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  1. A position coach makes 250k a year. I'm taking a few years off.
  2. Yeah, Wyoming didn’t show up to play. Fresno averages 400-YPG. Wyoming held them to 297 total yards on the road. The two turnovers and blocked punt were the difference,
  3. I'm getting the Chicken ready Cuz.
  4. Brady Holk walking Across the field to shake Tedford's hand at the end of the game.
  5. In my Howard Cosell voice. The Greatest come back of all time.Down goes San Diego St, Down goes San Diego St,
  6. San Diego St fans with 2 mins left in the game.
  7. I went to bed with 5 mins left in the game. I had to take a triple-take this morning when I read the final score.
  8. Super six


    San Diego State fans
  9. @Rev McQuervo, Will you be selling Chiclets at the south entrance of Bulldog stadium this year?
  10. MW Fans tuning in the Airforce vs Boise St Game.
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