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  1. Rofl_copter_dos

    Top MWC signees

    @MAD MACGYVERI think it's because fresno is in the top 25 but ESPN is rating our commitments literally on the spot now. This is frankly weird to see. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/236592/juan-rodriguez
  2. Rofl_copter_dos

    Monday morning rankings

    I don't think they're that caliber of team, but hard for the committee to come up with its own metric and then leave out a team that's top-40 in said metric.
  3. Rofl_copter_dos

    Monday morning rankings

    If things hold serve Utah State might actually have a shot at an at-large bid, depending on how much the NCAA likes their own metric. Of note: Fresno State's northwestern win is looking really good...Wildcats are #47 in NET, #47 in Kenpom and #35 in BPI. Since that drubbing from Fresno State they're 4-2 and the two losses are a two point road loss at indiana and a two point home loss to top-5 michigan.
  4. Rofl_copter_dos

    Monday morning rankings

    NET: #8 Nevada #36 Utah State #70 Fresno State #104 San Diego State #155 UNLV #171 New Mexico #211 Colorado State #212 Boise State #222 Wyoming #243 Air Force #302 San Jose State Kenpom: #5 Nevada #58 Utah State #67 Fresno State #97 San Diego State #134 Boise State #138 UNLV #158 New Mexico #190 Wyoming #225 Colorado State #248 Air Force #328 San Jose State ESPN BPI: #9 Nevada #52 Utah State #75 San Diego State #82 Fresno State #130 New Mexico #131 Boise State #140 UNLV #226 Colorado State #282 Wyoming #301 Air Force #342 San Jose State
  5. Rofl_copter_dos

    Nevada @ 7 in latest AP Poll

    5th in kenpom, 8th in NET.
  6. Rofl_copter_dos

    Rank um basketball

    Dislocated elbow in practice friday. Expected to be out a month or so.
  7. Rofl_copter_dos

    Rank um basketball

    hence "really lucky"
  8. Rofl_copter_dos

    Rank um basketball

    really nobody matters except Reno, Fresno, and USU, and the latter two only matter inasmuch as they can maybe get really hot and really lucky and win the conf. tourney.
  9. Rofl_copter_dos

    Rank um basketball

    put simply he's a bit of a ballhog who drives to the basket a lot and gets to the line as a result. But if the refs are swallowing the whistle, as they have several times this year...
  10. Rofl_copter_dos

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    oh i'm sure his offer disappeared when griffin committed but he was good enough to elicit an offer from you in the first place so i'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Pretty sure we got Juan because he's a california kid and didn't want to go across the damn country for school...and, well, to put it mildly, fresno is gonna be a lot more comfortable territory for a hispanic kid than louisville is.
  11. Rofl_copter_dos

    SDSU at Cal

    yeah reno's talent is on another level, i have no illusions about our chances there. Maybe if we won every single game except for reno between now and selection sunday....and even then that would be pushing it.
  12. Rofl_copter_dos

    SDSU at Cal

    in the land of the midget the 5-11 man is king
  13. Rofl_copter_dos

    SDSU at Cal

    fresno will run the conference in both sports then
  14. Rofl_copter_dos

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    https://247sports.com/player/raymond-pauwels-46076606/ https://247sports.com/Player/Juan-Rodriguez-46057509/ Couple of Juco TE commits...one with a Boise offer, one with a Louisville offer. Tedford loves the 3 TE sets and we lose one TE to graduation this year and two next year, so it makes sense.
  15. Rofl_copter_dos

    #6 Nevada vs GCU (Talking Stick Resort Arena)

    week to week variance plus boise state not being quite as bad as you think they are. fresno went to the wooden legacy and slapped Hawaii and Northwestern silly and honestly should have beat miami. Came home and promptly struggled against a mediocre pacific team.