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  1. "One of these things is not like the others..." 11 of the 12 MWC schools are state sponsored. USU: State sponsored. AFA: Federal 5 of the 12 MWC schools are land grant universities. USU: Land grant. AFA: Nope 10 of the 12 MWC schools are over 100 years old. Six are over 120 years old. USU: 121 years old. AFA: 65 years old, barely qualifies for Social Security. 11 of the 12 MWC schools draw the vast majority of their students from the western US, if not from their own state. USU: Solidly western US student body. AFA: Nope. So, remind me again, who's out of place here?
  2. Bob, Bob, Bob. We sucked for three straight decades. Hyperbole does not help your cause. We'd been playing football for four decades when you were still Billy Mitchell's pipe dream. Our first football players were in their eighties when the West Point satellite campus in Colorado Springs was founded. Meanwhile, it's always a pleasure to beat you.
  3. Ah, the future. As the future becomes the present, it's often a surprise, and sometimes an unpleasant surprise at that. But you know what doesn't change, Bob? The past. And no matter what this season holds for the Aggies, I'll always get a nice warm feeling, remembering that our very first conference game in the Mountain West, back in 2013, was a world class beat down of Air Force on their home field. 52 - 20! Say it with me, Bob! Fifty-two to Twenty! Good times, Bob. Good times.
  4. You have an unhealthy obsession with Utah State. It's all you ever post about.
  5. Oh Bob. Please never change. You brighten my day.
  6. Name: Larry Hometown: Born, Ann Arbor, MI. Raised, Logan, UT University and Degree: Utah State, BS Biology. Duke, MD. Duke, Internal Medicine Residency. Mayo Clinic, Gastroenterology Fellowship Occupation: Gastroenterologist Teams: Utah State, Michigan, Duke Interests: Ancient and medieval history, archaeology, languages. Dislikes: I just don't devote much energy to thinking about this. It isn't worth it. Favorite Activities: Skiing, reading, learning languages (French currently, plan to start German sometime), watching Great Courses lectures. A little horticulture. On my playlist: Bob Seger, Elton John, Dire Straits, Burt Bacharach, Petula Clark, The Association, Gerry Rafferty, Warren Zevon Married/Kids/Pets: Married 35 years this December. Two daughters, 27 and 21, both Aggies. Small dog. Miscellaneous: Spent 9 years on the faculty of the University of Kentucky Medical School, my last two years as the chief of gastroenterology at the Lexington VA medical center. Play the cello. LDS, served a mission in Portugal. Currently in private practice in Salem, Oregon. Would like to learn leather tooling, seems like it would be fun.
  7. I think that's a little harsh. I see them as 5-7. Still not bowl eligible, though.
  8. No. Rice actually HAD fans, that they lost to someone else....
  9. BYU doesn't want to come back, which is fine by me. There is no other school that is a better replacement. Expel them, and downsize. That's fine for basketball. A ten team conference allows everyone to play everyone home and home every year. The issue is football. Time for Hawaii to fish or cut bait. Lose San Jose and Hawaii. Go to ten teams. Slide Boise to the West division, where they've always wanted to be. Problem solved.
  10. I pointed this out before. Under the current bylaws of the conference, it is almost impossible to expel a member school. BUT, SJSU has averaged under 15,000 attendance for football for 2 straight years. That makes them no longer eligible to be FBS. Point this out to the NCAA, have them demoted to FCS, and expel them from the conference. It isn't going to get any better, and they are dragging down the rest of the conference.
  11. I can't believe I'm agreeing with Stunner, but I'm afraid he's right. Time for San Jose to pack it in.
  12. Simple solution, just bring @Jack Bauer along, too, and neither of them will touch your beer.
  13. Seriously, if San Jose is under 15,000 average again this season, Thompson needs to have a chat with the NCAA. It seems to be the one loop hole for expelling them from the conference.
  14. I strongly suspect that IS the paid attendance. The few televised games I've seen from San Jose looked like they had fewer than 5,000 actual people in attendance. And do you think they'd report the LOWER number to the conference? It isn't like they're saving the higher number for something. And what's the object of the NCAA rule if there isn't any consequence? Honestly, I think the conference office should be quietly discussing this with the NCAA. On the other hand, as has been discussed in INNUMERABLE threads, if San Jose is expelled, it isn't as if there is a phenomenal substitute waiting in the wings. NMSU? Idaho? UTSA? Meh.