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  1. We should start having more roster stability moving forward. Recruiting should also start ticking up once a foundation is set. That is what last year, somewhat and especially this year is all about along with a strong dose of culture. It’s about time.
  2. Perfect timing. Vegas has and is going through a heat advisory with temp up to 110*.
  3. Yeah I saw that but had to leave some low hanging fruit for the usual Reno crew. They wrote the headline their way and I wrote it the way it matters to me. I’m already a Rebel season holder. Grey seating to go with our red shirts and swag. Too bad the Neanderthals broke the cannon years ago, it would sound so cool being fired inside the dome.. FIFY
  4. Pics and a vid of the inside of Rebel Stadium. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/photos-reveal-what-inside-of-las-vegas-rrebels-new-allegiant-stadium-looks-like/
  5. The UNLV turf started going in yesterday. The video was on the local news this morning. I just saw green and hopefully they won’t have all of that cheesy pictures and symbology so many colleges think is cool. Did I mention it was green and not some other gimmick color.
  6. Don’t forget, oh I get to sit in a state of the art stadium and a comfortable seat in an air-conditioned environment and have the ability to eat quality concessions instead of steamed hotdogs in dry buns. Let’s just get to the real importance first.
  7. Possession of the cannon has its benefits. https://unlvrebels.com/news/2020/5/20/general-unlv-wins-silver-state-series-for-seventh-time-in-eight-years.aspx
  8. So after 3 years of being told about how this was a horrible deal for the Rebels and the town the haters are down to hanging their little bitchy panties on 1 game still being at the SBS. Im more concerned about if there will even be a season and game to go to...anywhere.
  9. Twitter needs to fact check these statements.
  10. What successful program is going to lose a proven coach. Trying to cut a salary is tantamount to firing the coach and good coaches will find someone willing to pay their price. Move ahead 1 year and then try to rebuild a staff and have the success needed to fund the AD at that time. Corona politics involved in everything these days. Most of us are just trying to get to the other side of this mess.
  11. Not much meat in this Grimala article but in this day and age anything is good eats. https://lasvegassun.com//news/2020/may/26/bryce-hamilton-aiming-to-build-on-breakout-season/
  12. Good luck if you are depending on politicians making a decision to spend money right now. Everything involving spending new money is going to be frozen for a few years.
  13. Well here is some interesting news. The first part about Caleb Grill is OK but after that... https://lasvegassun.com//news/2020/may/21/ncaa-delays-one-time-transfer-vote-rebels-will-pur/
  14. 1st: I wonder if any of us season ticket holders will actually be able to go to the games? 2nd: I thought that there was supposed to be problems scheduling games (according to the people around here)? Switching a game from a Saturday to a Friday isn’t an issue. The only question in my mind is what kinds of concessions will they offer? So happy to bid San Boyd Stadium farewell.