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  1. Bulldog Rob


    I thought it was stupid to put him back in. He got his bell rung bad and another bad hit could have done some real damage. It was irresponsible to let him back in so quickly.
  2. Bulldog Rob

    Congrats Fresno!

    Hell of a game indeed. What a game to finally break the Blue Curse.
  3. Bulldog Rob

    MWC Championship Game - Fresno St at Boise St

  4. Bulldog Rob

    MWC Championship Game - Fresno St at Boise St

    Touchdown Bulldogs!!!
  5. Bulldog Rob

    MWC Championship Game - Fresno St at Boise St

    Anybody have a Turnover Princess Throne in Albertsons?
  6. Bulldog Rob

    Championship Saturday Thread

    What a stupid fake punt by Georgia.
  7. Bulldog Rob

    Championship Saturday Thread

    This. Bama and ND are in no matter what, Clemson should be a lock as well barring a complete meltdown against Pitt. Georgia is in if they win, OU and OSU both need Georgia (or Clemson) to lose.
  8. Bulldog Rob

    SJSU Football Receives a $2 Million Donation

    The Quidditch team will have some nice digs when the School Pres and AD finish killing off the football team.
  9. Bulldog Rob

    Why does SJSU struggle so much ?

    Same here. Working in Ag I know and work with a ton of Poly grads and every one is a Bulldog fan.
  10. Bulldog Rob

    Why does SJSU struggle so much ?

    College football teams are an extension of the local community's cultural identity. I'm a 2nd generation alumni, my wife is a 3rd, most of my family, friends and co-workers all went to Fresno St. Even those who aren't big sports fans will tune into a football game, take the family to a game every once in awhile or at least casually follow the football and basketball teams. There are also a lot of non-alumni locals who grew up following the Bulldogs. Every circle I run in, family, work, my kid's sports leagues and scout troops, etc. has at least a couple big fans and multiple casual fans. I had at least 5 or 6 conversations about the SJSU game and the upcoming MWC Championship game today at work with people who were at the game or watched it on television. SJSU just doesn't have that kind of base and never will. The South Bay is full of people who grew up and/or went to school somewhere else along with a large immigrant population. If you grew up in San Jose and followed local sports you likely followed local pro teams or maybe Stanford or Cal. Any base they did have has been discouraged by 25 years of losing. I just don't see a path back for them. The apathy for Spartan Athletics is too much to overcome. I've wondered if they tried to focus on Basketball if they might be able to get something going. Make an exciting coaching hire and get a few people to the games (it wouldn't take many to fill their stands) and get a buzz going and try to build on that.
  11. Bulldog Rob

    BYU blows 27-7 lead

    1: 6-6 - Barely made it. 2: 3-3 at Home - Nope 3: 0-3 vs Rivals - Nope 4: Nope 5: Nope 1 out of 5 for the Cougs!
  12. Bulldog Rob

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

    I get it. You covered the spread and that’s your victory. Congrats on the back to back 11 loss seasons. That’s much harder to accomplish than anything we’ve done this year.
  13. Bulldog Rob

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

    Lol. Sharta fans game of the year is a 24 point loss.
  14. Bulldog Rob

    OT: Gameday Thread Week 13

    My inlaws are a big USC family and I usually pull for the Trojans, but they have nothing on the line in this game and I'm rooting for the CFP Chaos Scenario and ND needs to win out for that to happen.
  15. Bulldog Rob

    San Jose St vs Fresno St

    It's Gameday Sharta! Time for the Dogs to deliver the Coup de Grâce on your (2nd consecutive) 11 loss season.