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  1. Wyoming fans obsession with their uniforms is crazy to me. Yellow and brown is literally the worst color combo in all of CFB
  2. So glad the people in charge thought delaying the season two months would be a good idea
  3. Where are you seeing indications that Fennegan will start? I'm not seeing any info on the QB situation that isn't 4 days old
  4. Holani is listed as doubtful although I don't trust Harsin at all
  5. Damn. Looks like your star injured/Covid players are back
  6. MW Leaders are a joke w no contingency plan for canceled games Teams not in MWC championship game should 100% be able to make up missed games that weekend
  7. Crazy. Never thought his second tenure would be this bad
  8. Boggles my mind when Wyoming fans want Bohl gone. You’re Wyoming...you have the worst recruiting footprint of all FBS schools by a long margin... Solid is Wyoming’s ceiling. Zero shot in hell the Pokes ever find someone better than Bohl. I hope you guys fire him
  9. Hey pooped on Wyoming Sucks to be the poop and pee
  10. ZERO positive cases on UNMs team and we can’t play. What an absolute joke
  11. CDC says everyone wears a mask...we can get it under control in 3-4weeks. everyone wears a mask....cases are highest ever. masks don’t work
  12. Appears to have been a potential false positive. or Saban has the best immune system on Earth
  13. Not sure how you’re relating fans in the stands to Saban getting it. Absolutely zero and I mean zero chance Saban got it from a fan in the stands. Completely and utterly impossible
  14. Thanks for the recs. Alibi brewing was fantastic. One of the best breweries I’ve ever been to
  15. South Dakota, University of Northern Colorado, Idaho or some school like that
  16. How many spring practices did everyone get? CSU got 8 of 15 before having to cancel
  17. Thanks. Really appreciate it I will report back after
  18. Not 100% sure yet. We were looking at the South Lake Tahoe area but open to wherever
  19. Flying into Reno and staying in Lake Tahoe area Oct 9-12. Any food, casino or hiking recs? Would like to do some type of water activity as well
  20. Wyo fans can laugh all they want but when a bowl has a choice between a 2-6 P5 school and a 6-2 MWC school they will pick the P5 school 10 times out of 10. This is a disaster for the MWC.
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