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  1. I don't think there will be spring football, but why would this be an issue for the football team? They have plenty of other sports that play in the spring.
  2. Is "soaking" against the cadet code of honor?
  3. I think post pandemic, whenever that comes, scenarios such as this, teams being multiple time zones away from the core of the conference, will not be feasible because of budget problems caused by the pandemic.
  4. your player, #45 ran and jumped up onto the fencing and swung his helmet into the fans. He just about climbed all the way into the stands to do that.
  5. I know we are not used to giving our defense some credit, but they deserve some for how Hawaii played and some probably goes to the Maui Wowie.
  6. He is thinking it was easier when Polian was our head coach!!!
  7. he didn't need to put his hands on the guy.He wa already in position.
  8. whoa!!! wish we could have seen a replay of that fair catch on the goal line.
  9. I'm surprised. These announcers are pretty decent and not to hard to listen to.
  10. Trump rallies have way more than just one black person!
  11. They did alright before when they were in 1AA. They have plenty of playoff appearances.
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