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  1. welcome to the forum! I was just down at the tourney. Sam Merrill has fabulous hair. You really have to see it in person.
  2. Players always leave with College coaching changes. Nothing new.
  3. If Nevada s offensive sets get smarter than 1 guy trying to dribble past 3 defenders they'll be fine. They can't play "hero ball". Need to find the open guy..... they have some bad habits sometimes. And It costs them.
  4. I think I'll worm my way into the Pac-12 final at T-Mobile. 7:30 pm. Maybe say Hi to Phil Knight? I think the Huskies will hold serve vs the Ducks.
  5. You're always the douchevag.... You've got it perfected.
  6. Nice games Aztecs. Just got back to hotel ..... You did everything you had to do.
  7. Was there. Arena was pro Lobos.
  8. Am in Las Vegas.... Saw the Utah Utes team bus go by....also saw some Boise St. Women fans. Didn't try to wait until they were on a stair way.