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  1. UNM fans what’s your opinion of Jordan Kress at WR? Looks like he’s headed back to CO to play for the rams
  2. Not CSU. We haven't had any transfers. That superior lifestyle
  3. Warren Jackson...all our other draftable guys returned for one more year
  4. CSU for conference champs now
  5. That’s ironic coming from a fan of the Utah state quitters
  6. Because you guys are quitters and an embarrassment to this conference.
  7. Lets put UNM and Utah State in their own conference together. Fvcking quitting losers
  8. Is Boise really having trouble with $$$? Crazy to me that Boise would have trouble committing to football. I guess we are in a pandemic that is ravaging AD's across the US but still
  9. Why are guys arguing about BSU? Isn’t Boise Trucker U a community college or Juco? Calling Boise a University is being generous BSJUco or BSCC is more fitting
  10. Wyoming fans boggle the mind w their attendance smack
  11. Uh no. He tore his ACL... nice try
  12. Once you go to Laramie you never go back. The place is a shithole. nicest restaurant I saw there was the Wendys
  13. I read some reviews on those and a lot of people said they didn’t work for long. I’ve had a Samsung for 9 years w zero problems
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