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  1. FS coaches throwing hookers around or something? This is nuts.
  2. He *was* an underwhelming choice for head coach. I mean, second only to UNLV pulling from the high school ranks, of course. That doesnt mean he couldnt succeed (and obviously did last year). But, as a choice for HC, it's a bit out of left field. But, hey, pull from pop warner if it works!
  3. Praise lawd Jesuz!!! Never shoulda ended. Time for my Dogs to beat 'Bama 99-3 again...
  4. Higher proportion of playing in conference games and less ooc
  5. Im fine with keeping sjsu. Easy travel and we do owe them for recent years. Hawaii, as pointed out by @1IvyDog , is arguably on the list over Nevada too. Point is, the list is wrong. Probably its suds, hawaii, sjsu or suds, hawaii, boise. to be clear, im not slamming Nevada. Just saying there are probably more dog boners for those schools.
  6. Fresno State — Boise State, Nevada, San Jose State SUDS needs to be on this list over any of these three. Non-negotiable.
  7. Um ok. Im no fan of fresno as a city, but cmon. Logan is just a single strip road of fast food chains and motels. Youre trying too hard
  8. Lasorda was an institution. One of the most identifiable all-time sports personalities. RIP
  9. Ive been praising your team all season, but that one falls right on your coach. Shoulda kept his team healthy.
  10. Your team is getting reamed right now so I will overlook you missing the obvious sarcasm
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