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  1. Chrysis

    Reno Gazette's top 40 MWC players

    The ghost of Josh Allen transcends this list and all others.
  2. Chrysis

    Nevada basketball: season tickets

    When do single game tickets usually first go on sale?
  3. Chrysis

    Fantasy Football Rules and FAQ Thread

    Just sent my buy in
  4. Chrysis

    OT - Gauging Fantasy Football Interest

    I'd be down for $50
  5. Chrysis

    Nevada basketball: season tickets

    I'd get season tickets, but I go with different people to every game it seems like, so it'd be hard
  6. Chrysis

    Utah - Nevada home and home (hoops)

    True, and though Texas Tech and TCU were expected to be good, I think both exceeded preseason expectations
  7. Chrysis

    2018 Video Games (Not OT!)

  8. Chrysis

    2018 ESPN early Bracket Nevada 3 seat

    Palm has us as a 2, playing Montana. Lol please not again
  9. Man, this really bums me out.
  10. Chrysis

    No more Big 3, TUNRF is the flagship fanbase of the MWC

    Tell that to the donks!! their grandmas fought hard but still ended up on the cold hard bottom of our bleachers!
  11. Chrysis

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    Man. That was just embarassing..
  12. Chrysis

    MWC Football OOC 2018

  13. Lol everyone is biting this so hard