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  1. Rofl_copter_dos

    Anyone want some BSU/OkieLight Action?

    rypien's a +++++ing senior already? jesus it feels like he signed yesterday i'm +++++ing old
  2. Rofl_copter_dos

    MWCBoard All MWC Selections

    who the hell voted for leevel tatum? he probably won't ever sniff the two-deep lmao
  3. Rofl_copter_dos

    Thank You for this one, Hawaii.

    there's a 100% believable story making the rounds lately about how germano attended an edison game right before we offered him and had no clue who he was, asked the CN coaches who the kid making all the plays was. BSU i would imagine is less prone to these kinds of stories given the relative paucity of talent in Idaho as opposed to larger states and their general recruiting cachet as of late anyhow, but i'm sure most of the MWC can recall local players they didn't offer or didn't pursue very hard that went on to do great things at a peer school.
  4. Rofl_copter_dos

    Thank You for this one, Hawaii.

    funny how this shit turns out...dozens of similar stories for any school.
  5. Rofl_copter_dos

    UW DT transfer Ricky McCoy eligible for Fresno

    it's not entirely a 50/50 split like he says, but we're at the point where i'm not /particularly worried anymore due to camp reports and the addition of McCoy. Atkins jacked the starting spot straight up from Madsen with about 3 games to go in the season and had an excellent game in the mwc championship game. Ndoh and Haynes were reserves that got non-garbage time reps and both are, for whatever it's worth, reportedly having monster offseasons, and ndoh in particularly is whipping the OL. Iakopo (#3 DT) didn't expect to clear the clearinghouse and ended up qualifying midseason unexpectedly and reporting in pretty out of shape...still got a few reps though. The second DE spot leans to Kwami Jones right now, who is a complete unknown - he logged a few snaps but i don't particularly remember him doing too much with them. anyhow if you'd told me literally anyone on that DL would be good at this point last year i'd have laughed prett hard at you.
  6. Rofl_copter_dos

    UW DT transfer Ricky McCoy eligible for Fresno

    dunno...i'm frankly surprised mccoy got his waiver, i can't remember the last time that happened for us.
  7. hardly an instant all-conference guy, was a reserve and then some at UW...but we get a little more depth on the interior DL, so welcome news.
  8. Rofl_copter_dos

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

  9. Rofl_copter_dos

    Boise State 2019 Recruiting

    i think 2012 humbled them pretty good
  10. Rofl_copter_dos

    What the hell, Spartans?

    oh hey you're back. long time no see.
  11. Rofl_copter_dos

    5-star LB Ale Kaho

    lmao, what the +++++
  12. Rofl_copter_dos

    SDSU ‘19

    the power of homesick.
  13. Rofl_copter_dos

    What the hell, Spartans?

    I think SJSU will win without much trouble. People tend to lump all FCS teams together in their head but the reality is the gap between the top of the FCS and the bottom is pretty damn big - almost as big as FBS. World of difference between a mediocre program like UC Davis that has chewed up and spit out every attempt at fixing it and a North Dakota State or James Madison that can play with low and middle tier FBS teams without too much trouble.
  14. Rofl_copter_dos

    5-star LB Ale Kaho

    be shocked if it isn't one of the two nevada schools that lands him.
  15. Rofl_copter_dos

    Sports Illustrated's Really Weird Preseason Top 25

    yeah upon reflection this was almost certainly written by a majority east coast panel of people who go to bed at 10 PM on saturday. Haven't forgotten SDSU being ranked by several voters after back to back pummelings at home from boise and fresno because they had (by their own admission) gone to bed before the game had even started.