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  1. Then many if not most wash out, wind up digging ditches and spend the rest of their lives regretting their decision. Sounds like a winning strategy.
  2. This is astounding. You're treating a remote chance at the NFL from a G5 mid-major as equivalent to an Ivy League degree. That's just plain stupid.
  3. If that's true, there is a glaring hole in your logic. Choosing BSU over an Ivy league or even major college is the height of stupidity, which in turn calls your entire premise into question.
  4. I just poured a sip of my make believe 40 oz. for her.
  5. I sense a disturbance in the force...
  6. Bitch please. You’re embarrassing yourself and frankly, it’s uncomfortable to watch.
  7. We're deep on RB and spoiled with riches at WR. Unfortunately, Coach's son can't get the ball to the WR's so there isn't a threat of a deep ball to keep defenses honest. Our problems are the DL and, grossly the QB, but we'll still beat your prediction.
  8. Every single one of you ladies would jizz yourself if your team partnered with the NFL Network. Don't be coy.
  9. "You hear which majors, and which classes, are the easiest and you take them," Tadman says. "You're going to school so you can stay in sports. You're not going for a degree. … It's a joke." -Marty Tadman, former BSU safety.
  10. Our players have to go to a real class and they're subject to the same grading system as other students, whereas the donks...
  11. Is the goal of this exercise to put together a schedule whereby Hawaii goes winless?
  12. "putting down 12 packs of keystone light in Moscow" is the critical statistic. Everything else is shit.