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  1. Don’t forget we have a Ski Resort in Fresno County.It will give any mid level operator In Tahoe a run for its money. http://www.skichinapeak.com/
  2. Boise has the greatest athletic department off all time.More NCAA Championships than the whole MWC Combined.Therefore the rest of the conference should forfeit any guarantees effective immediately or Boise will threaten to leave the conference.
  3. I thought you went to college to get an education?Boise clearly falls short in this area vs the rest of the conference.For this reason their stake should be reduced 2million
  4. You should only get special treatment if you have multiple National titles.
  5. @mugtang Thanks for putting in the time and effort.I Look forward to playing every year,
  6. You guys want to fire Harsin with a 12-1 record and 6mins left in the 2nd quarter?
  7. DeBoer will make a base salary of $1.3 million in 2020, $1.35 in '21, $1.4 in '22, $1.45 in '23 and $1.5 in '24. There are auto extensions in the first three years, tied to record or conference wins
  8. Super six is an interesting name, what's it mean? lol

  9. We’re not very Good because San Jose St hung for a half?