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  1. utah state sucks i hate them they're just basically moramans and they always have a soft schedule and they don't belong in the mwc and bitch bitch bitch
  2. great. now i'll have to rely on fantasy. as usual.
  3. so paul bangs a sandworm...? which, uh, which book? which page?
  4. How'd you turn off the desire for meat tho? What's your primary protein source?
  5. Probably going to watch tonight on HBO max
  6. i'm backing @modestobulldog bulldog on this no trial, no mass media attention vortex, no weirdo women writing to him while he's in jail, nothing there's no answer that a trial could give, nor testimony laundrie could've provided, that would ultimately bring the closure and peace they'll need. they'll need to be angry for a little while, first, then let that anger cool and morph into grief, then acceptance, then hopefully they can learn to forgive laundrie. not because he deserves it, but because they deserve peace.
  7. I'm pretty grateful that life has turned out the way it has for me. I think a lot about "blessings" and God and what is luck, coincidence, privilege, my own work, and providence. I grew up very poor. Not that I'm unique in that. But suffice it to say that I thought the future of financial success was for others and not me. Whatever the reason, I am grateful.
  8. i think you want and sort of need that to be the case
  9. I see I didn't quite get that the first time tho because the context was about Gruden
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