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  1. fresno burning the conference's at-large hopes to the ground would be so funny.
  2. high tackle #s for a CB might just mean bad LB play.
  3. one could argue that turn of phrase is kinda offensive to native americans. I wouldn't be that person, not being native myself, but still. and yeah, using plantation while speaking to a room full of black unpaid workers....lmao. optics much.
  4. honestly this is the funniest outcome because the conference mandated these games be made up when a lot of the basement dwellers would have been happy just packing it in for the year
  5. must be some c heap ass hookers, we broke right now
  6. Hut will get a couple extra years cuz we're broke as shit right now, i think.
  7. Commit #4....3* DE from Stockton. https://247sports.com/player/jahzon-jacks-46094590/
  8. Hut is just a bad coach. The raw talent of this team is on the level of RT's later squads at least but they just stink.
  9. in classic Hutson fashion we will keep it close and then collapse with about 5 minutes left in the first half.
  10. fresno got +++++ed because the dodgers owner also owns the okc AAA affiliate and nobody outside of CA wants to deal with how bad yosemite is at connecting flights. We added Southwest just this year (2021) but it's too late.
  11. it would bump fresno to second place in the conference and 66th overall but more importantly imo it would cement fresno at second place on a per-recruit average. Unlikely we take another non-portal player besides velltray so we're capped at 19 HS guys and while our transfer haul is bordering on the obscene 247 just doesn't have the manpower to re-rate transfers and actually have them accounted for in the rankings. shit, there are p5 schools we're doing better than on a per-recruit basis. Wild.
  12. https://247sports.com/Player/Elijah-Gates-83501/
  13. on paper probably going to be the most talented class since 2010. Going to be tough to duplicate, lol.
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