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  1. Dwayne was a solid kid. Never caused problems and always gave 100%. Marv chose not to keep him I imagine or maybe he decided to follow Simon. Either way he did all he could do. I found a reference to him trying to finish his masters degree in his last year at SUU, he’s a new father and he is playing overseas in Romania. That has the sound of success to me for a man his age.
  2. When DM was here the coaching staff was pretty dysfunctional. With his excessive fouling in his freshman year the bloom was off the rose and he seemed to be relegated to a backup and the staff still focused on the more talented players especially when it came to PT.
  3. Now that one is pretty good. You could teach the wanna-be trolls around here a few things.
  4. Panic at the Disco. That is what happened and each MWC president is responsible for the crappy deal they made to allow BS-U back into the MWC. Should have never happened.
  5. Sounds about right. After the first 3 who really knows anything?
  6. BYU isn’t coming back and BS-U isn’t leaving. I guess we’ll need to take the good with the bad.
  7. Then a short 3 years later Hair and the Presidents were all a bunch of nervous little school girls with Chicken Little syndrome. IDIOTS!
  8. Iwuakor looks to be very raw still. With more PT maybe he can develop faster. Sounds like he has had trouble with fouls and that has limited his PT. https://lasvegassun.com//news/2021/jun/16/analysis-can-victor-iwuakor-shore-up-unlvs-interio/
  9. They should quickly change their name to University of North Carolina West Campus.
  10. The new playoff system when it comes will have nothing to do with MWC vs AAC. It will all be about how each conference does against P5 teams and which P5 teams. Nobody will gain respect beating teams that nobody else respects.
  11. Defense Defense Defense That is the future of this team’s success. Victor moves his feet well and quickly. Help defense should be much better this year. 4 1/2 months till we see what the entire squad looks like. It will be a long summer waiting without knowing because everything will be new.
  12. BS-U will be leaving the MWC but: Out of the goodness of their little blue hearts they will leave their Olys in the MWC. BS-U will schedule 8 or 9 OOC football games with MWC teams. They will only require payment in the amount equal to what a normal MWC team is paid yearly in addition to a $1,800,000.00 dollar processing fee. That is all
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