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  1. i read 'bathhouses' and went 'no, they want you to think they do but they're all full of twinks who--'
  2. lots of kids row crew out here in fairfax county. i honestly haven't looked to see if other schools in less monied counties do it.
  3. i was in my 30s when i learned you don't smoke the leaf.
  4. i think NFTs and blockchain as technologies are freaking genius
  5. you fool. you'll never end up with a top hat, monocle, watch on a chain, white spats, and patent leather shoes that way!
  6. i'm a closet trump supporter. i just pretend to hate him so people will like me.
  7. i get that you think it's all hilarious, but i don't. this nyt report is 40 minutes long, and puts the newsreel reporting side by side with the riot participants' videos. the reporters feather in the chatter between the rioters. it's fast paced, well produced, and worth a watch
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/oneunderscore__/status/1481726769606520832/photo/3
  9. https://www.arlnow.com/2021/03/01/exclusive-while-the-capitol-was-stormed-a-group-of-men-gathered-near-the-marine-corps-war-memorial/
  10. this is really my hang up government programs have historically strongly benefited white folks. it's gotten more egalitarian over the last 20 years or so, but then again, most wealth creating programs for the regular joes out there are old additions to the tax code. i guess the best things we can say is that it's much easier to get loans, get jobs, and move into neighborhoods for black folks. but there's a lot of momentum and long lasting effects of redlining and "whites only". suddenly declaring things equal feels so hollow and empty to me.
  11. i love podcasts as a medium i don't commute anymore so i can't really deep dive, but my favorite has always been hardcore history. and i read 'rise and fall of the 3rd reich' after hearing it mentioned as source material so many times during my listen to 'blueprint for armageddon,' so i got both the source material and the commentary.
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