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  1. Um ok. Im no fan of fresno as a city, but cmon. Logan is just a single strip road of fast food chains and motels. Youre trying too hard
  2. Lasorda was an institution. One of the most identifiable all-time sports personalities. RIP
  3. Ive been praising your team all season, but that one falls right on your coach. Shoulda kept his team healthy.
  4. Your team is getting reamed right now so I will overlook you missing the obvious sarcasm
  5. Im sure they get a decent cut of concessions, right?
  6. Wait - sjsu lost coaches and players to rona? Eeep. Brennan. Jesus just went and Trump’d
  7. ??? i feel like these are actually FS players and coaches wearing SJSU unis. April 1 is a ways off SAN...
  8. That's a shame. had a great many summer memories in that town/beach
  9. Auburn? Wow. Mediocre performance (for Boise, i mean...cmon) trades up to SEC? p.s. Welcome back, Boise.
  10. Love those french fries being ground into the blue turf. Perfect.
  11. Not sure what your point is about Cheaty Petey. He did indeed leave the donks for more money. To be clear, I dont think going to the AAC would do anything positive for BSU other than put them in the press for a cycle or two. Distant travel for games is a huge factor and would make it tough for them to be undefeated, which is generally the path required for the top bowl game. Ultimately, though, I dont care much. It would be nice to have less drama in conference and to see less of that hideous smurf turf.
  12. Question: What is the average number of coaches poached from MWC every season? 2? 3? I think its pretty clear SJSU coach will be poached. He will talk the talk in the meantime. The difference between a SJSU salary and a P5 salary is too huge to ignore. This is the price of success in the MWC. Now Harsin is a more interesting question. I wonder if that potential departure isnt just best for all parties involved. Boise fans seem unhappy with his performance and Harsin seems to be unhappy there. What is interesting this year is that there is higher-than-usual number of o
  13. Huh. This again? Drama queens, much?
  14. Bleh. I'm sorry Sparta, but you peeps deserved something more interesting than that.
  15. Just saw the score. Not a bit surprised. Very well rounded team this year. Congrats Spartans
  16. This team is as unwatchable this year as last. If i were Haener, i wouldnt come back next year to that god awful oline. FS needs to clean house. Grats lobos. Your team came to play
  17. Holy shit. I just saw this. 1. Grats Sparta 2. Called it. (Enjoy the season already....No more excuses) And yeah, I'm picking SJSU over BSU.
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