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  1. i love usu with my aggie blue heart the rest of you i sorta tolerate but mostly remove my glasses, pinch the bridge of my nose, rub my temples and say impatiently: "yes? what is it?"
  2. i accept with that and am dealing with it is the earth flat?
  3. not sure what precisely the stabber was thinking. but there's a common refrain of 'i feared for my life' when the would-be assailant is black.
  4. i wouldn't put it past the white guy to 'fear' because he saw a big mean black guy it's messed up no matter who does it. investigate, prosecute.
  5. what, none? because we're all sovereign citizens or something?
  6. are traps attracted to men, as a rule? i remember seeing this gorgeous cosplay woman only to later find out it was a trap. it was a very arousing and confusing time for me.
  7. The dude in that last video is nonstop talking I can't stand people who don't listen.
  8. my company does work on capitol hill success, power, and a 'job well done' are way more about navigating high school drama and game of thrones intrigue than it is book, social, history, economics, civics, constitutional, law, and policy knowledge by, like, unbelievable margins.
  9. "could you call me a pussy from a little further back, please?"
  10. "they're out to get conservatives" ^^^ trumpism in a nutshell the immigrants are coming to rape and take your jobs the muslims are coming to instill sharia law (camp of the saints! hurry!) the poor are coming for all your hard earned wealth to just glut themselves on your labor the masks are coming for your liberties blah blah blah blah