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  1. This year was setup perfectly with the Canadian games and practices during the summer and then leading into the fall practices with a good OOC schedule. Then Covid destroyed sports . Right now we should be playing the last of the OOC games. Instead we have missed months of practice time and 1/3 of our newly pieced together schedule. Enjoy everything happening right now. There are and have been a ton of positives that have come of this shit year. Next year we can all get back to D1 sports.
  2. Some people thought a UNLV win was only possible if hell froze over. Las Vegas this morning...
  3. It will be interesting to see the defensive effort in game 2 for the Rebs.
  4. The team and PT are starting to shake themselves out. Blake is a starter, Del Cadia is a role player/substitute that needs another year to let the game slow down for him. Mbacke is showing signs of maturity and confidence. Jenkins needs to work within the offense and take good shots in rhythm. Hamilton and Blake are the guys to break down the opposition offense. Defense is starting to shine as it should at this time of year. Attitude and effort are definitely there and at a level that is encouraging for good things to happen as we move forward. Staff and team are more cohesive than I’ve seen i
  5. Blake has a ton of upside and will be a star on this team. He is so far ahead of anyone we’ve had in a long time. The 2 blown plays at the end looked that much worse because of how brilliantly he broke down the defense before he turned it over. We won and he learned a lot from the embarrassment of the situation. As I said yesterday it is mid conference and anything can happen. The one thing I see is that the Rebs are starting to gel again and play up to their potential. This staff is again showing their capabilities once again given enough time and playing time for the players to get
  6. USU should walk away easily with 2 wins. That said we as a conference are approaching that mid season timespan where anything can happen. The conference is starting to come together and play tougher.
  7. This thread looks just like what happens after a new middle school is build and the let the 13 year olds come up with a mascot and name except this thread has no other purpose than the let the trolls have a minute in the sun.
  8. Covid pass then after he fails next year he’s gone
  9. Just like BS-u’s value to the conference, a false positive.
  10. I like seeing the 1st year players on the court together. The biggest value of this game is giving these guys PT to come together.. I hope we can reschedule summer games this year.
  11. Martinez has zero minutes and Yap has 10 minutes on the season. They could be looking at red shirt.
  12. With BHam out maybe Yap can get some run. Blake should start at PG and slide Jenkins over to the 2. This game was to be a scrimmage to get the guys some reps and to run a few schemes. With Coleman out for the season it is needed more than ever before we roll into the 2nd half of conference play.
  13. Another car on this crazy train is that visitors are required to quarantine but the basketball teams can leave the state to travel around the country and return without needing to quarantine?
  14. Just to be clear... https://www.ktnv.com/sports/unlv-sports/unlv-retires-hey-reb-mascot-moves-ahead-without-replacement
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