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  1. It looks like this was six months in the making, and there hasn't been much uproar about this by intelligence and security communities that I see. Pompeo suggests that only we were following the treaty with Russia not complying.
  2. Well, at least we were ready for anyone, anytime, anywhere. If not UW, how about the other UW? Wyo, y'all seem lonely this weekend. Wouldn't mind watching some hard-hitting this weekend.
  3. If it isn't federally required, it's the airlines choice. Can't really say much about that.
  4. Seeing a lot of new chatter about some reassigning of justices in the circuits, which would put GA with Thomas, MI with Kavanaugh, WI with Barrett, and PA with Alito. Chief Justice Roberts made the reassignments. Lot of pro-Trump folks are really latching on to this, and some of the evangelicals say it is a sign of God that this has happened, not, you know, a person doing it. Any of you folks believe there is merit to this in regards to the election? Would be quite interesting to see Biden all ready to move in, only for Donny boy to change the locks on him. Supreme Court Order
  5. I am sure it was only folks wanting her to make "premature" decisions. I am sure of this.
  6. Health, lady, still working, live in a great country (warts and all), Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special
  7. How many days into predominantly work from home are we on, and this person can't operate a virtual meeting? Should be grounds for automatic termination due to incompetence right there.
  8. My take as well. Though putting Michael Brown in there is not a good choice. Use Garner or Tamir Rice, selling cigarettes and having a toy gun aren't reasons to be justifiably killed. Rushing an officer is.
  9. Seems odd they would include that in there. The comments are showing some denialism on the Floyd case, though. So maybe there is a loose point?
  10. While SDSU is no lock, comparing teams in that manner is suspect. The team two years ago had no real leader, no true big, a good Watson, but emotional and inconsistent Hemsley for guards, and green talent on the bench. With the frontcourt holding experience and depth, the question will be if Gomez and Pulliam can be good, and with Seiko and a pair of freshmen, depth may be there too. I will not even consider last year to be replicated, but I don't think we are reverting back to 18-19, in terms of play. With the schedule change, and the league being better, perhaps the record could be that
  11. The denser areas will likely see little change, maybe even a drop. Suburbs and the fringe exurbs though? The increases have already been drastic.
  12. Kentucky fans comparing their game against Bama with Mississippi State fans
  13. Finally SJSU can flaunt their BMOC status
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