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  1. UNM fans what’s your opinion of Jordan Kress at WR? Looks like he’s headed back to CO to play for the rams
  2. Not CSU. We haven't had any transfers. That superior lifestyle
  3. Warren Jackson...all our other draftable guys returned for one more year
  4. CSU for conference champs now
  5. That’s ironic coming from a fan of the Utah state quitters
  6. Because you guys are quitters and an embarrassment to this conference.
  7. Lets put UNM and Utah State in their own conference together. Fvcking quitting losers
  8. This is becoming one of the worst officiated games I’ve ever seen
  9. Lolz at these refs. Calling every tick tacky call on CSU possible. Carries, lane violations, flop warnings...it’s getting embarrassing
  10. Refs doing everything they can to keep Boise trucker u in the game
  11. Is Boise really having trouble with $$$? Crazy to me that Boise would have trouble committing to football. I guess we are in a pandemic that is ravaging AD's across the US but still
  12. CSU has added OL Vince Picozzi and CB Linwood Crump. Both multi year starters from Temple
  13. Haha his gf left him cuz he didn’t get drafted? What a gold digging POS
  14. Won my 12 person league. $360 prize comin my way. GOAT
  15. Why are guys arguing about BSU? Isn’t Boise Trucker U a community college or Juco? Calling Boise a University is being generous BSJUco or BSCC is more fitting
  16. Yes it does. There were literally two FBS football players who died last year due to Conditioning during the 2019 season
  17. May or may not be Covid related. yet—athletes have been collapsing and sometimes dying on the court every year due to heart issues. This is nothing new and shouldn’t change anything
  18. Hows this happen? I feel like I’ve been reading for years that this could happen. Yet no plan by Hawaii admin for new stadium? Terrible planning. At least CSU had the foresight to build Canvas before it was too late
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