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  1. on paper probably going to be the most talented class since 2010. Going to be tough to duplicate, lol.
  2. another transfer portal get. Sac State's best DB...he's not a flashy recruit out of HS but he's a sparq god, legit track speed. 10.8 100m. Deboer's staff is working the portal like madmen this year.
  3. yeah we have LB issues, though Arron Mosby being healthy might help.
  4. We aren't good yet. Might end up decent by the end of the year but we roughed up a shorthanded wyo team and...SJSU.
  5. i think you can recognize the implications of twitter and facebook et all deciding to just permanently shut trump down and also think it's funny as hell.
  6. Sickeningly curious to see if they try this again - the military at the inauguration will probably be carrying live ammo and there will be considerable deaths if they do.
  7. +++++ing scum. Actual committed white nationalist running immigration policy for trump's admin. He should be rotting in jail, not walking around freely.
  8. lol, remember glenn beck trying to rehab his image and go anti-trump when it looked like the republican party was going to reject him? none of trump's goons should eat a restaurant meal that hasnt been spat in for the next decade.
  9. Trump tried to evade the ban using the @ POTUS account and twitter slapped that down too. Lol.
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