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  1. Air Force at UNLV

    Well tonight will be a contest against a guard oriented team so we can see if it is the size of the 3,4,5 positions or the shooting and speed of the 1,2,3 that makes a difference. I guess it is just a coincidence that the look and results of the team changed with the starting line-up and rotations. There is much more to the recent results than just the plus/minus points. It's been more about energy, effort and attitude. More Beck, Hardy and Diong is what has made the change to the team as a whole. 3 guys that work hard and fight has raised the level of those qualities for the entire team. See you at the game!
  2. Just another article about BYU fans not happy with a boring conference and Indy FB that counts for nothing. Their Admin is OK with the revenue so tough luck buddy, suck it up.
  3. Nevada Still Ranked...

    Though a series of games the upset potential could even be wider than that. While BS-U and UNR are definitely the strength of the conference everyone has been vulnerable at one time or the other. One upset early on can drastically change the predicted outcomes game to game. Like always, conference play is a shootout where anything can happen. It doesn't matter the conference either, just look at this past week nation wide.
  4. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Wow, it's amazing the posters that come out after a few wins. Same tools in the tool shed.
  5. Wyoming @ UNLV

    UNLV starting back court 5/20.
  6. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Hardy needs to just set screens and plat D.
  7. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Diong! Defensive effort!
  8. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Regardless of the start the Rebs are at least playing to a standoff the last 12minutes. They could have caved with the Wyo run but instead dug in, clawed back a bit and have held on. I like this play even better than the 1st half scorefest.
  9. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Sit freaking McCoy. No defensive effort at all.
  10. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Get Beck back in with Juiston and Diong.
  11. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Diong will give us energy we need.
  12. Wyoming @ UNLV

    CRAP! Here goes the lead.
  13. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Get Diong into the game Marv!
  14. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Thank you Beck. Every Rebel just standing around.
  15. Wyoming @ UNLV

    McCoy needs to sit, a long time. Zero effort again. Give him a seat in the stands. Get Diong, Beck and Hardy on the floor together, Kick Mooring in the butt also and set some screens for him.