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  1. In Friedman we trust. I wouldn't be so quick to declare this the end.
  2. Yeah the timing of the ejection was kinds weird
  3. But damn no one can say this team doesn't fight regardless. No way they were gonna give up on the year just because the division was toast
  4. This is fun but the last two weeks still sting
  5. Not even gonna lie though those few CBI games that year were lit
  6. And we're favored over Washington lol Worked vs. George Mason though so
  7. AJ Bramah dismissed from the team.. https://twitter.com/ByChrisMurray/status/1463160943131738121?t=9GTkj5KGbaangKWotyDPfg&s=19
  8. We did lose a MW play-in game to Wyoming the year before USU/SJSU joined lol
  9. Something's just not right. Chemistry is way off. And Sherfield does not look like himself. This team was gonna have holes (3-point shooting, defense with bigs), but we shouldn't be regressing from last year like this, no way. We'll see how it goes. Last few weeks sucked a fat one if you like Pack sports
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