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  1. Stay on the undefeated train as long as possible. Last time one of ya's ran the table was 1991 and UNLV went to a Final Four. It doesn't come around often so keep chugging on.
  2. Helton might not be the coach in 2021. They can be ripe for an upset as things ain't stable right now in Trojan land.
  3. same thing I told the Memphis fan. See if 'SC is willing to sweeten the pot with a home-home series for hoops, volleyball or baseball.
  4. Abe Jackson, your current color commentator, might be cool with that.
  5. Have USC throw in a home-home for hoops, volleyball or baseball and I think Memphis would say it's a deal
  6. Pete Carroll's kid? https://247sports.com/college/hawaii/Article/Brennan-Carroll-son-of-Pete-Carroll-reportedly-candidate-for-Hawaii-Football-head-coach-vacancy-USC-Trojans-142356057/
  7. USC is looking to drop UC Davis from their 2021 schedule. They're slated to begin that season hosting the Aggies but USC wants out. They'd have to pay UCD $725k to cancel the game. Trojans have never played an FCS opponent. https://247sports.com/college/usc/Article/BREAKING-USC-looking-to-replace-FCS-UC-Davis-on-2021-schedule-142342418/Amp
  8. Even the best posters have their moments
  9. No. That was RebelRobert. Although, like Rob, I was rooting for Theus to succeed.
  10. Tip o' the cap, fly boys. Well done
  11. we need to deal them another whooping . Maybe next year... So SAN and friends, do it this year.
  12. Didn't say much. Just that USU nearly took down Saint Mary's, and had a three game losing streak before their win over Nevada.
  13. The commentators are talking about the MW cannibalization.
  14. And especially since Shaw has shown little interest in going to the NFL.
  15. Dumb question - would Hawaii consider June Jones?