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  1. I'm very serious about my intelligent dance music. Very serious.
  2. Call it acid jazz if you want. I just never saw air or tycho referred to is that way though. I dont think they have much improvisation in their music if any. And a lot of it is recorded by one or two guys on machines.
  3. If we're going to do Air and Tycho, then we should include the greatest piece of ambient electronic music of all time. I always thought ambient electronica was the philosophical legacy of jazz.
  4. Surprised you dont have Billie holiday on there. I dont like her, but she's probably the consensus choice. A lot of her peers really respected her, too. Edit: Oops... saw lady day. Nm. My choice is Sarah Vaughn
  5. The Bill Evans trio stuff from the early 60s suggests otherwise. Just three dudes having a conversation with instruments. And very listenable.
  6. @Jeffkills Have you overlords ever thought about original content? Something like a weekly @VandalPride97 column on Bouse State track and field or a bluerules podcast on... anything?
  7. @mugtang I hope you made a couple bucks at least to make up for the gray hairs and ulcers you earned from dealing with these lunatics.
  8. It was the relentlessness more than the hot takes that wore my ass out.
  9. Blues exodus is a loss, but let's not get too mushy. that guy was a +++++ing prick who could make reasonable discourse in this place impossible.
  10. Was he the dude who was a +++++ing bowling ball on the field?
  11. I heard somewhere that jones was doing that for tomey, as they were friends. Basically, that turf was notoriously shitty and sloppy in the rain and tomey was complaining about it behind the scenes and jones did what tomey couldn't do to help pressure the school for upgrades. That is just what I heard at the time. Could be wrong.
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