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  1. LoFasZz

    Hazelton to K-State

    Lol @ paying a Wyo DC $800k a year
  2. LoFasZz

    MW Adding Another Time-Zone For Television Scheduling?

    I was against the idea of adding Texas teams but I think it would actually be good bowl wise to get a Texas destination
  3. LoFasZz

    Phuck You Wyoming.

    Wyoming fans boggle the mind w their attendance smack
  4. LoFasZz

    Phuck You Wyoming.

    Uh no. He tore his ACL... nice try
  5. Once you go to Laramie you never go back. The place is a shithole. nicest restaurant I saw there was the Wendys
  6. LoFasZz

    Smart TV or Roku tv?

    I read some reviews on those and a lot of people said they didn’t work for long. I’ve had a Samsung for 9 years w zero problems
  7. LoFasZz

    Smart TV or Roku tv?

    Would use it mostly for Netflix or streaming CFB etc
  8. LoFasZz

    Hawaii @ CSU

    What type of O and D does Hawaii use?
  9. Prob better than the 2-10 years Fresno has been enjoying lately
  10. Y’all thought Hollywood Higgins and Gallup were talented... wait yol you see the back of 6’4 215lb #11 spank your defense up and down all game long..
  11. LoFasZz

    Hawaii @ CSU

    Preston Williams will single handedly beat Hawaii
  12. LoFasZz

    Nevada Football

    Because the school sucks, the town sucks and Nevada as a state sucks. Why would any recruit willingly choose to go spend 4-5 years in Reno when they have other options?
  13. LoFasZz

    CSU recruiting 2019

    Added 3* CO jumbo athlete Aidan Cullen. 6’5 250. Could play DL or OL. Adds to the list of 3* CB Xavier Goldsmith and 3* CB Paul Edwards
  14. LoFasZz

    Pick 10: Team thelawlorfaithful

    Old Dominion @pokebball
  15. LoFasZz

    Pick 10: Team thelawlorfaithful

    Some people on here have some pretty puzzling picks. I’m very confident in mine...got pretty good value late