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  1. The National Coach of the Year, Brent Brennan also knows a little about the wide receiver position. CBB was a wide receiver position coach for many years and helped James Jones blossom as a WR who eventually became a NFL star. I believe James led the NFL in TD receptions one season.
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaabk/uc-davis-suspends-entire-baseball-program-over-misconduct/ar-AAMaw52?ocid=msedgntp I wonder what happened at UC Davis. You just don't hear of an entire program and coaching staff being suspended for alleged misconduct. https://www.sacbee.com/sports/college/article252788803.html
  3. I think Strong is too slow to be the number one QB picked in the draft. In the SJSU game last year, when he was pressured, he was unable to escape the pressure with his feet. SJSU made adjustments at halftime resulting in a scoreless second half for Nevada.
  4. Trevor Bauer is now on "administrative leave" per MLB (see link below). https://www.yahoo.com/sports/trevor-bauer-dodgers-mlb-administrative-leave-assault-allegations-174332925.html
  5. We also play FSU and SDS at home but play Hawaii and Nevada on the road.
  6. Bauer is still scheduled to start for the Dodgers on Sunday night. I guess the Dodgers are taking the position "Innocent until proven guilty" plus they are trying to pass the SF Giants in the standings. This guy sounds like a "bad hombre." b
  7. The media often hops on the bandwagon with these picks. It is tough to repeat as champions. I might be wrong but since the MWC instituted a championship game, hasn't there only been one back to back champion (San Diego State). I might be wrong on that but I thought I heard that somewhere. Anyway, SJSU will use the perceived lack of respect as motivation for the 2021 season.
  8. But SJSU is 1-0 against BSU in MWC championship games so we are undefeated against BSU on that front!
  9. Konya on paper appears to be a better fit for SJSU than Bleymaier or Tuite. He is young and will be hungry to do well. Give Konya a chance.
  10. Konya will preside over more MWC football championships for SJSU than Tuite!
  11. I remember a few years ago where some of SJSU's African-American female gymnasts received racial taunts during a meet in Utah. It was either at Southern Utah University or possibly Utah State but I'm not sure which school it was. The SJSU coach said at the time that this wasn't their first incident in the state of Utah. You can't rip a whole state for the actions of a few but there does appear to be more overt racism there.
  12. Colt and Brent Brennan are first cousins.
  13. I believe that Brent Brennan, the San Jose State head football coach is related to Colt Brennan. If I'm not mistaken, I believe they might be cousins but there is some family relationship between them. My thoughts go out to Colt's family, friends, and the Hawaii faithful.
  14. This thread is nothing but wasted space. There is no way that the AAC wants UNLV for football and all sports. Football, really? SDSU won't make the same mistake twice by following BSU to another conference. SDSU would be another Hawaii if they had to travel across the country for all sports. It would hurt them both financially and athletically. As for BSU, it the AAC accepted them for football only, it would just be a lateral move going to the AAC and if BSU which has decent oly sports teams, dumping them in the Big Sky, they would just die a slow death and become irrelevant, This would
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