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  1. Boise Fans before the game,during the game and after the game.
  2. Jake is a more accurate passer.
  3. Dogs need to score on this next drive
  4. 51-17 looks respectable Boise Fans.
  5. 45-10 makes it more respectable for Boise
  6. This game is getting ugly on National TV
  7. I say BYU scores over 50pts
  8. If Boise was winning this game and the freshman QB Had 3 TD and 300 yds passing the Boise fans would be saying he had offers from Georgia, Alabama, And USC.
  9. BYU Offense Line Manhandled Boise Defensive Front
  10. Boise SDSU Nevada Wyoming Fresno Hawaii AFA San Jose St USU UNLV UNM CSU
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