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  1. quickdraw

    BYU vs UNLV - new series announced.

    For UNLV this is all about $$$. BYU has a bunch of fans locally and in Utah that will be at that game. Soda and popcorn for the kiddies. While I'd rather ignore them perpetually if you have to play someone then make some buck while you are at it.
  2. quickdraw

    UNLV Football Rundown 2018

    I'm looking forward to the year beginning.
  3. I know that I'll enjoy my game day experience a bunch more in a few years than I will this year. I really don't care who owns the stadium, I only rent a seat in it for a few hours. This is like an argument between a couple of fleas on who owns the dog.
  4. Vegas is crazy busy right now and getting worse. My employees are continuing to be poached and I can't find a single soul to hire. Probably another 3 year building spree. On the other side because of this we are all needing to pay people more to keep them and all of that gets passed on into job costs. That said the initial estimates for this facility was just that an estimate. I do find it interesting about this news just coming out now because I would have thought that they had hard bids before starting construction so the costs should've been locked in. In any case now that the structure is being built it will be finished and I would expect that to be sooner rather than later. With all of the new construction the economy in general and specifically tax revenue will be up as well. Also money coming into the valley will be flowing into the pockets of those individuals that make donations to UNLV. As far as the Fertittas well they do a good job of promoting themselves and well see if it is really all hat and no cattle when it all comes to a close.
  5. quickdraw

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    Now that is a thought provoking post. We only had 5 conference wins at home last year.
  6. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

  7. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Well Marv has 3 more years on his 5 year contract and after the last fiasco I expect UNLV to run through the full length of that contract before starting to find a new coach. We'll see what he can do for the remaining 3 years. His 4th and 5th years should be an improvement seeing as his contract goes up by $100K in those last 2 years.
  8. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    So much for my comments about having an adult conversation.
  9. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    WOW! They lost 6 of 7. SDSU beat us by 38 and UNR by 26 in the T&M. The only win was against a horrible AFA at home. I guess I'm looking for my positives to be a little more positive. This thread is what happens after a state legalizes pot.
  10. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    While I give Muss full credit for what he has accomplished I also give MM and the Rebels credit for the win last year. No asterisk there. All teams have ups and downs during the season and injures to deal with, it's part of the game. That said there seem to be 4 programs now that have made wise decisions for future success. It is still really early for SDSU and UNM to see how it will turn out but the signs looked good in year 1. Leon has and will probably continue to build a team that should be top 2 or 3 with maybe an occasional top slot. Right now UNR has the direction, staff and players to stay at or near the #1 spot. Every year is a new roll of the dice but the top should remain about the same with maybe a spot up or down. The middle is still a dog fight and we'll see if anyone will lift themselves up. Yes, the MWC is a mid-major and like all mid-majors they could have 1 national program with a few contenders and everyone else just there to put together a schedule. When the conference as a whole or any individual program decides to spend the cash to really commit to changing that then it will happen quickly because the potential still remains in our conference foundation. Until then it will remain a seesaw where any coach that succeeds in a big way will be lured away by real money. That is the business of college sports in the 21st century.
  11. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    My rather frank comment was not directed at you but at the UNLV general population that can't have a "conversation" about DR and tries to use ay mention of him to discredit other people's points of view. This in no way means you because we seem to actually be having an adult conversation where with a few around here that is near impossible. I apologize and see how you could have taken that the wrong way. Not directed at you at all. I also supported DR as the Rebel coach. I wanted him to succeed, wished he would, hoped he would but is was a futile effort for whatever reason. I find myself in the same position with MM. I hope that my expectations are totally wrong but to this point it seems to be another path to mediocrity that we are traveling.
  12. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Fish took over a decimated SDSU team and went to the Dance in year 3 as well. UNM with a 1st year coach and team that was defecting in every direction topped us last year as well. UNLV has everything in place to be a player on the national stage save one. While I hope that Marv is the one, I'm just not seeing it to this point.
  13. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    It isn't all-out the W/L record for me at all. I could be more than patient if there were signs of actual coaching/teaching the game of basketball. I go out and look for good fundamentals, effort and improved team play on a game to game basis. I want to see improvement over the games, weeks months and season. I also understand that as the season goes on that our competition should be improving as well so everything is relative. I haven't seen much of that from Marvs teams here and didn't see it with Rice as well. While some of that could be attributed to the players whether they were inherited from a previous staff of transferred in I still look for that overall improvement in the individual as well as the overall team. I'm not seeing it yet at this point. I didn't expect the inherited team from 2 years ago to win big or even that much but I did expect to see them coached up a bit. That was a total failure. The #12 recruiting class from last year was young and new to D1 and Marvs program but I still expected to see them improve and be coached up. Their fundamentals and effort at year end reflected in their play together which was not improved. I can point to every MWC team that finished above us as having better fundamentals, effort and improved play as a team at season end. At this point for me it's not all about winning but if they had a passing grade in those 3 areas they would certainly be winning more often. We'll see in year 3 if something has come together and changed but at this point in time in a coaches career we pretty much have seen what they are capable of and having only won 1 game against a top 50 team in a career doesn't sound like the kind of program that Rebel fans are willing to settle for. The previous 1st time head coach had won 10 games against top 25 teams including beating a #1 and a #3 during his brief career and that was considered a failure. By the way go +++++ yourself if you can't handle the reality of talking about DR. While he needed to go he was still here and is relative to any discussion of UNLV MBB so get over it.
  14. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Fans are fans everywhere. When Carter was at UNR I didn't see too many patient fans there either. Until a coach proves themselves they will always have at least a few toes out of the door. Unless 4 or 5 MWC schools go on probation UNLV won't even sniff the dance. 70-75% chance that we won't even see the NIT.
  15. quickdraw

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Here's a question that would be interesting to see answered by those here: Will Marving Menzies take a UNLV team to the Dance? If so in what year? My answer would be- No, never.