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  1. Lester_in_reno

    #7 Nevada vs Colorado State

    RGJ today piece talking up Carvacho. https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/college/nevada/2019/01/22/tall-order-csu-game-wolf-pack-face-nations-top-rebounder/2652076002/
  2. Lester_in_reno

    Political Humor, Cartoons, and Memes 2018*

  3. Lester_in_reno

    #7 Nevada vs Colorado State

    It's a fund raiser game for Cancer research. Danyelle says to bring your wallets.
  4. Lester_in_reno

    Nevada Back To #7

    the only poll that matters is the one they have on March 17. Not sure why people obsess over this now.
  5. Lester_in_reno

    Kellen Moore Dallas offensive coordinator?

    Why not? as long as you get along with Jerrah!.
  6. Lester_in_reno

    Nevada Back To #7

    They have to figure out how to attack a zone defense. Actually they already know how-- they just have to go do it.
  7. Lester_in_reno

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    Hope so.
  8. Lester_in_reno

    Hey authoritarian gun grabbers...

    the big question....... do they all drive Subarus?
  9. Lester_in_reno

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    meh A W is a W. No doubt. Nevada played PROJECTILE VOMIT basketball for the first 25 game minutes. What the hell was gong on.?? Kudos to the AFA. I was there in person.
  10. Lester_in_reno

    The Boise abomination continues

    Everybody thinks it's stupid looking except Ada county residents.
  11. Lester_in_reno


    of course he played tennis for them. He's got a good gig here, with a less aggravating style of life. I myself am from the east, would be hard to move back now!
  12. Lester_in_reno

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    Lets get them going!
  13. Lester_in_reno


    UConn gets lots of state money for athletics because the state government wanted to them be noticed (stuck between NYC and Boston media markets.) It has worked out for them in Hoops. and then they tried to raise their football program and it has not worked. UMass, (located about 45 miles away), also tried to raise their football program and it has not worked either. But UMass doesn't get as much state money as UConn does.
  14. Lester_in_reno

    LOL @ UNLV Basketball

    yeah no need to tempt the Sports Gods. I'll be there Saturday.
  15. Mexico is on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION now! !!!!! God dammit!