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  1. I'm a bit surprised the 06 USC-Texas Rose Bowl wasn't listed. Keith Jackson's final game was a dandy.
  2. Bill Walton made an appearance at the Angels-White Sox game.
  3. 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s. Doesn't matter the decade, Logan has always been a house of horrors for us.
  4. So this player supposedly has a top 8 that includes SDSU, SJSU, UCSB, Fresno and TCU
  5. Not all of them are from the rust belt states. I was born and raised in California
  6. Now in fairness to some Californians, it's hard trying to drive in a major snowfall when you never see snow in Orange County or other locales like Santa Barbara. You don't experience it . I'm personally a cautious driver by nature.
  7. In all fairness to our Idaho friends, I have never visited Boise so I cannot attest to the quality of drivers there or validity of what the local CBS posted. Would like to go there someday, see The Blue in person.
  8. Amongst the worst nationwide. https://idahonews.com/news/local/boise-ranks-no-6-among-us-cities-with-the-worst-drivers Maybe trucking should be a major.
  9. My high school located in the suburbs of Orange County, California, may have changed the logo... But we're still the Aztecs
  10. Here's one for those partial members from Honolulu. 1989. Hawaii's first NCAA bid in women's hoops (as an at-large, too). Hey @HawaiiMongoose , how bout bringing those jerseys back?
  11. USD might object but the rest of the WCC (especially Gonzaga as long as Mark Few is there) would go along with it. SDSU would likely do it too, high school gyms and all. SDSU won't get stuck back in the Big West, not with UC San Diego and Cal State Bakersfield joining in 2020. That option is now out the window. The WAC will be avoided at all costs, especially if Chicago State can't hang on.
  12. The Pokes didn't have the courtesy to make a return trip. Not cool.
  13. Any chance you don these classic helmets for the Arkansas State game?
  14. UNLV alum Simon Keith had both a heart transplant (his second) and a kidney transplant at USD in March 2019. His previous heart transplant was in 1986. A year later he transferred to UNLV and led the Rebels men's soccer team to two NCAA Tournaments in '87 and '88. https://www.ktnv.com/news/former-unlv-soccer-star-recovering-after-second-heart-transplant-kidney-transplant Not sure where playing a sport in college and professionally after a heart transplant fits on the toughness scale @rebelcuff , but it warrants a mention. SI even wrote a piece about Keith on December 4, 1989. https://www.si.com/vault/1989/12/04/121177/meet-an-athlete-who-has-overcome-real-adversity