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  1. Happy, I don't want to dogpile, but please let's just do reverse or not at all. I should be last.
  2. I'm not advocating violence, so I won't be searching for a fight. Now self-defense if for some random reason we crossed paths....
  3. No, most blue states are still stacking brownie points for 2022.
  4. Well he was a prophet. Because he knew masks were going to become an important thing.
  5. So he is a blocker of democracy shining through the evil cabal that was the Democratic thievery of the election?
  6. Why does he hate Trump so much that he is taking so long letting the truth get out?
  7. His avatar is a guy in a mask. Old man has been ready for this.
  8. Careful, you may get your ass knocked on the floor by some internet tough guy
  9. You are soft, and I weep for the future generations due to little pussies like you who continue the very "pussification of America" I bet you bitch about. Cry more, +++++ your feelings, snowflake.
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