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  1. LSU won by 28 at Vandy a few weeks ago. Margin is about there today. RUTS, rebs!!! This is awesome!
  2. aggzilla


    ...and then Tulsa and SMU remembered who they are and now it’s tied, 30-30.
  3. Never saw Smith play, but I’ve always thought he did a fantastic job stepping in for Gondo doing color. Not going to be the same listening to b-ball games without him, but that’s not important right now. For him and his family’s sake, just hope he’s able to recover from this.
  4. Go Brewers! Even getting swept by the Rockies in the final series doesn’t take away how remarkable September has been for the brew crew to even get in position for the WC, sans Yelich. Gonna be tough to win in DC against Scherzer or Woodruff but they’re the hottest team heading into the postseason.
  5. Last night was the Locks we all knew and loved... getting shutout 59-0 at home to PSU. And to think, Franklin was all set to become HC at UM but they went with Randy Edsall, instead. Dumb move.
  6. SJSU’s final drive UNM Ryan Agnew final play
  7. Shows how much trust they have in their qb. Dunk and dunk until you can’t becuase that’s all they trust you can do.
  8. Damn that’s tough... that throw needed to be for the end zone
  9. This UCLA Wazzu game is bananas.
  10. What a **** show that final 10 min turned into. Literally handed the game to the Aztecs on a platter and did everything to give it away.
  11. That was the absolute worst Hail Mary pass I’ve ever seen.
  12. Wow UTEP just drove the ball 10 min for the tying score. Didn’t see that comin’
  13. Opportunity squandered by Nevada at the end of the half. You’re going to win, anyway, but it would’ve been a huge momentum boost to go up two scores. Watching UTEP reminds me so much of Brent Guy-ball at USU in the mid/late 00’s. Just inept, no confidence, and zero aggressiveness.
  14. Why not use your to’s?
  15. What a stupid decision by UTEP to bring in Locksley right there. Their starter was doing just fine.