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  1. Aaron Fitt not happy with the Big 12 and Big Ten https://d1baseball.com/columns/fitt-defeat-of-third-assistant-plan-deals-college-baseball-a-major-blow/
  2. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/di-council-adjusts-transfer-rules "Incoming freshman college athletes who have enrolled in summer school and received athletics financial aid can transfer and play immediately without a waiver if their head coach departs before the first day of classes for the fall term. Additionally, walk-on student-athletes on teams that provide athletics aid and nonrecruited walk-ons can transfer and play immediately without a waiver. Those rules are effective for students who transfer to new schools this fall... "The Council also defeated a proposal that would have required schools to count financial aid for some postgraduate transfers against team limits for two years, regardless of whether the student remained enrolled after exhausting athletics eligibility. The proposal would have applied only to student-athletes competing in football and basketball." And @wolfpack1 , for the baseball thread... "Defeated a proposal to add an additional countable assistant coach in baseball and softball."
  3. http://www.sportswriters.net/ncbwa/div2poll/index.html UC San Diego is #1 in the Division 2 polls.
  4. Throw in some home games for us in hoops and you have something.
  5. One prep signee, one juco and one grad transfer for us in 2019. As an aside, all three of our signees are from outside California. http://www.ucsbgauchos.com/sports/m-baskbl/2018-19/releases/20181115pj6kf0
  6. D1 Baseball has a different take for their April 17th bracketology https://d1baseball.com/projections/college-baseball-projected-field-of-64-april-17/ UCSB is the #16 national seed and hosting - in Santa Barbara. Fresno State a 3 seed in #6 Stanford's Regional UCI a 3 seed in #11 NC State's Regional.
  7. Baseball America's April 17th NCAA bracketology https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/projected-field-of-64-41719/ UC Santa Barbara is the #14 national seed and hosting - in San Bernardino. SDSU is the 4 seed in that regional, joining Arizona State and Illinois UC Irvine is a 2 seed in #1 overall UCLA's regional. Cal State Fullerton first 4 out "Speaking of tricky RPI math: UCSB. The Gauchos finished the weekend No. 4 in RPI after sweeping UC Irvine and are in the driver’s seat in the Big West Conference. But Boyd’s RPI Needs Report shows that staying there is a mathematical impossibility because of how many games UCSB has left against teams outside the top 100 in RPI. If the Gauchos roll through the Big West they should still host—many times West Coast schools are given a little more margin for error due to scheduling difficulties, though being a top-eight seed is unlikely. As for where UCSB hosts, that is unsettled. The last time it hosted it did so at high Class A Lake Elsinore, but the Storm are home the weekend of regionals. That leaves San Manuel Stadium in San Bernardino, home of high Class A Inland Empire, as the most likely option."
  8. Small consolation, but we lost to Saint Mary's too. It happens. Good news is you turn right back around for a home series vs Fresno. No time to mope after this one.
  9. Too bad they never really went into the Darth Jar Jar theory. That would have been sweet.
  10. UCSB's top 10 ranking and #4 RPI is likely the ceiling this year. Our remaining schedule is deadweight which will drag the RPI down. Just have to keep winning series.
  11. Davis's contract expires in 2020.
  12. Look who's joining the B1G and Big 12 'no' bloc
  13. The goal was to keep as much free cap space as possible to sign a major free agent this summer to a max contract. Hence the 1 year deals to KCP, Rondo, Stephenson, McGee. I do hope the Lakers try to re-sign McGee. I also wonder (for shitz n giggles) if Lonzo Ball is thinking "I left UCLA early for this?" A poorly run circus is likely not what he envisioned.