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  1. jdgaucho

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    Exactly. Which would've made it a perfect match. Rick Pimptino - I mean, Pitino - in the land of porn stars. Northridge missed a golden opportunity.
  2. jdgaucho

    Muss recruiting philosophy...

    One left for lack of playing time (Devearl Ramsey). Another left due to grades (Josh Hall). Who's the third?
  3. jdgaucho

    Muss recruiting philosophy...

    You don't see Brown as a 1 and done, do ya?
  4. jdgaucho

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    I wish CSUN had given him a look. Pitino would have definitely brought in some quality hookers and blow to the San Fernando Valley and transformed it into his new little fiefdom.
  5. jdgaucho

    UC Riverside at UNLV

    Paster J don't mess around
  6. jdgaucho

    Dirtiest basketball play ever

    Fitchburg State sounds like the name of Kalua's prison.
  7. jdgaucho

    UC Riverside at UNLV

    Joe Pasternack Or is it Dave Rice?
  8. jdgaucho

    Volleyball 2018

    Which makes the WCC surge in recent years quite impressive. It had six bids in 2012, four in 2014 (BYU national runner-ups) and three in 2015. BYU joining has made the difference. It's been two bids + every year since The Borg became one with The Church League
  9. jdgaucho

    Volleyball 2018

    The MW was a multibid league every year from the start in 1999 through 2010, then again in 2012 and 2016. It was a one bid league in 2011, 2013-2015 and 2017. As for @Warbow. Even as late as 2003, the Big West without Hawaii was able to earn six bids and had five in 2004. Surprised that Utah State and Idaho earned at-large bids before moving on. Unfortunately, just like the MW it's now reduced to a 1-2 bid league. The only outlier being three bids in 2013.
  10. jdgaucho


    Rolling into Fort Collins like
  11. jdgaucho

    UC Riverside at UNLV

    Dunlap is an LMU alum and was an assistant coach way back when so perhaps he gave them a discount. Why UNLV didn't hire him, lack of interest on one side. Back to UCR for a moment, I like the direction David Patrick is navigating them towards. Landing quality recruits in Rivertucky is tough so he's using his connections from previous stops to extend their reach into Texas, Australia and New Zealand. In a few years they should be much more competitive.
  12. jdgaucho

    Dirtiest basketball play ever

    The Fitchburg State player dealing that blow, Kewan Platt, was ejected from the game and subsequently suspended from the team as well as barred from campus https://sports.yahoo.com/division-iii-player-ejected-delivering-vicious-elbow-face-180152960.html “I was proud of how our guys handled the situation,” Nicholls coach Scott Faucher told Yahoo Sports. “They came together and focused on the next play. “Nate actually made the two free throws and stayed in the game. He’s an extremely tough kid. He took the shot, rallied his teammates together and went right to the free throw line.”
  13. jdgaucho

    Brett Rypien is the MWC all time leading passer

    Bart Hendricks, obviously
  14. jdgaucho

    UC Riverside at UNLV

    And who's also led by a rookie head coach.