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  1. We don't know enough about it yet to determine long-term effects. CV19 effects different people in different ways. It's gonna be a while before we know just how much of a $hit show this is.
  2. The upside is Hoser already plays in front of empty venues.
  3. If this is a Zombie Apocalypse preparedness test, we're all f*cked.
  4. Man...highest seed in school history for SUDS, now a vapor...
  5. That's basically like saying "God is punishing him."
  6. Dogs ranked #22 in latest D1 Softball poll NCAA releases first RPI of the season...here is how the conference stacks up 12 Fresno St. 37 San Diego St. 41 UNLV 71 San Jose St. 88 Boise St. 102 Nevada 111 Colorado St. 149 Utah St. 208 New Mexico
  7. Of Fresno's 4 losses, 3 were winnable to ranked teams. They've been run-ruled once (#2 Washington) 8-0 . Lost to #16 Michigan 1-0, #7 Florida 6-4 and beat #3 Texas 4-3. Dogs start conference play next weekend at Boise who appears to be all over the map which points to them having a young but talented team. And cold and damp conditions have a way of quieting bats which has saved the Dogs often this season.
  8. Hoser has wins, but none of them are quality. They have played the softest OOC schedule of any MWC team. UNM and CSU won't provide much competition. Hoser's first real test will be vs. Fresno.
  9. It will be a 13 seed at worst. Only way it would be a 14 seed would be if Boise were like a fluke team that got hot and won the tournament. 15 and 16 seeds are reserved for auto qualifiers from truly horrendous leagues like the SWAC, WAC and Northeast Leagues.
  10. Dogs 4 of 17 from 3 point land. Shameful. Shouldn't have come down to OT and "controversial call." Bad 3 point shooting has plagued this team all season. The upside is, they will actually get a winnable opening round game in WNIT, probably at home rather than get a 13 seed and get their heads kicked in in the the opening round of the NCAA tournament.
  11. To everyone who hasn't watched this team with any regularity this season. Hut is the worst game coach in the league.