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  1. I can't believe I'm agreeing with Stunner, but I'm afraid he's right. Time for San Jose to pack it in.
  2. Simple solution, just bring @Jack Bauer along, too, and neither of them will touch your beer.
  3. Seriously, if San Jose is under 15,000 average again this season, Thompson needs to have a chat with the NCAA. It seems to be the one loop hole for expelling them from the conference.
  4. I strongly suspect that IS the paid attendance. The few televised games I've seen from San Jose looked like they had fewer than 5,000 actual people in attendance. And do you think they'd report the LOWER number to the conference? It isn't like they're saving the higher number for something. And what's the object of the NCAA rule if there isn't any consequence? Honestly, I think the conference office should be quietly discussing this with the NCAA. On the other hand, as has been discussed in INNUMERABLE threads, if San Jose is expelled, it isn't as if there is a phenomenal substitute waiting in the wings. NMSU? Idaho? UTSA? Meh.
  5. Hey, don't knock it. Everyone needs a hobby.
  6. I believe that the NCAA still has a rule on the books that a program must average an attendance of more than 15,000 on a rolling average over two years to remain in FBS. San Jose has been under 15,000 for two consecutive years. Shouldn't they be involuntarily demoted to FCS, by NCAA rule? And if they are demoted to FCS, I believe they can no longer be a member of the conference.
  7. So what's the deal with the West division in Men's Track and Field? I've always though of Track and Field as one of those minor, but universal college sports. I thought everyone had a track team. But apparently the only schools in the West division that have Men's Outdoor Track and Field are Fresno State and San Jose State. They finished last, and next to last. Fresno State had less than 1/10th of the total points of Colorado State. San Jose had half that. Is this some sort of cultural thing? I don't think it's a west coast thing. Oregon has had one of the premier college track programs forever. Anyone have any insights?
  8. I'm just grateful they're not on the Aggies schedule this year.
  9. I'll be darned. Now that is just an amazing coincidence. But now that you mention it, it's a shame Bishop Mendenhall didn't include "Integrity". That would have made it just too perfect.
  10. I guess when your colors are just flat out hideous, you're allowed to change them.
  11. My. We're a little sensitive. Did I say anything about BYU?
  12. No school with any sense of Spirit, Honor, and Tradition changes their school colors. That's for losers.
  13. Unless he asked to have his name removed, I believe Stew is technically LDS. His family was from Piute county, Utah, and were LDS. Stew started his playing career at Ricks College, then transferred to Gonzaga. Edit: I should have kept reading before posting. I see @RamSack and @TrueAg beat me to it. My dad was on the Piute county high school basketball team with Stew's dad.