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  1. Looks like Brady is Collecting a nice check and enjoying that beautiful San Diego weather.
  2. Jake Haner headed to the Team Bus
  3. Fresno St fans with 30 secs left in the game.
  4. Baxter will have these guys ready to block a kick if needed
  5. The dogs left it all on the court.
  6. Boise will end up winning in OT with a trick play
  7. South Alabama @East Coast Aztec
  8. I ride a Cannondale Supersix.Love to cycle.
  9. I agree, living in a more cost-effective region can stretch your funds further during retirement.
  10. I do, it attracts stupid people.
  11. This usually indicates you can't afford to live there.
  12. I thought you were smarter than that.
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