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  1. ignore that attention starved idiot! You've chosen to ignore content by ph90702. Options
  2. SUDS! Fantastic blood ball win! Congrats and on to Houston. I won some bucks too. $
  3. I'm betting SUDS again! (54 percent consensus at covers.com) CREI 657 46% -2.5 2:20 PM ET LIVE: O/U: 135 SDSU +2.5 658 SDSU +2.5 54%
  4. Colo State has good guard play and they matched up with the Aztecs, really well. I was at the MW tourney game at the T&M. The best CSU guard (#4 Isaiah Stevens) just bagged his senior year to go pro.
  5. Houston is an incredibly flat, boring, humid, swampy shithole.
  6. but N. Nevada ain't Zags territory.
  7. Senderoff and Sampson were both shut down by the NCAA and given show-cause sanctions before they could coach again. Sampson had to wait five years, though his ''punishment'' was cashing...several million dollars in checks as an NBA assistant.
  8. I also bet Aztecs taking the 7. Might do this wacky player prop bet: Matt Bradley o13.5 (-115) Not only does the 23-year-old guard have an eFG% close to 50, but he also has a point-per-shot rating of 1. If you were to contextualize that number, it would place him in the same neighborhood as scorers like Antonio Reeves of Kentucky and Wendell Green of Auburn.
  9. great final! ~60 million in Japan watching it.
  10. the Bama player is likely an accessory to a murder but hey ....who cares? Roll Tide!
  11. Baylor 22-10 -10.5 thats a lotta points! but I saw Princeton win yesterday, was down in Sacramento!!!.
  12. Blackshears been terrible for 5+ games now. The very second this team had some expectations he pretty much folded. Sorry to say. And he was the PBH (PRIMARY BALL HANDLER) Expected more TONIGHT from Lucas, Europe hoops awauts? What was the game plan? Oh well. Hope D-Will and Davidson can come back.
  13. Pack gotta hope Dez Cambridge doesn't get hot. He's a typical streak shooter, we've seen him in the zone! Looking forward to the game !!
  14. Need Baker to reassert himself. Need Blackshear to find open guys and quit his hero ball. Need some defense in the paint. Need D-Will to spark up again, his last 4 games were below his average.
  15. Is part of UNR now. As of last year.
  16. I went to Laramie for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago and saw the Wolf Pack lose there ... I liked the pace , its winter, I walked the campus, place was great!... Nothing against the town or UW but if I was a young athlete from another state I'd be saying to myself, "I'm on the edge of civilization". Just my 2 cents.
  17. Good luck in NIT Lobos! so I was at the tournament at the T&M watching the Wolf Pack-SJSU (great win sparty!), and there were a of vocal haters against Alford rooting against the Pack. Fine... And they all had Lobos hats and shirts on. Wow... so now asking when do they get over their self-indulgent and victimized Steve Alford hate? He took another job at UCLA..... Thats UCLA! ~ for MORE MONEY!! Duuuuuuh, oh lets be so Jilted.
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