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  1. NMSU Baseball

    Holy shit
  2. Nevada vs SJSU

    Looks like it was something at least, Chris Murray tweeting he'll wear a splint the rest of the season and might require surgery after that. Hoping it's mostly precaution, Stephens seems mostly optimistic about it at least.
  3. Nevada 2018 MWC basketball champs 2 peat

    Does that mean we'll have to take down our CBI championship banner?
  4. Nevada 2018 MWC basketball champs 2 peat

    Man we're about to play winless SJSU, not now..
  5. Bracketology Update Feb. 19

    Nevada also went into Texas Tech's house and just flat out looked like the better team for most of the game before getting a little too much into burning clock and giving it away the last 5 min and still took it to OT. We did lose that game so yes it is different, I'll say that for sure. But definitely looked like they belonged. I don't think 8-9 is a stretch. ASU has been pretty inconsistent lately. But yeah anything from 7-10 seems reasonable IMO. Granted we take a hit with Drew out for the season too, which sucks, but I'm hopefull still
  6. Rank them Sunday

    you forgot josh allen
  7. Nevada RPI Moves Up to #9

    I was at the WAC tourney that year when we lost to LA Tech. It sucked. Solid roster, would've loved to see them in the tourney. Burton, Czyz, Jerry Evans, Dario Hunt, Malik Story. Fun team.
  8. Nevada @ the Baggies

    Yeah heard it on my way home, it was pretty rough
  9. Nevada @ the Baggies

    Man free throws killing us suddenly
  10. Nevada @ Boise State

    In Boise's defense USU has been pretty solid at home, I remember last year Nevada lost there by a pretty big margin. Should be interesting to see how Nevada does today. We smashed them at Lawlor earlier but I doubt it will be nearly that easy today.
  11. Rember the days of UNLV, SDSU, and UNM?

    Much, much better in person than on TV, the bottom of the bowl is a bit spread out unfortunately so that plays a big part. Though I will say that there tends to be a lot of older fans that don't quite stay loud as easily as other crowds. So the constant noise/excitement is a little harder to come by, but when the place gets loud with sellout crowds it's pretty fun.
  12. Nevada @ Boise State

    I bet grandma was the one who yelled it!
  13. Bittersweet victory tonight, emphasis on bitter

    Huge bummer. Hope he can come back strong next year. God damnit
  14. Nevada @ Boise State

    Man that hurts big time. Huge missing piece for March.
  15. Nevada @ Boise State

    Good game Broncos. Damn that was scary. Losing Drew though, man. Huge win but if he's out for the season I'd trade it in a heartbeat.