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  1. One of the saddest days of my life F this
  2. I guess we will find out if Addazios classes get raided as bad as Bobos. First signing day saw no bad surprises (had some good ones in Herndon)
  3. 3* OL Dirk Nelson flipped from unlv 3* OL Gage Gaynor 3* LB Aaron Moore 3* DT Cam Bariteau all committed this weekend Big offers including Oregon, Arkansas, Louisville etc. quite a few P5 offers between them fantastic start for Addazio
  4. Lol why would Rocky quit SDSU as head coach I’m San Diego to go to Wyo as a DC? generally when people go to Laramie once they leave and go as far away as possible ASAP
  5. Lol smacking a 15-3 team (although missing some key players).... one of the most impressive games in a long tome
  6. Or retiring. When super tenured coaches quit or retire it almost never ends well....Snyder (first time), Ault, Lubick, Beamer, etc
  7. Generally when super tenured coaches leave like this it's because they know their team is going to be trash the next year. SDSU for 3-9?
  8. Moore will have plenty of OC spots in the nfl
  9. You’re saying an option run offense is the same as a pro style run offense? I honestly can’t tell if you’re trolling or just stupid
  10. Just total fail. Complete fail in everything you said
  11. What are you talking about? Addazios offense is nothing close to Frosts option style
  12. Giving our class a C. The 3* RB with 20+ offers including major P5 schools salvages it from a D. No QB and 1 OL. If we don't get 2 QBs and 5 more OL I'm giving us an F (transfers included)
  13. Addazio recruiting CO hard. Some last minute offers on some top in-state but under recruited guys. Gatorade player of the year just committed in tanner Hollens. Probably getting another LB as well
  14. Change your avi to Kapri Bibbs in a CSU uniform