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  1. Looking forward to this one. I think UNLV is coming back to glory under TJO. Hope the Aztecs can pull off the win for the home crowd. Should be lots of fun.
  2. I think y'all might want to reread the quote. He doesn't claim to be a power school. He claims to be a power conference school in a mid-major conference. There are lots of schools in power conferences that have non-power basketball programs. SDSU fits the profile of a power conference school (Academics, Enrollment, Sports Programs, Research, etc..) in many ways. They also have a basketball program that has seen elevated success for the past decade or so and that has begun to build a national brand. I don't think anyone would argue that SDSU basketball is >= Gonzaga basketball. Coach Dutcher certainly did not say that. I also don't believe that is SDSU's goal. I think they are focused on being the best SDSU they can be. All that aside, I like the attitude. I wish more schools in our conference would adopt an attitude like that similar to Boise in football and SDSU/UNLV/New Mexico in basketball (Nevada probably soon to join).
  3. Really looking forward to these games. Have a great deal of respect for what Rebel and Lobos programs are capable of. @UNLV will be for first place in conference, and the house should be rockin' there in Vegas. These are the kinds of games the conference needs more of. The undefeated streak will certainly be challenged and may be put to an end, but I'd still rather good games in tough venues like these two should be. There are more tough conference games to come after these two. Looking forward to all of them.
  4. YW. I just checked my channel line up for sports related channels: ESPN, ESPN U, ESPN News, ESPN 2, CBS Sports, FS1, FS2, Fox West, Fox San Diego Plus, NBC Sports Network, TBS, TNT, NBA TV, MLB, BTN, NBC Golf, Olympic Channel, Tennis Channel I don't have a special sports package either.
  5. yep, been a subscriber to yt.tv since they began. Best channel line up for MWC football & basketball. They're more expensive than they used to be. Wish they'd go back to 34.99 deal.
  6. AF on a short week after a big win. Thank goodness it is at home, Aztecs giving 10? I'd take those points all day long! Its going to be a close one and I would not be surprised to see the Falcon's come away with a W.
  7. Honestly we looked ill prepared. EIU was well prepared, well coached, had a great game plan, and their players executed it fearlessly. They beat us in every aspect. Basically, exactly what Rocky said. I would add that I believe our players, some at least, took EIU too lightly. Maybe read and believed too many press clippings. We looked like a team without an identity -confused and hapless. It also didn't help that we lost Muema, Largent, and Fely early. Now, this is two years in a row that Rocky has been too aggressive in giving play calling control to the defense. This year he made the mistake with the offense too. Last year he stripped it down and simplified things and the defense responded by playing well. I believe it took about 4 games for Rocky to realize what needed to be done last year. Maybe it is a good sign that he realizes after only one game this year. Hopefully, next year he will start things off simple and gradually add complexity rather than burning the OOC schedule and then backtracking. Edited: I want to add known issues as factors as well. Specifically: Our corners are a liability -at least right now. Our QB is not accurate throwing the ball Our receivers have hands of stone and make mistakes in running routes Our o-line is not set yet There is a significant dropoff between RB#1 and RB#2,3, 4, 5, etc... (and Muema went down) On the bright side: Pumphrey is a player!
  8. It should be a tight game, but I think SDSU has to score a LOT of points to win this one. Unless UNR wants to play along and stick to a pro-set offensive scheme rather than the pistol. Aztec defense has not done well against teams with gool OL + good QB. Nevada has that plus the RBs and the WR to go with it. I can only hope our D can play with new found confidence. Keep it simple. Go Aztecs!!!!
  9. My condolences to you and your family. My prayers for peace, acceptance, and comfort too. It is clear how much Coastie will be missed here. So, it is not hard to understand just how difficult this time is for your family. R.I.P. Coastie!