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  1. Bama wins both games against UNLV: 8-0 in game 1. Tide came from behind to score two runs in the T/8 and T/9 to win game 2, 5-4. Rebels fall to 1-5.
  2. Can someone tell me why UNLV, with the Greenspun school of journalism and media, can’t send some students with cameras to the baseball field to broadcast a game as opposed to a single desk cam that is stationary up in the booth? A few years ago, I took a tour of the Greenspun building, along with with Darren Libonati, and saw first-hand all of the equipment they have at their disposal. Makes no sense, and I would almost rather tune in to a radio broadcast for this weekend’s series, instead.
  3. Had a great time at the game yesterday. Rebs started hot thanks to some errors on the part of CMU. Led 8-1 and then allowed them to come back to tie it before taking the lead again in the 8th.
  4. Utah State, along with its title and bowl aspirations
  5. Couldn’t do that all day against the Rams. Glad to see that our O showed up tonight.
  6. USU will play the winner of Arizona St/MS St on Wednesday
  7. Personally, I’m glad he didn’t.
  8. From T-mobile in Vegas. Ags up 16 on the gaels, 39-23, with 3 min until half.
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