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  1. West did land Mychal Thompson in a trade midway through the '86-'87 season, which resulted in two more titles for the Lakers.
  2. Mississippi State scores four runs in the bottom of the 9th inning, stuns Auburn 5-4.
  3. One of those picks is top-8 protected (i think 2021?) If the Lakers somehow ended up with a lottery pick 8 or higher that year, they would keep it for themselves. Otherwise it reverts to New Orleans in 2022.
  4. Bourbon Street? More like Ball-bon Street!
  5. You still do. Just as Tark liked Pimm
  6. I think this means Rondo is re-signing and I hope Javale McGee does too.
  7. Tulsa is gonna be a bargain for someone. Ya know, pea6 and all.
  8. @happycamper has two picks to make @renoskier is on deck
  9. That was against the Bad Boy Pistons, who swept them in '89
  10. @406WarriorFan says LSU @sactowndog is on the clock @slappy is on deck
  11. It's a snake draft. First selection goes 1, 2, 3, etc all the way down to the end. Round 2 starts in reverse order. And so on. So @boisewitha-s correctly made two consecutive picks (last pick in round 1, first in round 2) with Washington and Texas
  12. Idaho lost to NNU last year https://govandals.com/news/2018/11/24/mens-basketball-vandals-fall-in-boise.aspx
  13. Hawaii has three NCAA titles (and one AIAW). Their last one was 1987. Rainbows currently active drought is now 32 years and counting, as they had a national title vacated in men's volleyball in 2002.
  14. What a coincidence. CSUN earlier this year received a $1 million donation. The money was geared towards a new lighting system and their youth baseball initiative. If Arte's gesture was 2-3 years ago as you say, then it might not be this specific donation. But in any event, CSUN ended up benefiting. https://gomatadors.com/news/2019/2/15/mlb-and-mlbpa-youth-development-foundation-provides-1-million-grant-to-upgrade-csun-baseball.aspx As for Coach Serrano, his third foray into west coast coaching might be what gets him back on track.
  15. Gotta give props to CSUN @SleepingGiantsFan. They are literally swinging for the fences. Hoops with Reggie Theus and now Mark Gottfried, and baseball with Dave Serrano who's had much success here in SoCal.
  16. Dave Serrano is coming back to the west coast with Cal State Northridge. From 1997-2011 he served as the pitching coach at Cal State Fullerton, then head coach at UC Irvine, and finally the head coach at Fullerton. He led both of those schools to College World Series appearances. Serrano is in his mid 50s but I think he still has something left in the tank. I hope the two year Big West slump is over.