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  1. We did not fit their footprint. We did just OK competitively. I think we might have been in the belt when we bent CSU over in the potato bowl.
  2. Sun Belt was always very underrated. Unless you're a vandal, then the Sun Belt can go f*ck itself.
  3. I couldn't get on because it's apparently VIP only. Cliff notes?
  4. Shocked that the post wasn't immediately deleted by the politburo.
  5. Houston was trying to find out where I worked so he could call my firm to tell them that I'm racist for making a sheep joke. He's a nut.
  6. Personally, I'm both shocked and proud. Here's HMHB dealing with the totalitarian regime on BC. Admirable courage in the face of monumental stupidity.
  7. @halfmanhalfbronco Just letting rafter have it on the blue turf board. A small snippet of straight-up gold. Ban us all if you are going to have a problem with me correcting their factually ignorant posts that denigrate our program... And stop lying and misrepresenting my posts and posting style to make us "all the same" or whatever. Derailing every thread? WTF are you talking about Rafter? I just went back the last 5 pages and have only found 3 threads in which dixie and I or any others had an engagement longer than 4 posts....Why are you lying? Derailing what exactly? I turned a **
  8. A proper cheesesteak is on an amoroso bun, made with sliced rib eye, cooked with onions and placed on the bun with whiz, although many locals go with provolone. Salt and pepper are crucial as well. TP is 1,000% right, Pat's and Geno's are shitty tourist traps. The only time anyone goes there is to give a visitor a picture in front of the sign. If you want a legit cheesesteak, go to Jim's or Sonny's. Finally, any "cheeseteak" made outside of a 25 mile radius of Philadelphia city hall is not a cheesesteak, it's abomination. Oddly enough, chicken cheesesteaks are good too if you want to save
  9. Those photos look like a child played with them in Lightroom
  10. Yeah, and Davis is ranked 6th. It would have been a glorious win if our coach could find a way to avoid a 4th quarter meltdown. We've got the talent, we just need the coach to GTFO. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is simply unacceptable. With a competent coach, we're in the top 10.
  11. I see you Boise State fans hating on Bach. He's actually a pretty solid QB.
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