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  1. https://247sports.com/player/mac-dalena-46058892/ new commit...brother of current bulldog Frank Dalena. Won the fastest man at our camp last weekend. I think he's frankly a touch low rating-wise...he has a borderline 5* teammate in Jalen McMillan sucking up all the attention and accolades, and last year he was stuck behind Josh Kelly as well.
  2. scholarship at illinois. We could only offer him a grayshirt out of HS because we didn't have room in that class for a third LB.
  3. https://247sports.com/Player/Jacob-Hollins-46046221/college-220823/ Hollins transferring back home from illinois, it's public now. Good local player that we didn't have room for in the 2018 class due to some numbers issues and could only offer a grayshirt to, so he took the illinois full offer. Depth guy, might develop into something more.
  4. Fresno has DE David Perales from Sac State transferring in, he'll have to sit. There's another incoming transfer but it's not public yet. edit: second transfer is LB Jacob Hollins from Illinois.
  5. You can probably pencil in JC OT Tim Anderson for the two-deep at the very least, given that the only spots nailed down are probably Tuitele at RT and Muti at RG...like JADogs said, we run a ton of multi-TE sets and so Pauwels and Rodriguez will both see immediate playing time as well, and i expect Wheatfall to make the two-deep as well. Defensively, we have a lot less to replace and thus we barely signed any JC guys...Nikko Thomas is a good get and we're a lot deeper on interior DL than edge guys, so he might get some time.
  6. so all told post-NSD Fresno has added the following notable players, plus three more guys that are as of now not public that i won't scoop our publisher on. https://247sports.com/player/tim-anderson-46056427/ 3* JC OL Tim Anderson. Offers from Arkansas, Louisville, Kansas, Houston, CSU, SJSU, + assorted other FBS offers https://247sports.com/player/evan-williams-46052423/ 3* S Evan Williams (brother of now-departed Illinois WR Bennet Williams). Offers from a bunch of ivy league schools + illinois. smart kid. https://247sports.com/player/dante-adkins-46081043/ OL Dante Adkins - project kid who's barely played football, good athlete but check back in 2022 on him. https://247sports.com/player/nikko-thomas-46055995/ 6-4 240 JC DE/OLB Nikko Thomas, offers from Colorado and Oregon http://www.hornetsports.com/sports/fball/2018-19/bios/perales_david_16wk 6-3 230 DE David Perales, transfer from Sac State - transferred there as a JC guy from Merced, started at DE for them for 2018. Will have to sit, two years of eligibility. https://247sports.com/player/blaze-mckibbin-89572/ 3* PWO QB Blaze Mckibbin, offers from Cincinatti, Nevada, SJSU, ULL https://247sports.com/player/nathan-lamb-46043106/ 3* PWO QB Nathan Lamb, Offers from UNR and Oregon State https://247sports.com/Player/McKinley-Lee-46044672/ PWO McKinley Lee. Nothing eye-popping in his recruiting profile but he's fast as shet and is a guy that any other year we'd have taken on scholarship, i absolutely expect him to end up schollied within a year or two.
  7. damn, dude, it's only may and you're in august form already. Rough offseason huh? Norcross had a really solid OL class on paper going into the home stretch in like...2015, i think. 4 3* recruits...local OL Isaiah Trevino was the headliner with several pac-12 offers, but Donnie Green, Zack Kinninger and Clyde McCauley had all had huge senior seasons and gotten bumped to 3* status with some big offers coming in. McCauley flipped to +++++ing Kansas so they stole Ben Northup from Hawaii, who was decent but not nearly as good as McCauley. None of those 4 ever played a down...Green retired due to concussions and the other three transferred after redshirting.
  8. He's 6-4.5ish and about 240, that's good enough. Too much more and he'll lose quickness for the receiving game, which is his calling card anyway. Not really much word on this, i think he spent a decent chunk of spring rehabbing wrestling injuries and the general strain from cutting so much weight but i could be wrong.
  9. dunno if he really has a quantifiable recruiting philosophy beyond getting the best players he thinks are fits for his system. he's produced a 4* signee out of nowhere two years running, though, and if we hang onto Jaden Casey (tall task given that his suitors have gone from the oregon states of the world to +++++ing alabama) then it'll be three years running
  10. generally speaking i'm not really worried about the defense at all. The departing senior linebackers are all going to be replaced by upperclassmen with significant game experience, the DL loses basically nobody and gains a bunch of talented underclassmen coming off injury/RS, and the two open secondary spots are going to two fantastically talented DBs in Free and Gaston. I expect minimal dropoff, at least in a vacuum. Offense is gonna be a work in progress. Muti is an NFL dude, Tuitele i think will never be more than a good college starter but he's already that much. There's a lot of talent to be had for the other three spots, but nothing's set in stone yet. The WR corps will be interesting....lotta unproven but talented guys. Nobody solidified anything in spring so Cropper has a good shot at the 2-deep at least. Expect heavier usage of the TE this year in the passing game. Not just Rice, but Sutton and the two JC transfers too - they lined sutton out at WR a lot during spring because his sheer size advantage is unfair.
  11. i'll yoink tedfordtrain's spot Key Losses: 3 of top 4 WR, 3/5 OL, QB, top 3 LB Returning starters: 4 offense, 6 defense Excited about: Jared Rice...nfl-caliber TE and he'll probably be a focal point for the offense with all the WR departure. on defense, probably Mykal Walker now that he's moving to LB full-time and not playing out of position at DE.
  12. it's only march and we're already in july form, lord in heaven this is gonna be a long offseason.
  13. no, he sat on his offers too long and they dried up.