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  1. Mock Draft has three MW players going in the 1st round

    Indeed. It's a vanishing market. BSU is going to have to focus elsewhere. Ditch digging and finger-painting come to mind.
  2. Mock Draft has three MW players going in the 1st round

    Of course. There's a Vandal there who believes in helping disadvantaged BSU grads. It's fairly common for BSU lackeys to get pity from a kind-hearted Vandal boss.
  3. Peterbilt Arena ... It Could Happen!

    Please, newborn infant baby jesus, make this come to pass.
  4. NBA eyeballs at Taco Bell Arena last night

    Nice. Those guys take prospective water boys seriously. Gotta hoof those bottles all over the place without spilling.
  5. Super Bowl

    That's just the hardcore, uneducated segment (much like with BSU). There is, I will admit, a general "go fuk yourselfness" mentality in this town. Always has been.
  6. Titus Young piece by LA Times

    And not even a skank pic involved...
  7. Super Bowl

    I know this has been discussed, but the correct answer is Philly by 7. Bank on it. Also, on a related note, JeffKills, your Cowboy Fanboi status is disturbing. No sane person outside Dallas would ever root for the Cowboys. You might as well cheer for North Korea or the return of the syphilis.
  8. Titus Young piece by LA Times

    This. I'm sure the hits didn't help, but the symptoms he is describing are consistent with underlying mental illness and cannot be explained by trauma. I'll admit, when I thought he was just screwing up or doing stupid shit while he was high, there was a measure of schadenfreude. Now, however, it's just a sad and terrible tragedy. The onset age is pretty common - I had a great friend from high school/college and he started slipping around that age, now he's just gone mentally and it seems like there's nothing left of the original personality. Mental illness is something that this country has inexcusably swept under the rug instead of tackling it head on. It's right up there with the worst diseases and in some respects, is among the very worst.
  9. Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    Ryan Leaf compared him to Ryan Leaf. End of story.
  10. Kellen Moore Might Make It After ALLLL!!

    Sheesh - Dallas fans not happy about this. Fortunately for Kellen, his boss is an Idaho Vandal who has taken a shine to the little fella and is willing to defend him... Kellen Moore is the new quarterbacks coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Fans are, understandably, upset about that. They would be upset about any combination of the words "Dallas Cowboys" and "Kellen Moore" unless the words "are getting rid of" are in between the two. Moore is perhaps the least popular player in recent team history. And rightfully so, because Moore's tenure with the team includes just about every kind of disappointment a backup can muster. In two regular season starts for the 2015 Cowboys, Moore completed less than 59 percent of his passes and threw six interceptions. In 2016 the team had enough faith in him not to pursue Nick Foles as a more experienced backup for Tony Romo... and then he proceeded to break his ankle and miss the season, only for Foles to eventually lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl. He was so bad in the 2017 preseason that undrafted rookie Cooper Rush seized the backup role for himself. That is not the career path of a future Quarterbacks Coach of an NFL team. And yet Moore skipped to the front of the line despite being grossly unqualified. He didn't even have to start as a quality control assistant first. The Cowboys were so committed to keeping him in the quarterback room with Dak Prescott that they hired him for a role he isn't ready for. What is the utility of having Moore in there anyway? It's not as though he made a difference in 2017, when Prescott regressed significantly from his 2016 season. Moore tends to get credit for Prescott's incredible year, but he was not the variable that changed last season. Tony Romo was. When Romo was in the room with Prescott, he thrived. When he wasn't? The team struggled to move the ball through the air. So why was Moore the choice to guide the next several years of Prescott's career when there were more qualified candidates available? What about, say, Brian Callahan? He was so good in helping Matthew Stafford become the highest paid player in the NFL that when head coach Jim Caldwell was fired, offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter managed to avoid that same fate for himself. Callahan wasn't so lucky, but his resume far exceeds Moore's. He even has a bit of a Cowboy pedigree, as his father Bill Callahan was a success assistant for the team. But apparently Bill Callahan's stamp of approval isn't as big a deal as Scott Linehan's. That is what got Moore the job, after all. Not his own qualifications as a player or his strong work as a lower-level assistant. He is just Linehan's hand-picked muse. If Linehan had the cache of a more successful coach, that might be enough, but the Cowboys just fell nine spots from their 2016 ranking in total offense. His word shouldn't hold much sway right now. The entire future of the Cowboys organization rides on Prescott. If the Cowboys wanted Moore around so badly they should have just kept him as a player. One roster spot is a small price to pay for the growth of a franchise quarterback. But now the Cowboys will have to hope that Prescott can find a way towards that growth on his own, because if 2017 proved anything, Moore isn't going to do anything to help get him there.
  11. Kellen Moore Might Make It After ALLLL!!

    Gruden would never hire a QB coach with any responsibilities. He's up the QB's ass 110% of the time because he's the quarterback whisperer. I think he's overrated as hell, btw.
  12. Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    I really expected you to mention 99 and a bitch ain't one.
  13. Kellen Moore Might Make It After ALLLL!!

    Why would he trade a Ferrari for a Ford Pinto? He just skipped college ball altogether and I can't imagine that he's going to suck as a coach.
  14. What it's like to be a visiting fan in Philly

    Dallas fans are routinely refused service in several Philly sports bars. Others have special prices and special "ingredients" for Cowboy fans. Philly likes to keep it classy.