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  1. godogsgo

    The Truth abt happycamper

    Best single improvement to this board would be banning maytard.
  2. Lulz. You left alabama off the list...
  3. godogsgo

    Anybody Bored with the Troll Derby Yet?

    Anyone else bored with Mayo's sock puppets?
  4. godogsgo

    Troll Derby 2018 - Assholes regional

    These selections read like Special Olympics matchups. Where are the decent trolls seeded?
  5. godogsgo


    SJSU knows how this will turn out for UNLV...
  6. godogsgo

    2018 Video Game Thread (NOT OT!)

  7. Josh Allen HS twitter tough kid persona generated more thread pages than this #8 qb can ever hope to. Boise is just set up to have their hopes crushed. They would be better to just continue hoping to recruit Reedly CC.
  8. godogsgo

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

  9. godogsgo

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    I see citrus has been laying off mayo’s diet plan and dropping the pounds. Good for her!
  10. godogsgo

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    Mug third-ed. "Content writers"...bwahahaha.