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  1. godogsgo

    Can Fresno State repeat?

    some actual info, to take a break from the knuckle head banter... https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/4/12/17209926/fresno-state-football-2018-preview-schedule-roster
  2. godogsgo

    Can Fresno State repeat?

    Muti held his own against bama pretty well, if memory serves. Well, it rarely serves, but thats what the data retrieval pulls up in there.
  3. godogsgo

    Wyoming under fire for being racist and sexist

    If you pokes dont get sam elliot to narrate a cowboy ad, then you're just not even trying. for shame.
  4. godogsgo

    Air Force to open without a DC?

    AFA will announce that theyre saving money by going with Alexa for their DC...
  5. godogsgo

    Wyoming under fire for being racist and sexist

    You implying something about the sexual preferences of racist, sexist “cowboys”?
  6. godogsgo

    Hawaii!! Let's go!

    Initially read the thread title as: 'Hawaii Let Go' My first reaction was 'Finally, but what about SJSU?
  7. godogsgo

    Ranking the Best MWC Game Each Week

    They're almost all wrong. The best game is always the Fresno State game.
  8. godogsgo

    College Athletic Department Rankings

    terrible metrics/calculation. You look through the list and there are way too many 'WTFs??' If you have one sport you're good at and/or your two "wildcard" sports are/are not representative, you will be in wildly unpredictable spot on the board. Essentially, the lower 2/3rds of the rankings are crazy noisy. A much better way to do this, ignoring altogether how they calculate the numbers per sport, is to have a much higher number of sports represented.
  9. godogsgo

    Wyoming under fire for being racist and sexist

    This is actually kind of a major issue for our fellow conference mates. Obviously, they wont be allowed to use this clearly sexist and racist phrase. We, as fellow conference mates, should support the Cowboys pokes Bovinepersons by suggesting alternate slogans for their use. I'll start with some examples: Instead of "The world needs more Cowboys", try: "Ram Pokers United!" (This highlights their close relationship with a rival school and incorporates a favorite, though convtroversial, alternate nickname) "The Home of Josh Allen's Brown and Yellow Streaks" (remind the world of your most glorious and all-powerful alumn and unique school colors) "Brown and Yellow Highlights Our Diversity" (Turn diversity issues into a strength) "Gender-neutral Animal Handlers" (No one can be offended by that name!) Help out Wyoming and suggest some more....
  10. godogsgo

    Wyoming under fire for being racist and sexist

    Not sure if its possible for Wyo cowboys to be sexist... racist, though....yeah i can see that
  11. godogsgo

    Can Fresno State repeat?

    The chicken offering has spoken... #konavegas
  12. godogsgo

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

  13. godogsgo

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

    +++++. I hate offseason. Its really dragging on. Even Smallwanker is feisty today.