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  1. VandalPride97

    NY6 predictions by CBS Sports

    Go Vandals.
  2. VandalPride97

    Blue Collar Pass

    Awesome, more of the "blue collar team" bullshit. It's almost as bad as claiming to play with a "chip on our shoulder" every single year.
  3. VandalPride97

    Blue Collar Pass

    Is SEZ home to the weird ass fans like Bronco GWAR, sexually ambiguous mimes, the several over-40 BSU pimps and the grown men dressing like blue elvis? I recall BWH claiming some sort of lordship over that area at some point.
  4. Hey, when the flight attendant caught me, I locked eyes with her and finished like a boss.
  5. VandalPride97

    VP’s wet dream just came true!!!

    The coup de grace... http://idahoednews-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Vandal-boosters-letter.pdf
  6. VandalPride97

    VP’s wet dream just came true!!!

    Sorry fellas, I've been celebrating non-stop since I got the news. Finally, that fukker is kicking rocks. My only hope is that we buy out his last year to get his ass on the road. That guy has been a damn disaster since day 1. Any second he stays on campus with any authority whatsoever is a second too long. Definitely going to be following the search because this shit - this shit can't happen again.
  7. VandalPride97

    OT: Giro d’Italia

    Think Yates hit the wall? A visit from the man with the hammer? Froome is unreal.
  8. VandalPride97

    Utah Gets AAF Team

    Hierarchy of people VP97 hates: 1. Hitler 2. Dennis Erickson 3. Pol Pot 4. Steven Segal 5. Stalin
  9. There really wasn't one addressing truckers, illiteracy, meth, delusional fans and/or feminine mime fans, so . . . vote is invalid.
  10. VandalPride97

    OT: Giro d’Italia

    I give several various and sundry shits.
  11. VandalPride97

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    The WAC board was awesome. But I'll say that overall, this board is better.
  12. VandalPride97

    Athlon ranks all 130 starting quarterbacks for the 2018 season

    Finley at #13 is almost as preposterous as Rypien at #17. Having said that, nothing is more preposterous than going from FBS to FCS.
  13. VandalPride97

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    In that company, I'm a true amature troll.
  14. VandalPride97

    The "Josh Allen effect" is reaching new heights

    Me too, you don't deserve it.