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  1. he reminds me of Tyler Mello, who we did keep home last year.
  2. apparently we told him to take a hike because he was slow playing us and constantly shopping himself on twitter to every coach west of the rockies. It's plausible but i had thought we were still pursuing him so i dunno. He's good but not so good i lose sleep...we pulled Hornbeak this cycle, i could live with whiffing on every other local recruit lol. agree on part 2
  3. this is shit that gets a coaching staff canned. unbelievable dereliction of responsibility.
  4. local LB Brady Anderson is also announcing on the 8th and with spots closing up i expect local DB Xavier Hailey to have to make his decision sooner or later.
  5. Got a few recruits deciding in the next week, could be another run of commitments soon.
  6. Regardless of the size and demographics of the city they work in, police departments skew heavily right-wing across the board. The typical big-city dynamic is a feckless center-left mayor too cowed by his police union to do anything -see bill deblasio bending over for the NYPD after their union literally posted his daughter's private information on twitter for the world.
  7. Henderson in the bag, as is 3-star OT braylen nelson from colorado...colorado, CSU, SDSU, Wyo, UNLV offers. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Braylen-Nelson-136269/RecruitInterests/
  8. you guys don't remember trying to hire Kiesau away from a 3-9 team ?
  9. In what is probably the most eyebrow-raising rating i have seen in some time, ESPN has rated Rolan Fulwood as a 4-star top-100 recruit in the country. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/243622/rolan-fullwood He's good, but i don't think he's that good...lol.
  10. Harsin's a good coach but he doesn't mix well with some personality types. Have it on good authority that neither Moore brother will ever coach at Boise State as long as he's there.
  11. There is at least one commit that isn't public, not sure when we'll hear about that one.
  12. I was told that several of the most impressive names in the coaching search threw their hat in the ring under the assumption they'd be getting a contract identical to tedford's...Deboer's contract may be rich for an untried coach but we weren't getting some of the flashy names with anything under 2mil a year base