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  1. It also could have looked like a positive for USPS which doesn't fit one of his narratives. Or, and more likely, it was a nothing burger line item on a daily budget report. Maybe a little of all, plus more?
  2. Also why police hold on to videos until forced where they +++++ed up which takes months if ever, but we can all watch a justified cop shooting before the body gets cold. Public safety.
  3. More of the same, with less division-minded rhetoric that breeds what is happening in our streets.
  4. Very true. Which isn't bad, as awareness is extremely important. Ashton Kutcher has been on this for around a decade but because he was Hollywood, it was sort of dismissed by a large portion of the country. Hopefully that changes and more people continue to give its fair shake like they are now, and not only caring because of politico. It already was frustrating with all of these stories of children being saved, because I am thinking, "Why wasn't this been happening or been shared before? Did we just start caring about this, what have you all been doing?"
  5. That dovetail to separation in September is interesting. I see why the chasm happened and why the tightening happened, but what is creating that separation now?
  6. Some of us must be from a different time, because I agree with your take on a portion of this culture, but reject much of it. It would explain why I was listening to a lot of Motown when I was in my teens when everyone was listening to strictly hip-hop and Kid Rock/Limp Bizkit/Linkin Park
  7. I think the inner WTF for men looking at little girls dolled is much more than women, particularly mothers. Just based on the penal system (no pun intended) and the societal disparate views on older male/younger females than the opposite.
  8. Not a single one of my democrat friends who attempted to watch it wasn't completely against it. This seems more crazy vs rational than it is D vs R. I won't even bother to watch it, since I have always thought this type of stuff to be weird. I first saw this with Jon Benet and wondered why they were dolling up little girls like that.
  9. There is already crude evidence of police doing protest agitation and pointing groups who want to fight towards other groups, and no one in power is saying a damn word, besides a short-lived threat to send the active military into American towns. I will say we are seeing some small flashes of it already. Private prisons that lobby our government to keep laws on the books to keep their cashflow steady is another.
  10. Yuengling was my go to cheap one in Carolina. Prior to having that, it was Michelob Golden Draft in Minnesota. Both you can't get in the westernmost states. I always get those two when I am in MN, or east of AR. No more Coors or Buds when Yuengling comes to town!
  11. Mediocre? Best piss beer in America. THE original piss beer is coming west?!?!?!?!?!?
  12. I am dissatisfied with both of the popular parties. I just don't see where the confidence comes from those who think Biden is ahead, and I think a big reason is because people are in cities, and don't see the complete 180 it is once you leave cities. And I am unsure any states are going to flip, because Biden isn't a needle-mover. I don't really hitch to any candidate at the national level, because I don't trust them and the things they have likely done to get there that is against our interests. Bernie was also too much for me. I wouldn't have voted for him.
  13. If the numbers from the article are true in regards to restaurants, bars, clubs and beauty shops, that is still 30% that likely will not come back, given the fail rates of those businesses. And there are others where it was people who were just scraping by as is, plus some businesses being one or two person shops who closed up and got a regular job. I am sure many will pop back up, but given how long this has gone on, the lack of PPP anymore, I am guessing it will be more than 30%, and could be closer to the 60 than the 30.
  14. Because all of my postings about Bernie? Seriously, go find one posting from me about Bernie. You simply live in a small world if you think Biden has this wrapped up.
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