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  1. If Boise had just slightly better preseason hype, they'd be BYU, the perennial preseason national champions.
  2. I'm sure that if their bowl hadn't been cancelled, the donks would have had at least 3 million viewers on the Barstool streaming app.
  3. Congratulation Aztecs! Solid win. Great showing for you and the conference.
  4. Congratulations Pokes! Nice way to end out the season. Winning record, bowl win, got the boot and the rifle. Not bad. 2022 should be a great year for the conference as a whole, and for the Pokes! Go Pokes! Go AGGIES!
  5. Thanks. I think I can speak for pretty much all Aggie fans, saying we're thrilled to be part of the Mountain West Conference. We spent a long time in involuntary independence or in bad conferences. The circumstances of our joining the conference, after multiple departures, chaos, and interconference back stabbing, were less than ideal. We just want to be accepted as a valued member of the league. This means a lot to us.
  6. Congratulations, Dogs. You defended the conference's honor well.
  7. I know they're technically not eligible, since, again, technically, they are no longer a member of the conference, but I think these are special circumstances. I nominate BYU for the turd of the week.
  8. I'm glad BYU fans continue to come to this board, to share this special moment with us.
  9. *Sotto voce* (Dude, I'm just trying to dodge the MWCboard juju!)
  10. For the record, we didn't deserve this. We were extraordinarily lucky, all season, in fact. It will probably never happen again.
  11. Aztecs are still a great team. They didn't get to the championship game by giving up. They can still win this. Aggies have to keep playing like they have the first two and a half quarters.
  12. The other most likely teams, both with 6-6 overall, and 4-4 conference records, would be Ball State and Middle Tennessee State. Wyoming has a worse conference record, at 2-6. I hate to say it, because I really like Wyoming, but they're probably the odd man out.
  13. Hi again, Jack! I'm so sorry! I had completely forgotten about that thing with @AggieSox. I'm glad you're here to remind us of trivial events in the remote past! What would we do without you? And thanks for suggesting that I "steer clear"! The LAST thing I'd want to do on this board is stray out of my lane! No one ever does that here! I'm also sorry that I wasn't clear. I think it would be a stretch to say that I was trying to "run you off". I just thought you might be more at home over at the Little Dozen fan board. I suspect that in the current situation, with Texas and Ok
  14. Hey Jack, Every fanbase has a few irrational supporters. I'm not saying I don't believe that ANY Aggie fan "promised that we would be running stuff around here", but it certainly wasn't anywhere near a majority opinion. We were, and are, just grateful to be in the MWC. We love this conference. It would take a lot more than getting our panties in a wad to convince us to leave. Having said that, I thought you were done with all of us; why don't you mosey on over to the Little Dozen conference fan board, so they can get an early start on hating you guys?
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