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  1. Ah, well it is good to hear that outfitters are pro-wildlife, besides the business aspect.
  2. I think the only issue with your first sentence is that a politician becomes a darling to anyone in the first place. If you mess up, you should face the music.
  3. Good to know, so your friend is probably not happy with what happened in WI. Hopefully he takes that error to guide his opinion when wolf seasons start up in his neck of the woods.
  4. I am going to guess there are three prevailing ideologies that will manifest next year. One, people who still have concerns of spread and don't go Two, people who realize just how much time and money they saved watching from home and shedding tix Three, people chomping at the bit and about to go full send on tix and tailgating Probably more, but those are the ones I am watching for
  5. No, I agree. Although I think there isn't this stark divide of fish and game vs hunters/outfitters in terms of hunters. Many hunters support conservation and welcome wolves much more than outfitters and especially more than ranchers. Most DNR and F&W/F&G folks in the field hunt and fish too. I don't know many outfitters, so I can't speak for them. It's great when there is a great collaboration between the conservationists, the hunters, those who are negatively impacted by animals, and the animal agencies. Every now and again it works, but everyone has to realize they all ha
  6. To be fair, both. Claiming martyrdom is pretty powerful. But my personal guess is when the agent got shot on the roof trying to breach the building, the feds went full blown Blackwater mode.
  7. Always plan for the full stadiums. Adjust as necessary, but we should always plan to go back to normal.
  8. What were the numbers prior to the area being cleared of wolves? It also looks like objective was reached, so perhaps you are showing wolves are aiding in meeting the mission of whoever made the chart?
  9. This is the balancing act. Wolves should be around and that will mean the good life of abundant elk because that type of predator was essentially wiped out will be lessened. How many wolves and how much protection they receive at X number is what DNR and F&G/F&W need to determine. Of course people who used to and will continue to want to have the least path of resistance to success in a wolf's natural habitat (an extremely dwindled amount) are complaining about them and/or support the continued absence of them. Humans are a cancer to the wilderness, it's just a matter of how cogniz
  10. What would drive people to live 4 in an apartment because they can't afford a house, making them have high anxiety and depression to the point where they die their hair green?
  11. Team Overall Record Conference Record New Mexico 4-3 3-0 UNLV 2-1 2-1 Nevada 4-3 1-2 Air Force 1-5 0-3 San Diego State 5-2 0-0 Fresno State 2-1 0-0 San Jose State 0-0 0-0
  12. dook does own a lot of property in West Durham. May have altered their plans? They are making a mint off of development right now.
  13. Many traffic planners and NGO's have reached that conclusion you allude to. It may not be more people, but their studies showed that in their regions, adding lanes increased the amount of single-occupancy vehicles. And the photo above could add to this conversation on infrastructure funding. The double bridge in the upper right is the exact area of the I-35 bridge collapse back in 07, killing 13. It had been inspected and received poor grades for years.
  14. This year will be my first hunting season in the PNW area. After MN hunting where you drive to the side of the county road, sit in your tree and drop deer across a clearcut corn field, I cannot wait to do some hunting through the terrain. People around here are spoiled in terms of opportunities for a challenging hunt.
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