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  1. Congrats Village and tspoke, you were definitely the MVP with those blocks.
  2. I'm still on Salinas as well. Vote: SalinasSpartan
  3. I called you and Billy earlier, I still think I'm right.
  4. Wait, what? It's the most glorious trainwreck of a show ever created by man. It's a mullet sporting, tiger owning, gun loving, country singing, gay man who seduces "straight" 19 year-olds with meth, weed, guns and tigers all while uncovering a murder committed by the bitch named Carol Baskin, getting set up for his own murder for hire case and making amazing music videos. It's a +++++ing masterpiece.
  5. It's too bad he didn't let us know before he was lynched, although I'd be hard pressed to help the assholes lynching me...
  6. Like I said, I think the wolves are laying low: vote: SalinasSpartan
  7. The wolves are letting us kill each other, laying low and splitting up. My gut at the moment: Village: 4UNLV, tspoke WYO Wolves (2 of 3): Billy, Warbow and SalinasSpartan
  8. Still 4 on 2 after the night kill. We can pull this out.
  9. Back from the Cherry fields of Shafter... WYO's move to me looks genuine, he was clearly trying to save his hide and didn't know Mug was gonna go Thelma and Louise on us. Being three down to start is not good, we really need to make sure we don't make that four down. My gut says CV and Billy look the most suspicious. I'm going to mix things up a bit and see who squirms. Vote: CV147
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