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  1. Oh, don't get me wrong. I don't give a phuck about the answer to a BS question. I was never pushing anyone to answer it in the first place.
  2. It's a nonsense question, asked by apologists for state violence. I mean, there was a time when giving people their rights was something you believed in. At least, that's what it seemed like at the time.
  3. You ever seen an Israeli settler talk? You're right, it's tough to reason with a lot of those people.
  4. This is the result of policy decisions and the exercising of brutal and extreme power by one party, though. They put the fish in that barrel, and now are shrugging that it's hard to target the rotten ones with a grenade.
  5. LULZ... I'm sure that will be the conclusion of anyone who reads the posts here after this one. Dipshit.
  6. I dunno, you tell me. I mean, answer your own question if you think it should be answered. How many Palestinian children need to die to avenge the blood of one Israeli child? Adults?
  7. Lol, yea i didnt think so. Keep hunting that white whale, smart guy.
  8. No, I sound like a historian. We don't do counterfactuals, cuz they're dumb. But it doesn't take much education to compare the numbers... you shouldn't do 20,000 bad bad things in response to 1400 bad things. At least in my opinion.
  9. The most pathetic thing about you is when you walk it back like a scared little chihuahua you are doing it right now. Lean into it, friend. Be a man, and go to bat for you own bullshit posts. Come at me with real substance. I dare you. You know, something beyond the typical misogyny with period jokes and such. Do it, smart guy.
  10. I'm laughing at the entire premise here. But the US did significantly more in the war in Iraq to minimize civilian casualties and use the military for humanitarian aid than the IDF is doing in Gaza right now, full stop. And I don't think anyone mistook American forces in places like Fallujah for Doctors without Borders. To use your own words, the idea of a humanitarian war effort is +++++ing retarded. Women have been unable to breast feed because they're dehydrated due to the siege. The Israeli forces will never allow any of those people to go back home after they are done levelling it. The actual dead are already staggering. The damage beyond those numbers are even more so. You said it right - war is hell. So let's not pretend the agents of war are angels.
  11. I said in the first place it's a pointless question, and explained why it is pointless and its answers are meaningless at this point except to justify violence. What they should have done from the beginning is give an occupied people their rights. What they shouldn't have done is kill 20,000 people. If you think that's deflection, that's on you.
  12. The California State Assembly said something, and the dumbest poster on this board thinks this should be embarrassing to the organization funded by that legislative body. Please wake me up when SJSU actually claims through its own official channels, in any sort of real capacity, to be MWC champions. California has more than a half-dozen D1 football teams, and the state assembly is full of idiots. We could all get a chuckle every time the assembly presented any of those programs with something dumb. But we don't, because no one cares. Unless its @TheTedfordTrain who is pathetic and weirdly obsessed with SJSU athletics. I am happy to point that out when I can, in case anyone ever forgets.
  13. Well, there were jews in Palestine before 1948. You can go look at rhe history for yourself and compare what life was like for them then and what like is like now for Palestinians in Gaza.
  14. I have no problem walking into casa de dipshit to remind anyone who thought it would be fun to wander in that you're an idiot. This is a great look for you, though. I'm definitely embarrassed for one of us.
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