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  1. Alpha beta sigma male is fabricated nonsense. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something. Develop a relationship with your higher power. Don't try to "get yours" in life. Improve yourself through service and in giving to the stream of life. Good things will come to you.
  2. they sure seem to be. i'll just stick to what i'm good at and keep all my money in index funds.
  3. Let's hope they c... that they decide they like baseball
  4. I'm surprised there's a market for it. Most Utah based sports fans crapped all over baseball. I remember listening the 1280 over the summer and dj and pk asked the fans to sound off on what to talk about over the summer, saying they could always talk baseball and the phones flooded with haters. Shrugs. Not my money being invested but I'd be surprised if they pull it off.
  5. way to go, aztecs. very nicely done, even though the outcome wasn't what we all wanted.
  6. Depends on the domain, i suppose I'm pretty impressed with it for explaining programming. Short leap to actually implementing it. It'll turn the pace of innovation up to 11
  7. We may not be that kind of friends but please reach out if you want to talk or need support
  8. I've been using it to learn Golang Found it very effective and useful
  9. Ding Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding
  10. which is probably a really crappy outcome overall. i think it'll just prove the perceived illegitimacy of the act. an investigation on credible grounds isn't sufficient; the ends have to justify the means. and i think that's wrong.
  11. It's star trek with Seth MacFarlane telling the story If his humor don't do it for you then i don't think you'll enjoy it
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