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  1. Yeah, I did come across as skeptical. I'm just channeling Rocky. I like our team, but I'm a realist. They have to-date been inconsistent. They are college athletes -not yet professional. To expect consistency at the highest level I think is unrealistic. I certainly hope they play well and win. I even think they should win. Often what I think should happen doesn't. So, I look forward to watching the game to see it play out.
  2. Yeah this will be more like a 17-7 game. Since I'm a homer I'll say Aztecs get the 17. Nevada could just sit their defense and SDSU offense would illegal motion, offsides, personal foul, delay of game, and in general trip over their own feet (self-tackle?) all game to accumulate no more than 17 points. And I think Nevada is capable of scoring at least one TD plus I should add the usual Aztec D once-per-game lapse for a long touchdown and maybe the score gets to 17-14. Through, in an ill timed turn over or two or a special teams big play and Nevada could win this one. Or... Aztec O-line could stop screwing around and get serious finally. In that case, Aztecs win 31-14. Still, not covering the spread. That would cover the spread. Who the hell knows which Aztec team and which Wolf Pack team shows up Saturday. I wouldn't touch this game if I was a gambler.
  3. SDSU is small and guard oriented this year. We have I think only three or four guys at 6' 10" (N. Mensah, J. Mensah, and Yanni W.), and one of them (Narain) is currently injured. . Nathan is the only one of the four who is a starter, and he is wearing a brace on one hand. Should make for a very exciting game that will likely be high scoring.
  4. I think Fresno St. is in good hands with Hut. By January you guys will be gelling. I expect a tough battle within conference.
  5. Haha you made me laugh this morning. The idea this Aztec team could score 60 against anyone including “Bye”? Thanks!
  6. I think one is missing. How about SDSU for playing like she-ite while winning to go to 7-1 and be the only FBS team in the country to be 5-0 on the road but still managing to cast shade on the team and the conference? I mean... who else can do that?
  7. Way to go Spartans! That is a real nice win there on the road.
  8. Army players overmatched, not playing within themselves, thus the injuries & penalties
  9. Field goals make for nail biters in the 4th
  10. Watching on YouTube tv. Looks like a std broadcast.