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  1. The good - its football season the bad - this conference the ugly - this conference
  2. godogsgo

    Turd of the Week

    They're serving lots of soft serve at that new stadium...
  3. godogsgo

    Turd of the Week

    I dont mean to see this honored trophy taken out of the hands of lambs, but I'm nominating @mugtang
  4. godogsgo

    Fire Colorado State

    Mountain div being mountain div.
  5. ...wondering which school will be first to come up with the turnover dildo....
  6. godogsgo

    Do You Read Your Rival's Homer Board?

    ive heard the smurf turf board is trash, so, uh, no. Besides, Mug gives me a 50% kickback for traffic here, so need to feed the monster P.S. Mug, where's my check?
  7. godogsgo

    Fresno Will Win the MWC - Book It

    While I think the team is much better than they're given credit for, there are certainly some kinks to work out. They could do this, but I would not say they're living up to their potential just yet. The good news is the D is not showing any decline from last year (this was the largest concern, given the DC went back to Canadia). The offense and kicker need to figure things out. The pieces are there, but the execution is rough.
  8. godogsgo

    Week 3 in gifs

    Me tonite. Just cuz.
  9. godogsgo

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    Its a turd in that it hurts the ranking of the best team left on Fresno's schedule.
  10. godogsgo

    Week 3 in gifs

    Not a gif, but still applies to fresno's UCLA game
  11. godogsgo

    Week 3 in gifs

    BYU celebrates their early season bowl victory
  12. godogsgo

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    wrong thread
  13. godogsgo

    Week 3 in gifs

    natural selection