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  1. it's only march and we're already in july form, lord in heaven this is gonna be a long offseason.
  2. no, he sat on his offers too long and they dried up.
  3. Late PWO commit. Good insurance against departures next year after the starting job is ironed out. In 2018 we didn't have enough QBs in spring ball for all the drills so coaches had to throw sometimes...Tedford isn't letting that happen again. https://247sports.com/player/blaze-mckibbin-89572/
  4. With as much as we replace, i can't really argue with mid-40s. I don't think Reyna will be much of a dropoff from McMaryion (honestly, shoot me, but i think he'll be just as good), but there's no denying the turnover at WR and on the OL. Love the talent at those spots - WR has absolutely been our best-recruited position under tedford - but there's not a ton of experience yet....check back in 2020.
  5. the las vegas bowl is still tied to the MWC this year, it's 5.
  6. We don't have a peer conference in our region, unlike those two. it's a shame the WAC folded in retrospect.
  7. Capacity is supposed to be 70k for the stadium...an ideal matchup for the bowl (LA Pac-12 team vs Fresno/SDSU) could probably sell it out, or at least hit 80% of capacity. We brought something like 12k to vegas this year...you can probably tack that up to 20 if the bowl was held in LA.
  8. https://watchstadium.com/news/college-football-bowl-game-changes-to-begin-in-2020-03-05-2019/ LV Bowl becomes Pac-12 vs SEC or B1G, MWC vs Pac-12 moves to LA in a new bowl.
  9. yep. Oregon has uncle phil, if they really want to whip it out they can pay more than most of this conference pays their head coaches.
  10. True. And we graduate Haynes and Iakopo this year, so some vet experience there will help in 2020.
  11. Transferring home from Arizona....depth guy there, so i won't expect an eye-popping impact, but he gives us some more nice depth https://247sports.com/Player/Kurtis-Brown-80423/
  12. i was not aware that was a whiskey brand haha
  13. https://247sports.com/player/evan-williams-46052423/
  14. https://247sports.com/player/tim-anderson-46056427/