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  1. These decisions will be made by bureaucrats and administrators in the end. It will eventually get down to $$$. Take enough out of the pot for the universities and they will lose there motivation to deal with the rest of the mess that comes with “amature “ sports. Most schools use this revenue to support many or even all of their other sports programs. Many of the schools are already cutting sports due to money isssues so this will just be another kick in the nuts. The players think that this is the beginning of a revolution but I think that the past 6 months of dealing with Covid has toughened up a bunch of these administrators. We shall see and probably sooner than later. I see the schools holding meetings and trying to work through some of the demands but there are several demands that will become deal breakers and they all revolve around money, surprise! Then some will boycott or is the PC term opt out and it will be next man up. This will be an interesting week or 3.
  2. What’s with the negative waves. We may all get more national network games. There will not be games before January anyway so there will be plenty of time for this to run its course
  3. Ok so the PAC is out for the upcoming football season. I’d expect most or all of the other P5 to follow suit. This could be the catalyst for the change to a semi-pro league or the long awaited separation of the P5 from the NCAA. Let the strike begin and finally be done with the drama. I watch college sports 96% of the time anyway so these prima donnas won’t see any of my money anyway. NFL needs a G league anyways.
  4. UNLV will be in May Madness this coming season.
  5. The only chance to have any semblance of a season is if they get a vaccine before say Thanksgiving then maybe start a season after the 1st of the year. The battle lines are drawn in the political word and sports fans don’t figure into the equation.
  6. Once a vaccine is developed and the first 100 million doses are distributed then add on another few weeks and everyone will be putting together opening plans. Until then no bureaucrat or public employee will put their neck on the line in any way related to student athletes and Covid. Earliest projections of a vaccine is now September with near immediate distribution. November is the earliest pie in the sky projection for any return to normalcy.
  7. While I believe that I’ll be waiting till next season to occupy my season seats they sure look like a giant upgrade over my seats at SBSB these past 40 years. We still may see a vaccine early fall but that is about the only savior remaining for most sports and almost all of the college variety.
  8. Sorry to lose those games and especially the related practices.
  9. A quick review of Jenkins. https://lasvegassun.com//news/2020/jul/05/analysis-david-jenkins-is-star-scorer-unlv-needs/
  10. At this point I don’t expect to see a 2020 season in basketball or football.
  11. Not only football but basketball as well. Nothing in close contact till a vaccine is developed.
  12. Henderson is in the Vegas Valley.
  13. Well, this article is interesting. I haven’t really spent any time yet thinking much about the squad as a whole. I hope the season actually happens. https://lasvegassun.com//news/2020/jun/09/biggest-difference-for-runnin-rebels-in-2020-might/
  14. It also looks so much more big time than the turf with all of the Vegas sign logos and BS like in the SBS. That field on game day will portray a new beginning and a quality program. Everything is in place to make a serious change to UNLV football history.
  15. I’m not a fan of the Mooring years not only because of him but also because of the lack of team play and discipline as a team. Those guys were lost most of the time when the game got tight or the opposing team made changes. Jovan was allowed to do what he did because the team wasn’t prepared to make changes and the staff didn’t have a clue on what changes to make or didn’t have players that would do what they were told by the staff. It was all a big free for all come game time. I don’t see that being allowed by this staff and I see the team being much better prepared for the things that happen during a game. If Yap sees himself as the next coming of Jovan Mooring I wouldn’t expect to see much of him or for many years in the future.