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  1. Just surprised the cause wasn't the road work that seems to always take place in Boise.
  2. Well don't help the sons of bitches by suggesting an idea they may actually use! There may be an insurance guy on the board, and now we are giving him a bigger bonus.
  3. Let him show his ass. It's just fine to watch him do that and you don't need to crack wise on it concurrently. We all know where he wants this to go. Just best to let him be show his true colors.
  4. Please don't suggest this. I beg of you. They would probably go full send on the stupid clauses on everything else.
  5. "Benefits should always go to the owners, not the people!" - You know who
  6. Because they are trying to meet herd immunity in the face of a lot of people who have legitimate concerns, and those who are just being silly. And we have a lot of silly in this country right now.
  7. RIP to the officer. Thank you to the guy who speared the killer. Now, I await the talking points...
  8. Think of all the day drinking you can do? Everyday is tailgate day!
  9. Kind of crazy that UI benefits pay more than some businesses will. Folks are sitting at home thinking as the good sir Trump said, "That makes me smart"
  10. A lot of local folks I knew who were waitstaff did just that. They are much happier now, so they aren't going back. It's a mix of UI and dogshit conditions for dogshit pay. I can only imagine fast food workers. I hope those go back to first jobs for HS students like it used to be.
  11. I don't see a true shortage in actual gas. This is a short term issue in regards to that. An overly robust economy is what happens when 3 or 4 checks go into the American's hands and they start spending. That part will also peter out. The continued creation of money is the problem. Spending needs to be cut not grown.
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