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  1. Rofl_copter_dos

    USU is going to kick WYO's A$$ and get our Bridger Rifle back

    laramie sucks, the football is always rock-hard and it makes passing a pain in the ass.
  2. Rofl_copter_dos

    Slowest AFA team in years

    The level of talent at AFA has plummeted. I wonder if it has any correlation to Army's marked improvement....the service academies seem to pull from the same pool of guys.
  3. Rofl_copter_dos

    This was still a better hire than Sanchez....

    the most telling line in there is that jinks didn't expect to become a HC at any point in the near future. Jesus.
  4. Rofl_copter_dos

    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    I don't know what to think about Bryan Harsin, tbh. It's clear that the true Boise glory days are gone, but half the time i think Harsin's doing an excellent job maintaining what pete built and half the time it seems like any competent coach could walk in at boise and stumble to 10 wins and an end of year ranking.
  5. Rofl_copter_dos

    Rank em

    It just doesn't matter to, say, the Auburn 247sports publisher, because they basically are unaware of any MWC teams' existence. Utah State has the best chance of any MWC team at getting any true hype now that michigan state has gotten their feet under them and is mounting a midseason surge, and even then they'll languish behind the AAC schools. We could legitimately go into the MWC championship game with 11-1 SDSU/Fresno vs 11-1 USU and have neither team ranked at all. ESPN time slots and Boise's OL collapse have savaged us this year
  6. Rofl_copter_dos

    Turd Of the Week- Week 7

    I know Hawaii was bad, but....52-3, Spartans? Really?
  7. Rofl_copter_dos

    Rank em

    It's not P6 marketing, it's east coast timeslot exposure. There is a massive contingent of east coast team P5 beat writers and media folks that never sees a down of a MWC game because they turn in at 10PM pacific on saturdays. Only the nationally focused writers (Forde, Wolken, Fornelli, etc) pay attention and they don't drive discussion as much as we wish.
  8. Rofl_copter_dos

    MWC champ game tiebreaker USU/Fresno

    we'll have better wins than the aggies if both teams win out.
  9. Rofl_copter_dos

    Rank em

    fresno will be ranked when we punk boise on the blue turf and not a second earlier. Sitting on hapless .500 MW teams on ESPNU doesn't move the needle.
  10. Rofl_copter_dos

    Rank em

    The real kicker, S&P+... Fresno State (12!!!) Utah State (20) Boise State (36) San Diego State (51) New Mexico (85) Nevada (92) Hawaii (97) Wyoming (99) Air Force (100) UNLV (106) Colorado State (107) SJSU (126)
  11. Rofl_copter_dos

    Game Thread - Fresno State vs. Wyoming

  12. Rofl_copter_dos

    Game Thread - Fresno State vs. Wyoming

    we went for it on 4th and goal up 27-3, you tell yourself.
  13. Rofl_copter_dos

    Week 7 gifs

    Fresno to Wyoming
  14. Rofl_copter_dos

    Rank em

    Kings Of the World 1a. Utah state 1b. Fresno State Getting Away With Bullshit For Now 3. San Diego State 4. Boise State Treading Water 5. Nevada 6. Hawaii Glue Eaters 7. Colorado State 8. New Mexico 9. UNLV 10. Wyoming 11. Air Force The Brett M. Brennan Award For Excellence In Ineptitude 12. San Jose State
  15. Rofl_copter_dos

    Non MW thread - Week 7

    south florida sucks so bad, good god.