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  1. Bill Walton is a national treasure, the people's champion. .... but you're spot on
  2. @HawaiiMongoose, I told ya. Hawaii directly to the Pac
  3. It's ironic in this Seattle case, the driver was black and the two protestors were white women. I don't think that will go unnoticed.
  4. I signed up early on @mugtang. Edit: NVM, i saw what team i'm with
  5. Sounds right as baseball is allotted 11.7 scholarships, give or take a couple tenths. It's a rare exception offering a player more than half a scholarship. Back in the early 90s Cal State Fullerton went hard after Alex Rodriguez, even flying out to Miami to visit him. ARod likely would have received a full ride had he signed with them.
  6. Given that Boise just dropped two sports and is considering further cuts, the last thing they want is increased travel expenses for olympic sports. Unless the increase from AAC monies is high enough to offset those costs as a full member, Boise could end up mulling over another fb-only arrangement.
  7. As a bonus, Howard is hosting Notre Dame this year. If hoops is played that should be a lock for an ESPN or ESPN2 broadcast. They'll get a couple national broadcasts with Maker coming. Count on it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/06/19/howard-notre-dame-basketball/
  8. Howard is in the heart of DC. He'll be seen by scouts. Kinda hard to miss a 6'11, top 25 prep prospect even if he goes to a HBCU.
  9. Akot did underperform. That said, I'd lean towards him enjoying some success in Boise for two reasons. The pressure at Boise is much less than at Arizona. And having redshirted means he's now with his "true class" as Akot originally enrolled in college a year early.
  10. Ames, Iowa. Manhattan, Kansas. Morgantown, West Virginia. No thanks, unless couch burning is acceptable again.