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  1. Kids group from Colorado came through DC when I was at the Lincoln Memorial this past Sunday. One kid had a CSU shirt on.
  2. scott stapp is a pretentious twat the music's message is hollow and self serving
  3. what's the gang of 35?
  4. there are dozens of them!!!
  5. i was taking a tour of wheeler farm in slc with my brother in law, also a coder. the old school tractors and farm implements reminded us that it's easier to be mechanically minded when everything involved with what you're working on is *RIGHT* there in front of you. with software (and hardware to a huge extent) you have to develop (pun intended) a mental model of how things work before you can learn new concepts.
  6. You had me at "nuts off"
  7. sorry you're going through it, brother. your op was pretty hard on yourself: be as willing to acknowledge the good you do and are as the bad. i don't know where you are with things, but i've been where i thought suicide was the only option. i was angry and pissed off at my lot in life, couldn't think or say anything positive about it. i felt hopeless. screwed over. betrayed. and i couldn't even say why or by who. just pure impatience and anger. it go so i just felt so grumpy and angry at everyone and everything that i began to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. i got numb, man. i didn't feel anything at all after awhile. and then when the anger was gone, i realized how much of a dick i had been to wife, friends, children, etc... and that's when the "they'd be better off without me" really started to make sense. after all, i hated me. why would anyone else feel different? i never actually planned suicide, but i kept thinking about it as an escape and i realized i needed help, so i got it. things are better now. not perfect, but better. if you want to talk, like literally talk, pm me and i'll give you my phone number and i'll just listen.
  8. watching bsu fans be proud of the blue turf is like watching middle school adolescent boys be proud of how edgy and intense they are. you hope they grow and mature out of it, but you know that until they do, nothing will get through to them. they're immature fools, but they're happy about it.
  9. correct, no hats back in the mid aughts. idk if that's still the case. yeah i think we're in agreement on the honor code. one of those things that's a good idea on paper but maybe has been carried away.