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  1. Perhaps at the federal level, but at the state level, there is certainly a different set of pressures, and shelter orders are at the state level. They would be more in tune with the damages, and their delegates will begin getting bombarded if a state is well on the right side of the bell curve.
  2. I'm young, in shape, and over a thousand miles from my relatives. Latter option wins by default.
  3. Remove the PAC12 and this would be a real conversation. They would rather stick to academics than be tied to us peons in athletics.
  4. I just go to GreatClips. I have a fairly low-effort haircut, so I am not dropping high dollars at some swanky place, and there are no good small business barbers that did a good enough job to pay the extra dollars. Every time I am back in SD or Chapel Hill, I head to my go-to barber right after a meal though.
  5. Used in electrical drawings, stock markets and finance, and sparingly when shorthanding in certain scripting or metadata. I personally think it is lazy, and should only be used if space is limited. Someone once smartassed and audibly said it, and I immediately thought like Capt Holt.
  6. Fresno has never done anything but disappoint in non-con play. They are who they are.
  7. Do you have the Gunny cut or do you look like a normal human?
  8. I keep a short cut, so I have admittedly watch quite a bit of videos on how to blend a fade, but haven't gotten to the point of trying it out
  9. Bear Bryant would have given drill instructors new techniques of "special instruction". Babe Ruth and Wilt Chamberlain reports would need to come with a cigarette and a towel.
  10. I would probably respectfully decline positions with his presidency. It is too tumultuous and Apprentice-like.
  11. Narcos, Happy Endings (had not seen it before), and stand up comedy.
  12. The Me would be more north for me. I am in my 30's and have already went through one recession fine, so it is not that concerning to me as it just means cheaper shares for my long-term investments. I also hunt, fish, and can grow plants, and don't live in a large city.
  13. Leach did not do it to be racist. He did it as a joke. But in the deep south, perhaps the noose meme isn't the best option. He made a slight mistake. Nothing implied any racism on his part. Just a bad post. Let's get past this one.