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  1. aggzilla

    Anyone watching Tennessee & Gonzaga?

    Great game. Hoping for a rematch in the Final Four.
  2. He might be the only one I can think of, at least in CFB.
  3. The dude was awful at OSU, not to mention having a full-out breakdown on the job a little over a year ago. No way is he ready to take the reins of a program. Lets say that, today, KWhitt takes a job somewhere else and Urban announces his candidacy for the job. Even say the doctors clear him and tell him he’s fit. Do you take him back, no hesitation whatsoever?
  4. If it goes down with GA returning, count me as extremely disappointed with the hire. I’m in utter disbelief at how many on the USU board are actually in favor of this hire, almost as if they have zero confidence that anyone else could come in and generate success and build upon what Wells left us, but rather shrivel back to a formula that is ‘tried and true’. I can’t think of a single instance where a coach exceeded the success he achieved the first time around.
  5. aggzilla

    UNM/NMSU game thread

    Seriously? ++++ you, lobos and this performance.
  6. aggzilla

    BYU to the Potato bowl?

    Per Brett McMurphy: https://mobile.twitter.com/Brett_McMurphy/status/1069265185410621440
  7. aggzilla

    Craig Smith

    Had last week in Boise turned out differently, I might go as far as saying a ‘great year’ but this has certainly been a very good year.
  8. aggzilla

    Craig Smith

    Played our best game of the early season so far tonight and put a clinic on UCI, 89-65. Smith has done a phenomenal job so far.
  9. aggzilla

    MWC Championship Game - Fresno St at Boise St

    Congrats Fresno!! That was a gutty performance on the blue.
  10. aggzilla

    FCS playoffs

    Weber has scored 34 unanswered to go up 34-7 early 3rd qtr.
  11. aggzilla

    Hawaii Bowl - Louisiana Tech vs Hawaii

    Who wouldn’t want out of CUSA at this point?
  12. aggzilla

    MW vs MVC

    Aggies didn’t play very well and allowed UNI to stay in the game longer than they should have and still almost won by 20.
  13. aggzilla

    Week 13 Gifs

    Utah State, along with its title and bowl aspirations
  14. aggzilla

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    Couldn’t do that all day against the Rams. Glad to see that our O showed up tonight.