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  1. aggzilla

    USU vs. UNM

    This has trap game written all over it. UNM is down but they are fully capable of getting out of Logan with a W. No doubt they have revenge on their minds after the first game.
  2. aggzilla

    UC Santa Barbara at UC Irvine

    Sorry JD, but ever since the days of Branduinn Fullove, I haven’t been able to root for the Gauchos. Besides that, the more wins UCI racks up, the better that win looks on USU’s resume. I’m hoping that the anteaters can get in the top 100 before Selection Sunday.
  3. aggzilla

    Air Force at UNLV (Edited at the top)

    Who cares about the game... T&M is on life support. Place is a tomb.
  4. Little to no chance for USU. Had we defeated ASU or Houston we would be in a much better position. Going to have to win out until the MWT final, and then lose to Nevada, to have a chance to get in.
  5. aggzilla

    ph90702 UNLV Head Coaching Candidates

    Now we’re talking. None of this “hire huggy bear” or “Rick Pitino” bs. If I’m DRF and serious about this, this is what I would do. I think his personality would fit perfectly with Vegas and they would fall in love with him in a hurry. Home run hire, if they could do it.
  6. aggzilla

    UNLV at Utah State

    Obvious that UNLV just doesn’t have the horses right now to compete, but USU didn’t have them either last season... or so I thought. Essentially the same players, sans McEwen but with Queta (wash), and it’s a night and day team. Amazing what a good coach can do for a program. The rebel players are not listening to him, don’t respect him, and have quit on him.
  7. aggzilla

    UNLV at Utah State

    Will be there, cheering on both teams.
  8. USU had their chances against ASU and UH to snag some quality wins for their resume, but couldn’t come through. It’s MWT or bust for the Ags.
  9. If they end with one loss they won’t be a 7, but the lack of quality wins on the schedule, and a big loss to UNM that is looking worse with each passing day, it may come back to haunt the ‘pack on Selection Sunday.
  10. aggzilla

    Air Force at SJSU

    Yeesh, bad shot by Ivey at the end of OT.
  11. aggzilla

    UNM vs USU game thread

    8 min in, Ags up 11. UNM missing some open looks early on. Have to imagine that won’t continue.
  12. aggzilla

    Top Western movies

    Stagecoach My Darling Clementine The Gunfighter The Calvary Trilogy Wagon Master The Big Sky Winchester ‘73 The Naked Spur Forty Guns Ride the High Country Lonely Are The Brave Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and another plug for Assassination of Jesse James. Phenomenal film.
  13. aggzilla

    I Hate NFL Overtime

    It shouldn’t have even gone to OT. Just sayin’. That game was over.
  14. aggzilla


    Can they honestly afford to wait when they are hemorrhaging that amount of money per year? I don’t think the TV deal is going to matter, tbh.