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  1. People thought the same thing about Justin the Hut last year. Oh what a difference 300 days makes.
  2. Yeah, because college head coaches never make hiring mistakes.
  3. Kiesau is absolute dung. Cannot believe Boise cannot find better. I'd make Matt Miller OC over Kiesau.
  4. The inside of an office looks the same in Pullman as it does in Honolulu. Which is where coaches spend 90% of their time. Somehow I doubt Rolo was spending much time on a lazy Sunday down at the hukilau.
  5. Article brought to you by the same numbnuts who wrote this gold... https://www.mwcconnection.com/2016/11/10/13582160/fresno-state-hiring-jeff-tedford-is-the-dumbest-coaching-move-in-mountain-west-history
  6. IF the Aztecs lose, it's because of their failings, not because Hut out-coached anyone.
  7. Justin the Hut may be a good recruiter but he's a bad coach. Aztecs win by 15+ and don't break a sweat doing it.
  8. Hawaii needs the MWC more than we need Hawaii.
  9. My thoughts on Rocky as an outsider... Rocky was polarizing, but the dude won a lot of games. But he never won "the big one." He had a lot of P5 scalps. He put a lot of guys in the league. Like Ron McBride. Like Pat Hill. To me, he is best known for his consistency...you always knew what you were going to get with Rocky...great defense, boring offense and more wins than losses. That was his formula, and love it or hate it, it was effective. When Pat Hill was fired, I thought it was a good move. I felt he'd taken the program as far as he could. The success under DeRuyter in the first two years only emboldened my opinion. But then it went south in a hurry. That can happen at any program, but it can escalate quicker at G5 programs. I don't know all the particulars of why he stepped down, but it sounds like the AD was stepping out of his lane and telling Rocky who to fire. That's not a good move, and I don't blame Rock for giving them the finger. Doing that after a bad season is one thing...doing it after a successful one is out of line. Hopefully Hoke is the right man for the job, and he can make all your dreams come true. The last thing the conference needs is one of it's most consistent teams to start sucking ass. As Fresno State fan I know all too well how that feels.
  10. Pat Hill is available for OC. He's got a condo in Carlsbad. I'm not kidding.
  11. Let's see how good Hoke is without Rocky as his DC