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  1. Right. I get that... I just wanted to know which speech, book, or whatever
  2. Perhaps I've missed your point, overall. Please correct me if so. The failure, over the years, to build trust in the system, has resulted in today's rioting. Citizens who feel they have ownership in the society and culture to which they belong don't riot. Instead of having things to say about the riots, I have things to say about those in power who allowed the malicious ostracization and marginalization to occur, to say nothing of the murder of the man in question.
  3. I see that state of things, pun intended, as a failure of the state to serve its citizens and preserve the peace Like I don't look at the rioters and say 'how dare you?!" I feel like saying that to the Minneapolis PD
  4. ah ok i see where you're coming from yeah i can see that. altho i have had some gay folks, voices of the cultural left, strongly criticize the character and motivations of things like prop 8. please note i differentiate between criticism of a position and criticism of motivation for such. like, for even arguing against gay marriage as a legal construct or against it as being as beneficial for children as hetero couples, that that meant i was bigoted and a hater.
  5. most likely the KJV manuscripts were used for printing with potential edits by joseph smith jr
  6. ah thank you for clarifying. mormons have a different view of it than most folks. the book of mormon time period is more old testament than new by a great deal and it strongly informs how we feel about the written mosaic law and faith -> repentance -> salvation. i think it's possible that @BYUcougfan (if he'll forgive my mind reading), and this certainly holds true for me, sees mosaic law legacy in a post 'last sacrifice of the Only Begotten' under a different light than most others.
  7. derrida would be proud so you think 'trickin' was used as a sarcastic term, encapsulating the harm done to him by using such a term and the connotations of gender role reversal in a single word?
  8. depends on your take of what the Bible meant when it does talk about those things. i'm sure you're familiar with the ones opponents of gay marriage use to justify their position.
  9. i'm unaware of original sources. i only have specious exegetics to go on.
  10. @Maynard Delecto no one condones but some of us understand and more of us are more pissed about the murder (harm to person) than looting (harm to property) so yes, we're pissed about looting and don't condone it. but we get it.
  11. gay marriage and transgender issues, if i had to guess
  12. this is a fair take. although i express extreme doubt that the characterization of black protestors -- NOT looters because there are incidents of both -- will be given the same character treatment and nuance that people give to white cops and michigan protestors