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  1. Whaley? Absolutely not. We saw what happened when Free played safety at 160 or so. Wasn't great. Johnson, at CB? 170 is skinny but good enough and you can't teach speed, and he can get a little more meat on the bones between signing day and the season.
  2. oh man this is really bad if it's all true. If the coaching staff knew every one of them needs to be canned.
  3. the SWAT team never arrived and local police also prevented a responding border patrol tactical team from going in for an extended period of time.
  4. The structure of american governance means that domestic policy is barely in the same dimension as public polling on anything that's a cultural wedge issue.
  5. at least firefighters actually run into the burning buildings.
  6. The state is hitting it from both ends, but i see no problem with a law preventing landlords from cranking up rent well beyond what an existing renter can afford while the state brawls with local governments and HOAs in court.
  7. The law was passed in 2019 once it was clear skyrocketing rents were going to metastasize out of the Bay Area and LA into virtually every CA urban area. The state is currently going to war against a slew of small and midsize cities over their refusal to even attempt to zone and build new multifamily housing, but in the absence of any resolution that ends with a large increase in housing supply it serves as a reasonably effective stopgap.
  8. The limits are there to ensure the affordability of said housing. Do you think the average person in a non-luxury complex is getting yearly 10% pay increases?
  9. So what you are saying is the private market is incapable of providing affordable rental housing?
  10. Reading comprehension buddy. New complexes + new move-ins aren't subject to what is effectively a year over year increase cap of 10%. It's not an actual price ceiling. The problem here is that 95% of well-to-do CA residents stridently object to any apartment complex within eyesight and they elect the city councils and mayors that carry that out. I drive to the edges of clovis and i see track home developments stretching out until it goes full rural but i don't see no +++++in apartments.
  11. California capped yearly rent increases so they can't jack it up too much on me year over year, but i checked and new move-ins will be paying $350 more than i am right now.
  12. It's a special sort of suburban mindset that sees getting away from any sort of multifamily housing within your sight range as a core component of the american dream, and it's not tied to Team Red or Team Blue. Recently griped to my parents that Clovis's refusal to build any kind of non-luxury complexes was enabling my apartment complex to jack rates up and they responded "well what if the homeowners don't want to live near an apartment complex?"
  13. Rent at my apartment complex is nearly double what it was when i moved in.
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