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  1. Two 2020 commits this week, not sure how many spots we have left. 6-7 SF Leonardo Colimerio from Utah. Only other reported offer is Colorado, but he looks like a stud. Same AAU team as Braxton Meah...it's Quincy Pondexter's baby, and Pondexter's basically adopted Fresno State as of late. https://247sports.com/Player/Leonardo-Colimerio-46054259/ 6-5 SG Destin Whitaker from . Depaul and Illinois State offers. Looks like a good athlete with a smooth shot, we'll see how he turns out. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/destin-whitaker-250463
  2. I accepted this inevitability about 2-3 years ago. The timeframe has been accelerated by the NCAA's clownshoes amateurish handling of, well, literally everything for the last decade and a half. Had the NCAA not been so dedicated to shafting G5s/mid majors, halfheartedly enforcing its own rules, publicly screwing over athletes with edge case situations that tested NCAA rules, and had it at least made an attempt to rein in ballooning coach salaries and the conference musical chairs shenanigans it's likely it would have been able to stave this off for a good decade or more as public perception (at least among more left-leaning lawmakers that would handle this stuff) wouldn't be quite so bad. When the NCAA inevitably crumbles, i'll be a bit miffed at the loss of my 'Dogs, but i'll segue back into watching the NFL. In the meantime i'll root for my team and enjoy games while it lasts.
  3. ahhhh. Also worth noting the collapse of college sports will put a good chunk of people working in ancillary industries out of work. Particularly journalists, as if that profession didn't have enough problems with employment.
  4. I think his cutoff is 10 wins. If Slovis is the real deal that's probably possible. We'll see, though.
  5. Pretty low. Wouldn't lay odds on Tedford ending up anywhere but maybe Oregon and even that'd be a stretch because Cristobal is pulling in top-10 talent and with the overall weakness of the Pac-12 is basically guaranteed top-25 yearly finishes ad infinitum. UCLA will make a play for Urban Meyer after Chip's year 3. I'd have thought USC would do that but looks like that freshman QB is going to save Helton's job.
  6. this is sports in general. though football specifically probably satisfies our need for bloodsports more than, say, basketball or baseball.
  7. Athletes are special because people need allegiance to something. Not a huge coincidence that as religious participation fell sports exploded in popularity (and more recently slavish devotion to media franchises, but that's another conversation). Whether the current exorbitant cost of college is fair (it isn't) is immaterial because that problem is absolutely not going to be solved before the NCAA implodes. The question is how long the infrastructure takes to re-adjust after it does. The absolute elite talent will just segue right into the farm leagues/draft immediately and yearly thereafter like baseball. The rich but not talented kids will just be absorbed back into the regular school system, but that'll still leave an average of what, 20k kids a year largely poor and black out of scholarships between all levels of scholarship football? Will there be sufficient financial aid and/or immediate jobs for them out of HS? This isn't faux outrage so much as disappointment over the thought of the sequence of events most likely to take place.
  8. Dumais is a RFR, though. Came in in 2018 with Lawson and Payne. Principle still applies though as he saw no action last year. Don't forget Hollins at LB.
  9. The only way to prop the system as it currently is up would be the NCAA taking charge of conference TV contracts and redistributing the revenue downward to allow the whole of the NCAA to pay everyone on roster, but that's a non-starter for a billion different reasons. Slashing coach salaries would also help, but again, nonstarter. I didn't even mention the long-term effect the loss of the NCAA will have on football participation in high schools, kneecapping the hell out of of the NFL's talent pool.
  10. I agree but the revenue will almost certainly dry up. Amateurism is a sham, but it's a sham that most of the country still believes in, and even for those who don't really buy in it still makes itself known. My connection to Fresno State the school is a hell of a lot more personal than my connection to the Fresno Grizzlies. If the NCAA goes belly-up entirely (which it will, it's only a matter of time. 4 years or 40?), will i give a shit about whatever AA team moves into bulldog stadium (if one even does?) probably not. The players who benefit from the system going boom and the NFL being forced to step in with a farm league or two are the upper 1/3 or so of FBS talent. The NFL isn't going to fund a full-scale tiered system like the MLB because of the sheer number of players involved, so at most you'll see AAA and AA equivalents. That's 64 teams x 55 spots vs 130 FBS teams x 85 scholarships....and that's not counting all the street free agents that float from team to team that would be in those farm teams as well, or FCS or D2. Point is the system's a sham, but it's a sham at the expense of the statistically elite talent that in exchange grants a massive number of less-talented kids a free education, however much value you want to place on that.
  11. We played Bailey full-time after Mosby's ejection, Williams is out there in nickel situations taking over JuJu's spot, and Ruffin filled in for Gaston after the concussion...was the fourth Jordan? i think i missed him. On offense as far as i know we only played Glaspie and Cropper...been thinking Bula Schmidt might sneak into the lineup but that hasn't happened yet. I wonder if Bridges might shift back to LB down the road...we won't lack for bodies at DE next year, everyone on the roster is back, Perales is eligible, Warkentin comes off RS and Nikko Thomas should be healthy. I mean, the read on Reyna coming into the year was that he was more aggressive than McMaryion and there would be good and bad from that. I don't think people really comprehended that and are a little shell-shocked by a QB that actually throws picks from time to time. That said, he wasn't pressing on either throw, he just locked in on a seemingly open man and missed the safety, so he floated it instead of driving on it. That's one thing MM always did was drive the deep ball, even if he mistimed and threw it too late Our OL wasn't that good in the run game last year either...Ronnie Rivers made them look better than they were once he was back and most of the yardage against ASU came after they folded like a $2 lawn chair when Ronnie broke free for that long TD on a great playcall that suckered their safety. Difference is this year they're only decent in pass protection instead of borderline elite.
  12. The aftermath of the MN game was a bloodbath on the boards, took people like 3 days to calm down. We'll be fine, it was just a really rough loss. You might be right about 2021 now that i take a look at the roster...We'll have Haener back for his senior year, a majority of the OL two-deep should be back, almost all of the 2019 WR two-deep. DL will see major turnover in 2020 and then bring back everyone in 2021 including the two transfers sitting out this year, and we'll have the entire secondary back. LB, RB and TE will look completely different (although i think bailey's a future star at LB) but we'll manage. i'm of two minds here. Experience matters a ton and we had the entire defensive back 7 back, and the strength of the defense was definitely those players, but at the same time the team really didn't play sharp football until the second half of the MN game. If we're just plunking down the 2018 team in they probably take USC late but don't win (i'm not having jack sears' injury in this simulation) come back home and pull away from MN late.
  13. and that's probably the fairest end result, but there's no denying the vast disparity in resources between, say USC and Boise or Fresno or SDSU. A blue-blood program can call up a single rich booster and have them cover the entire team on "endorsement" deals. A G5 school can manage that for a handful of stars at best.
  14. I think Hawaii has the easiest path, tbh. I don't think the Bows are as good as two P5 wins would have you think but they have the best homefield by way of travel and jet lag and they get SDSU and FS at home.