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  1. Um ok. Im no fan of fresno as a city, but cmon. Logan is just a single strip road of fast food chains and motels. Youre trying too hard
  2. Lasorda was an institution. One of the most identifiable all-time sports personalities. RIP
  3. Ive been praising your team all season, but that one falls right on your coach. Shoulda kept his team healthy.
  4. Your team is getting reamed right now so I will overlook you missing the obvious sarcasm
  5. Im sure they get a decent cut of concessions, right?
  6. Wait - sjsu lost coaches and players to rona? Eeep. Brennan. Jesus just went and Trump’d
  7. ??? i feel like these are actually FS players and coaches wearing SJSU unis. April 1 is a ways off SAN...
  8. That's a shame. had a great many summer memories in that town/beach
  9. Auburn? Wow. Mediocre performance (for Boise, i mean...cmon) trades up to SEC? p.s. Welcome back, Boise.
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