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  1. Fresno State Lands 4-Star Offensive Lineman

    You nust need some quality lube and the pain will pass soon
  2. El Donald cheated w/Playmate-of-the-Year 

    its important because Repubs and evangelicals are
  3. $J$U

    Maybe spruce up the entrances or reinforce the stands or something....
  4. Hey Boise...

    Gracias. To be fair, there are many trojans in socal. lots of used ones, that is
  5. Hey Boise...

    Question: when was the last time there was a wolf in Reno? I never understood that mascot, nor the references to battles. Its a freakin desert with casinos and whorehouses.
  6. Fresno State at San Jose State

    It was orange both going in and coming out. TMI?
  7. Fresno State at San Jose State

    strolled thru the campus today on the way to la vic's, just off campus, for a tasty burrito. Bustling day with lots of ppl with flowers, balloons etc. Saw no line at the events center. I did see three ppl wearing spartans gear, out of several hundred: A hat, a backpack, and a tee. All three were asian hotties, of course. Great to see the school spirit is on the upswing.
  8. $J$U

    Congrats Sparta! That is fantastic. Hiding the scoreboard behind the NEZ is a genius move. Agree that its totally better to not let it be seen during your games.
  9. Congrats Sparta! Does this mean y'all are breaking ground on the NEZ yet? I look forward to seeing it!
  10. San Jose st

  11. Once they find the right 30-year-old quarterback…
  12. When does it end with NCAA scandal?

    short answer to topic question: when they take money out of college sports.