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  1. Would be cool if he stayed in Toronto. It's a world-class city and multicultural area.
  2. Sharks could be mortally wounded.
  3. um, we just snuck in if you didn't notice! So shhhhhhhhh!!!
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Mountain_West_Conference_Baseball_Tournament
  5. Awesome, and I will be at Peccole in person for the MWC tourney. it helps that I currently am UN-employed (voluntarily!). YEAH!
  6. A better location for nuclear waste than Yucca mountain.
  7. FWIW my high school friend is a bankruptcy lawyer in Manchester NH. My brother in law is a consumer affairs lawyer for the state of MD in Baltimore. Congrats!
  8. But the dude is comedy gold! very glad he has the deep emotional need to be such an arrogant ,condescending, know it all about absolutely everything in here. Fun reads.
  9. yeah really, who gives a flying shit? They had similar video of 25 or so other 'johns'. Misdemeanors. Those cameras were put in by the Sheriffs after they said there was a bomb threat. any lawyer salivating at arguing "entrapment". sure Kraft was a total moron to do this in the first place. Not debatable. Maybe first stage of dementia?
  10. yeah they did. And the Flyers came back from 0-3 against this very goalie Tukka Rask- in 2010. tonight the Bruins were lucky to survive the 1st intact. Could have been down 0-3. But ...didn't happen.
  11. thought it would be in for the Knickers. This is brutal for them