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  1. I agree that Rudolph was not blameless in this, he tried try to pull off Garrett's helmet first which is why Garrett pulled his off in return. Obviously, no excuse for Garrett trying to club Rudolph with a helmet, but I feel like Rudolph should at least have some type of punishment, maybe at least a fine. The whole thing was stupid.
  2. These are states who are wanting to stay on daylight savings (which is what you switch to in summer and have daylight later into the evening) not standard time. Under current federal law states are allowed to stay on standard time (Arizona) or switch to daylight savings in the summer months and back to standard in winter. They are not allowed to stay on daylight savings year round. There needs to be a change to federal law in order for states to stay on daylights savings even if they pass state laws to make the change.
  3. And the UofU vs USU rivalry is older as well in 3rd place for teams west of the Mississippi, but with it being on indefinite hiatus that might just be a bit of useless trivia now.
  4. You know you do actually have to have some other teams around to play to be able to watch your team. You should be doing everything you can to make sure the teams in the MWC stay afloat and don't have to drop to FCS like your historic rival. That is unless you plan on going the independence route like a team not to be named. Even Bill Gates saw the wisdom of keeping his main competitor Apple afloat.
  5. Is this the same Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints where approx. 60% of the membership lives outside the US and Canada? It can hardly be classified as a strictly homogeneous white mostly just in Utah religion.....Just saying.
  6. My take on the Wheel of Time is overall it is epic in scope with good world building and some interesting concepts and is worth taking a crack at. But Robert Jordan needed his main editor to be someone besides his wife. Could easily remove 50 to 100 pages out of each book by getting rid of the incessant braid tugging, arm crossing, wondering why everyone else is better with the chicks, unnecessary constant outrage by the female characters etc.....you will see what I mean if you start reading. Also somewhere in there around books 8 to 10 they pretty much could have edited the story down from 3 to at least 2 if not 1 book with the actual advancement of the story that takes place. The story does pick up again after that though. Overall I enjoyed it but haven't been able to work myself up to a re-read yet.
  7. The uncle has been charged with murder and kidnapping but they still haven't been able to find the girl.
  8. Agreed, season 8 is pretty much a B-grade fantasy show from the 90s at this point as far as writing. I think the show would actually be improved with some cameos by Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless who can come depose the local tyrant (Cersei) as wandering heroes.
  9. War council Saw this (made from episode 2) and it made me understand why the Battle of Winterfell went the way it did.
  10. I get that they wanted the battle to be dramatic and for the living to barely pull it off, but the could have done that without having the living utilize the worst battle strategies possible. The drama could come from things going wrong even with good troop deployments and strategy. Like they send the Dothraki out on a flank to widdle away the dead with arrows or small charges along the edges of the undead hoard and you see the trebuchets smashing big holes in the undead hoard. And you have the infantry deployed behind the ditch instead of in front of it. Dany and Jon keep an eye out for NK and dragon but don't see him, they manage a few CAS runs but NK was willing to risk a few white walkers to toss ice javelins as air defense so Jon and Dany are forced to pull back. The defenses seem to be mainly holding at first but then something happens like the remaining wildings see their families among the wights or the troops from the vale of Arryn (they haven't seen the undead like some of the others) panic when the pressure starts to build and part of the line gives way leading to falling back to the castle and Dothraki could get ambushed from behind their flank by hoard of undead animals like bears and wolves that spook their horses. But again the defenses of the castle walls seem to hold for a while with lots of fire arrows and burning stuff holding off the hoard for a bit until the white out blizzard rolls in and NK his dragon smash a hole in the wall (Dany and Jon couldn't spot him to engage until too late because of blizzard) while undead giant(s) smashes the main gate and then hoard climbs walls in other spots when defenders get distracted with other breaches, etc. With multiple breaches happening it would then make sense for the remaining defenders to get trapped in small groups trying to fight of overwhelming numbers and slowly get overwhelmed. You don't have make the defenders imbeciles to still have the battle go wrong with a better battle plan and show how overwhelming the undead hoard is.
  11. Something, he landed sort of weird on a play and did get hit in the head and lost his helmet, so probably being cautious about a concussion.
  12. Somebody post something like claiming USU has the best attendance and fan support or maybe poke some Boise or SDSU fans with a stick. Maybe claim that USU had the best moral victories over the past 8 years or something. 😉
  13. Hmm odd that Boise doesn't seem to make it to the MWC championship when they have the "easy" half of the west division weird. To answer your question USU doesn't have much in the way of "marquee" wins. I think that is part of the problem of college football is the argument you are attempting to make of giving automatic preference to teams because they were good in the past. The only thing of relevance is the current year and maybe the past year. College team rosters usually change dramatically year to year, what does it matter if you went to the Fiesta bowl 5 years ago if no of those players are on the team still? Imagine in another sports league like say the NFL saying that the Eagles are a better team this year than say the Chiefs because the Eagles won a big game last year and when was the last time the Chiefs won the Super bowl? It is silly. I am not going to argue about that USU has a great track record of winning against some supposed big time team that sets the bar for what makes a team good. You can only play the games you have, is it USUs fault that in large part the rest of the conference doesn't have winning records? I will be the first to admit that if USU comes up against a team with a solid defensive scheme and an offense that can actually score that USU might fall flat on their face, but for now I would wager the USU football team is happy to have people underestimate them.
  14. So two team that are slightly above .500 congrats. I haven't seen anyone making the argument that USU has played a tough schedule. Sagarin has Fresno at something like #91 for SOS and USU at #116 so again congratulations your sos is dominating USU by being so great. I guess if you want to hang your hat on the #91 sos go ahead.
  15. Tell us about the plethora of teams on Fresno's schedule with winning records.