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  1. Non-MW NCAA Tournament Games Day 2

    2018 NCAA Tourney Wins: Maryland Baltimore County: 1 Pac 12 - Conference of Champions: 0
  2. Tedford to Fresno State

    This thread is full of gold.
  3. History of expansion as it relates to SJSU

    That's great! Amazing career considering he came out of a place like SJSU. I could see a guy like that getting a field named after him once he's done in the NFL, but I'd wait until the Dogs come to town for the ceremony to ensure a decent crowd.
  4. History of expansion as it relates to SJSU

    Speaking of Fales, what is that guy up to these days. I'm not an NFL guy so I can only assume that after being drafted before Carr, he went on to be a perennial pro bowler.
  5. History of expansion as it relates to SJSU

    And three or less wins in over half of the last 25 seasons.
  6. History of expansion as it relates to SJSU

    Exactly. If it comes to the point that the powers at be want SJSU gone, they will start making it very uncomfortable for them to be here. Like evicting any squatter who's living where they don't belong, you have to go through the process to get them out. Sometimes it's as easy as cutting a check and showing them how to apply for section 8, err I mean the Big West.
  7. You need those games at the end of the season when you start off 0-8.
  8. History of expansion as it relates to SJSU

    I thought it was their usual RPI or Kenpom ranking.
  9. History of expansion as it relates to SJSU

    It really is that bad. They have had two winning seasons in the last 30 years. They have had one 20 win season, ever. And that was almost 40 years ago. You would be hard pressed to find a worse major or mid-major program in the last 30 years.
  10. The geographic midpoint of the Mountain West

    What happens if you drop SJSU and add in BYU?
  11. Bracketology Today is the Day

    7 seed for the Pack. Not too bad.
  12. Rodney Terry to UTEP

    Like a guy who see's his position advertised in the want ads, Terry knew it was better to save face and leave before getting shit canned. I know it's hard to believe, but at some schools 20-10 and an NCAA Tourney appearance every few years doesn't cut it. Sharta would be naming their little HS gym after him with those numbers. Don't worry, I'm sure you guys will claw your way to 2-16 in conference next year. I'd say you have nowhere to go but up, but as we all know, SJSU has no problem just wallowing away at the bottom for decades.
  13. Adding Gonzaga for Oly's is a win-win. If BYU want's back in, it's all or nothing and somebody else cough SJSU cough needs to go. We don't need more than 12 teams.
  14. Rodney Terry to UTEP

    It's the best comparison I've heard. Pat went 7-5, won a few good games, lost a few bad ones and was never able to get to the next level. Terry goes 20-10, wins a few good games, loses a few bad ones and hasn't been able to get to the next level.