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  1. Just maybe Woodbury made his Own decision for his own reasons. There certainly has been a bunch of shooters recruited this past month but that was essential to run the type of offense that we expect to see. Otz will probably need 3-5 solid shooting guards to handle the floor and bench. I wish Trey the best. Marvin Coleman hardly saw the floor last year. That was a decision made by the former coach and doesn’t necessarily mean that he is incapable of being a solid contributor. I’m excited to see what this staff can do to develop players, especially the returners.
  2. I show 13 scholarship players as of now. The list is in the 1st post of this thread. The fact that a scholarship was offered to a walk on leads me to believe that this squad is locked in.
  3. Don’t let facts stand in the way of a good pontification.
  4. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-basketball/unlv-puts-together-challenging-but-winnable-basketball-schedule-1667558/
  5. As crazy as that sounds it somehow just fits in to the story line of Marv’s tenure at UNLV. I expected him to get canned next year but I’m OK with how everything is turning out.
  6. Typical, every time someone disagrees they get insulted. I don’t know why they even engage you when you always turn it into a pissing contest.
  7. I just went into VC to find that and the date for it is May 17, 2019....tomorrow. That is a scoop.
  8. That seems a little far fetched but it was in one of the articles about UNLV and the T&M revenue. I tried to go back to find it but I must have exceeded my free views of the RJ. No way I’m subscribing especially if this is the kind of “New math” they use.
  9. So after hearing for years how it was so difficult getting Home/Home schedules with P5 teams, all of a sudden we are getting them in groups over the past few weeks. Huh? I like it but I am a little surprised at the moment.
  10. Ding Ding Ding. I believe that you are correct. I believe that Blair was last year as well but that he was offered a scholarship for 2019-2020. I corrected the list above.
  11. An article I read in the last day or two stated that for every 1000 season tickets sold that those butts in the seats generate over $1million in concession sales. Getting butts in the seats is critical to the survival of this program and that is a crucial objective for the AD. Looking at how much more empty the T&M was year by year I wonder how many million$ were lost based on the long and slow rebuild system. Even the fans that were there were less than enthusiastic so were all probably were motivated to spend much money or at least I wasn’t. When the T&M is rockin’ it is a cash machine and even though that has been slipping for years having a coach that is active at getting out into the community to sell the program in the way that Fisher did years ago as SUDS is a great 1st step. Having an AD fully supporting and participating in those efforts is a big plus. 6 years of sliding into irrelevance won’t be reversed overnight but at least someone is giving the effort a “good old college try”.
  12. This is so funny the way the assumptions are being made to support a point of view without any facts to base them on. Scheduling up is bad because it will generate more losses. The roster is in a rebuilding state so we will take a big step back. Everything positive that DRF does is a gimmick. Most of the recent changes would have happened anyway under Marv. Still over 4 months before the Rebels under Otz even step foot on the T&M floor and the season is already a failure. I sure hope that he can get it together for his 2nd season. We’ll probably be know in another week or two.
  13. Well the roster is at 13 but there are still other players being recruited. I would expect Jenkins to go to Gonzaga if it is a serious offer. Around and around we go.... This team will definitely have a different look when the season starts. Team: Nick Blair - F - S Djordjije Sljivancanin - F - S Cheikna Dembele - F - S Elijah Mitrou-Long - G - S Mbacke Diong - F - J Jonah Antonio - G - J Amauri Hardy - G - J Ben Coupet Jr - F - J Jay Green - G - J Vitalit Shibel - F - J Bryce Hamilton - G - So Moses Wood - G - So Walk On: Marvin Coleman - G - So https://lasvegassun.com/news/2019/may/16/otzelberger-adds-vitaliy-shibel-as-grad-transfer/ The Sun article says that 1 schollie is still available so 1 of the current roster must be a walk-on.