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  1. watching bsu fans be proud of the blue turf is like watching middle school adolescent boys be proud of how edgy and intense they are. you hope they grow and mature out of it, but you know that until they do, nothing will get through to them. they're immature fools, but they're happy about it.
  2. correct, no hats back in the mid aughts. idk if that's still the case. yeah i think we're in agreement on the honor code. one of those things that's a good idea on paper but maybe has been carried away.
  3. i have no opinion on what others say or think about the effects of the honor code at the university because i can't evaluate them. i have spent very little time on byu campus or in byu housing. i had friends go to both byu-provo and byu-idaho, so i heard stories or was an unwilling participant in a few instances. at byu-provo back in 1999, i remember getting a stern talking to by a friend for using her restroom when i visited her in her dorm because it was an honor code violation and if she was discovered having boys she invited over in that part of the housing, she could get into trouble for it were she reported. in the early 2000s, my friends at byu-idaho were not allowed to wear overalls, baseball hats, and of course have an unshaven chin. i didn't think much of it, but i wasn't a student there, so it didn't affect me. beyond that, i find the whole idea stupid. college aged people should have the integrity to embrace their life choices and own them. if that means a life of serving God as a Mormon, then that's awesome (and personally my favored outcome for everyone.) if it's not, well, so be it. i don't think disallowing hats and beards or boys in the single occupant girls dorm-room bathrooms is really necessary to police. we have Temple recommends for the members and academic honor codes about cheating and integrity for non members. i honestly don't see the usefulness of the honor code.
  4. i meant that i was unsure if you were serious about soliciting my opinion on the honor code
  5. so he had like 11 dicks? is that the premise?
  6. i get ads for computer related stuff and hot college girls making out
  7. not totally surprised, but thought he'd take another year to develop his game.
  8. it wasn't a bad movie as movies go, but it was a new hope with bigger and badder threats.
  9. cheers, mate i was really bummed we didn't get the monkey off our backs but i think we're gonna have more chances in the next couple of years. great year. i loved every nerve-wracking second of it.
  10. Well poop. Fun ride. Loved every minute of it - - was also nerve wracking and hair loss inducing. Go Aggies