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  1. All in all looks like becoming a team! But Practice those freaking free throws!
  2. bottom line: am all for developing technologies that eliminate dirty fossil fuels which were first introduced about 160 years ago.
  3. Wonder if Fox still takes his coat off and begins screaming about 3 minutes into the 2nd half? ­čść
  4. the Mega- Blowhard The San Diegan..... thanks to GOD the Aztecs have a crappier QB and offense than us. doesn't So Cal have 18 ,million people to choose from?
  5. ha saw some guy on one of those (innumerable) sports cable betting shows said to take Bengals with the 14.
  6. news! Nevada has avoided the worst-case scenario with Jalen Harris, whose X-rays came back negative, per his father. Harris will undergo an MRI to see if there is any ligament damage. Chris Murray reports.
  7. no time to fret..... 2 games in next week.
  8. this is really the best you got?
  9. Too MANY Pack FOULS! Was awesome to see Drew out there again. Pack had a 5 minute shooting freeze in 2nd half crunch time.
  10. I'll be there! Going to get a free T-Shirt too! (first 10,000)
  11. history repeating? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Columbus_(1916)
  12. Wow, he was just in the game Saturday night! Thoughts out to his relatives and the UNM Athletics family!
  13. "Mariners" would have been better. Not that I give a flying poop.......