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  1. These conferences were smart in "QUITTING." Playing a contact sport with this pandemic is stupid. I"m sure it will also be safe when teams are in a huddle. The MWC will be forward looking after these decisions are played out.
  2. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29635064/sources-mountain-west-postpone-fall-sports-season Here is the ESPN link.
  3. Big 10 will cancel. They threw out a trial balloon today to prepare the public for the inevitable decision.
  4. IIf I had a son who wanted to play football, I wouldn't want him to go to CSU as they care more about football than my son's well-being.
  5. http://www.sjsuspartans.com/genrel/040617aaa.html San Jose State will become the first MWC school to partner up with Adidas. Congrats Spartans!
  6. http://www.sjsuspartans.com/sports/w-gym/recaps/031917aaa.html Congratulations to the Lady Spartans for winning the MPSF conference championship in women's gymnastics and they tied their all-team time score in the process. Way to go Ladies!
  7. BSU deserves these sanctions. Their lack of insitiutional control caused this to happen and BSU did gain a competitive advantage as the result of their actions. I'm sure they will be watched closely in the future.
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