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  1. I wouldn't know. I was in engineering and never saw any.
  2. It's not the occupation, it's the association of doing that occupation with the notion of higher education Like usu and milking cows for a degree. Or UNLV and... Any subject. It's funny.
  3. Went how i expected I watched Rings of Power after the first half
  4. i recently had my 13 year old read it, too.
  5. Are you offering to be the prostitute? Because if so, i have an idea where I make money and you get to have a lot of sex.
  6. Totally agree. Someone's gotta make it look fashionable or desirable to buy a the product
  7. The cars are good but he's a doofus
  8. which is probably a really crappy outcome overall. i think it'll just prove the perceived illegitimacy of the act. an investigation on credible grounds isn't sufficient; the ends have to justify the means. and i think that's wrong.
  9. Ahhhhh ok. Good man. Get that face time. I lived in west bountiful for a time. When you cross pages Lane, pour out a mountain dew for me
  10. What in the world is there to see in Centerville tho
  11. edit to add: my apologies for imprecise language. when i said "if unethical" i meant "although there's no guarantee of ethics" it made sense as i typed it but less so now upon revisiting. forgive me.
  12. nope - not arguing that. knowing how to think critically and assess ideas - the crux of a liberal arts education - equips one with the tools and people skills necessary to rule and run a society and does so better than learning technical the skill or the trade. ethics for how to run the society justly are another concern lol. the liberal arts education is by no means an education that the tools would be put to proper use, but imo just a better way to arrive at those tools than the technical education. and of course, some people naturally intuit how to deal with people. the protracted education tends to cultivate a patience and discipline the naturally gifted wouldn't have on their own, typically.
  13. tradesmen and guilds are typically subservient - or participators in - the ruling classes. strong power bases throughout history have come through smart political maneuvering and/or smart militaristic maneuvering. napoleon had both. i'm sure there are a fair amount of counter examples throughout time where guilds ran the show, but imo it bears out as being counterexamples in a body of evidence rather than counterfactuals in a rigorous proof. between the domains of "knowing how to make things" and "knowing how to think critically and assess ideas", i think the latter will produce more effective (if unethical) leaders.
  14. i guess tradesmen have never been part of the ruling elite for a reason, eh?
  15. in modesto's defense, the investment cost for a liberal arts education is crazy high. as for your previous post, i mirror your experience virtually 1:1. i spent an hour on zoom yesterday with my lead developer for one of my teams trying to help him navigate a difficult team member.
  16. I think virtue signaling is the counter balance to "woke" as an epithet
  17. as for MY definition of it? someone who has realized how society benefits them and how it might marginalize others. i'm white, a dude, born in america in the early 80s, and have inclinations for math and science. my parents stayed together and bought me a computer at age 12, even though they couldn't really afford it. all those things served me a lucrative IT career on a platter. i do as well as i do because of a lot of things i had no power over. i should be humble and glad and willing to extend a hand of help to others rather than say "not my job to help you. get it together." i call those realizations "woke" but i'm decidedly UN-hip so the catch-all, easily adopted moniker of woke or something like it would never have occurred to me.
  18. i only ever see it on the internet being used as a pejorative insult.
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