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  1. Bulldog Rob

    I need a new school to root for...

    I limit my support to athletics, the Sid Craig School of Business and the Enology/Viticulture program. I'm not going to call for the bitch's head, but I'm also not going to send any of my cash that direction.
  2. Bulldog Rob

    Latest Renderings Of SJSU Stadium Project

    If you build it, they still won't come.
  3. Bulldog Rob

    Bryson Williams to Transfer ?!?!?!?

    The word is he was planning on going prior to Terry announcing his departure. He's been released to go to any school outside the MWC.
  4. Bulldog Rob

    Which MWC coaches "applied" for the Tennessee job

    They will when other recruiters tell them.
  5. Bulldog Rob

    UAB's new football stadium looks vaguely familiar

    You have to Photoshop before you move on to watercolors.
  6. Bulldog Rob

    Fresno Coaching job

    Those were my top two out f the names being floated. I really like what I read about Grace and am leaning towards him, but Hutson also seems like a great fit for the program.
  7. Bulldog Rob

    Fresno Coaching Update

    I'm not familiar with Grace, but it looks like he's a great recruiter and having served 20 years in the military will hopefully mean he runs a tight, disciplined program.
  8. Bulldog Rob

    Update On SJSU Stadium Project

    It will complement the NEZ Project nicely.
  9. Bulldog Rob

    So what Division will get Gonzaga? Mnt. or West?

    The idea is other teams can combine road games into a single trip and save travel money. So something like Wyo flying into Fresno, busing up to San Jose and then flying back home instead of two separate trips.
  10. Bulldog Rob

    So what Division will get Gonzaga? Mnt. or West?

    It's an advantage for the conference tourney seeding and for mediocre teams trying to pad an inflated record. What we need is the good teams playing each other more often so that our top teams have more quality wins and don't have as many 300+ RPI games weighing them down.
  11. Bulldog Rob

    What’s the furthest Nevada can go?

    I think they got one more in them, maybe two if things go their way. Pretty crazy to go from that beat down by SDSU to having a path to the Final Four that is entirely possible.
  12. Bulldog Rob

    Non-MW NCAA Tournament Games Day 2

    2018 NCAA Tourney Wins: Maryland Baltimore County: 1 Pac 12 - Conference of Champions: 0
  13. Bulldog Rob

    Tedford to Fresno State

    This thread is full of gold.
  14. Bulldog Rob

    History of expansion as it relates to SJSU

    That's great! Amazing career considering he came out of a place like SJSU. I could see a guy like that getting a field named after him once he's done in the NFL, but I'd wait until the Dogs come to town for the ceremony to ensure a decent crowd.