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  1. Not enough screwdrivers in town for this game. We got glass shards ready to rain down on Hawaii.
  2. SUDS at Fresno for the first three quarters Fresno in the fourth quarter Fresno after the game
  3. Fresno’s season…
  4. It would be explained in painful detail if you watch the uconn game. Pathetic effort is a nice way of putting it.
  5. Boise by 3+ TDs. Grats on your QBs record breaking performance.
  6. Well i started following PS a year ago and i dont care for Coolio, although i do enjoy Amish Paradise…
  7. It also means FS shit their mojo and will lose most of their remaining games. Thats just how FS is. I all but walked away from the program last year…not worth staying up to 2am to watch. Gave it a second chance bcs of the Tedford hire. Many of FS fans are in meltdown mode - my prescription is to pick up a second team. Since i moved out to Penn, i picked up the nittany lions. I cant say the Penn state game yesterday relieved all the frustration, but at least they dont utterly implode at head-scratching times. Helps balance things out, because its clear FS is gonna FS yet again this year.
  8. except the racist ones like TP Hey TP....
  9. ok thank you Donks. helps out west.
  10. Are we really having a commercial about someone's four ton tater?
  11. I feel like I'm watching baseball....
  12. OK SUDS just unleashed the kraken. G'nite assteks.
  13. lol @the talking heads trying to logic out the ineptness on both sides of the ball.
  14. idkk just won. idkk > SUDS > Donks
  15. Yeah I know a 44 - 0 ass kicking is coming... *sigh*
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