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  1. This thread had a tweet calling out the death Valley gas price. I find humor that folks are blaming basic economics on politics. So yes, the contexts of our commentary don't jive. But this isn't the first time taxes are not being used correctly, and it won't be the last.
  2. Taxes isn't the reason that Death Valley had $9 per gallon prices, like the SJW was melting about
  3. Capitalists are blaming capitalist consequences on non-capitalist policies?
  4. As it should. SDSU just doesn't really have natural rivals. It sort of sucks, but it is what it is.
  5. I don't know what really creates the thresholds, but I would assume Fresno Boise, Nevada Everyone else
  6. Policy should not be dictated by an "I'll show them" ideology. The pendulum is going to swing badly if this keeps up.
  7. I think it is a great hire. Kudos to Nevada. I think he will get a few back who went into the protocol.
  8. Are we allowed to laugh at this yet? I don't want to be called a misogynistic bully for laughing at this.
  9. May want to take a look at my statement. Besides Nevada, the conference has been horrendous in the tourney. Every. Single. Time. But then they want to hate on teams who have had a worthy effort. Like Nevada did last year. What in the hell are you talking about?
  10. Back when the conference could actually win games in the Tourney. Let us know when you can pull a Nevada, and then you will see too.