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  1. i've met many as well. good friend from college was from yaounde. i'm also interested to hear why they, as a people, are less credible.
  2. the fbi exists to investigate this stuff. they absolutely should continue the investigation and they have my full support, for what that's worth.
  3. @#1Stunner recognizing that people have a tendency to filter information according to their values and preconceived notions isn't a super power there is a baseline of corruption in american politics. nepotistic quid pro quo and hunter biden and cushy jobs are what the power elites do. i'm not happy about it, but it's not the proverbial fish i want to fry. this election isn't about hunter biden and his ties to ukrainian money. it's not about joe biden returning political favor for the interests that put hunter there. donald trump is. attempting to discredit my opinion becaus
  4. for the record i take medication for mental health, as well. i've been known to seek counseling. i even participate in a 12 step program.
  5. ok, i'm with you. it wasn't my intention to put you under burden, per se, but rather attempt to discover where the disagreement between me and thee was, specifically. i had no counter arguments marshaled in anticipation of what you may say, i was literally like "ok, he's not cool with THIS context... are there any other contexts he'd be ok with? if so, which ones? come to think of it, more generally speaking, what would characterize or parameterize a context in which he'd be ok with government breaking up private enterprise, specifically tech? is his opposition on principle or appli
  6. there may be grey area that's less grey to someone and more grey to another. i can see how this would be one of those issues.
  7. help me understand the boundaries you have for reasonable govt intervention in monopolistic practices, if any. under what circumstances would it be suitable to break up big tech?
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