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  1. You were supposed to post this in the UNLV vs USD thread last week.
  2. Can we? Absolutely Will we? That’s why people buy tickets and watch. Concern? Injuries and inconsistent weak ass officiating. Looking forward to the fun while finding out. Conference play is a whole other animal.
  3. I wasn’t overly impressed with the DLC. Nice basic facility, nothing special. I liked games at the Orleans more. Same basic facility but free parking, multiple places to eat before walking into the game. Easy in and out. I used to like the seats on the rail right over the player tunnel. We were 10 minutes getting into parking, got there early. Another 20 minutes getting tickets at the ticket office because they didn’t email them as promised. The trip out was a 4 mile detour going the wrong direction. This is just a smaller local multi use facility. Had fun there for 1 game.
  4. A little perspective. KK salary drops in right below this illustrious group of professionals. https://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/the-10-highest-paid-coaches-in-silver-state-history-03-04- UNLV has broken the bank with its last two high-profile coaching hires, giving basketball coach T.J. Otzelberger a five-year, $5.75 million deal and football coach Marcus Arroyo a five-year, $7.7 million contract. In the last 12 months, the Rebels have committed $13.45 million in contracts for its football and basketball coach for the next five years. Arroyo's deal starts at $1.5 million annually and rises to $1.6 million annually by the end of his tenure. Arroyo will eventually get some company in the $1.5 million plateau from Otzelberger and Nevada's Steve Alford, but for now, he's the king of the Silver State when it comes to annual salary. 2t. T.J. Otzelberger, UNLV basketball, $1.1 million UNLV handed Otzelberger a five-year, $6.5 million contract that paid him $1.1 million in 2019-20 and will run up to $1.5 million for his last season at UNLV. That's an elite price tag in the Mountain West, whose highest-paid coach ever is Alford, who maxed out at $1.3 million before leaving New Mexico for UCLA (Alford's deal at Nevada pays him $500,000 this year and increase to $1.5 million eventually). Otzelberger's $6.5 million even surpassed the five-year, $5.75 million pact UNLV gave to Chris Beard a few offseasons ago before he bounced to Texas Tech after a couple of weeks. That contract isn’t included in this breakdown given he never logged a season with the Rebels. 2t. Lon Kruger, UNLV basketball, $1.1 million Kruger was the first coach in the state’s history to break the $1 million mark. He earned it. The former NBA coach is the only man to lead four schools to the Sweet 16, doing so at UNLV in 2007. He was 161-71 in seven seasons at UNLV, with four NCAA Tournament appearances and two NITs (he left a strong roster that reached the NCAAs the two years following his departure). Kruger was eventually lured away by Oklahoma's big bucks, a move that didn't have UNLV fans heartbroken. Many fans thought he maxed out with the Rebels; clearly they were wrong. UNLV has struggled since his departure. 4. Eric Musselman, Nevada basketball, $1 million After two seasons at the cut-rate price of $400,000 per season, Musselman cashed in with a record-setting deal that paid him $1 million annually, the highest in Wolf Pack history. Musselman had a record-breaking four-year tenure at Nevada, earning 110 wins, four MW titles and three NCAA Tournament berths, including a Sweet 16 in 2018. He also won the CBI in his first season, increasing Nevada's win total from nine to 24. The Wolf Pack's big contract didn't keep Musselman in town, however, as he signed a five-year, $12.5 million contract with Arkansas in April 2019. 5. Rollie Massimino, UNLV basketball, $886,000 The most controversial contract in the state's history paid Massimino $886,000 annually – only few people knew that. His approved contract paid him $511,000 per year, but he received another $375,000 unknown to the Nevada Board of Regents. He was forced out after two seasons, the contract being used as the scapegoat following a 15-13 season and plummeting attendance. Massimino won a national title at Villanova but couldn't fill Jerry Tarkanain's big shoes. He got a $1.8 million settlement to go away at UNLV. This contract was a complete disaster. 6T. Marvin Menzies, UNLV basketball, $700,000 Menzies wasn’t UNLV’s first choice for the job a few years ago, with the Rebels trying to lure Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin and then hiring Beard before he bounced for his alma mater. UNLV eventually settled for Menzies, who was given a contract that paid him $700,000 in guaranteed money in each of his first three seasons on the job, with that number rising to $800,000 in 2019-20 and 2020-21. Unfortunately for Menzies, he didn’t make it to 2019-20 after being fired after three years on the job. 6T. Dave Rice, UNLV basketball, $700,000 Kruger's successor, Rice, posted a good record. He was 98-54 at UNLV, a 64.5 winning percentage, with two NCAA Tournament appearances and three 20-win campaigns in four full seasons. But his teams struggled in the MW, where Rice was 37-32. He was fired three games into conference play in 2015-16 and eventually became an assistant at Nevada before moving on to Washington. Oddly, the Silver State has paid its basketball coaches more than its football coaches, with hoops coaches taking six of the top seven spots on this list. It’s usually the opposite with Division I schools spending more on football, the big cash cow.
  5. I can see CKK building something special but will the university pay him when he does? Different Kruger, same story? How many million were flushed in the past decade? As we were just told year #3 is decision time. TJO contract was $6.5m over 5 years. KK contract $3.85m. $2.65m difference. We’ll see if there is anyone with business sense at the school.
  6. This town is hungry for a good RUNNIN REBEL team! How do you eat an elephant.?
  7. Lon rebuilt everything once and the the university’s decisions tore it down. Now another Kruger is building it back. After 3 decades of track record I have zero faith that UNLV won’t follow their same familiar pattern and screw it up again trying to save a few dollars. If nothing else they are predictable. I’m still hoping Harper “gets it”. So far so good.
  8. In the lower bowl we all just pushed together to get people out of the isles. Didn’t sit down till halftime and stood up the whole 2nd half. Many packed games in there over the years. Most of the time for the first decade it was a crazy environment. That only happens with a good product on the floor.
  9. So by end of the month. Not much of a standard, more of a bump in the road.
  10. And yet I remember a game delayed for 20 minutes when a fire marshal needed to sign off on over 20,000 people in a facility with a capacity of 18,500. Can’t count how many times I almost passed out from yelling at many games. That place has been MONEY for UNLV for decades. Only 1 thing has changed and it is currently in the process of another change for the better. This isn’t the SBSB.
  11. Ticket prices were reduced this year by 40% to encourage people to move down to the lower bowl and to also stimulate sales. We’ve had more butts in the seats for OOC supposedly nobody teams this year than in a long time. Could the style of play and winning be making a difference? It took a decade of bad coaches and decisions by the AD and Admin to get us here. It might take a minute or two to undo the damage done. If you build it, they will come. A winning program.
  12. My point is that facilitates haven’t been a problem for MBB. RR coming here to stir his little troll stick doesn’t change that. I just deleted 3 paragraph when it hit me that RR starts these things about every year to troll his own so called fellow fans. It’s ludicrous and so is talk about tearing down a $400m facility to build a smaller $200m facility. That’s UNLV business math at it’s finest
  13. The T$M never has been a problem. The play on the court is what sells tickets. Think about how exciting it would be at Gorman’s gym with a TJO team? The last 2 times ticket sales have increased were both times when we had a coach named Kruger. I’m more worried about UNLV screwing around with this Kruger hire than I am about the T&M regaining the great atmosphere it was built for. People show up and cheer when there is something worth showing up and cheering about. If CKK can continue with a good trajectory we’ll see by the end of next year if anything with the admin and athletic department has changed.
  14. Just as ridiculous as the last 10 times Rob and PH wanted to tear something down. That property on Trop seems to bother RR just sitting there empty. I hope we never build on it except class and facilities buildings. The T& M is 45 years old not 40. It has gone through regular upgrades over that timespan. To say that it is outdated is just anther play for attention.
  15. Still an early sample against the entirety of last year but so far so good. 2021-22 we had 2 guys scoring in dbl figures and 2 guys shooting above or close to 40% from 3. 2022-23 so far we have 3 guys scoring in dbl figures with 5 guys shooting above 40% from 3. Cottrell is an outlier with only 1 tre attempt but if he returns he’ll shoot the 3 well. Results are all about better defense and playing better team ball
  16. The only thing wrong with the T&M is that the operators don’t know how to run the facility. They are so worried about spending or losing a buck they cheap out. Good changes made this year on ticket pricing and season ticket sales but concessions still suck and there is zero reason for it other than the operation team being afraid to invest in making a change. Ice is the new unneeded expense, really? One place in there made good stadium food but then decided that chopped onions were an unnecessary expense. They loose $20-$30 every game now because I wont buy their food without the onions.
  17. Game last night Hawaii had their way. They wanted to slow down the game and make it ugly and we let them. No problem if we learn from it. Wide swinging wing to wing passes, breakdown the interior defense with drives into the key and then shoot with both bigs crashing the boards or dish to a big. It worked somewhat all night but not enough. The officials were making cheesy calls all night, nothing consistent and killing the flow. It was physical and ugly but really never in question. I appreciate Hawaii showing us something different. A few guys got in foul trouble early so CKK needed to run some different rotations. EP was taken off the court early and often. DLC has a good atmosphere, food was limited but good, but prices high. 9-0, next.
  18. You never met an Arena or stadium that you didn’t want to tear down at UNLV.
  19. Rebels sound very confident in being able to play defense hard for 40 minutes. As usual so far this season it will come down to our offense and their confidence has been growing throughout the season. Line is up to -8 seems about right. I’m interested in how we play defense and make corrections. 4 games till conference play.
  20. If Odom took a deal without getting what he wants for staff $$ then that would be a 1st dumb move. We keep swinging but at least we are starting to swing up in terms of $$. We’ll see what happens. I renewed my football tickets 2 weeks ago.
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