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  1. How long does that work, and what about people who can't afford it? We are discussing a substation going out affecting a region.
  2. I mean, if an American arms store sells handguns, the chance is there they have already brought about death. I don't think anyone is shaming them, and I don't think they care either.
  3. Not even factoring peak demand, if the system goes down, a replicable system or an overlapping system for emergency operations in the event of an attack to keep residential power going is going to be expensive for a company to do, and spreading it across potentially multiple power companies would be a nightmare to figure out logistics, responsibilities, maintenance schedules, and of course, costs (which will always be passed down to the end user). So to the original point, I just don't see this passing an analysis to install this as a standard process.
  4. He may have to say gay if he gets convicted
  5. That is pretty savage for a drug killing. Or do you mean like someone was on some crazy drugs and flipped out?
  6. I can guarantee there are thousands of posts saying pretty much that all over social media. I can also guarantee there are people who used her not being free to bash Biden, and now use her release to bash Biden. People are strange.
  7. Whelan's family released a statement saying as much. Said they were glad an American was going to come home and to take a deal that was possible. I think it is fair to have nuance on this. I am glad an American comes home. But she did commit a crime in another country, and I respect another country's laws. But, I completely believe she was a pawn, and was used in a leverage ploy, so that action will negate my views on respecting another country's laws.
  8. To distribute that much power for a long time? That would likely be very expensive. Plus, what is the initial procurement cost, and then what is the kw/hr rate to recoup that going to be? You and your numbers. Now what am I gonna do with all this tinfoil?
  9. There is typically none once you step down to substations for residential power. You may get some at the substations outside a generating unit, but I would guess that is more a backfill for the generation plant itself. A little fentanyl could go a long way on the downstream side of a water treatment plant. The issue will always be cost and most risk analysis will have it come out as overkill.
  10. Probably way too expensive for feasibility and if that requires multi-utility firms or jurisdictions, the agreements, pricing, O&M and capital project schedule would be an absolute nightmare unless a massive entity oversaw that, which would likely only be government, and I am not sure companies would want to do that. They are already bounded by regs individually, I doubt they want more for what is relatively rare to justify the effort. May be better to fortify the boundary like data centers or power plants do.
  11. Can we just start calling these folks blasphemers? Or are we not allowed to actually say anything negative about what they are doing here?
  12. I guess someone was questioned after they implied they knew about it on social media. They were released, but it sounds like they are thinking it was Christian extremist organization, for that exact reason. Between that and the stuff happening in Texas and Ohio, it seems like this is an escalating phenomenon regarding drag events. I am leaving the gay club shooting out of it, as that may be more of the standard "I hate gays" type that did that.
  13. I thought it was amusing how the way he "preaches" can easily sound like a metal rock song with a single guitar.
  14. Record-wise, MWC is doing well. We haven't lost many egregious games, and have picked up a number of solid wins throughout the conference. Looks like we likely missed any true nationally relevant wins this year though.
  15. True. Our hope is having recruiters finding diamonds in the rough on skill positions, continuing to establish discipline on our lines, and using the location to our advantage. We do have some small NIL's that folks like Sons of Montezuma are doing, but you are accurate here.
  16. It just means more to vote in SEC greats in SEC territory.
  17. Almost any loser can get married or throw a load in a woman. Giving a damn about what people do in their private lives while being a little baby about pretty much everything that doesn't fit in your wheelhouse is peak hilarity in calling someone a puss. I am guessing my dogs behave better than your kids, we have already heard how your poor behavior has rubbed off on them at school. You should be so proud at your terrible effort at setting a proper example.
  18. How do I hear this problem all over the country, with a bunch of teachers noting pretty consistently the things that have shown to be effective, and districts have apparently built in discretionary funds, and they don't analyze and procure most of these items before school starts? After two years, they could probably balance the expense accounts while acquiring an inventory of those items. Should this be something the teachers should let the parents know so that can be brought up at board meetings?
  19. If they cite issues with voting as the reason the lines didn't show up, I might have a suggestion to help out with that problem....
  20. Bookmarked for when you and two other men, one underage, fall out of the closet.
  21. Mid-October through the rest of the season, I was fine with in comparison to the start of the year. Last year's record was the ball bouncing our way so frequently, and I never felt the record was indicative of a great squad. Also, any tough game besides AFA was on the road, and the loss of talent on the OL was consequential. Am I disappointed? In the overall, sure. But if we can use this year as a lesson on shoring up long-standing deficiencies in the pass game, and also our AD and whoever prices the prices on the stadium based on what went unsold, I can very easily live with it. If nothing changes, then we absolutely squandered so much to learn from.
  22. If I recall, the Jim Crow stuff was more on the election bureaucrats being modified post 2020 election to no longer be supervised in the same way, and procedures could be changed by a committee selected by an elected body that typically is dominantly red. I never agreed with Jim Crow comparisons, but it does seem strange that the fact people are choosing to wait in longer lines to vote in droves being something to mock. It's almost like many are saying "+++++ you and all the BS you tried to make it less accessible or comfortable to vote" is indicative of something...
  23. Yes. He would be quick to install and recruit explosive offense. I would just hope to maintain some of our defense.
  24. Need work on a lot of things. Getting outrebounded, falling in love with extended 2's instead of slashing, poor ball management by Butler, and Bradley still needs to get his confidence. And I feel like I am watching Carolina basketball how with well opponents knock 3's down in our building.
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