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  1. Rice beat UNC in Vegas but neutral site, Orleans. Rice also beat Oregon in his last year, not Marv at MGM. I believe the only top 50 team Marv ever beat was Reno 2 years ago. Nobody is using Dave or Marv as a measuring stick.
  2. Does any of this seem somewhat familiar. BSU wants more, threatens consequences if their demands are not met and will almost certainly be involved in talks with “other interested parties”. Last time around the situation was ripe for the MWC to panic and do something stupid. This time around it sounds like more thought was put into this by the conference. Time will tell but, well we’ll see.
  3. We’ve been in a little slump but things are looking up.
  4. Even with this effort continuing and the W/L record swinging back to winning it will be a drawn out process to get consistent attendance. Vegas fans have been sold the bull too many times. We have a good start to Rebel Redux 3.0 though.
  5. Rebs fought like hell. Still trying to find consistent shooting. Hardy doesn’t seem to be getting the concept of this TEAM ball stuff. Looks way too playground/AAU. Antonio without offense is a liability. EML coming back should help but maybe give Green more time.
  6. Congrats on finally breaking the 20 win wall SDSU. It was a fun game.
  7. This team still Has more talent than what they’ve shown. I’m still excited to see what the year holds for us as far as growth and putting together the foundation for next year and beyond.
  8. I expected this from play over the past 5 games. Good move.
  9. You hate it to the tune of 5 to 7 posts per page and shout down every dissenting opinion.
  10. Yep, moral high ground from another perspective.
  11. Most of those lower bowl tickets are sold but never have butts in the seats. Even those were starting to go back on the block.
  12. This game won’t be about the bigs. SDSU has long athletes and play tough team defense. They are complete and consistent. UNLV will need low turnovers, high outside shooting % and 40 minutes of solid defense to have a chance. SDSU is known, UNLV is still learning how to do what SDSU does every time they play. I don’t see SDSU hurting themselves so they will take this game by 8 to 12 points. Rebs need to give 40 minutes of 100% effort and learn from the experience.
  13. This thread typifies what it must be like dealing with BSU on about every level. I’m not surprised that the bloom is off of the rose. Now it smells just like what it is and always has been.
  14. TJO’s salary is the same as Kruger’s last salary at UNLV 10 years prior. UNLV tried going cheap to the tune of about 60% of what was already being budgeted. The results speak for themselves. I’m still not convinced that anyone on Maryland Prky has ever added up the MILLIONS lost over the past decade since making their piss poor decisions. We are now in year one of the new direction being set. New and professional hand on the tiller of the AD. Time will tell.