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  1. This game only confirms what I already know: 1. The #1 challenge to this team is at the QB position. Rogers is not up to the task, next. Fries being a true Frosh has possibilities but needs more time and experience, jury is still out. Martell, who knows as he hasn’t been healthy long enough to see anything. Brumfield is our guy, he LEADSthe team and the team has confidence in him, also cannot seem to play a whole game without getting hurt. 2. See #1. Everything else is skewed by the lack of production on offense. Defense is on the field too long and too often. Team morale drops off.
  2. When Brumfield is playing the offense and defense hold their heads up and play with energy and confidence.
  3. First you need to qualify… https://247sports.com/college/washington-state/Article/WSU-mens-basketball-coach-Kyle-Smith-extended-through-2026-27-171592424/
  4. As soon as Brumfield went out it was game over.
  5. New QB looks a little different from Brumfield. Now UNLV defense will be on the field 80% of the time.
  6. Think about how we play when Brumfield is in the game, like the 1st qtr of the ASU game.
  7. We haven’t been able to see what this team can do when we’ve been severly lacking in the QB department. When the QB can keep the offense on the field, give the defense a breather and heaven forbid score some points, everything else starts to work better.
  8. We’ll just keep stealing water from the north. It’s worked great so far.
  9. Our football program will be quickly fixed with the additional $28million in revenue sharing from the PAC. Multiple P5 programs have proved that. $2billion football stadium, $38million practice facility, Vegas to recruit to, Throw another $6million into staff starting with a $3-$4million HC. Overall everything in the AD changes with that influx of $.
  10. Writing meet Wall. https://www.blocku.com/2021/6/13/22532588/playoff-expansion-would-be-a-win-for-pac-12
  11. Tons of ideas and options out there… https://www.mwcconnection.com/2021/9/16/22677250/stats-corner-a-realignment-proposal-for-pac-12-and-mwc
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