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  1. The story about Cotton in California is pretty interesting.
  2. A wing nut on a local government board? Watch me clutch my pearls. @NVGiant have you ever seen such a thing?
  3. Of course. I've been asking for like a year now on here every time this comes up for some real examples of in-class assignments or instances of indoctrination. Still haven't seen more than maybe one or two legitimate examples.
  4. Nah. It's right there in full color for everyone to see. People can judge for themselves. But I'm right on this.
  5. In many states and jurisdictions, police have broad authority to block the release of that footage for a significant amount of time and have wielded that generously and continue to do so. They do the same with any and all information related to use of force and investigations, always have and always will. Civilian review over local police forces are a joke. Anyone who's been around police department knows the that. The single best way to allow for real accountability for abuse of power by the police is to carve into qualified immunity, which your boy in Virginia is against. Saying that p
  6. Everyone has a right to be wrong. In this case, it's not me.
  7. Except that's the extreme that's being cooked up by national media outlets. Just like kidnappings and satanic rituals in the 80s.
  8. Dude was a fascinating guy. And some of his kids' poems are... dark. I'm surprised he's not been banned from school libraries, to be honest.
  9. Well, the current movement to ban ideas from schools by force of law is very analogous to the rise of stranger danger and helicopter parenting. Right down to it being driven by a perceived threat cooked up by national news outlets which make parents think that something which is incredibly rare is coming for their kids. You have the cultural and legal corrective, all in the name of "protecting" the children. But in actuality what you do is stunt their social growth and resilience to placate the parents' anxieties which are stoked by a false sense of inflated risk. All of this banning of
  10. What about in comparison to the helicopter parenting trend that it's in response to? You know, always making sure kids are always supervised. Parents always watching and preventing them from getting hurt, always intervening. Kids always having everything scheduled, no free play time for their own to get dirty and explore the world on their terms? Trunk r Treat? Stranger Danger. Calling CPS if you see an 8 year old playing in a neighborhood park on his own. So on and so forth. Would you say that the concept is a step in the right direction away from the helicopter parenting trend?
  11. And it would undermine the pro-Edison bias in schools today. Seriously, +++++ that guy.
  12. Stop trying to indoctrinate children with your woke propaganda.
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