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  1. No better way of saying "Welcome to Division 1" to UCSD than winning three of four games and just all out slugging against the newbies in all three wins.
  2. Looks like Gonzaga and BYU are both going to Vegas after all https://wccsports.com/tournaments/?id=58
  3. @Jack Bauer, this is your opportunity. @#1Stunner too.
  4. Dye did go to back to back NCAAs in '93 and '94. In the "modern" era. But yes, the Big Sky then wasn't quite as deep as the MWC of today
  5. Dye was 25 games over .500 at Fullerton and 80 games over at Boise. In 12 seasons under Dye, Boise went to three NCAA Tournaments and three NITs. That doesn't sound like a coach who would get run off the floor 7 out of 10 times.
  6. Which shows Dye would do better than 3-7 vs Leon Rice.
  7. It wouldn't be that easy. Dye took Cal State Fullerton to a Regional Final. Even beat a UNM team in the tournament that featured Michael Cooper, a future NBA Defensive POY. And Fullerton didn't even win their league that year. They finished behind SDSU and Fresno.
  8. Hey now! Bobby Dye also took Cal State Fullerton to within a hair of the Final Four in 1978.
  9. Lord @4UNLV has a nice ring to it. Or is it loardette?
  10. Good news on the bubble front for the MW. UC Santa Barbara's winning streak and fledgling at-large aspirations are gone after losing at UC Riverside. Auto bid in Vegas or it's the NIT for us.
  11. If you're Snake you just mix them together.
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