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  1. I'm back and will definitely be down to do it again
  2. Gonna be real interesting how this moves into spring sports too
  3. Man get outta here with that shit
  4. Did this thread already pass the fire dave rice thread or nah?
  5. I like the Zags a lot but I still don't think Kansas should have been leap-frogged twice with their resume. Could mean poll inertia matters less though, which is a good thing overall. Also kind of annoyed ASU isn't ranked but they kept Miss St. At 25. Would really like to have then ranked before we play them soon.
  6. Kansas should be #1 I think. Gonzaga has the big win yes, but Kansas is preseason #1 with two top 10 wins and no losses. I just think it's tough to justify leapfrogging them twice. Zags are right behind them though. We'll be #5, Duke won't drop far.
  7. Honestly though where I fear this hurts the most is with revitalizing the fanbase for next year. The casual fan is gonna see this as a polian-continuation..
  8. Always the first thing I check everytime, god damn they're fast
  9. Wow that was horrible. Toughest thing to watch for me since probably the Kevin Ware injury. Feel awful for the dude
  10. Bummer, tough finish. Future is looking good so far though
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