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  1. High, and hit two properties, destroying one of them while nearly killing someone in the process. If I have to take her tragic history in account, do we have to search for one in non-famous folks doing the same? Because I don't see many doing that, including myself. I am fine if we use this to discuss drug addiction and mental health, but my heart goes out to the people she affected by her actions.
  2. *Do I go back to the BENGHAZI!!!* thread and see if this thread doesn't play out in reverse, or do I just go on knowing the results will be the same and no tribe will capitulate regardless an outcome?*
  3. If there are more jobs than people to fill, than those jobs are not needed. If wages are higher, maybe more people would go to those industries, or maybe the industries screwed themselves by making it too hard to enter at a reasonable price point. That is on the industry more than the employees. This is my response to your "this is a bad thing" line Perhaps you are horrible in articulating your point, since you have now admitted that keeping wages low is not the only solution. Maybe it wasn't my gibberish, it was yours.
  4. Sorry supply/demand, as in a very simple economic term. Sorry that / part blew your mind. The issue is, you made an original claim that competition for workers is bad for inflation being countered with a "that is not the biggest problem in the inflation problem" line being something you disagree with is exactly why I am asking you to speak on why THAT is the issue here. In your words, "it's actually bad" that Americans get paid more for being wanted. Elaborate.
  5. I would have went with NCSUx over Wake, but both deserve to be predicted to better than UNC. IT IS Napier's first year while Malzahn is in year two and Miami and FSU are trying to get the water out of their boat. The only real arguments are NC, OK, WA, NV, and TN. With really, none being an egregious call.
  6. Then you should be able to articulate why. Go the opposite of my claims. Explain why higher wages is more impactful to inflation than other variables. Explain how the free market notion of supply demand for labor wages is bad. Explain how businesses failing because they cannot exist without depressed wages in a smaller labor pool is inherently bad. Isn't the opposite the reason we pay dogshit for teachers, librarians and social workers? Because of supply demand? And even with a limited education, can not anyone see that prices on almost everything has outpaced wages, or even wages+benefits? If I make no sense, don't just hide behind a throwaway post. I am willing to change opinion with a cogent argument So, do elaborate.
  7. Shotgunning beers and power hours at Fiddlers Green. For sure the man earned it.
  8. Their body, their choice. Stupid games, stupid prizes. If it isn't contagious, I don't care.
  9. I agree with that basis. I just have to disagree that as Americans, our go to notion of higher pay should automatically be inflation. I believe that to be not as strong a variable as others, such as stockholder di idends, corporate subsidy, or, in reality, welfare for failed businesses. I completely understand the smaller business impacts due to their margins being more volatile to expense increase. But, that is more a reflection of large corporation impacts of scale, legislative bullying, and swallowing up smaller competition. Which I don't disagree with as an absolute statement but buoy the reality of it in the good and bad. What I won't go for is the notion that paying workers more does more bad than good, and the implication that in the case of a smaller pool of labor, not increasing wages, as appropriate, is not the natural way that supply demand for labor should work. It sounds like every anti-union, Trickle Down economic line of argument we have seen to not be sound.
  10. I don't see that changing by shifting to a slightly larger arena in Nashville. That reeks of an excuse. At least Calipari admitted his reason to not play Gonzaga in The Kennel.
  11. Prove the dramatic effects of applying free market principles on labor. I mean, actually prove it. Because the argument of paying workers 4 dollars an hour more increasing the price of a burger 4 dollars more doesn't hold water. If the same amount of cash is circulating the market, the difference of demands is discretionary, meaning the only increases are based on predation, not supply. In other words, your argument is that because people use a checking account instead of a credit card, somehow, that is worse for the macro economy.
  12. Or let businesses fail. The only solution shouldn't be keep wages low.
  13. Would it matter if Belmont vs Memphis is in their arena or if it is in a municipal arena, TV wise? I am going to guess no on that. That would be a good intra-state game, and it seems weird that that would be the excuse that it doesn't happen.
  14. Plastic flasks full of whisky costs less
  15. It's always strange for people to quantify his net worth, since A) it is largely investment properties, and B ) he has not made his actual financials known and they are too diversified to calculate. It's guess work. But there is no argument to say that the contacts that he has made, and the strength of his empires tentacles, increased much more than any ding his companies took because of his time in office. It's just not grounded in reality, so I typically eyeroll when folks talk about what he lost, or that he never took a salary. But yes, Barry O made out like a bandit, especially in proportion to where he started to where he is now. Slick talking law degree types can be just as efficient as a salesman in fleecing money from folks. Dude went from Chicago to Georgetown. I think maybe I am doing it wrong.
  16. I am excited to see what a right-sized stadium in SD, owned by SDSU will do for the atmosphere. It's always depressing knowing any youtube highlight videos of amazing crowds would absolutely never show an SDSU clip because of 1/3 filled crowds in the Q, or half-filled, student-less stadium in LA. My body is ready...
  17. His net worth is much less. And to insinuate that Trump lost money is nothing more than shuffling signatures on the brand. Not to mention the family wealth exploded, and the embedded connections set his name in stone for generations. He went from a joke to his family name being up there with the names just under the true old money ones. Hell the taxpayers have, or will in the end, soak up much of that so-called 700M loss just with the costs for travel and security. His bills for travel to Mar-a-Lago alone beat Obama's net worth. You can note Obama's zero to wealthy without acting like Trump lost anything from his Presidency, especially when logic can smell that that claim misses on a lot of factors.
  18. Define better. Obama owned the campaign trail. Trump trademarked MAGA early, and profits directly from it. So the "better" part depends on what the goal is. But make no mistake, Obama cashed in on the campaigns and presidency. Just like they all do.
  19. A star, maybe. But Trump owns ol Barry O on what people will do on his behalf. The cult of Obama was not as strong. It is humorous to see folks act like people weren't all about Obama. Hell, I was overseas, had literally (using this contextually accurate) no idea who he was, and my father sent a Hope post card with the blue and red profile shot. I was like "WTF is this?" Then he became President. It was quick how much he exploded.
  20. I am of the belief a lot of industries are recouping pandemic losses and cashing in on post-pandemic demands on travel/leisure. Of course the amount of money thrown into the market had an effect, but those effects on market should be waned by now. 1200 bucks in 2020 have had its multiplier effects attenuated to nil by now. There is more to it than people are crediting.
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