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  1. Dolphins would be a good fit for Moore IMO. Pretty solid talent and they have two 1st rounders this year
  2. You guys might as well not even have a football program anymore. Terrible
  3. If you have any recs on one lemme know
  4. Fwiw-When my fiance moved from SoCal to Fort Collins she never got sick. Been 2.5 years and only been sick with COVID
  5. Gonna be adding a +2 to Cali's population in July. Moving there this summer
  6. Welp Santa Rosa it is. Officially moving in July or August. Might fly out in June to look at houses/neighborhoods
  7. Can Hawaii really not afford a $1mil buyout? Pathetic
  8. Nevada just got a walk on OL to transfer from CSU…Cole Feinauer a 6’7 former TE. I imagine he’s being put on scholarship. Might be good if he can put on 50lbs
  9. Certainly possible. Doubtful though. Addazio put 9 guys on the line every play to run it up the middle w a turtle RB. No passing threat by our awful QB. Certainly was partly due to scheming by a dinosaur HC
  10. Terrible OL both years. RBs got smacked in the backfield I think easily 75% of the time. Never were any holes. Worst run game I’ve seen at CSU in my entire life I think it’s possible Louie is a good coach. High energy guy and seemed like an active recruiter…but out OL was absolutely god awful
  11. Joe Parker (our AD) said when a SA asks to enter the transfer portal they have to sign a academic scholarship cancellation agreement. I imagine this is common practice. I highly doubt kids in the transfer portal are allowed to workout on any schools campus. It’d be a major risk for injury liability. Who knows though
  12. I remember Weber in HS. He was recruited by Bobo and I believe took an OV. We filled up other DBs and he had to commit to Wyo. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him end his career a Ram
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