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  1. Don't like my shit, bruin 70. You can +++++ right off, too.
  2. Ah yeah, it's automatic. I wrote f-u-c-k off.
  3. Might be an automatic setting. Lemme try: +++++ off, Orange.
  4. I think where it happens is a very interesting factor It'd probably help reveal how much is due to gang and low class violence, well to do middle class people whom I believe typify the murder suicide, and "let's go somewhere highly populated and shoot people because reasons"
  5. Needs geospatial correlation for perp and victims cross referenced with median income for zip code
  6. So you don't lift up a little off the seat? How do you get the water in there unless you have room to maneuver? If you go from the back then you spray your nuts unless you go down far enough to spray up but then you risk touching the water with your hand AND having back splash on your hand and hose. If you go in through the front you have the same problem plus the risk of shooting out the back onto the toilet. I really want to do this setup but I don't have the mechanics of the entire affair worked out and frankly I am too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it.
  7. How do you effectuate said hose down without incidental shit laden spray getting everywhere?
  8. This closely resembles my experience in East Texas in the mid 90s And as for my experience, I would change your statement about aggressive black kids to this: there were many aggressive kids who were black. I don't have a statistical or empirical derivation of behaviors from that time so going on anecdote isn't a good idea for the sweeping statements.
  9. i'm in france for a couple of weeks. thanks for the update.
  10. I have the best pr department and a medium sized wang
  11. This is a very good point. It may not be the case.