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  1. Dude just creates another sock and returns. He’s seriously whacked
  2. Fresno, during championship week, including the title game, of course. Would add in visits to yosemite, sequoia/kings canyon, probably some fishing up at shaver/huntington to round it out
  3. Next, this guy is going to tell us that professional wrasslin is just acting...
  4. that game would probably be in SD. Boise wont climb in the rankings with their weak ass schedule
  5. Paging halfspartanhalfbronco. Your beloved spending on SJSU isnt so much...
  6. Which home game are you looking forward to most this year? portland state or Marshall?
  7. Ok. Below SJSU fan-level trolling. Not even they would believe this
  8. Youd think this guy would get better at this by now. He’s almost SJSU-fan bad in troll skillz
  9. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2019/05/14/college-football-best-week-1-games-2019-season/1189550001/ How could they not put Boise at FSU first? Hair needs to call them asap and demand a retraction.
  10. Boise should focus on scheduling P5 teams if they want to earn their “Craigs Most Exhaulted” status