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  1. I guess it's safe to say that Padres fans should be able to buy Tatis jerseys as he will be there a long time.
  2. https://sjsuspartans.com/news/2021/2/17/football-brent-brennan-named-lombardi-foundations-coach-of-the-year.aspx Congrats to Coach Brennan for winning this national honor. He is the first SJSU football coach in history to win a national coaching honor and the first MWC coach since 2009 (Gary Patterson of TCU. GO SPARTANS!
  3. Goff is better than Derek Carr. At least Goff can produce winning seasons.
  4. https://247sports.com/college/san-jose-state/board/105180/Contents/basallo-had-season-ending-injury-158015567/ Azyhiana Basallo, SJSU women's basketball player and one of the best players in the MWC tore her ACL last week against Utah State and will miss the remainder of the season. Her scoring (18 points per game last season), free throw shooting (93%) and team leadership will be missed. This will be a tough blow to the San Jose State women's basketball team's title hopes but it will give other players an opportunity to step up and see what they have. It seems like women's basketball
  5. https://sjsuspartans.com/news/2020/12/29/football-spartans-cade-hall-the-sporting-news-first-team-all-america.aspx Congrats to Cade on this honor. GO SPARTANS!
  6. Congrats Hawaii. MWC now 2-0 this bowl season.
  7. https://sjsuspartans.com/news/2020/12/23/womens-basketball-finale-against-utah-state-postponed.aspx Game was postponed due to COVID issues with the Utah State team.
  8. Pat Hill will want to apply for the BSU job.
  9. Thanks to Coach Harsin and Coach Bohl for ranking SJSU eighth and ninth in their polls. Kyle Whittingham of Utah had us ranked #13. Just from first glance in the voting, it appears that the G5 coaches tended to vote SJSU 2-4 places higher than the P5 coaches. Coaches do tend to vote for their conference mates higher as well. There may be less bias in the AP poll but usually the two polls end up being mostly similar.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/hawaii-without-a-home-stadium-after-aloha-stadium-the-former-site-of-the-pro-bowl-gets-condemned-003256715.html Yahoo news story link.
  11. I did say "too much." The reason for the bitching was because our fan base wanted to play BSU and were disappointed that the game didn't happen. However, now that SJSU is in the conference championship game, we will let the players decide who wins. We did lose having two back to back home games at the end of the season where we had to play outside of CEFCU Stadium and did gain one early in the season against New Mexico. I feel sorry for New Mexico. They had the most to complain about this season not playing a home game at all.
  12. You didn't hear our fan base bitch or moan (too much) when our game against BSU was cancelled the morning of the game with our team already in Boise. Playing a day earlier gave SJSU one less day to prepare for our game against Nevada and we didn't arrive in Vegas until 4:30AM Sunday morning and SJSU also had to deal with the time change from Hawaii. Or when Santa Clara County put non-contact sports restrictions in place which cost SJSU practice time and scrambling to find new venues for home games and a place to practice outside of Santa Clara County. Every school has had to sacrifice this
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