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  1. i think when you sign up for that job you sign up to be the kind of person that makes the decision beforehand to do it. when the time comes, the decision has already been made.
  2. and there's the Rick Gates guilty plea

    I know. I just think we are so very very fvcked. We can't have a conversation in gold faith about anything It's a wonder we have made it this far
  3. and there's the Rick Gates guilty plea

    Oy gevalt
  4. and there's the Rick Gates guilty plea

    @NorCalCoug i'm interacting with you in good faith. do you want to do the same?
  5. and there's the Rick Gates guilty plea

    i disagree that it's like clinton's email servers but let's assume for the moment it is -- then what do you get out of shouting out "russian collusion!" it's not like it hurts you to have other people have the conversation. why make that kind of contribution?
  6. and there's the Rick Gates guilty plea

    is this just a big nothing sandwich to you? partisan histrionics? what is your take on it? if you have stated it before i missed it
  7. so one recently but popularly mocked religion for the the king of all mocked religions. lulz what a winner
  8. per that mcdonald's meal trump eats, he wanted to add to his ass, too
  9. mocking byu and mormons? really shooting for the stars there... hurr durr durr they're all sheep who follow a lecherous polygamist 'n' everything! if that's what passes for trolling around here then color me unimpressed.
  10. Reaching Across The Aisle

    Jury is out
  11. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    ? What do you mean?
  12. Also very disgusted with byu. Magna 'cum' laude? I thought they had better class than to use sordid language