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  1. Hawaii's defense Ed Orgeron after a win vs Florida UNLV
  2. You'd think someone like a Jim Schlossnagle (TCU) or a Paul Mainieri (LSU) would be getting calls from MLB teams. The former has built up TCU into a national power with several College World Series appearances. The latter has a national championship, a runner up and several CWS appearances. Yet they can't (or won't) get a sniff at a Major League opening. Why is that?
  3. Gary Sanchez complaining after taking a called 3rd strike to end the Yankees 11th was rich. The previous pitch wss not a foul tip. One bad call balances out another
  4. All fine and dandy. What about their other sports? AF will have to find a new home for hoops. I'm sure they prefer having most sports under one roof. But then finding a new home means new questions. Does academic affiliation matter? Spreading the word? What's most important to AF basketball?
  5. Talk about a parting of the orange and white sea
  6. Cord not messing around. Let it fly on 1st down
  7. Wyoming over Mizzou SJSU over Arkansas UNLV over Vandy
  8. Hey @halfmanhalfbronco If Bachmeier is out for an extended period of time, ya think Bart Hendricks has any eligibility left?
  9. The helmets are awesome. I love it. I KNEW they looked familiar