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  1. TheDoggFather

    Rank em

    He's from San Dijuana, cut him some slack.
  2. TheDoggFather

    Massey Composite Rankings

    10/15/2018 29. FSU 35. USU 36. SDSU 47. BSU 79. UH 88. AFA 94. UNM 97. UNR 100. CSU 102. UW 115. UNLV 127. SJSU
  3. TheDoggFather

    Game Thread - Fresno State vs. Wyoming

    Pokes play good, tough defense. We scored more on Wyoming that we did on Reno, but we had a much better offensive plan and execution that we did last week. Wyoming's D 2nd best we've played this year behind Minnesota, although we helped Minnesota a lot. Wyoming just kept making plays. We had to earn everything.
  4. Fresno State underperformed because our two best RB were either on the shelf or seriously limited, which put us in 2nd and long, 3rd and long all night. But even if all our horses were healthy, we may not have scored more than 28. Nevada made some good plays, but let's not pretend like your defense are the '85 Bears...Toledo hung 63 on them. Also factoring in, both are coming off tough losses. Boise needs the win badly, and they have a history of when backed into a corner, coming out on fire. Mattison is a much better RB than anything Fresno State has...I believe he will be able to keep Boise in 2nd and 3rd and 4 or less. I may be in the weeds, but just a hunch I have.
  5. Won't matter. Reno is primed to give up 50 to Boise.
  6. TheDoggFather

    Fire Sanchez

    Coach Dirty isn't going anywhere until the Fritatta's say he is. AD Clown Mouth doesn't have the stones to whack him without their blessing.
  7. And you'll lose to AFA this weekend.
  8. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Oh you mean like Jeff Allison, Jaron Bryant and Mike Bell?
  9. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Here is the commit from last Saturday, not sure what he waited a week but it’s a big one. https://mobile.twitter.com/LuringPaialii/status/1049029694761226240
  10. TheDoggFather

    Boise State vs SDSU Game Thread.

  11. TheDoggFather

    Nevada vs Fresno St

    This feels like one of those games where the MWC refs might decide to bring us back down to Earth and we go from having one holding penalty in 4 games to 4 in one half. There always seems to be one of those games that happens every year.
  12. TheDoggFather

    Can Fresno State repeat?

    Jesus...SJCC outdraws that "crowd"
  13. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Fresno State got the commit they were expecting Saturday night, but it isn't public. That's all I know. If I get the name, I'll post it.
  14. TheDoggFather

    JOSH ALLEN - Lighting up the Vikings 17-0

    And doing jack-$hit vs the Packers. 2 picks so far.
  15. TheDoggFather

    Fresno State 2019 Recruiting

    Sunday's not over.