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  1. Then they received my feedback. That was the point, idiot. Haha?
  2. Request for mods to move this stupid trash weak ass troll attempt to the non sports board.
  3. Stop filling up the board with your moldy stinky cheese posts you saggy vag. Leave me the +++++ out of your worthless, obsessive stupidity. Take your endless mind drain elsewhere you racist shitsack.
  4. Dont drag me into this you racist shit
  5. UNR seriously underachieved vs the hype. Maybe the B is their particpation trophy to make the postseason implosion hurt less? SJSU - careful there. pointing out that they're back to reality really jingles their jimmies. Sensitive bunch.
  6. Okay, kermit. Thank you for pointing out the ignore button. Game changer for sure.
  7. Dont know who you are, but not who i meant in my admittedly broad description. Your choice if you want to identify as such, but my apologies if my post touched you in your no-no zone. Feel welcome to put me on ignore.
  8. Id ask the mods to move your stupidity off the board altogether, but they seem more interested in protecting you. I’d rather have a sports board free of the stupidity. But alas we have you and the San Jose State knuckleheads to fill the board with crap. and yes, stupidity also includes racist posts
  9. Mods - Can we move the stupidity to a different board?
  10. Wow. A whole fan base characterized as shit. What a lovely being. Cant wait till the fruit stand jokes start coming…
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