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  1. Makes sense for him. Thanks for 3 years and best of luck. NEXT
  2. I would hope that we are aiming higher than this guy now. This was an old offer and best left alone as I expect it is.
  3. Way beyond me. He has talent and athleticism. His biggest asset is that he is very coachable, like Patrick McCaw a few years ago. I expect him to go pro and I hope at least G League. At that level I think he has a good chance with good coaching. Better than 50%. Right out of the gate getting drafted... no but with 1 more year and looking at his trajectory so far, m-a-y-b-e. Now to answer a potential trolling question, He’ll yah! He’s a Rebel so NBA here he comes.
  4. Bryce has been a solid no problems player. His decisions so far have been mature beyond his years. I have had and continue to have faith in his future decisions. He’ll do what is best for his future and career and I’m OK with that. This would be his 3rd new coaching staff in as many years. Bryce has given us his all but I’d like to see another year. The question is, if he needs another year to up parts of his game will this new staff be capable to do that in year 1?
  5. Getting BHam or Jenkins back would start to solidify the roster a bunch. Both having played for Kruger in the past brings some much needed continuity in player leadership. Coleman will be a key piece in that same leadership of work ethic and attitude. 50/50 is still better than Transferred.
  6. I hope that Marv can land the UTEP job. He’ll do well there.
  7. Why even engage? Really, you already know where it is going. As said above it’s just trolling by some one who is still more interested in trying to BE RIGHT and proving to the other 95% of the fan base that they were wrong. Constantly insulting and demeaning to everyone that disagrees. Then playing all of the games about who said what when and why. 2 years now and it is the same thing over and over and over and over. Just smile and move on. Just like a homeless cat, if you feed it you will never be shed of it.
  8. This is the perfect hire. Solid coach and program builder. He knows the west and MWC in general. Players respect and like him. It’s about time Sparty.
  9. In terms of basketball history and tradition...no. In terms of money...yes. Beard will do well there until a bigger paycheck/dream job comes along. I personally hope he fails miserably and has the resulting mental breakdown on National TV.
  10. Bench players with 3-4 years P5 experience > starting D2 players.... usually. It still comes down to the staff’s eye, evaluation and coaching ability. So far nothing to be REALLY excited about but also nothing to be disappointed about either. The decisions made in the past few weeks look solid and professional just like I would expect from Kruger.
  11. I believe he said he was keeping his options open and not reopening his recruitment. Smart for him to see how everything comes together before making another final decision. Once again who lead his recruitment from the TJO staff? Might also explain more about Buckley remaining on staff. It also can’t hurt that we now have a top big man coach from the B12. I expect to see a big step up in front court play moving forward. Maybe Ding Dong will become King Kong...
  12. I think that we already got everyone from OU that we are going to get.
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