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  1. No Pac-12 team is going to the Big 12 and no Big 12 team is going to the Pac-12.
  2. Pretty funny coming from the guy who can’t spell colossal.
  3. Wordle 317 2/6
  4. Wordle 278 2/6 Lucky second guess.
  5. When I click the circle or star next to the thread it takes me to the first post I haven’t seen.
  6. Wordle 243 2/6 Got really lucky.
  7. Same. Wordle 226 2/6
  8. Seeing AAC fans saying that this might flip AFA and CSU.
  9. I don’t believe SMU is happy with these additions and contrary to what people say I don’t believe they are close to the Big 12 radar with TCU there. Hair should be going hard for them ASAP.
  10. What if this was a move by both schools to demand his resignation or they bounce?
  11. I’m sure ESPN is salivating at the thought of the matchups of Colorado State-Temple and Air Force-East Carolina. Dumb.
  12. BYU and the Texahoma schools in one and the rest in the other.
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