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  1. Does anybody want to win the NFC easy, i mean East?
  2. But is he a future 2nd round draft pick like a kicker was? https://youtu.be/WEeWvPaVOOI
  3. If @SleepingGiantFan is still around, looks like the Cal States have ditched CAL NOW. Two things changed. One is the California State University system no longer follows the stricter gender equity parameters of Cal NOW, a settlement from a 1993 court case that set specific guidelines for its athletic departments in participation, scholarships and expenses. The other is SDSU’s percentage of undergraduate male enrollment, which has bucked national trends and increased from 41.3 percent in 2005 to 45 percent now.
  4. You don't see this headline too often - "it has too many female athletes for Title IX compliance." In SDSU’s case, Wicker says they have too many female athletes compared to the university’s overall undergraduate enrollment and “needed to do something more aggressive” to balance them in the other direction “I was caught completely by surprise,” Zack said. “They had been told in various team meetings that San Diego State University was not contemplating cutting sports. Because I was told that or I heard that in many meetings, I relayed that message to them anytime they asked me
  5. Fun facts. Three Rebels were drafted in 1987. Armen Gilliam (#2 overall), Freddie Banks (#24, a second round pick) and Gary Graham (#126). Only Gilliam played a game in the NBA. That '87 Draft was seven rounds and 161 picks. In 1988, it was cut to three rounds and 75 picks and the following year, the modern two rounds (54 picks then). The PCAA had five draft picks in '87. UNLV's three, with New Mexico State and UC Santa Barbara getting one each.
  6. SDSU is cutting women's rowing to meet Title IX requirements https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2020-11-20/san-diego-state-sdsu-aztecs-womens-rowing-program-cut-drop-ncaa-title-ix-gender-equity
  7. The 2000 Boise vs Idaho game. Fast forward to the 2 hr 47 minute mark for this highlight. While it was senior day, even freshman Ryan Dinwiddie found a moment to shine. He threaded the needle to Tim Gilligan for a 44 yard TD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjdDMzGXOLE&t=797s
  8. Week 12, November 18th. Senior Day on The Blue. Boise State rolled up Idaho 66-24 and clinched the Big West crown outright. With their sixth consecutive win in a row, they were 9-2 overall and 5-0 in conference. For the first time in his Bronco career, Bart Hendricks passed for over 400 yards (20/30 for 405, 5 TDs and 0 INTs). Robbie Snelling had a big day with five catches for 120 yards and two scores. On defense, Boise picked off the Vandals John Welsh four times. For the fifth year seniors, this was a proud moment. They began their careers right as Boise State moved up to the 1A
  9. Jessup, Harris and Merrill all taken. MW finished the draft off nicely
  10. BSU's Justinian Jessup to Golden State at #51
  11. Payton Pritchard to the Celtics. Nice
  12. Rondo is at best 50/50 on returning to LA. Dwight Howard's a free agent. McGee and KCP might or might not opt in. Kuzma's future is up in the air. It's good to have a draft pick in the back pocket
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