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  1. I understand how it works, what I'm trying to point out is that in spite of that, Californians still pay more in federal taxes than they receive back in total federal spending within the state. Now that our tax burden has been raised with the new laws, that difference will only increase. This is primarily because California incomes are higher on average so we pay more taxes and the State pays for things like highway systems that other states rely on the federal government for.
  2. Template Name: Rob Hometown: Kingsburg, CA University and Degree: Fresno State: BA Economics, BS Business: Accounting Occupation: Agricultural Safety Consultant Teams: Fresno State. Grew up a Niners/Giants fan, but really don't watch much or either these days. Interests: College sports, Jeeps, the outdoors, politics, Scouting Dislikes: Slow drivers, communists and bad tippers Favorite Activities: Camping, four wheeling, concerts, taking the family to Disneyland, strength training On my playlist: Alternative/Indie/Grunge/Garage Rock from 90's and early 2000's is my wheelhouse, but my tastes vary. Married/Kids/Pets: Happily married, two kids, two dogs, too many cats Miscellaneous: I used to be an accountant, so I guess I fit in around here.
  3. Not really, total tax revenue collected - total federal spending is an easy calculation. The tax code only changes that first number.
  4. The numbers don't lie, California sends more money to Washington than it gets back in total federal funding and has for years. That includes military, parks, transportation and public assistance. That you mention interstate highways just goes to show how little you know about the subject. The largest population centers that are not serviced by an Interstate Highway are almost all in California, namely the 99 and 101 corridors.
  5. California contributes more to the federal government than it get back. You're an idiot.
  6. How petty. You can't throw a rock in Fresno without hitting some business or another with the word Bulldog in the name. I looked at the Fresno County business name lookup and there are 9 pages of results. So long as they aren't using trademarked images in their marketing, this is BS.
  7. She has a point, you never hear male athletes being described by their height and weight. Can you imagine a commentator describing a star football player as a 6'2" 245 lb. linebacker out of Nowhere Oklahoma or had the audacity to list their height and weight in an onscreen graphic during introductions or in a media guide.
  8. So we got 8 seasons out of the last turf, is that about normal?
  9. If you have charitable contributions to a scholarship fund being redirected to the AD general fund it's a problem.
  10. Sounds fair to me, anything involving witchcraft and wizardry has to be an honor code violation.
  11. Mugtang is a first ballot lock in the media wing.
  12. For Fresno State: Tier 1: Boise St, SDSU Tier 2: Hawaii, SJSU, Nevada
  13. Glad to hear they sprung for a whole new deck.
  14. Looks nice. Since SJSU is busy rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, maybe they could pad the budget and spring for some non-warped bleachers while they're at it.