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  1. What little i watched of the game...they do suck. Looked like a bunch of players who never practiced together before.
  2. Doesnt matter one way or another. There are hundreds of college athletes that think they are but arent. Theyre going to switch teams, declare, hire agents regardless of what the peanut gallery thinks
  3. Shame to see, but its a sign if the times. He’ll play on Sunday and he’s looking to showcase himself somewhere this fall before the draft
  4. Well shit. Looks like @Boise fanclaims uconn. So, Vanderbilt if theyre still available.
  5. Id be down for taking the fs bulldogs from metro cowboy, but not uconn. Sorry.
  6. If that list up above is accurate, ill go with tulsa. Now lemme google the golden showers for some pics...
  7. Gawd. Who’s even left? Sjsu prolly. Bleh. Lemme dig thru threads.
  8. @Slapdad @mugtang im claiming my trophy now. With displeasure.
  9. Its not about the players. Never was. Its everyone that plays hot potatoe around them
  10. Thats simply not true. Im sure there are any number of things he’s prepared to give Boise st to make things better
  11. Time for EA to make a F2P NCAA Football 2020 game and capitalize on all our frustrations
  12. still new and in vegas. That's gotta mean a cargo jet lands on it or something....
  13. This explains most of the board here now, esp mugsy
  14. i could have easily gone this direction with the pic..
  15. west virginia swimsuit gave me that. Warning - you get dude pics too. I just forward the dude ones to @Jeffkills inbox. he eats them up.
  16. @jdgaucho ... @Rebel doc......
  17. TTT youre forgetting the halftime elvis and chain smoking waitress vendors
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