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  1. jordan is 5-10 in cleats. Mcbride just big as +++++.
  2. this game would at least be one score if you were running 4 verts every play honestly
  3. Why is addazio not putting in O'brien? he can at least throw it deep every play and every so often our DBs will trip.
  4. we had no offseason workouts at all, we are atrociously prepared. WR talent is carrying us.
  5. eh, everyone was covered downfield and haener had a pocket to step into. We're up 3 TDs so i can't quibble with the result but in a closer game he needs to step up there and take the shot.
  6. i can understand the instinct of going for hte mobile guy after cordeiro torched us on the ground but cordeiro executed through the air too and this dude can't do that at all lmao
  7. Addazio really overthought it with his QB choice.
  8. We're mediocre, CSU is really really bad. Mostly our WRs/RBs and Haener are bailing out a really bad OL.
  9. Cost us a TD in the first half, i'll take it.
  10. it's been so long since i had sushi i can't give an honest answer. there's a poke place by work...maybe i'll stop by tomorrow.
  11. he's a true senior - never even redshirted! He just got starting reps instantly in 2017 lol
  12. I think if Justin Rice wanted to come back we'd take him.
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