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  1. You guys seriously season tix for $115?
  2. Huh? Looks nothing alike at all. Looks like New Mexico’s stadium more than anything. extremely underwhelming
  3. Csu adds 3* TE Jeremiah Pruitte. Several P5 offers and former Louisville commit... might add one more
  4. CSU adds high 3* CB Dequan Watts. 20+ P5 offers and 40+ offers overall. Puts Csu easily at #2. also added full time ASU starter in Jalen Bates at DE as a grad transfer
  5. Wyoming fans boggle the mind w their attendance smack
  6. Uh no. He tore his ACL... nice try
  7. Once you go to Laramie you never go back. The place is a shithole. nicest restaurant I saw there was the Wendys
  8. I read some reviews on those and a lot of people said they didn’t work for long. I’ve had a Samsung for 9 years w zero problems
  9. Would use it mostly for Netflix or streaming CFB etc
  10. Added 3* CO jumbo athlete Aidan Cullen. 6’5 250. Could play DL or OL. Adds to the list of 3* CB Xavier Goldsmith and 3* CB Paul Edwards
  11. Hall is gonna play WR for CSU. USC, UCLA, Oregon, Florida, Tennessee offers among 20+ others