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  1. First, Virginia coming from losing to a 16-seed to winning the NC a year later and now Tiger. All in the last week. Redemption stories like these are why I love sports.
  2. Agreed. I love listening to Robert’s analysis and perspective and have always thought he was a formidable replacement to Gondo. Robert tries to find the positives but even he got to a point this past season that there was no way of polishing the turds he was witnessing. His expression of disappointment in the team during their beatdown to Bucknell is a memorable call for me.
  3. Rebs won on a walk-off walk no less. Amazing comeback against a top 10 team. This, along with the Aviators opening their new ballpark in Summerlin it was a great night for baseball in Vegas.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26411800/how-2019-final-four-teams-were-built%3Fplatform%3Damp https://www.google.com/amp/s/fivethirtyeight.com/features/virginia-and-texas-tech-didnt-need-flashy-recruits-to-get-to-the-title-game/amp/
  5. Watching that interview with Tracy Wolfson, I’m convinced more than ever that Beard will win a NT, whether that is at TT or elsewhere. What a tremendous HC. I truly believe UNLV had the coach to lead them back to the promised land... of all of the follies that the rebel b-ball program has experienced since ‘91, I think the BOR’s actions in the Beard hire might have been the biggest.
  6. Talk about redemption... going from losing to a 16-seed to national champs a year later. Incredible. Basketball gods were definitely on the hoos’ side the past three games. As long as Beard stays at TT, they will be a powerhouse on the cbb scene. Those players have nothing to hang their heads about. What a great championship game that turned out to be.
  7. Virginia has gotten complacent the past few minutes and just stopped attacking. Just trying to hang on and it’s going to come back to bite them. TT is the aggressors right now
  8. 3-2 at the first media... man, barn burner in progress.
  9. It was a foul... just can’t believe they actually called it. Wow, what a game.
  10. Only thing missing was Gus Johnson on the call.
  11. USU will be participating in the Jamaica Classic. So far, only LSU and Rhode Island are in the field along with the Aggies. https://www.jamaicaclassic.com/
  12. Virginia-Purdue is getting good. Edwards for PU is putting on a shooting clinic.
  13. We can speculate about what happens, but the difference maker will forever be remembered for Perkins hitting the TT inbounder on the wrist. Seriously, what the holy f*** was he thinking at that moment? Zags had TT on the ropes and then that happened and turned into a 4-pt play that sealed it for the red raiders.
  14. TT held the Zags to 3 FG’s in the final 13 min for a reason and, while there were a bevy of TO’s, I think they were due to TT’s pressure. Talent-wise, Zags should’ve won this game going away, but TT is very well-coached and well-disciplined. I’m sold on Beard that he’s an elite HC and here’s hoping that he can take this team all the way. Pistols up! When the missed out of bounds call happened TT was already up 6 and ended up making only 1 of 2 FT’s on the subsequent foul. Do the Zags score there if the correct call was made? Who knows, but that wasn’t the difference maker in the win for TT.
  15. They had a home run hire and f**ked it up. You have to think what might have been with Beard if you’re a rebel fan.