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  1. Are those the Janet Airlines planes?
  2. . . . and then pass it on to their elderly parents, grandparents, coworker in chemo, neighbor with heart disease, etc . . . For people in some of those categories the mortality rate is nearly 15%! I'm not particularly concerned about my personal health; I'm young and healthy. But I'm sure as hell concerned about my parents' well being.
  3. Close . . . "The woman who sparked a national debate on race has no black relatives dating back to 1671; in fact her family were entirely white including some who were Mormons." http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3126774/Investigation-Rachel-Dolezal-s-roots-reveals-no-black-relatives-dating-1671-ancestors-came-Europe-no-bloodlines-linking-slaves-Africa.html
  4. I switched from the MWN feed to http://www.ifeed2all.eu/watch/295018/1/watch-utah-state-vs-hawaii.html It has been working great.
  5. Forget that. I'm holding out for AF's water boy. That guy was exceptional.