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  1. smltwnrckr

    Problems at Covington High

    What is a doxx?
  2. smltwnrckr

    Bad week for the media

    No. They just speak to things that are always true and always have been.
  3. Hey, I've been there before!
  4. I think it's been talked about quite a bit here.
  5. smltwnrckr

    Twitter could be the death of Western Democracy

    Technological advances have their costs and benefits. I think Twitter, long-term, will be a net negative. But I'm getting old, so I'm supposed to think that.
  6. smltwnrckr

    George Will on trump

    Different strokes for different folks.
  7. smltwnrckr

    George Will on trump

    I think mormons are great. So when I talk with them, I don't get all boring and lame and talk about baseball and apple pie. just sayin, champ.
  8. smltwnrckr

    Bad week for the media

    shame on us for giving a shit what any 16 year old has to say about anything.
  9. smltwnrckr

    George Will on trump

    Maybe he just doesn't think very highly of Mormons.
  10. Is that a rayon shirt? shame on him. shame on all of us.
  11. smltwnrckr

    George Will on trump

    That lecture took place in 2013. The next year, he published a book about baseball. So he was talking about baseball a lot. get over it.
  12. iirc, the last round of redistricting in ca was pushed by republicans. and it ended poorly for them. the GOP is just as responsible for their lack of relevance in california as anyone else. and as for harris' stance on immigration - i don't think it's that crazy for a california ag. the fact is that fear of deportation on the part of victims is a legit problem for local law enforcement in california.
  13. Well that story has gone around a bit, fyi. I believe Miller stood out even then as a douche bag, though.