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  1. Oh yeah I saw the carne asada fries in the menu section of the website. I’ll fit that in somewhere this year. 2 more Rebel games and I have 1 Raiders game.
  2. I could care less about Martell and never put much faith in him being a game changer. I don’t know anything about him but like fans everywhere if he could help my program win then I’m all for him. My hope and faith for the program at the QB position this year has always been Brumfield and then Friel but I haven’t had much luck there either. I’m a Rebel and a Raider fan so that about says it all for my luck over the past 20 or 30 years.
  3. So i guess when you hear that your facilities might be holding you back from a P5 invite and you really don’t want to spend the money to improve them, start a rumor and hire a architect to do preliminary sketches. “We’re putting everything together to make facilities improvements, as soon as we get that new contract for $30 million “.
  4. Targeting has become such a BScall or non call anymore. It all about protecting the players except when you want to get off the field and go home. UNLV will need to take the game away from officials and win on their own steam and without doubt. Until then….whippet-boy. To sum it up again, the officials are partial and they suck. Conclusion is that you just gotta win anyway.
  5. Many of the pieces are starting to fit together better. The whole is still lacking especially when we have key players out like primarily Brumfield and Friel. 2 or 3 games so far have turned when those two guys were knocked out or unable to complete a game along with EWU when Brumfield was put in too late after Rogers tanked. Defensive backfield is the most suspect on the team overall. How we finish the year will speak volumes. I’m optimistic that it will all come together.
  6. Friel has shown good ability, effort and instincts… most of the time, for his young age. He is getting the one thing he needs which is experience. Brumfield has that added experience along with a better developed game that comes from an extra year. If we could ever get them both healthy the defense might get a little breathing room. Frustratingly close to not just winning a game but getting over the top of a big hurdle. It’s coming soon.
  7. I think this is RR with an alter ego.
  8. 316 pages with nothing happening west of or even close to the Rockies. I figure around page 512 we’ll get around to the Big Sky hopes for realignment maybe with the RCMP. Other than the P5 all other realignment is just reshuffling a pile of tired old cards and has about as much chance for success as…
  9. You don’t need to kick kids out to show that you are capable. You need to get the right kids in the first place and be able to teach and coach them up.
  10. If you take a few minutes to look at the coaching staff you would know that even if they don’t play anything else that this team will play defense. After that most of it will revolve around play at the PG. I don’t know at what point it will happen but this team will mesh. Kruger definitely recruits character..
  11. I believe that UNLV will have their own market in Vegas. It still and always has revolved around winning. UNLV football doesn’t compete against the Raiders. When it ever gets going and becomes competitive/entertaining we will see a fan base at the games that will be there to enjoy FBS football and enjoy that at a significantly lower price point. The same will be true for basketball. Professional sports in Vegas doesn’t affect UNLV sports nearly as much as not winning.
  12. You would certainly think that a guy who has spent most of his life either being a QB or coaching them would have a better grasp on the position. Baffling to say the least
  13. If our QB corps is down to Rogers and Martell then just phone in the loss. I’d start and play Martell the entire game if he doesn’t also get hurt… again. At least he’ll get some reps whereas Rogers should only see the field if Martell also goes down. Either way the defense should be beat about to death by mid way through the 3rd qtr seeing as they’ll be on the field all night. With Brumfield and maybe Friel we’d definitely be ready for a fight but without them not so much. Attendance will almost certainly be down with an 8pm start. I won’t be at this game for that exact reason and a
  14. Somewhere I heard that Brumfield wasn’t suited out for the game? Whatever the deal is with Martell he seams to be behind Rogers in the lineup. It doesn’t matter though because after Brumfield and Friel the cupboard is empty. Brumfield has the best stats and ratings by far and he himself lends a dual threat on offense. He is by far and away our best chance to win.
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