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  1. Ugh. In the post game interview with Alex Marguiles Norvell admits the 2 point conversion call might have been a bad idea. And ugh II, that 4th down try with the "wildcat" formation was a total mis-call too!
  2. Joel Klatt said on national radio today Wells was fired now because if they somehow beat Oklahoma Saturday it would be harder for them to fire him later. Thats what he said.....
  3. c'mon , make the big trip. Still a few tickets left. I'll buy you a pre-game pitcher at Archies!
  4. don't think the Pack will take the Rebels lightly Friday. What happened 2 years ago? always a threat.
  5. yeah props to the Bulldogs D-line. Def was the difference in the game.
  6. see you on Friday. Will be there. 7 PM.
  7. congrats Bulldogs. Had the Pack not gone for the 2 earlier in the game would have been down to a final kick conversion for a tie.....
  8. Fresno St was able to get pressure on Strong all game long with a 3 man D front. Thar's the game.
  9. the Oct 6, 2007. Game-- (Kaepernick first game, was there) Final 1 2 3 4 T FRES 14 14 14 7 49 NEV 3 10 7 21 41
  10. Nevada has to throw it to Turner, Doubs, and Horton on every single play.
  11. LMAO. Whatever,..... obvious frustration post from a fan.... Norvell already checking out real estate in Pullman.
  12. Red Sox bats went absurdly silent and Astros back to WS for 3rd time in 5 years. I guess root for Dusty baker?
  13. Chris Murray picks FSU by 1. It all depends on Haener and if he is really injured and if he can get decent pass play time. https://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/nevada-at-fresno-state-three-keys-to-victory-and-a-prediction
  14. Great moment tonight when Biden mentions that Fox mandates vaccination: POTUS: "I find that mildly fascinating."
  15. the home plate umpire was awful tonight. All around... whatever...
  16. maybe, I just have a lot of respect for their QB from Danville.
  17. oh my Gosh! Chris Murray @ByChrisMurray 13m Mind-boggling that ex-Nevada assistant Nick Rolovich would forfeit $12 million+ and likely the chance to be an FBS head coach again over taking a life-saving vaccine. Nevada's Jay Norvell listed as a potential replacement for Rolovich at Washington State. https://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/ex-nevada-assistant-nick-rolovich-fired-by-washington-state-over-vaccine-status
  18. ridiculous take. If Jake Haener can scramble around and extend FSU's plays then it could be a LONG night for the Nevada defense. This is the key to the game. but I'd take AFA, WYO, Sparty, and the Aggies.
  19. what a moron. "$3 million a year" https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/washington-state-coach-nick-rolovich-four-assistants-fired-for-cause-over-covid-19-vaccine-mandate/
  20. gotta vote for the Rebels. They almost won a game. Just 2 weeks until Rebel weekend here! .....and Nevada day weekend.
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