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  1. If we can’t get any AAC schools or Gonzaga, expansion is not worth it. Stay at 12 for football and 11 for oly.
  2. Seeing AAC fans saying that this might flip AFA and CSU.
  3. I don’t believe SMU is happy with these additions and contrary to what people say I don’t believe they are close to the Big 12 radar with TCU there. Hair should be going hard for them ASAP.
  4. Pete Thamel just tweeted out that all 6 are expected to be accepted into the AAC.
  5. What if this was a move by both schools to demand his resignation or they bounce?
  6. Curious to see what Falcon and Ram fans prefer.
  7. I’m sure ESPN is salivating at the thought of the matchups of Colorado State-Temple and Air Force-East Carolina. Dumb.
  8. Care to make a bet then? If the AAC poaches the MWC I leave the board forever if not you leave the board forever.
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