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  1. Boise State @ Nevada

    Good game Broncos
  2. Boise State @ Nevada

    Man we're gonna need Stephens
  3. Boise State @ Nevada

    Playing like shit now
  4. Boise State @ Nevada

    Stephens okay? Sat down pretty quick near the end of the half there
  5. Ok.......I will say it .........

    A lot of lousy teams under Carter (with him having two decent-ish team in 2011/12 and Burton's senior year), but Fox had some success before him and Trent Johnson's teams of course. I have no delusions of us keeping Musselman forever, but I do hope we have shown that you can at least win here and Reno will definitely support a winner.
  6. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Nope. I think he's in uniform though. Hopefully he's good to go for Saturday
  7. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Anyone got a stream?
  8. Nevada Hoops OOC Watch

    Definitely going to that game, gonna be a good one. Damn I hope we have Cody Martin back by then though, we're gonna need him for sure.
  9. Nevada Hoops OOC Watch

    Still pissed we lost the Tech game. Controlled almost the entire game and just looked like the better team. Let that one get away for sure. The TCU game didn't hurt as much, felt like we just got outplayed that night
  10. Utah State @ Nevada

    Man just as it seems we're back at full strength. Huge loss if he's out against Boise
  11. Final Report Card FBS USA Today

    We had a good run for awhile in the mid 2000's, but yeah all those wasted years with Carter really put the brakes on for a bit
  12. Yeah I usually look at these as ranking the teams as they are currently playing, rather than predicting the final standings.
  13. Nevada @ Air Force

    Yeah good time to have the next week off for sure