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  1. Rofl_copter_dos

    Potential 2019 MW 2019 Draft Picks

    i'll give the same line i give the bark board...he's 2500 miles from home, has had multiple deaths in his close family in the last few years, and has played through injuries repeatedly. He was part of the best season in school history and a historic turnaround. Probably feels he doesn't have anything left to prove, he's checked all the boxes and now it's time to get paid for his services, even if it's as a UDFA. Anyhow his problem isn't bulking up, it's athleticism/stiffness. If it were 1990 he'd be a day 2 pick. As it is i believe he got a 4th round evaluation from the board, but i don't expect him to blow away the combine and he has a significant injury history that might scare teams off. I'll be surprised if he gets drafted. I think if we were a pass-happier offense Jamire Jordan would probably get drafted...he's got the athleticism. Just not enough production.
  2. Rofl_copter_dos

    Potential 2019 MW 2019 Draft Picks

    Mike Bell is generally projected as a 3rd rounder. Keesean Johnson varies depending on who you ask...probably a 5th or 6th round dude, but he could sneak into day 2 if he tests well at the combine. All indications are Allison is probably a UDFA, but who knows.
  3. never seen a Rocky team quit like that in a bowl game. Even if they halfassed it against army the year before at least dudes were actually trying. Hopefully the aztecs can get that offense off life support in 2019.
  4. Rofl_copter_dos

    Fresno State 2020 recruiting

    he'd be a 4* if he was hitting the camp circuit as hard as bachemeier did/had his camp getting his name out like that....and i think bachemeier deserved 4 stars, for the record. I remember Derek Carr only getting his 4th star because the FS publisher went to bat for him.
  5. Rofl_copter_dos

    Fresno State 2020 recruiting

    Might as well start this up because we do have a commit in this class...Casey has gotten a bunch of tier 2 P5 offers in the last few weeks. Rivals has the most up-to-date list...damn i hope we can hang onto this kid. As it stands probably our most impressive commit since Chason Virgil, if not earlier.
  6. Rofl_copter_dos

    Fresno State vs New Mexico...

    I have't been to the pit, but judging from other fresno players' reactions to deshon's tweet (marvelle harris said pretty much the same thing happened in 15-16) and rodney terry's outburst at a fan there in 2016-17 i'd say there's a bit of a problem. RT is an animated guy on the court, but i've never seen him go after a fan except that one time so it is kind of telling.
  7. Rofl_copter_dos

    Alright, which one of you did this?

    i'm +++++ing howling. It shows just how utterly garbage rivals is. Even ESPN at least made a modicum of effort this year.
  8. Rofl_copter_dos

    And there goes the MW's chance for a 2nd at large bid...

    oh god i just realized if USU and Fresno both close at 14-4 in conference play the seeding goes to record against highest seeded common opponent, and that will be SDSU unless the Aztecs crash and burn down the stretch...and in this hypothetical Fresno gets the 2 seed from sweeping the Aztecs.
  9. Rofl_copter_dos

    And there goes the MW's chance for a 2nd at large bid...

    most of those were after that disastrous year where the MWC got 5 teams in off the back of a high RPI ranking and faceplanted horribly. The Baggies are on the absolute razor's edge of an at-large bid...It will be very, very close. If they finish the year 27-8 i think they get in, they just absolutely cannot afford a non-nevada loss.
  10. Rofl_copter_dos

    Top MWC signees

    This is always a worry, too.
  11. Rofl_copter_dos

    Granderson Facing Felony Sexual Assault Charges

    Jeez, wyoming trying to Baylor
  12. it's fascinating how vehement he is that nothing ever happened.
  13. Rofl_copter_dos

    Top MWC signees

    Happens all the time. General NCAA qualification works off of a combination of GPA in a selection of NCAA-approved core courses and SAT score; the lower the GPA in the courses the higher the necessary test score to compensate. Sometimes schools let kids sign who are behind on the coursework in general, or who have a low GPA and are banking on getting a better test score on the retake to qualify. Sometimes the recruit puts nose to grindstone and makes it happen...a lot of the time they don't. Sometimes it's not even the recruit's fault...the clearinghouse might invalidate a course that the kid was told by his HS advisor would qualify for the requirements. Happened to one of Fresno's guys a few years back...just one course he got bad advice on kneecapped him, good student.
  14. Rofl_copter_dos

    Top MWC signees

    well i mean by NCAA rules your school can't say shit until he's signed, so he has to have.
  15. Rofl_copter_dos

    Top MWC signees

    I guess wyo let him sign after all. But i know fresno stopped recruiting him because grades...hopefully he makes it in for yall.