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  1. Sorry to hear this news! ­čśž 2020 continues to suck!
  2. UNLV Rebel logo..... now on the clock!
  3. he blew off the WHO today. Hes good at leaving things, can't ever join anything or try to fix something he sees as mis-run. That would be hard.
  4. as has been said.......Big time college sports is like thus. There is too much money at stake! So not surprised. I haven't seen a lot of national outrage on it........
  5. R.I.P. too bad he could never get Marino a decent defense.
  6. Supposedly his sister is even more hard core psycho authoritarian.
  7. Education: Bryn Mawr College (BA) University of Nevada, Las Vegas (MS)
  8. (As was said), is Obviously a weak attempt to prop up oil prices.
  9. Supposedly she was elected with only 23,000 votes. Nobody in Las Vegas gave a ratz azz about that election. Apathy.
  10. LMAO! You went the "condescending route"! How novel!
  11. Watching old 'This week in Pro Football ' shows on YouTube. Most shows from 1970s decade. Football more fun to watch back then. NFL films product.
  12. Mod Mugtang just rang the dinner bell. Fights over the red meat scraps going on now.........
  13. The Twitter-cast was fun. With the ex-Pack players.... Got to relive Nov. 28, 2010 again!