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  1. Name: LKGates Team: Utah State, Duke, Michigan Alma Mater(s): Utah State BS 1982, Duke MD 1986 Hometown: Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Grew up in Logan, Utah. Parents were both Utah State Alumni. Current home: Salem, Oregon Family- Married 37 years. Two daughters, both Utah State Alumnae. About me: - In addition to English, I speak Portuguese, French, and I'm learning German. I play the cello. I enjoy downhill skiing. I enjoy big game hunting. Scariest moment IN LIFE - Senior year of high school, I almost rolled my dad's Oldsmobile Delta 88 doing close to 100 mph coming down Logan Canyon. Did a 720 in the middle of a thankfully deserted road. Got out of the car, my knees buckled, and I threw up. I was an idiot.
  2. If I lived in Evanston, I'd drink, too. We'd appreciate it if you'd stop mentioning USU and that other school in the same sentence. Ease up on Utah. I've spent many happy days in Wyoming, in the Bridger Wilderness, the Teton Wilderness, and hunting around Douglas. In general, it is my second favorite place, but be honest, out in the oil patch in eastern Wyoming, they might as well declare methamphetamine the official state chemical.
  3. Fun fact: Idaho is the only state with two capitols; Salt Lake City and Seattle.
  4. Here's a scenario guaranteed to make everyone unhappy. Colorado hires Harsin. Boise State turns around and offers to double Matt Wells's salary. Wells goes to Boise.
  5. The best thing about playing CSU is having all the 'Pokes in your corner. Go Pokes! Go AGGIES! Incidentally, great comeback win over the 'Bolts! Bring it home with one more win over the Lobos!
  6. LKGates


    Oh, I'm sure of it. I just remember that he was one of the most vocal critics of admitting USU to the conference. I had a spirited discussion with him, and asked him how many bowl games we would have to play in and win to make him reconsider. He never did give me an answer.
  7. LKGates


    Anyone seen @k5james lately? I'd love to get his take on the Ags recent success.
  8. By "other teams", you mean Ohio State, Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State....? I'll take that.
  9. I'm finally beginning to like the Rankulator. Ruh Roh, Boise and Fresno!
  10. One thing to keep in mind, Michigan State was probably the best defense we will play this year. We put up 31 points on them, more than any other team. The next closest was Northwestern at 29, then Ohio State at 26, and Michigan and Indiana at 21. I think we'll hang 40+ points on Boise, and hold you under 35. Should be good enough to win. But, we'll see in two weeks.
  11. Interestingly, coming into this game, San Jose leads the all time series 20-17-1. Utah State is riding a 7 game streak.
  12. Utah State and Fresno are VERY close! The conference championship game in Logan should be a good one!
  13. I'd be willing to bet the LV Bowl will still have a "conditional" affiliation with the MWC. The P5 already have so many bowls, LV will wind up near the bottom of the pecking order. When you are scheduled to host the PAC-12 #9 against the Big-12 #7, there's a pretty good chance one or the other won't be bowl eligible. Unless, of course, they change the bowl eligibility rules again to favor the P5.
  14. I wonder if the loss of the scholarship will be enough to push them into 4th place in the WCC?
  15. I don't think you understand the dynamic. Popularity isn't the issue, unless by "popularity" you mean "loathing". MWC fans coming to a BYU thread is like NASCAR fans going to a race. NASCAR fans don't go to watch someone cross the line with the checkered flag; they go to see the wrecks.
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