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  1. Honestly. He would weave in intricate and stunning tapestry of inexplicable bullshit and quality insights in the midst of these kinds of discussions.
  2. Yea supposedly back in the 60s they'd herd them into pens and just put bullets in their heads. I think wolves work better for everyone than that. There's some talk on Elk management in a book I really like called Engineering Eden. The book is actually more about bears, but it talks about changes in management and ecological thought over the years in Yellowstone and Yosemite. I would highly recommend it. You'd probably dig it. The writer is a cool dude, too. https://www.amazon.com/Engineering-Eden-Violent-Controlling-Nature/dp/0307454266
  3. Didn't Yellowstone used to straight up slaughter elk every once in a while to keep the numbers in check?
  4. @TheSanDiegan Got my strap. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Huh, that's interesting. I knew they re-introduced with Canadian wolves, but I didn't know that people went around saying those wolves are bigger and more aggressive. I've done some reading on the relationship between wolves and the functioning of the ecosystems where they function as apex predators. The role of fear in the health of those ecosystems, all the way down to the morphology of the waterways. The reintroduction of wolves in these western landscapes are in a lot of ways changing how science understands nature. Wild stuff. One of the greatest thrills of my life was seeing a
  6. There's a Christmas mix tape my dad made many, many years ago from a bunch of his random Christmas albums. It was the one that was always on, all the time, in my house growing up around Christmas. I made a digital copy a while back so that we'd have it forever, and my dad and I initially ran the turntable into the audio editing software to record it. Sounded kinda weird and wrong, and I didn't like the result. Fiddled with the mix a couple times. Then we ran the tape deck through the software It was lower quality because it sounded like an old tape, and that's what we wanted. It sounded like t
  7. Remember the MC Hammer gangster rap album? That actually did happen! No photo shop necessary.
  8. I also hope it remains as close as possible to its state over the last decade. I've always found @mugtang to find a good balance that makes this sandbox interesting and worthwhile.
  9. I ended up getting the first dose of the Moderna vax over the weekend. I'm ambivalent about it for the following reasons. Both my wife and I qualified for a couple of vax clinics in our community on Friday and Saturday because under the status of educators. My wife signed up quick when she found out, mainly because she had a very, very bad health incident a couple years ago and the doctor said to be safe she should consider that she has an underlying condition. They still don't know whether she may have some immune system issues, so she signed up to get the shot on Friday. I opted n
  10. Honestly i think kids just like the way it looks when they play. Tapes are the worst for listening, though I will say that I do have nostalgia for proper mix tapes. Making them right, the time spent doing it, planning the song lineup split fits with as little tape to spare per side as possible. The order mattered more, because the listener couldn't just skip to the next song. You were curating a temporal experience where things like pace and intensity mattered and each track had a relationship to the one before and after it. Kids these days, they have no heart!
  11. And they were the perfect qbs for those systems.
  12. No you're right that album art wasnt nearly as good with CDs and now it's all but dead.
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