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  1. Put foil on the rabbit ears. Move them around to find the sweet spot. Dont move after that
  2. You’re saying this is like any normal day there?
  3. Schramm that was FS OC under CTD? Gawd he was terribad. RIP Aggies.
  4. Send them on their way. Wish them well. Remind them that the blue field is a tired gimmick
  5. Boise’s pair are blue thanks to hair
  6. i see someone has put out the line for trawlin
  7. I miss Crawford already. He was a great longsnapper under Coach John Weeney
  8. Hair splitting? Oh wait...forgot who we were talking about. Nvm
  9. Someone finally called out that russian bot @mugtang prick...
  10. SJ > FS > Hawaii > BYU > Boise grats Spartans!
  11. A couple of W fans told me the vegas bowl was VERY entertaining to watch. havent watched any bowls this offseason yet but that niners rams game was a fun one...