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  1. I am more surprised people didn't know that School Districts had their own cops than anything.
  2. By me goading you on, by simply saying "go on" you jumped through hoops to prove nothing, and you want to spike a football? Man, it takes next to nothing to make you feel like you somehow "owned someone".
  3. So, nothing. Ole Kuz indeed. Like always.
  4. "Do your research! Even though I made a flimsy claim and am using frayed strings to tie theories together! Look it up yourself!" Just like i thought, a conspiracist can't substantiate a claim. Perhaps stick to the sovereign shtick so we just skip over your bullshit.
  5. They gave a standing O for an inside run to Sanders for a first down. I suppose that indicates an issue.
  6. Sounds like he is admitting that America did some very messed up stuff in his attempt to own the libs.
  7. Looks like UND is subsidizing to keep up with NDSU, really.
  8. Much more narrow of a special than his others. I really don't get the outrage. I am guessing those that got upset didn't watch the whole thing. It was still funny, and he blends social perspectives with brash comedy, and i enjoy that style. Not trying to give spoilers, so purposefully being vague.
  9. The digital gameday guide for SJSU gives the Nash OR Starkel call. So, no help there. Didn't matter who it was last year for SDSU anyways.
  10. Big Ten has a massive research consortium, ACC schools like Tobacco Road work with each other, the SEC has an academic consortium (nothing like the Big Ten though) and I am sure the PAC 12 has something as well. It's like a non-geographic agglomeration of academia. I can understand why academics play a factor and why President's, not AD's run the decision-making.
  11. Maybe there is an ER near Muscle Beach for all those who deadlift and give themselves a hernia?
  12. I think that win really gave SJSU the confidence to succeed last year. I hope that our QB somehow gets the same. But I doubt it, so perhaps let's not let them push the Aztecs around like last year?
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