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  1. i noticed UNLV OL grabbing the collar all game. Very crafty. I am sure Deboer will gripe to the conference about it.
  2. There is no surer bet than the underdog when the favorite is coming off a hard-fought road win.
  3. let em +++++in rest. except the DBs, have them doing stadium laps or some shit.
  4. Win your clunkers, man. Even Boise's best teams of the mid-2000s had a shit game against an inferior opponent fairly often. Difference is the talent and coaching to skate with a win rather than choke like 2017 FS.
  5. i told the bark board all week unlv wasn't as bad as their record and nobody believed me now, we had some abnormally shit ass defensive play that i will absolutely chalk up to dead legs after the UCLA game but the rebels hung with ASU until Brumfield went out and i made note of that
  6. No, but you let them walk in if they make it past the 20 yard line and there's time on the clock.
  7. This is a weird shit happening game. They happen.
  8. that was PI on the INT but whatever.
  9. that was such bad tackling i can't even be mad. hilarious.
  10. i don't care about the INT, it was sketchy i care about your first TD drive being sprung by multiple muggings on that brumfield scramble
  11. that call sets the entire game at even imo
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