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  1. the tourist spots and scenic places are (usually) OK in the city of San Fran. San Mateo and Marin county coasts still cool. When I drive down there I am initially overwhelmed by the traffic, can see 8-10 freeway lanes all going 60 mph. ....... then a few min later can take you 20 minutes to go 2 miles. (as you mentioned) I used to live there also- (Peninsula side) and I was used to it then. Of course Nor Nev. has nothing to compare to that.
  2. oh there is "winning " in here? You can have the prize.
  3. Ive heard him on radio shows, he seems very sincere in learning from his screw-ups. Whats the big deal?
  4. you're the biggest d!ck on these boards. No close 2nd. I should stop coming here period.
  5. ok here is number 4, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you suck! Ha, ha, ha,ha, ha Ha, ha, ha,ha, ha Ha, ha, ha,ha, ha Ha, ha, ha,ha, ha !
  6. you just make shit up as you go along. who cares if the speaker Pelosi and a freshman congressperson have a "spat".
  7. UConn making right moves IMO.... 1. re-engage your hoops programs with the old guard schools in the Northeast you used to know and love. 2. Spend some of the football money on it. 3. Go Indy in football. Nobody in the state of Conn. gives a rats ass about it anyways. Just like UMass. (same football situation)
  8. you are the master of the personal attack. I read this place to see the stupid crap some of you know it all blowhards post and once and a while I react. You live in a [paradise "small town" and seem like a very miserable person.
  9. ...and the small-town self-righteous, condescending guy who says US should have just skipped both WW1 and WW2 speaks, --- and goes for the 'big hit'.
  10. I have been to Chugwater, WY - north of Cheyenne.! As a teen I got a short tour of the SAC missile silo out there. My uncle was a SAC officer at Warren AFB who had access. http://www.city-data.com/city/Chugwater-Wyoming.html
  11. pretty sad as has already been written. Divided... USA.