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  1. I'm over this. I'm done, guys. No more sports for me.
  2. At the game, ready to watch us lose. If any of you +++++ers want a beer, pm me in the next half hour or so. Otherwise, eat a dick.
  3. Injuries are no excuse. We just suck again. I'd like to think we can get guys healthy and improve enough to play spoiler late in the season but we'll be lucky to win 5 this year.
  4. I'm glad I'm spending the day with the family and not watching or even listening. I get we've been hammered by injuries this year, but the fact that we're this bad after last year is maybe more disappointing than any other thing of the brennan era. We'll be lucky to win 2 more games this year.
  5. Is this guy the last president you're talking about? If so, yes... he's the one person who would love to be president of Fresno.
  6. Question to @Old_SD_Dude or whomever else knows. What percent of the CO river allocations are controlled by the feds? Are there local and/or state agencies who draw any significant amounts from the colorado through their own senior rights, or is it basically all controlled and this distributed by the feds and thru the compact? The colorado river is the biggest hole in my knowledge of california water stuff.
  7. My understanding is that they technically do if you're talking water rights. They just dont have the means to exercise their rights.
  8. Checking out old ads... that's a great idea. I should have thought of it... I literally browse old newspapers day in and day out right now. One of the things that's been really cool about this watch is learning about the Enicar brand - swiss made, mid century. The space-age branding is pretty cool too - they called their automatics "ultrasonic" and have planets and rockets on their watches. Also, apparently they made a line of divers called the Sherpa that is pretty highly collectable for vintage watch people today. Mine is in the Seapearl line, which are not as collectable but still go
  9. OOOH, I took a quick look on their site and I really like some of those. I may actually try to use them to find a strap for my Gallet. @TheSanDiegan posted a link here for basically the same watch on sale from Hodiknee and the strap was super sharp. It's $165, which I'm willing to pay for a watch like that but if I can find a high quality light gray leather strap for under $100 I want to go for it. So I may spend some time on Monstraps to see if I can find one that will fit well with it. Any other good strap sites are appreciated.
  10. Yea I think its loosely related just because the nfl is so uptight a out everything. But in think the politics part is more fan driven. They want to constantly remind meatballs in philly and texas that they arent the NBA.
  11. Will my windows 10 computer be functional through the end of next year? I need it to keep working til I finish my dissertation, then can light it on fire in a pagan ritual and buy a new one.
  12. That's basically what it means to get politics out of something. Like, modern pop country is so political by its supposedly apolitical content its dizzying. Also, if I wasnt so lazy, I'd track down some of the many comments on here about how people shouldn't let presidential politics impact their personal lives during the trump years. You know, making fun of people complaining about the president.
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