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  1. my only weirdo SF story is pretty tame was at the train station around 10PM on a friday night waiting for a train back to palo alto. was wearing a utah state football hoodie. this homeless lady with her cart kept giving me a weird eye. i know better than to look back, so i tried to just avoid it. she finally walks up to me and says "utah. utah state." then gets pretty excited, smiling: "wait, are you Mormon?!?!" i think "oh maybe she's on good terms with missionaries, cool" as a lot of the homeless folks in France were always kind to missionaries while I was there. I smile bac
  2. tell me you've spent a long time in SF without telling me you've spent a long time in SF
  3. hopefully fired along with the employee who opened the email that allowed the attack to be executed
  4. the time to hire a head of cyber security was not several days after getting hit with a ransomware attack "the whole city is in flames. i think we should start a fire department." "the whole town is flooded. i think we should build a dam." etc
  5. to praise the dead? to extol his accomplishments? and perhaps not to engage in a debate as to whether or not his success was earned or numbers authentic? not every argument needs to be had. read the room.
  6. we're more focused on his death rn tho
  7. people: AA, forget everything you ever knew about investing. AA: DONE.
  8. woke up this morning and laughed my tuckus off but it's still at 50cents we'll see how long that lasts
  9. my friend would call you a statist. (he calls me a statist and we've been friends for 25 years)
  10. oh, for sure! just going for an over simplification, here. not a serious attempt to classify your political, social, and philosophical views. he's pro all those things, but not if the federal government does them. he is convinced taxes are little more than theft, and any governmental entity that gets larger than a city or municipality immediately loses efficacy and becomes a money hungry machine of slow bureaucracy. he understands certain realities like "common defense" for a nation but further than that, he thinks all governmental institutions erode personal liberty at some level at leas
  11. i guess i'm in an echo chamber. the only right wing friend i have, and he is a close friend, is really more along @BSUTOP25 ideological lines (i swear, the things my friend and BSUTOP25 say are almost identical sometimes), and hates trump. so we fight about taxes and rights and authoritarian measures, but we both think trump's a sack of rotting fish my in laws sort of like trump but i just don't engage on pro trump points and let them speak their peace. i refuse to let them watch tucker carlson in my house, tho.
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