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  1. That fist pump if he would've sank the par putt was about to be epic. So close! Today's a damn good day
  2. Thanks for uplifting our economy when the donks come to town
  3. This should be stickied
  4. 2013 killed me lol. Such a bummer way to end the season after getting 5 bids. Some rough matchups though, like CSU losing to [REDACTED]
  5. Yeah that was my thought, as it did seem a little weird for NSN to post an "official" annoucement tweet the day before it would actually be announced.
  6. I noticed that, didn't wanna read too much into it lol
  7. Mug should make this the banner
  8. So did the whole BOR crap end with the Beard fiasco?
  9. If you look really closely you can still see TBSUF's grandma at the bottom
  10. I'd be pretty happy if we hire Miles
  11. Is pitino still inside the heli?
  12. Does Josh Allen coach basketball?