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  1. Yeah, but Fresno fans,.. what do you think about Art Blakey?
  2. Yea, you'll just creepily lurk threads in the middle of the night and downvote them. Not respond, but downvote them. Honestly, it would probably look better for you if you sucked dick. No judgement. If dudes want to suck dick, I think they should be able to without anyone saying it's wrong.
  3. I feel like Thelonious Monk wrote a piece that sounds like that...
  4. It's almost like the most qualified people to make that decision are the woman and her doctor. Or, as some would call it, the whore and the murderer?
  5. I will level with you here. In the spirit of the eve of Thanksgiving. Consider my one shit talking post to you, and the one where I tell another of the more contentious posters on the board to suck the royal dick, something for you to be thankful for. Because when I finish my projects and start posting regularly again, you'll certainly come across a thread -- perhaps much like this thread, perhaps much different -- which has nothing to do with you, or any of your interests as far as anyone on here can tell, or Fresno State sporting events, or maybe even with sports at all. And I'll post something. Maybe I'll post a few things. And people will like it. And you'll have the urge, in the middle of the night, to once again furiously downvote my posts... one after another. For whatever reason. Just my posts. over and over. Instead of doing that, you can just post a screen shot of one of my shit talking posts. And use it for the other posters for whom you've done the same thing. It will be confusing to some. Not to others.
  6. Word. I always root for USU when not vs SJSU. I kinda may root for you tonight, if only because when you butcher us and then Hawaii wins next week, Brennan may be on the hot seat.
  7. LULZ... Remember the post that started your little spin out on here? I called you pathetic. And you continue to demonstrate as much. You couldn't even help yourself on a thread about SJSU soccer. All you could do was repost the SAME post of me shit talking you that you think somehow makes you look less pathetic and ironically also seems to have somehow got all up in your craw. Lulz. Are you gonna make fun of my kid next? LULZ! I encourage anyone who reads this to open their copy of the OED and actually look up the word "pathetic." There won't be a picture of you there, but there might as well be. LULZ
  8. What the eff is going on at college campuses this year? Is it a coincidence, weird law of averages stuff?
  9. So, let me get this straight... You dropped a dick post about a cool thing that the SJSU soccer team did. I showed up and pointed out that you're a +++++ing moron. And somehow this means you are in my head??? I mean, seriously... who is in whose head? Clearly, you did this to mess with me. Cool, bro.
  10. Oh, friend... you call me pathetic. I appreciate that. But... you have told us all how pathetic you are. I mean, I have spent less energy on my 5 year old's soccer team than you have spent trying to make SJSU's soccer team feel shitty. Great job by you. I mean, seriously. Should we compare the definition of "Pathetic?"
  11. @doggystyleu2 So... are you dumb? or what?
  12. By the way, I apologize completely for this thread turning into whatever it is turning into. I told @Spaztecs in all sincerity that I felt bad about making the turdford of the week a thing. But here we are.
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