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  1. CKK will get his entire contract to prove himself. Don’t get too excited about the same noise from the same places. If Kruger can pull it all together the same people will be telling you that they knew it all along and it was their idea.
  2. I would expect the T&M to use the same standards as they have used since reopening. Nobody want to take responsibility for a decision so they will punt to stated guidelines. You will need a proof of vax and once inside masks are not required. Don’t expect lessor guidance because this is after all a university setting and everything that goes with that ball of yarn.
  3. I would miss him. He was our best QB last year imho. Another year of strength and conditioning will be big for him.
  4. The MWC MBB is on a path to getting seriously good. Probably have another 3 or 4 years before the next reaping.
  5. The one article I was reading talked about Arroyo wanting 40-50 passes per game. QB’s and WR’s are all well and good but our offensive line needs serious improvement including depth. Our style of play will change a bunch this coming season.
  6. So is that the goal for this team and 1st year coach, finish above 500?
  7. Bottom 5 teams currently each have 1st year head coaches. It’s a battle of the bottom. Very prestigious.
  8. UNLV with a solid core of BHam, Dwill and Rhamm but after that very inconsistent. Shooters are all over the place and efficiency suffers. Every loss has 1 or 2 streaks of zero field goals for 5 to 10 minutes. Can’t win when you can’t score for 25% or more of the game.1st year build is what it is. Building depth doesn’t just happen over night or in year 1 normally especially when only keeping 3 players from the previous team. No surprises here.
  9. I’m seeing many MWC teams including UNLV making big pushes in multiple areas including FB and MBB. At the present we’re dealing with a little unexpected revenue stream downturn. This too shall pass. Too much invested to not take it seriously.
  10. Now that is a real concession! Sure wish we could have great tasting heart stopping goodies. Magic mountain is too far to go.
  11. At least he is doing it to your face and not behind your back. See problem solved.
  12. Or this is just another in a long line of delaying tactics by Oakland?
  13. This will be a tough game for the Rebels tonight but needed. We need a good game playing against a good zone defense team. Defense was the 1st priority of this staff yet without being able to play against a zone and break it we really don’t have a competent defense. I sure hope that we attack the zone and don’t get lazy and just start jacking up outside shots. On our defensive end this will really show how tight we play and help out each other. Keyshon needs to get 25 minutes tonight to disrupt AFA offensive flow. He is Captain Chaos on the floor and tonight is a perfect matchup for him.
  14. It’s almost as powerful as Runnin Rebel Fever! https://youtu.be/PST5Zvw6PKQ
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