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  1. Still have nightmares of that shovel pass from Brennan to Ilaoa that gashed us for huge gains. Freaking runaway tank... 260 lbs but could run a 4.6 40.
  2. Quoted for truth. Take USU’s game there in 2011. They go down 28-7 heading into the half and the bows have all the momentum, not to mention our starting qb Chuckie Keaton is hauled out on a stretcher with a neck injury. We come out after halftime and, with our backup qb Adam Kennedy, we orchestrate four scoring drives, the final one ending with a TD with a few seconds remaining to take the lead and win the game. But you go back and watch that game and still, to this day, I’m amazed at the amount of luck we had in that second half, in terms of avoiding near turnovers at crucial moments and the number of plays that went our way. The Stanley Morrison TD catch, for example, the ball is thrown into double coverage where it looks like either one of the DB’s end up with an easy pick, but miraculously the ball ends up in Morrison’s arms, both DB’s fall down, and he walks in for the TD. Strange, indeed.
  3. Ugh, anywhere but Boise...
  4. Wow, TNL is televising a Chaparral HS game? When I lived in Vegas, that school was awful at just about every sport. I think they had a losing streak in football that extended a couple of seasons when I was there.
  5. We’ll see how Love adjusts to a new OL, but I’ve noticed his composure and decision making in the pocket regress considerably when he’s pressured. You could say that about most qbs, sure, but it’s a part of Love’s game that I hope he’s been working to rectify in the offseason. No doubt that he’s going to be feeling a lot more pressure this season with this inexperienced line and tougher teams on the schedule.
  6. Texas-El Paso @bornsilverandblue is up
  7. I’ll take the Ramblin’ Wreck @bsu_alum9 is up
  8. Cgzpack already took Tulane. Pick again @Slapdad
  9. @bornsilverandblue is up, then @Slapdad
  10. Man, I was hoping BC would fall to me.
  11. Agreed, with USU and UNR at the top of the next tier.
  12. This post reminds me of Guthrie’s The Big Sky. Open spaces and uninhabited territory of the west is all but gone.
  13. Air Force @bsu_alum9 is up