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  1. Bulldog Rob

    UNM/SJSU = No Interest!

    Picking up Albuquerque hookers is by definition both vile and gross.
  2. Bulldog Rob

    Fire Jean Valjean (or whatever that SJSU coach's name is)

    You have one winning season in the last 25 years. You've lost 20+ games in 7 of the last 8 and 15 of the last 25 seasons. Suggesting that SJSU basketball has systemic problems that go far beyond the coaching staff isn't exactly jumping to conclusions.
  3. Bulldog Rob

    Boise at Fresno

    Fun game Donks.
  4. Bulldog Rob

    Boise at Fresno

    Farm Show is going on, I was there all day and with the game on TV I decided to stay in for the night. But yeah, attendance should be better. Hut has this team playing well and they're fun to watch.
  5. Bulldog Rob

    Donks @ Dogs

    31-30 Boise at the half.
  6. Bulldog Rob

    Why SJSU can't Afford to Move to FCS.

    There is no liability unless there are people there to get hurt.
  7. Bulldog Rob

    Fresno State at UNLV

    That and $2 will buy you a Coke.
  8. Bulldog Rob

    USU @ FSU

    Good game Baggies.
  9. Bulldog Rob

    USU @ FSU

    75-73. 1:01 left
  10. Bulldog Rob

    USU @ FSU

    Dogs showing a little bit of life to end the first half. The Make-a-Wish kid USU has at guard is killing us with the three ball. If he stays in remission the Aggies could make a good run to end the season.
  11. Bulldog Rob

    New Stadium in Sacramento

    I was going to point out that SJSU is also within driving distance and is actually the closest school to Sac. Then I remembered this was about bowl games and realized that would be pointless.
  12. Bulldog Rob

    It's much too early for this

    If Nevada stumbles in the tournament I think anyone except Wyo or SJSU could win it.
  13. Bulldog Rob

    UNLV at San Diego State

    You saw what happens when they play with emotion in Fresno.
  14. Bulldog Rob

    UNLV at San Diego State

    I think UNLV out rebounds the Aztecs and comes away with the win.
  15. Bulldog Rob

    San Jose State 2019 Commits

    Yes, that was it. I figured @halfmanhalfbronco should see that SJSU is in the hunt for academically elite players as well.