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  1. She now needs a new head Pack baseball coach. TJ Bruce reported headed to TCU, as an assistant.
  2. Wolf Pack coach TJ Bruce is leaving for asst. coach job at TCU. He gave the Pack a decade of solid coaching. Can only imagine with a nice bump in $.
  3. and they announced on a summertime Friday, hoping "nobody" would notice! Should a waited for1 more week.
  4. "Teams and shit" out the wazoo! USA is in deep trouble.
  5. serious. As a raised Catholic thats all I can think about when attending a Mass. So I don't , I just donate to charity. Anyways, I DIGRESSED !
  6. Yay more government reach inside women's bodies and personal lives! Yay! if Men got Pregnant clinics would be around like Dollar General stores are. The divide continues.
  7. good! Facilities and money 1. the football indoor facility 2. a soccer pitch and stadium 3, Upgrade Lawlor.
  8. The Slammer and that Kansas psycho Robe want the US to be theological dictatorship right in line with the Taliban over yonder. Sad but obvious!
  9. 2025. He's probably #28 on her priority list. Alford seems pissed off about what went down last year.
  10. I'm glad these hearing are happening, with the replays of the various Trump and Rudy quotes.
  11. UConn hired Jim Mora Jr as their head coach. To wake it up. They have a nice football training facility. (indoors, on campus). The Connecticut state government supports UConn athletics pretty well. (See basketball) They are much like UMass in that the state residents and local sports media don't really care about their programs. Also any star high school players in their states will go to bigger programs somewhere else..... UConn plays home games in E Hartford stadium to be a little closer to the state population centers. The state runs it. And both UConn and UMass will be better this season. They both already bottomed out. ( I know this because friends of friends who are back there)
  12. Wishing her luck. The biggest deal will be fund raising. And the almighty football indoor facility.
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