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  1. Happy 35th anniversary, Super Mario Bros.
  2. Hey @#1Stunner, UC San Diego gave their floor a makeover. It's fresh. They ain't messing around.
  3. ending the sanctions vs Iran, perhaps?
  4. I like how Houston Nutt embraced several of the Broncos after the game. He must been proud of his former players. This one had to sting for a while, though. How DID Nutt land the job at Arkansas? Boise was just 5-6 in his lone season there. He must have made one great sales pitch. A color photo of Boo Williams scoring the winning touchdown vs Boise, courtesy of Danny Johnston of the AP highlights
  5. Week 3, September 16th. Little Rock, Arkansas - Boise's comeback effort against Arkansas in War Memorial Stadium fell one yard short when Jay Swillie was knocked out of bounds at the 1 yard line on 4th and goal in the final minute. The Broncos fell to 2-1 on the season and their eight game winning streak dating back to the 1999 season came to an end. https://www.broncofootballstats.com/games.php?show=details&game_id=1340 The Baxter Bulletin, page 9. Monday September 18, 2000 https://www.newspapers.com/clip/59505558/
  6. Those two with Egypt and Jordan, yes. UAE and Bahrain was Trump.
  7. Even if it's just UAE and Bahrain, that's two fewer Arab nations to gang up on Israel. Egypt and I think Jordan have also established formal relations.
  8. Stop border wall construction. Biden said he would not continue building the southern border wall by one inch, but he also said he wouldn't tear it down either. Harris absolutely will tear down the border wall https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/510896-biden-says-he-would-stop-border-wall-construction-as-president Undermine the Israel-UAE-Bahrain peace deal. I don't think Biden or Harris are exactly friendly towards Israel.
  9. If the season happens, I expect Boise to open with a Statue of Liberty play
  10. 1) won't be an issue. Leaving Arizona for Boise is in and of itself humbling. 2) 5* recruits (Akot) typically don't ride the bench when they end up at Boise.
  11. Glen Rice won a national championship at Michigan and was the MOP in the 1989 Final Four
  12. One-timer ftw for the Islanders. Shattenkirk whiff leads to the New York goal. Game 6 anyone?
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