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  1. Not gonna lie, enjoyed that drubbing quite a bit. Arguably the most important game in program history and they choke. Utes will fall all the way to SA or SD, lol.
  2. They beat Creighton and Iowa convincingly on a neutral court... they should be ranked right now. I wonder if the closeness of the Tennessee State game maybe held them back, because anyone that watched those two games in Vegas would’ve been convinced they are legit.
  3. Link: https://sports.yahoo.com/how-texas-tech-poached-chris-beard-from-unlv-setting-two-programs-on-divergent-paths-015036321.html. TKM really comes off poorly after reading that. One part in particular: Talk about total and complete lack of professionalism. She never should've had the job.
  4. I agree, it has nothing to do with his coaching abilities. I just can’t see the AD selling this hire to the fans and community.
  5. KW was in Scalley’s current shoes before he was hired as UU HC.
  6. I think a lot of people do care, tbh, which is why it won’t be him. Memories of Sanford are too recent and it has nothing to do with his abilities. if I’m UNLV, I’m taking a good look at the HC just 30 min up the road from the UU. He isn’t a ‘sexy’ name, and I know UNLV has recently done the hire from the FCS level, but he completely turned Weber around and has brought them unprecedented success in fball. Young, energetic, and his kids always play tough.
  7. That’s a good name, but I think he may be the heir apparent once KW rides off into the sunset so he may not be going anywhere. Also, UNLV has already tried hiring a UU coordinator as HC and that one didn’t turn out very well.
  8. It’ll be Cole. Love (not Jordan) might’ve been the better choice had SJS ended up in a bowl.
  9. A fantastic play.. just drive one guy down and take two others out in the process. Well done. When it was live there were tons of Aggie fans screaming for a block in the back, for which there was none, obviously.
  10. Rams and NMSU tipping off in just a few minutes from the Cayman Islands tourney.
  11. Marquee OOC wins (or games for that matter) never happened under Stew other than Utah in ‘98 and that was Stew’s first regular season game as HC. We almost beat a top 5 Florida in Maui in ‘99. That’s about it . Before that, we beat Minnesota under on their HC just after they made it to the Final Four and Eustachy was the coach.
  12. And yet, Sanford did just fine as an OC at Boise and ND. He has his hands tied behind his back right now because he’s trying to run a scheme that is not his and is not comfortable running, so he should get a mulligan. I’m hoping Love either enters the draft or transfers so that Sanford can finally run his offense next season. Ena, on the other hand, has been a total bust. How he has utilized Tipa has been awful. His schemes in certain situations, such as in 3rd and longs, are mind boggling at best.
  13. First walk off FG I’ve witnessed in my 30+ Years of following Aggie football.
  14. Thought that 3 was going down. Does Cofield always do an interview at the HT intermission?