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  1. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Quality of the commits is what is most impressive. If Warkentin played in LA or OC he’d easily be a 4 star kid. Tedford and staff are doing a great job beating the bushes in the Valley for kids like Coach Hill used to. It will pay dividends over the next 3-4 years. Getting Jaden Casey was also a major coup for 2020...arrows are pointing up.
  2. The only thing you'll be waxing is your mother's back.
  3. Fresno State was picked in the basement last year, and we see what happened. These polls are nothing but fodder for mental masturbation. This is the MWC...even the top teams have depth issues...all it takes is a couple of key injuries and the script is flipped. Enjoy the ride...
  4. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State's new AD, Terry Tumey

    Davis is 9.9 square miles. Just Fresno alone is 115 square miles. That doesn't include the adjacent city of Clovis is 25 sq miles...and that doesn't include adjacent county areas either. It's far easier to walk and bike in Davis...also, the actual places you want to go in Davis are probably confined to 2 sq miles. Sorry, my best friend went to college at Davis, I spent many a weekend there. If you want culture, you drive to Sacramento. Leave Davis? The only reason you'd even live there is that you worked at the University. It's not exactly a garden spot with booming industries. It always fascinates me that most people who have a negative opinion of Fresno either never lived here or base their opinion on what they see driving up highway 41 on the way to somewhere.
  5. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State's new AD, Terry Tumey

    She didn't get the job full time, they hired a kid from Stanford.
  6. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State's new AD, Terry Tumey

    President didn't think he'd done enough to raise money for athletics. Nevermind, he'd raised more than any other Davis AD FOR athletics. Also, he got grief for hiring Ron Gould who didn't do very well. President wanted to "raise the profile of the football program," so he goes and hires Jeff Tedford's best recruiter from Cal. Gould was a hot property at the time. Davis was a really hard place to recruit to, largely because the president reneged on her promise to relax entrance requirements for athletes.
  7. TheDoggFather

    Smart marketing by UNLV

    That ought to pack the fatties in. And stoners.
  8. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State's new AD, Terry Tumey

    Nope, he was living in LA working as AD at D3 Claremont-Mudd. His wife works for UCSF and was commuting to the Bay Area couple times a week.
  9. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State's new AD, Terry Tumey

    He's from Yukon, OK. Fresno may well be like La Jolla to him.
  10. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State's new AD, Terry Tumey

    Actual press conference starts 30 minutes in or so. Definitely, the most articulate and polished guy Fresno State has had in decades. We will see if that translates to success. He's inheriting some problems. http://themw.com/watch/?id=139869
  11. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Kirby's role is to be the young, cool coach who relates to the kids more than some guy in his 50's. Probably too early to declare him a recruiting star yet, but he probably has a lot of potential to become that. I've been told he's being brought along and developed as a future OC (for someone).
  12. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Kid is very similar in stature and ability to Bachmeier. A good get for Teddy. I'm actually kind of stunned a kid of his ability would commit to us this early...but you never know. Now they just have to keep him. It will be 1 year from this December until he can sign. Committing so early to us pretty much assures he won't get getting his 4th star. He will do well this year because he's got maybe the #1 WR in the country in Mycah Pittman to throw to (son of former Bulldog RB Mike Pittman).
  13. Chavez Latrine isn't even the best food/stadium in the NL West...Petco and AT&T far superior in every way. Safeco Field in Seattle is the best experience I've had top to bottom. They really do a great job there with everything.
  14. It didn't develop because our ex-AD was a fall-down alcoholic who didn't raise one dime when he was here for any capital improvement projects.