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  1. You should have moved the 3% part to the very end. You would have triggered a few right up to the end.
  2. How Boise can make the NY6 bowl

    UCF would still have to lose to USF in the title game too, along with the above scenario, and beating Fresno two times in a row won't help BSU.
  3. You should live in the heartland. A lot of folks to the left of center would have a few things to say about gun abolition there. I think this board stovepipes Democrats based on what they see in CA, Portland or Seattle area, or by the Milos and sons articles and videos.
  4. He's around a lot of Brits. Maybe those leftie blokes are clouding what the majority of American left view.
  5. Fire Dutcher

    Sounds like SJSU.
  6. Kustra just quit

    I figured the B-School and the Honors College would be the two highlights. I don't think I have seen anything about the Fine Arts building. Also, I am thinking more about what a good B-School, and certainly what the Honors College building could do for the academics.
  7. Fire Dutcher

    Shucks, I guess Air Force may actually have to do something for once.
  8. Kustra just quit

    Seeing all the new buildings, seems like he is leaving a good setup for whoever comes in.
  9. Surprisinger! He still got a gun! Even when identified as crazy, he still did what he wanted. I want investment in mental health, but I believe it will stop this type of stuff as much as gun control will.
  10. I bring this up frequently. Handguns are overwhelmingly used for killing humans. It's a human killing tool. If they had never existed, there would be a chance of less murders (the ease of shooting someone vs stabbing/strangling/bludgeoning)
  11. Fox News and MSNBC aren't meant to be bipartisan news. The owners don't even mask it. So they go with pleasing the target audience. No better than Huffington Post, and the dimwits who latch onto it make the majority of the nation.
  12. John Travolta Joins the Sexual Assault List

    If men generations before us just kept it a secret that we like looking at them, perhaps they would not have decided to cover them up. No one to blame but ourselves. Now women can monetize a view.
  13. That is my gripe as well. The last five years the SDSU games shifted 3 hours later. I like night games, but a schedule filled with "late" night games is a bit much.
  14. John Travolta Joins the Sexual Assault List

    Well, you certainly described very legitimate cases of sexual harrassment, at least. Hopefully next time you won't be too proud to call it like it is and threaten police instead of submitting to an adulterous move when you didn't want to.
  15. It is a lot easier for you to believe that as a Boise fan, but this is about the entire conference. The more realistic question is "Would you rather play on CBSSports and get out of the stadium past midnight, or Youtube and be out of there in time for a fun night out?"