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  1. Boise could be 0-8 and I'd still go in expecting an L. PTSD is forever.
  2. Enjoyed watching this win from Honolulu, which just made me more pissed that we dropped one to the Bows on the Island. Good Game Aztecs.
  3. Not when the 10th is a bottom feeder CUSA team that couldn't nab a Sun Belt offer or one of the garbage bottom feeder independents or FCS call ups they might bring in to keep the conference alive.
  4. Stupid coaching poll with the Bruins still ahead of us after beating them at the Rose Bowl.
  5. I get it. You covered the spread and that’s your victory. Congrats on the back to back 11 loss seasons. That’s much harder to accomplish than anything we’ve done this year.
  6. Lol. Sharta fans game of the year is a 24 point loss.
  7. My inlaws are a big USC family and I usually pull for the Trojans, but they have nothing on the line in this game and I'm rooting for the CFP Chaos Scenario and ND needs to win out for that to happen.
  8. It's Gameday Sharta! Time for the Dogs to deliver the Coup de Grâce on your (2nd consecutive) 11 loss season.
  9. Remind me again, who recently had to reschedule a game due to bad air quality?
  10. Somebody would need to get hurt first and that would require people showing up to a game.
  11. That would have been a nice set of back to back wins for the Dogs. Disappointing loss with some bad mistakes, but I like the direction Hutson is taking the program.
  12. Airport Meeting karma is definitely a bitch. With the exception of SDSU is the only original MW team not on the bottom half of the conference.
  13. Any thoughts on flat head vs phillips?
  14. Cow shit smell means you're in Hanford, keep heading north for another 40 minutes.
  15. I'd like 16, but 8 works and is enough to ensure everyone who earned a shot gets one.
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