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  1. South Alabama @East Coast Aztec
  2. I ride a Cannondale Supersix.Love to cycle.
  3. I agree, living in a more cost-effective region can stretch your funds further during retirement.
  4. I do, it attracts stupid people.
  5. This usually indicates you can't afford to live there.
  6. I thought you were smarter than that.
  7. Do you always post on stupid threads?
  8. Why would anyone want to visit Boise from california when we have 9 national parks and 3 in our backyard. We also have a ski resort in Fresno county. I'd rather spend my money on a 2 hour trip to the coast.
  9. Capital can do a lot for a program. I'm pointing out that Boosters see an opportunity to assist the program and take it to the next level, Don't underestimate the sleeping giant.
  10. Boise fans are nervous.532k Tv sets ain't going to make the cut.
  11. Time to end the additional Revenue. The Pac would add Fresno St before Boise St.
  12. @East Coast Aztec You are up. @AztecSU On Deck.
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