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  1. New Mexico at UNLV

    any win over UNLV is always notewothy, no matter how down they might be.
  2. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    The stomper, a putz? nah.
  3. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Too bad he's not a coach. Laettner would be a fan favorite
  4. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Unlike with Rice, I think those guys are going to stay at UNLV and develop. Menzies can coach. He's been around the block a few times.
  5. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    UNLV in year one under Menzies: 11-19 UNLV in year two: 13 wins (and counting)...
  6. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    They shoulda picked up Leland King.
  7. New Mexico at UNLV

    I don't feel so good. UNLV and UCSB are essentially two peas in a pod this year. New Mexico, Cal Poly... a couple WTF results which shouldn't have happened.
  8. Nevada @ San Jose State

    If USF can take Nevada down, SAN! ... can too But this should be a curbstomping
  9. The Face of the MWC, Craig Thompson, Speaks

    he snuck on board our plane. you want him, you'll have to get him in sb cuz.
  10. The Face of the MWC, Craig Thompson, Speaks

    Snoopy was too late. They got to Thompson.
  11. Rigorous coursework at Duke

    They keep it real. Straight outta Durham, yo.
  12. Two bid league this year

    All's well in Bronco land as long as Boise avoids losing to Air Force or San Jose.
  13. Immediate Transfers

    If we were in the Mountain West, our enrollment would be middle of the pack alongside Fresno and New Mexico. In the Pac-12, we're the third lowest enrollment only beating out Oregon and Stanford.
  14. Immediate Transfers

    Immediate transfers are already in effect for other sports. Example, Cal Poly has a player on their women's volleyball team, Torrey Van Winden, who played at UCLA in 2016. She transferred to Cal Poly for 2017 and was eligible right away. I admit this is a special case because her older sister also plays for Cal Poly and their parents are both Cal Poly alums, but it still counts. http://www.calpolymustangs.com/sports/wvball/2017-18/bios/van_winden_torrey_l6ur?view=bio
  15. Immediate Transfers

    Bingo. That, and I'm sure @Jack Bauer was referring to conference affiliation, not student enrollment.