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  1. Also... kudos to these statements. They seem self-evident, but we should all stop and remember them on occasion.
  2. I mean, I don't give two shits about Raegan. But he has been the standard for the GOP ideologically and temperamentally until 4 years ago. And as you point out, things change, so as I said, what it means to be a Republican has changed. And since the parties are now entirely ideological, that means the definition of conservative has changed. Interestingly, Eisenhower ran against the Soviets and Kennedy won because he ran publicly to the right against Nixon re: communism, even though Nixon knew that they were planning a coup against Cuba but couldn't say anything. Not sure that's relavent,
  3. It's 'worst' outcomes. Also, that was a mischaracterization of the point of that radiolab show. But a dude at Mother Jones would never be unnecessarily condescending... Anyways, most people who thought Trump wouldn't concede didnt also think there would be a civil war.
  4. I realize I'm coming off like this right now on this thread... Apologies.
  5. I mean, character, trade and spending... those are like 3 of the top 5 post-Raegan GOP ideals are they not? Is there anything less conservative than putting tariffs on agricultural goods and then shoveling money at the farmers who get hit by those tariffs? And I think the general economic ideology has shifted beyond trade and tariffs and into much less of a free market approach...breaking up big tech, picking winners and losers, etc... not high on the conservative list of priorities until four years ago. So I think that those examples are enough to say that what it means to be a conservative h
  6. I found books about how great nationalism and musings on the neatness of right wing populism is to be more disturbing than guys like frum. I agree with you that the frenches and the wills of the world did a better job of navigating the shifts in conservatism. But I also dont know if those guys can be called conservative anymore either.
  7. The funny thing about the whole russia nonsense was that there was bipartisan support in the senate and support on both ideological sides for investigating... and for the special coj sel after the Comey's firing. It wasn't just the Democrats. But those supporters were retroactively called RINOs who aren't allowed back into the GOP world and conservative ideological circles unless they did some performative flailing against the dems and the media afterward. My detailed knowledge of the Russia investigation isnt that great tho. Because I didnt follow it that closely. Because I wasn't outra
  8. Hillary conceded, the transition commenced and the president elect visited the White House within days. Then, if you remember, she just disappeared for like months. So no, as of right now, not the same. Sorry if you want it to be for whatever reason. Public resistance of our elected leaders is as american as apple pie. In fact, it's more american than apple pie. I believe apple's were first introduced here for cider. But you are welcome to get back on the resistence train now that the other team's guy is in there. Trump has been a generational embarrassment for the country. And we
  9. I have a higher bar for 'special kind of jackass' than someone who I've decided isnt on my team anymore because he wrote something I find stupid. And there's a pile of them on the right who reached that bar, imo.
  10. Yea, of all the people on the right who should be pointed to as jackasses over tha last 4 years... Frum is at the top of that list.
  11. He already blamed a dead Venezuelan dictator. But yea, its totally the same thing.
  12. So what does trump do instead of concede? Big rally on inauguration day where he announces his 2024 candidacy?
  13. The ones in Michigan dedicated to elections are weaker than they were after the last election, no doubt. If this election was actually close, it could have been a different story. But that's an unanswerable question.
  14. Michigan board voted to certify... 3-0. The one lunatic Trumpist didn't even have the balls to vote against it.
  15. The board will vote to certify, 3-1. The non crazy GOP guy asked questions that suggest hes gonna certify.
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