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  1. Air Force UNM CSU SDSU UNLV USU Nevada SDSU Nevada SDSU
  2. You have no idea. Try being a fan of this team.
  3. In a way, I’m kinda relieved. We would’ve embarrassed ourselves on the stage once again.
  4. Utah State football schedule: Thu. Sept 3 - Washington StateSat. Sep 12 - SUUSat. Sep 19 - @ WashingtonSat. Sep 26 - ByeFri. Oct 2 - @ BYUSat. Oct 10 - SDSUSat. Oct 17 - @ Boise StateSat. Oct 24 - New MexicoSat. Oct 31 - @ NevadaSat. Nov 7 - @ WyomingSat. Nov 14 - Fresno StateSat Nov 21 - @ CSUSat. Nov 28 - Air Force We’re looking at a 1-5 start square in the face. Boise and SDS on consecutive weeks is brutal.
  5. The Zags and BYU have a solid foundation that transcends coaching changes. I think SMC will go back to being a run of the mill program, and nowhere near as consistent, as soon as Bennett leaves or retires.
  6. Yes sir. I currently have no plans of coming down next week but might make an exception if it comes to this.
  7. Agree with the spots in Logan, although I would also add Maymoes. There’s got to be better places to eat in Vegas than Four Kegs, which is also nowhere near campus. Did they just copy a list of places that Fieri’s been to on triple D?
  8. He shoved him in the back, completely unprovoked. Lucky for Haws he can get away with that stuff in Provo. And he is a damn good player... he’s better than that. We’ll be interesting to see if the WCC says or does anything tomorrow.
  9. It was a total dick move. Should’ve been at least a flag 1.
  10. If SDSU doesn’t win the MWT, I hope it’s the rebels. 2nd best team in the conference right now
  11. Hell f*****g yeah!!! Way to go, rebs! I was pacing my living room the last 10 min of that one.
  12. Agreed. I would say around the time Adam Morrison, Ronny Turiaf, and Derek Raivio were on the squad, so circa ‘04-‘06.
  13. Bama wins both games against UNLV: 8-0 in game 1. Tide came from behind to score two runs in the T/8 and T/9 to win game 2, 5-4. Rebels fall to 1-5.
  14. if this team can somehow find its touch from the outside, I believe we can win out. We’ll see. We can argue about play-in games, but I don’t think we should ever settle for that as a best chance of winning in the tourney, this season or any other. A knee jerk reaction on my part.. not directed at you so much as I’m just just tired of the pessimistic/defeatist attitude of Aggie fans in general. One reason I no longer frequent the USU board.
  15. Agreed... it should be eight bubble teams vying it out for those four spots.