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  1. Iowa @bsu_alum9 you’re up. @cgzpack is on deck.
  2. I’ll stay with Marshall... on to @bornsilverandblue. @bsu_alum9 with a fantastic 2nd round pick up... I’m shocked that UM stayed on the board until now.
  3. Marshall @bornsilverandblue you’re up, then @Slapdad
  4. In that case, I’ll gladly take Army off of your hands.
  5. The better team won. Congrats to the Raptors... and can Kawhi finally get the respect he deserves?
  6. You’re right. You have all 24 hours to make a single pick.
  7. Bull, it took you until the 24th hour. Just saying what everyone else was thinking. This isn’t rocket science...
  8. Oklahoma @bsu_alum9 is up @cgzpack is on deck
  9. Good. The less poor quality teams that drag down our NET ranking, the better... In all seriousness, I wish the MW would go to 16 reg season games. 18 is just too much, plus it’s more opportunities to boost the conf profile in OOC which is what really matters.
  10. Terrible. I come away from the letter just feeling truly awful for these student athletes. If my kid was playing at SJS, I would be livid after reading that. The transfer of so many good b-ball players in recent years starts to make a lot of sense after reading that. And fball is their ‘top priority’? Could’ve fooled the hell out of me.
  11. First, Virginia coming from losing to a 16-seed to winning the NC a year later and now Tiger. All in the last week. Redemption stories like these are why I love sports.