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  1. quickdraw

    UNLV Practice Facility

    Reno fans sure seem interested in Rebels facilities. I wonder why? No really, why?
  2. I believe this series was put together for bragging rights of the overall prowess of each school's athletic program. 5 of 6 certainly says it all to this point. It says even more when you consider the $hit show that is UNLV basketball and football. If those 2 programs could gain any amount of respectability this series would be irrelevant. You know kind of like the decades before it was even formed.
  3. quickdraw

    UNLV Practice Facility

    I'm looking forward to sitting inside of a climate controlled NFL stadium. If I"m going to the game anyway I'd rather sit in a new Mercedes instead of a 48 year old Dodge. At least if they spend 2 Billion $$$ maybe they will have 1 good concession stand.
  4. That writer is a true professional ass-hat.
  5. quickdraw

    2018 NBA Draft Combine

    Let's be real here. If either guy can get drafted then they will and should go. It will always come down to what they do with whatever opportunity they get. It is still real money and a shot at the big time. All of this come back, get more experience and a chance at a lottery pick doesn't fly in the real world of dollars and cents. Take your best real shot at it and make the best out of it.
  6. Blaze Pizza is superior to all of the new BYO pizza chains.
  7. quickdraw

    Grand Canyon University

    Well that article is well out of date. Move along, nothing to see here.
  8. Wow! This sounds like a rational and logical business decision. There is no room for that type of thinking in an educational administration.
  9. quickdraw

    Is UNLV BB the Dallas Cowboys of the NCAA?

    Offseason Troll thread. Isn't that special...
  10. quickdraw

    Gonzaga to the MWC its offical

  11. quickdraw


    GU already had a pretty good OOC schedule. They played 3 ranked teams although they only beat Creighton that had a pretty poor season overall. The sole problem that GU has is the weakness of their conference schedule. Just eliminating 2 of those games won't change to overall impact of being in the WCC and they still need to win those 2 games even if they actually do use them and are able to schedule well respected teams. Few can continue to be the king of the conference and he is obviously being paid enough to be content. GU negotiating for a better deal was what was available at this time. Actually risking the status quo wasn't worth the potential downside of being #2 or #3 in the MWC I would guess. They have a near guaranteed path to the dance every year and they can keep chalking up those credits for a regular paycheck year in and out. Other than making a move to a top conference that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.
  12. quickdraw


    The MWC in regards to MBB is on an uptick although a fragile one. The turnover in coaches the past 5-6 years threw everything into chaos. Now we see signs of some stability and strength returning. Recruiting is up overall also. The biggest challenge at this point is that the schools need to start scheduling up so the conference RPI can move upward as well. While GU's main problem comes from being compelled to play low RPI teams the MWC schools can control this to a certain point through their individual OOC schedules. It's time to be BOLD!
  13. quickdraw


    This wasn't negotiating a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. There was nothing secret about it and if you don't think that GU was talking with the WCC the entire time then you are foolish. They were looking for their best possible opportunity to improve their position in the dance along with money money money. The WCC did what they had to do to keep them and far more than would have or should have been offered by the MWC. If Thompson would have offered that deal then that would have been inexcusable. The article posted a page back sounds pretty straight forward to me on how things went. Just because the deal didn't go through doesn't make the MWC look bad in any way. All of the hype on this board does look rather pathetic though. They move on and so do we without another piss poor carve out that would have definitely been a bad deal.
  14. quickdraw

    Shakur Juiston

    Juiston declaring was automatic as the conference season progressed. I highly doubt that he has an agent and there is nothing to lose by going to the combine. You could very well see him get enough attention to make a move. G-League is paying high 6 to low 7 figures which is certainly tempting to many. Just because Juice hardly ever had plays run for him doesn't mean that he doesn't have game. The fact that he had so many D/D's and led the conference in several offensive categories means that he CAN ball. I said several months ago that he was a threat to be gone.