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  1. You guys should make your charities planned parenthood and the NRA. Make it interesting.
  2. I know how to write naughty words on my calculator. I think I'm good.
  3. Oh shit, posting that last vid brought this one up. Can we turn this into a thread of dwight yoakam covering people who are not republicans?
  4. Sure there is. Ya just gotta look for it.
  5. It was more using your post to say something about prince than specifically responding to the joke. I'm just too lazy to quote the op and bold prince's name.
  6. They're in my top 3, hands down. Questions like this make me deeply ashamed and conflicted about that.
  7. No. The LP can't get traction because of a paradox of libertarian national politics. Smart libertarians tend to go into law, economics, business etc instead of being active in a political party for a reason. That's not a knock of seeking office. It's just a reality.
  8. None of the good country singers or songwriters are or were conservative, save maybe a few of the old ones. Like dolly Parton may be GOP, but shes probably more progressive than your typical 30 y/o trump voter.
  9. Prince was a weird dude, but he supported BLM and wrote a song about Freddie Gray.
  10. Um... Mike Love, his dumb hat, a few fat guys and an 80s Corvette are not the beach boys. The ones who are good and still alive are not republicans. The dead one was.definitley not a republican.
  11. I'm just saying it undermines the credibility of the criticism when that criticism is based on what other people who criticize the movie say about the movie. I'm not telling you to see it. I haven't even watched the supposed scenes in question. I'm sure they're gross. The last time I watched a French movie about muslims it was a totally anti-semetic pile of garbage. I can't imagine this one is that good.
  12. Well, here's the thing... The movie did not expose the bare breast of an 11 year old. So maybe you and others should watch it before saying that it does. https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelsandler/2020/09/12/ted-cruz-falsely-claims-netflixs-cuties-shows-child-nudity-in-call-for-doj-probe/#49cb1602c162
  13. I'm arguing about censorship and moral panic. I can argue about that forever, from Stravinsky to Mapplethorpe to South Park to Slayer to Cuties.
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