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  1. Im still in the boat that the more positive tests now the better. better now than in 2-3 months. The players will be fine for all those of you who wanna say I’m a careless murderer
  2. I like how everyone acts like if there are no sports athletes will be at zero risk and if there are sports athletes will just get sick or die
  3. Redbirds. instead of their fans saying Reh-bels...they can say red-birds. It’ll sound exactly the same
  4. I think I’m general commits are up due to COVID. but we have a young energetic staff and commits started to snowball. No reason kids shouldn’t be lining up at the door like they are to go to CSU. bobo wanted to wait til the weeks before signing day to get his class signed. Dumb
  5. CSU now w 22 commitments. only 3 spots left and it’s mid June. I think this bodes well for the 2022 class as well. Staff can spend a lot more time getting a huge head start on that class
  6. No spring camps doesn't help. A lot of these kids would have chances to go to rivals/247 camps to improve stock but thats not an option. We will see how it turns out on the field. It's never a bad sign when your staff gets the players they want and not their Plan Z choice
  7. 14 commits now w 3* QB Chance Harris
  8. Why not just make wearing PPE REQUIRED for entry into sporting events for now? Seems like an easy way to limit transmission in large sporting events. Not perfect but it would help and at least be a way to get fans into the stands
  9. If you honestly think coronavirus is going to kill 400x more people in America than China you’re effing insane
  10. 50,000 deaths a day? 2.2 million people in the US gonna die? There’s been 3,000 deaths in China. Y’all are crazy w those stupidly high numbers.
  11. Supposed to fly to Florida Wednesday and chill on the beach in siesta keys til Saturday. Is that selfish of me? i can maintain a good distance on the beach amirite
  12. Yeah Bohl should be CU's #1 call IMO. I'd hate to see it cuz CU would be good but we wont be playing them as much anymore, while we play WY-NO every year
  13. Where does Merrill rank in mwc history? Gotta be top 10imo