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  1. So you were that annoying drunk behind me? Mug, please ban this turd for doxxing me. Ps. Your ‘GF’, Frank, has been fired.
  2. SMU (sigh...anticlimactic...getting to the dregs) @Broncomare @WYO1016 cmon you two @Headbutt show us how its done
  3. @Headbutt lemme know when i can go
  4. And dont choose my pick...ive had like 10 of em stolen by theae thieves!
  5. Ill trade my next pick for the Cajuns...i promise it will be a better pick than the nut punchers
  6. Cmon folks. Got my pick ready. Lets get moving...
  7. About half of the last 10 picks. I need to do a new round of research
  8. Bring it on down folks. And dont pick my picks!!
  9. Why are Nevadaoians imagining getting a pounding by allen?
  10. You sir are a credit to your fan base
  11. paging @Boise fan Do your image magiks