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  1. I get your opinion. But there is a difference between LSU and Arkansas. Obviously, I want USU to win. But LSU is talented enough where pretty much any loss I would not call an embarrassment. If they keep it within 10, I will be very happy
  2. LSU is ridiculous. Losing to them by any score won't be an embarrassment.
  3. Good game Aggies. Hopefully SDSU can figure some things out to get us to a rematch.
  4. I am surprised by the lack of Aggie. Us Aztecs are too busy confirming our inept offense will be our doom.
  5. USU is dodging tackles like Neo dodged bullets.
  6. Another noodle armed QB at SDSU. But somehow he was a stud in TX HS football? I don't get it. We haven't had an arm since Lindley in 2010.
  7. Touchdown Aggies. This is going to be rough to come back from.
  8. I am finishing hosting company, which included watching the UGA game. Most SDSU posters are probably at the game. @AndroidAggie is in DC so he is probably asleep.
  9. Ah, you know what? Absolutely correct. It was so good it transcends time. Good call. And Tennessee put in a new QB, and they look better already. May want to keep an eye on this one.
  10. It is early, but Wisconsin could open this up quickly