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  1. Especially in the "camera everywhere" age now. I'm scared to scratch my ass anywhere in public.
  2. the Reno FD was administering the shots today. Cool. May 4th next one.
  3. it was just Baylor s year. The Zags like their conference. If they didn't like it they would have left.
  4. yep, the Oak Coliseum is comparatively cheap and with BART station there its super easy in and out. Wouldn't mind seeing a cool new baseball park in that same lot. I bet the flock of hungry seagulls that live near there would too!
  5. yay Tomorrow! You're all signed up for COR COVID-19 VACCINE CLINIC 4/6/21. A confirmation email with an attached iCalendar has been sent to you. 11:00 am - 11:30 am Tue., 04/06/2021 9:00am - 2:00pm PDT Location: 1300 Foster Dr Reno NV
  6. 1. I deeply miss "Disco" Stew Morrill. 2. Is Sam Merrill playing Pro in Iran yet?
  7. gotta be included on here somewhere....
  8. Supposedly it was pressure from the corporate sponsors that swayed MLB to move the game out of GA. A private company working within the framework of " for profit " capitalism! If this sequence of market driven events bothers you then you are probably a communist. Da!
  9. oh yeah, if any Reno/Sparks peeps want to help do the KTMB river cleanup thing, here is the link. Saturday May 1st I've done this about 9 times, its fun. Once I was out at McCarran Ranch and we got 55 tires that had been thrown off a cliff from the I-80 highway for about 40 years. They get 800 people area wide. 20 venues. they do it 2x a year. https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/12570038196748380111/true#/invitation
  10. OK, so they've cleared a lot of the 1960-era Motels out. The Sands casino was just totally renovated. The closed Harrahs casino has 3 high-rises that are all in the process of conversion into condos and or apartments. And they will redo the old Harrahs concert plaza. They leveled an entire block of neglected houses along Center and 6th streets, is going to be 9 stories of UNR associated housing. UNR wants to take over the influence of N. downtown, and they are doing it. They just rebuilt N. Virginia St thru campus from I-80 up past Lawlor. They just rebuilt S. Virg
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