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  1. Im happy to make picks for the absentees. Middle tennessee needs some love...
  2. What is it with these lazy-ass boise fans? First the blue field, then the underground practice facilities, and now time doesnt apply to them??
  3. Bet ND will enjoy that ACC gag reflex...
  4. So all NM teams then....
  5. Still screwing up. You forgot the girly pic...
  6. Ah, i see i misread the OP. The interest was supposedly the other way
  7. I can see that. Why might they be looking to leave / return?
  8. CU never should have joined. Almost as stupid as BSU/SUDS to the AAC. U$C is the only PAC team who could make independence or a diff conf viable, but it would be silly for them to do it. Theyre fine as is
  9. Ayup. Worked in the usual manner