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  1. True enough. I would add in all the nut punches too. bYu generates lots of memorable moments.
  2. Can this count? I mean bYu acts like they're in conf regardless...
  3. I could see him joining the Raiders, asking to play Georgia again with the LVR...then still losing by a TD.
  4. The Mountain. cant argue with that nickname. Hope he's a good one. we really need to build a solid OL
  5. Is it the silly number of penalties, the horrid special teams errors, or Haener’s inconsitent decision making that makes you feel like DeBoer is ‘damn good’? Its the consistency of all of the above throughout the last half of the season, isnt it? imho, there are some truly bad coaches under DeBoer. He hired and keeps them. If he were ‘damn good’ wouldnt at least some of them be corrected? The team only did halfway decent because its an incredibly talented bunch. if he lets his OC, OL, and ST coaches go after the season, then he is redeemable. Otherwise, good riddance.
  6. Please. Please, take Kalen DeBoer.
  7. FS coaches throwing hookers around or something? This is nuts.
  8. Hair needs to stop playing with message boards and get to work negotiating better deals for the conference. I’m looking at you, @mugtang, or should i say, Hair Thompson...
  9. i wanna hear more shit talking about d4m
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