama was president.