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  1. Utah joins Hawaii in the Sweet 16, a 3-0 sweep of #14 BYU. Cal Poly swept 3-0 by #3 Stanford.
  2. 1st round results #12 Hawaii 3-1 over Northern Colorado South Carolina 3-2 over CSU Cal Poly 3-2 over Georgia #14 BYU 3-0 over NMSU 2nd round #2 Texas 3-2 over UCSB.
  3. "Angry motivation" for CSU https://source.colostate.edu/angry-rams-ready-for-ncaa-volleyball-run/
  4. UC Santa Barbara's first NCAA win since 2004 Next up, the #2 seed Texas.
  5. I'm not just talking about half-court. Underneath the basket looks good, too.
  6. I like the new look on your court, SAN! Hey @CPslograd , your birds should take a page from SJSU.
  7. I am passing the pick 10 crown to @TheSanDiegan for having the best record overall. l shall miss wearing it.
  8. The SEC cannot handle both Leach AND Ed O at the same time.
  9. Two fighting incidents for UNLV in three years. Women's hoops vs USU in 2017 and now this. Brawlers and ballers
  10. Perhaps, but that clap in Jimmer's face left a mark.