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  1. Here’s a breakdown: https://unlvrebels.com/news/2020/10/14/general-las-vegas-and-unlv-awarded-eight-ncaa-championships.aspx
  2. We’re just a lowly program of past accomplishments in the 2nd year of our 3rd rebuild in 6 years. Nothing to see here. You other dynamos just go about your business.
  3. Most MWC fans when thinking about helping them have a different reaction:
  4. These guys are harder to get rid of than herpes..... so I’ve been told. If we could ever get Robe and stunner’s last foot out of the door maybe we can get it closed. While they would like you to play nice:
  5. Hindsight is a luxury only politicians can afford. Everything looks very different in the world 4 months later. It will look different still in another month as well. Just remember, it’s still 2020for another few months.
  6. More love but I’m not all in... https://bustingbrackets.com/2020/09/28/mountain-west-basketball-preseason-power-rankings-2020-21-season/
  7. You are a legend in your own mind.
  8. The norm has become to just play conference and try to avoid more risks than necessary. Top priority is to get through conference play AMAP and hope that there will be a Dance. This also allows a normal rotation of players finishing their final year so that freshman can rotate in next year. Gotta dig out of the current mess this season.
  9. Dead man walking. In 2020 he is disgraced and discharged. He’ll pop up again in a few years in some other back water town.
  10. Somehow UNLV Runnin Freedom Fighters doesn’t have the same ring to it. I guess Rebel gas stations will all need to rename along with a bunch of others.
  11. The whole Hey Reb thing was so poorly conceived and handled for decades. Besides, what is it, 1955 again? Why do we or anyone else need a freaking mascot? UNLV Rebels says enough. Running Rebels is the name and identity in basketball 🏀
  12. The Raiders bring much more to the community than 8 or 10 games and a few hundred million. This is something that enriches the entire southern Nevada region and is just one of many benefits of an NFL locally.
  13. Great way to start the year. That is how you build an elite program. We need to play elite competition.
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