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  1. Solid victim card, but like Joe said, it was a Florida joke. Stop looking for reasons to get upset.
  2. The largest gathering of men in jean shorts since Tebow was taking snaps in Gainesville.
  3. Get more people to move to Memphis. Big Ten will call eventually.
  4. That market was already accounted for by Texas, with OU overlapping. TCU was the best program available at that time after Mizzou and Aggie left. Don't misinterpret what I am saying, TCU is doing well, as is Utah. But they aren't really pushing the conference forward like a USC or Texas can, hence they are more of a zero-sum addition. Much better than goddamn Rutgers...
  5. They have not done anything to raise the conference profile, nor have they added that many eyeballs. They aren't anchors, that is for certain, but they aren't doing more than any other average member of the conference, so if we see an average program alongside other average programs, then there is no value added. They take as much as they give.
  6. I think Pac12 and Big12 are looking back and seeing a zero value-added with UU (little national success with a small market) and TCU (in a market where UT is likely the dominating team) and should be cautious on any notion of taking G5 schools into their conference.
  7. Damn, shot the entire family up? Not a good look, on its face.
  8. I thought it was porn reference. Which to that, yes.
  9. Well, Big Ten wanted to bloat their market numbers, so no, those Big12 schools don't make sense unless it is Texas, and OU. And this hypothetical exercise is fruitless. AAC isn't losing anyone, MWC isn't losing anyone. Grab a Snickers, kids. It's gonna be awhile for expansion to happen.
  10. I legitimately have no idea what this means
  11. Think of all the first world problem bullshit that would have been posted in the 60s through 80s if social media existed. They created Woodstock and drug culture because they couldn't deal with their existing atmosphere. It is ridiculous to think that the current generation is alone in their need for attention and complaining.
  12. Kansas or Iowa State bring next to nothing to the Big Ten. Only Oklahoma or Texas move the needle. And as a lifelong Big Ten observer, I am still upset with Maryland and Rutgers joining. To hell with some other Big 12 additions.