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  1. is someone supposed to give a hoot in hell what she says? About anything?
  2. why does he talk so rapid and enunciate like a freaking douchebag?
  3. Breaking911 @Breaking911 BREAKING: WHBQ in Memphis reporting at least 9 people shot at Kroger supermarket in Collierville, Tennessee https://breaking911.com/breaking-active-shooter-at-kroger-in-collierville-tennessee/
  4. I think everybody wants the national infrastructure fixed! By the government. Highways, dams, bridges, railroad tracks, power lines, airports.... Don't know why thats so hard to get going....? They have no issues spending $11 billion for another new nuclear aircraft carrier. its the economy stupid.... I think if the stock market doesn't tank, (which would be 25% or more), then 2022 is still a toss up. People forget and people are easily distracted.
  5. I think Oakland wants the A's there. But they can't subsidize anything without public housing being part of the transaction. That makes it more difficult. And they have complicated police, crime, and infrastructure issues (not saying everywhere else doesn't) . And add to that Alameda County is still paying off the Raiders 1995 "improvement" bonds for the football seat adds to the Coliseum. *(that didn't work) No big business $$$ owners in the Bay Area want to take the A's on. If they could move them to San Jose they might. But they can't go there. And the other side of
  6. Ahem! At least the nearby Best Buys are covered. KTVN 2 News CRIME BEAT: Three men are behind bars after they allegedly robbed a Best Buy in Carson City and were then caught in Reno. Details: https://bit.ly/3CE5g3f
  7. I think he's mentally all done with Div 1 football. I think he's set for life, $$$.
  8. Just put that guy on ignore. Works well.
  9. I bet Rockets. WTH is going on?
  10. heading out to the sports book, this game should be on a screen somewhere. Best of luck Rebels.
  11. wonder if this crap can affect the BSU football schedule at Albertsons?
  12. KSU ran for 269 yards and four TDs. Corn-fed midwestern football.
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