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  1. This is laughable. There are a handful of BSU fans who are logical about this, but the rest are desperately trying to justify their position by coming up with wacky claims about money, while telling everyone else they would be just as back stabby as BSU if they had the chance. Those posters seeking validation are the ones shocked that the board consensus is GTFO if you can't play nice. BSU - you played an instrumental role in blowing up the WAC and the Big Least. Now you're threatening to do it again, but everyone has wised up. Just take your temporary premium distribution and ride off into the sunset. Alternatively, treat your conference mates as equals. As the MWC crushingly said to Idaho: It's time for you to switch to plan B, whatever that plan may be.
  2. It does seem to the be the consensus that BSU needs to move on. The rest of your statement is just fukking stupid.
  3. To be fair, you have been irrelevant since birth.
  4. I think the issue is more along the lines of the institutional jive of entitlement that pervades everything the program does. I have to admit, while I HATE being FCS, it is really great to concentrate on the game again instead of conference bullshit and fighting over nickels. No, they're "america's team" Don't you remember when they advised America of that?
  5. It would be a tremendous favor for Idaho to lend a hand to Boise State in realignment and there would likely need to be some sort of reciprocal favor. The problem is that AAC BSU can't really offer Idaho any favor that the Vandals would want. The only thing I can think of is occasional use of the stadium in Boise because our largest alumni population is there. Otherwise, BSU has nothing to offer. They can't get us into the MWC, they can't pay us, they won't/can't do home and home, and academic collaboration is very limited when it comes to what BSU brings to the table. Then again, both schools have new presidents, so maybe they'll want to start mending fences. I will say, however, that BSU filing this lawsuit really doesn't do much for their already tarnished reputation for unreliability. There is a large part of me that thinks "OK, so these guys previously shat on the WAC, then they shat on the Big East, then they sort of shat on the MWV over re-entry and now they just completely shat on the MWC for what appears to be very little reason. They probably can't be trusted to act in good faith in any partnership" which is a problem that BSU is going to start facing. I'm not sure the AAC trusts BSU after the Big East fiasco and I really don't think the MWC trusts BSU much anymore, so pretty much any proposal from BSU will be met with skepticism. There is literally no evidence out there that BSU can be part of a team. BSU looks hopelessly selfish.
  6. I would root for Temple. I wouldn't wear temple swag or go to the game, but I would watch it on TV in a bar whilst wearing my Idaho gear.
  7. I wonder what Idaho's position will be. Will they take the high road and help the short bus little brother or will they get all petty like BSU and cock block them? I'm fine either way.
  8. I've been saying this for years. The state of Texas is clearly mined clean of 99% of its talent by the bigger programs. Is Texas a great recruiting ground? Of Course. Is every school in the US targeting Texas? Pretty much. That's why lower tier schools, like UNT, UTSA, Texas State and UTEP generally are not that great. They live smack dab in the recruiting grounds and despite that, they cannot find enough talent to win. Getting hot and bothered about bringing in one of those schools is misplaced.
  9. MWC thanksgiving dinner is going to be as awkward as a fart in church.
  10. Ugh - I detest mandatory CLE's. They just take up time better spent toward billables and trolling the MWC board.