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  1. The San Jose State women's basketball team just defeated Pac 12 foe California 56-48 this afternoon. Statistically we played a terrible game but still came out ahead in the second half to win. SJSU is now 1-0 and it's a good start to the season. GO SPARTANS!
  2. Schools are listed alphabetically by record. That is why Hawaii is listed below FSU. That is the same for all schools as provided earlier in the thread.
  3. San Jose State received 4 votes in the Coach's poll along with BSU. Nevada received 5 votes. All of this is pending any recounts.
  4. I think the whole season should be cancelled and everyone can save their year of athletic eligibility. COVID is only getting worse as we speak.
  5. These conferences were smart in "QUITTING." Playing a contact sport with this pandemic is stupid. I"m sure it will also be safe when teams are in a huddle. The MWC will be forward looking after these decisions are played out.
  6. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29635064/sources-mountain-west-postpone-fall-sports-season Here is the ESPN link.
  7. Big 10 will cancel. They threw out a trial balloon today to prepare the public for the inevitable decision.
  8. IIf I had a son who wanted to play football, I wouldn't want him to go to CSU as they care more about football than my son's well-being.
  9. http://www.sjsuspartans.com/genrel/040617aaa.html San Jose State will become the first MWC school to partner up with Adidas. Congrats Spartans!
  10. http://www.sjsuspartans.com/sports/w-gym/recaps/031917aaa.html Congratulations to the Lady Spartans for winning the MPSF conference championship in women's gymnastics and they tied their all-team time score in the process. Way to go Ladies!
  11. BSU deserves these sanctions. Their lack of insitiutional control caused this to happen and BSU did gain a competitive advantage as the result of their actions. I'm sure they will be watched closely in the future.
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