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  1. SDSU has been holding back the playbook! No more vanilla offense this week! Prepare thine anii, scoreboard, we going triple digits!
  2. Well, at least Boise plays a team with no offense on Friday, so a shootout is not required. Although, perhaps we see Boise's addition by subtraction.
  3. So is it Boise's turn? Has SDSU been punished enough?
  4. I'm out rambling. Just now got service. I shall flog myself later. Great schedule of games lined up today. Big ones for my Heels and Gophers, plus Tenner and Flerda.
  5. We would have not known about this until you posted about it. Smelled it, dealt it.
  6. No one's watchin?!?! Wake and Clemson could illuminate an ACC that isn't just Clemson and everyone else. ETA: My apologies for no thread.
  7. Christian and Nationalist don't even go together. No teaching of Christ had him coming close to being a person that purposefully divided folks. A nationalist would infer that something is as important as God, since it means that it is important to put a political boundary as a gatekeep over another group of Christians. To be a nationalist essentially goes against Christianity. Which is why I essentially don't believe any of these folks are actually Christian in the faith, just "christian" as a group.
  8. 25 Apr 2001 is the date of request for TDY, to Korea. And a doc for somewhere else. So nothing to say he deployed to Afghanistan. Am I missing something here? Also, he was part of a mission support squadron, which is similar to an army logistics battalion, which supports the folks actually executing missions. Also, the TDY classification was TS, probably because it was to Korea, so the manifest couldn't be leaked because, North Korea. Meanwhile, he has a secret clearance, which is not a real measuring stick of doing high-speed stuff. If this guy wants to prove he went somewhere, just show the DD214. This isn't really rocket science.
  9. Code of conduct says don't pull it out at work. Simple premise.
  10. Don't look at me. Ain't been a mod in a few years. I am just as likely to catch a stray.
  11. Better watch out or you will be gone too.
  12. They should tape him to a wall and have Roger Federer serve aces on him. Give him the attention he so desperately needed.
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