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  1. Ugh. Can't they just wear paper bags over their helmets?
  2. So thats where Loboblast went...hired by UNR.
  3. Nah. FS is better than last year, but has super glaring issues. OL, special teams, run D, etc. The teams they've played can reliably exploit those. Sparta is firing on all cylinders. It wont be a blowout, but I dont see it really in question. I think FS needs another year (assuming they get to actually practice, etc) to pull it together to regain the pitcher role in this pitch and catch relationship.
  4. Both. Our OL is beyond terrible credit to UNLV. They played hard and that QB played gutsy
  5. Class of the conference. Hats off spartans. enjoy this year
  6. I think that's going to be a fun game to watch. I think SJ takes it.
  7. How about those Spartans? In position to take the west and make some noise in the conference. Enjoy the ride! I was at San Pedro square sat night though. No spartan gear or white power signs flashed. Y'all need to create some excitement!
  8. With our OL. I dunno. It reeks
  9. Jeebus rainbows. West >> mountain. Get with it
  10. I think anyone on the field, standing next to McBride, would look like a midget. That dude was a man among boys on that field. If season offensive MVPs ever went to tight ends, I could see McBride getting it.
  11. Its bad for my blood pressure but he worked magic tonite
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