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  1. i love those videos but you gotta believe they're edited for the worst of the worst
  2. nah fam https://www.thespaceshow.com/guest/dick-rocket
  3. We only take the beefiest of the beefy.
  4. don't worry, friend. i don't know anything about basketball either!
  5. not bad losses in the conventional sense, but it's bad that we have lost to all relevant teams we've played.
  6. if we want to counter china we have definitely got to invest in india and africa. infrastructure: 5G towers, manufacturing, road/trash/sewage, etc... all with a diplomatic flair. i'm not talking quid pro quo, i mean real, legit, "how can we help you guys get your people to move and communicate better?" we gotta plant seeds.
  7. i find myself mostly annoyed that he picks a popular song as the lens through which to critique culture. for crying out loud, ben, just let the kids listen to their envelop pushing musical lyrics. shrug your shoulders at the immaturity and move on. they want it to shock you, that's how they know they did it right. this is the bright shining intellectual who will destroy my leftist arguments? take a hike, man. mwcboard's libertarians are the only ones that destroy my leftist arguments. amirite @halfmanhalfbronco???
  8. ben shapiro seems willfully obtuse when it suits him but rails on others if God forbid they are inconsistent or have made some marginally incorrect statement at some point in the past
  9. i misspoke earlier. i do not think that trump is destroying 'conservatism' the principles of good governance by local and state administrations with a high degree of autonomy and good federal governance as an enabler and facilitator of local government. nor of the conservative social principles that have brought good to society and should definitely not be discarded so easily. i think trump's destroying what it means to be conservative. that he has so many followers that are more loyal to him than they are the principles that the Republican party are founded on, and that these foll
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