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  1. Chrysis

    Jordan Caroline

  2. Chrysis

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Congrats Aztecs!
  3. Chrysis

    Aztecs 2018 MWC Baseball Champs

    Nevada's baseball tourney struggles are unreal lol. Though it's not a huge suprise this year, the team has been so up and down. A few years ago when the tourney was in Reno, that one was a real bummer.
  4. Man we have an issue with tourney baseball or something. Damn.
  5. Definitely a good amount of support up here. Need to get myself some gear actually too
  6. Chrysis

    Hawaii friends

    hope larrys ok
  7. Chrysis

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    I don't think any Pack fans disagree that we'd like to see some higher end opponents with the last few OOC games we have.
  8. Chrysis

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    Haven't heard anything about USC. That would be pretty solid
  9. Chrysis

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    Dunno. I'm sure Muss is trying to find better opponents. No tournament really sucks
  10. Chrysis

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    Just waiting on the inevitable ACC invite obv
  11. Chrysis

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    Porter still fits in perfectly since Brown prefers to play the 4 anyway. But yeah we are two over at the moment but I don't think it's going to prevent the Martins from returning. Last year when they committed I think we went two over actually. Kaleb Rodriguez went on the transfer and something else. But it's something that will be sorted out one way or the other. Not saying they're necessarily returning either, I just don't think the schollies would be an issue for them to do so is all.
  12. Chrysis

    ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

    u wot