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  1. Agreed. We’re already recouping the costs of the flight and travel by having the 13th game.
  2. This is a big loss for UH and the MW. Rolo did a phenomenal job with the deck stacked against him. Going to miss his aggressive style. Still can’t believe he was the lowest paid coach in the conference and it wasn’t even close. Best of luck to him in the Palouse and we’ll be seeing him on 9/5.
  3. Called it. But in all seriousness, you gotta give major props to Dutcher who had his team playing a such a high level right now.
  4. Any damage to USU resume from last nights loss can be compensated for with a win on Saturday. However, eye test says this is not a tourney team. Even if we get there, and that’s saying something, I don’t see us making a run. This squad just lacks the mojo that’s last year’s team had, and that even that team got run off the floor by a 9-seed.
  5. As a rebel fan, you have to be encouraged with that performance. I was torn watching the game as I love the Aggies but I’ll admit it was also great to see this rebel squad playing with some fire and intensity that we haven’t really seen all season. Loved the hustle and physicality. Tons of movement on offense, flying for loose balls, stifling defense. Here’s hoping the rebels can build off of this performance and compete in conference play.
  6. +1. I’ve been to four bowls with USU in the last decade (Potato, NM, Poinsettia, and AZ) and the AZ bowl has easily been my favorite. Spent three days down in Tucson... the locals were great, some good places to eat, there’s stuff to do, the bowl was well-organized and the pregame festivities were awesome. Not to mention AZ Stadium is a nice venue and it was 80 degrees at kickoff. No complaints other than we screwed the pooch against the sags.
  7. Hope will forever spring eternal for rebel fans.
  8. Although it would’ve been cool to see the B12 go 0-fer, I’m really enjoying this beatdown of the yoots.
  9. Aside from the opening drive and one big play at the end of the first qtr, pokes have put the clamps down on D.
  10. Huge score before half. Pokes making them pay on all of their mistakes.
  11. Could have a nice little qb battle in the offseason between Levi and Sean.
  12. Nice pattern and catch by Conway. Throw was spot on, too