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  1. Utah State, along with its title and bowl aspirations
  2. Couldn’t do that all day against the Rams. Glad to see that our O showed up tonight.
  3. USU will play the winner of Arizona St/MS St on Wednesday
  4. Personally, I’m glad he didn’t.
  5. From T-mobile in Vegas. Ags up 16 on the gaels, 39-23, with 3 min until half.
  6. That was a total jackass play by Gaje. Easy call to make, there.
  7. Just visited Aloha stadium a week ago for the USU game. They put my seats right behind the Spectrum TV tent so my wife and I moved higher up. Restrooms were very outdated and concessions were pretty bland but no lines. Saw some good-sized cockroaches roaming between the aisle where we sat. The jumbotron is sub-standard and reminds me of the one that USU had about in the mid-2000’s. There was also a constant audible buzzing sound coming from high above in the rafters with the lights. Sort of distracting at first but eventually got used to it as the game went on.
  8. But they were part of the problem. Or was someone else responsible for providing boosters access to the locker room?
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