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  1. Boise State @ Nevada

    Good Game BSU!
  2. Boise State @ Nevada

    not to be anal but..... It's spelled Wolf Pack. 2 words. Fyi.
  3. Boise State @ Nevada

    T minus 10 hours. Have my Lawlor game ticket================== ready to roll!
  4. Amazon cuts the list to 20 HQ2 finalists

    they need a steady stream of college grads ready to be sucked into the work-force .
  5. Amazon cuts the list to 20 HQ2 finalists

    they'll put it in No Virginia and add to that sprawl.
  6. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Need More transfers.
  7. Nevada @ San Jose State

    heh hear Wolf Pack cheers loud and clear from Silicon Valley! Nevada Wolf Pack 71 54 San Jose State Spartans
  8. Nevada @ San Jose State

    i don't think hes that bad. Sure he's no RR.
  9. Nevada @ San Jose State

    sweating this one out with John Ramey on the Pack radio call. heard he had to beat out 90 applicants for this job.
  10. Nevada @ San Jose State

    Pack has to wake up!
  11. Nevada @ San Jose State

    I am very proud I was there a few years ago to see the Spartys beat Carters' Pack at Lawlor for their first road Div 1 win in about 7 years. Makes me a "true fan".
  12. World War 1. 100 years ago right now

    Its not easy being Lenin! Someone shoots at Lenin’s car in Petrograd, breaking the windshield.
  13. Wazzu QB commits suicide

    There just aren't any words............... http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/22125232/washington-state-qb-tyler-hilinski-found-dead-apparent-suicide-police-say
  14. Bannon Subpoenaed by Mueller