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  1. Sounds fair to me, anything involving witchcraft and wizardry has to be an honor code violation.
  2. Mugtang is a first ballot lock in the media wing.
  3. For Fresno State: Tier 1: Boise St, SDSU Tier 2: Hawaii, SJSU, Nevada
  4. Glad to hear they sprung for a whole new deck.
  5. Looks nice. Since SJSU is busy rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, maybe they could pad the budget and spring for some non-warped bleachers while they're at it.
  6. I thought he needed another year. He would have been fun to watch as well, at least when he was playing everyone else. Can't blame him for wanting to get paid though.
  7. “I really wish San Jose State the best. My main goal here was just to win.” Well, there's the problem. The poor kid, who's probably played for winning teams most of his life, went 6-53 against D1 opponents since coming to Sharta. That's got to be hard to deal with.
  8. Picking up Albuquerque hookers is by definition both vile and gross.
  9. You have one winning season in the last 25 years. You've lost 20+ games in 7 of the last 8 and 15 of the last 25 seasons. Suggesting that SJSU basketball has systemic problems that go far beyond the coaching staff isn't exactly jumping to conclusions.
  10. Farm Show is going on, I was there all day and with the game on TV I decided to stay in for the night. But yeah, attendance should be better. Hut has this team playing well and they're fun to watch.
  11. 31-30 Boise at the half.
  12. There is no liability unless there are people there to get hurt.
  13. That and $2 will buy you a Coke.