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  1. CSU will bounce back. They have a vice-like grip on the fruitful minnesota market.
  2. He was ghosting Alabama HS coaches during recruiting and they took it personally.
  3. Hard pass. We're all set. Too many QB's as is.
  4. I guess entering the Portal is a one-way ticket to popularity. Non-Portal Hank: Boo'd, fans cheer at injury, pariah, death threats a la Kyle Brotzman, not fit to be a HS QB, loser In Portal Hank: We love you!, You bled blue - thanks for everything. You're a great man and a great bronco. I want you inside me...
  5. <CSU Watches Boise Wallow in Humiliation>
  6. It was OK. Too slow for my taste, but then again, I might not be the best source because I gave a presentation on how Raging Bull was a piece of shit that deserved no accolades.
  7. It takes a lot of balls to say this sort of thing after getting asspounded by UTEP, firing your OC, sending your starting QB to the portal and basically scrapping the entire season due to deep deficiencies on both sides of the ball. Shit, I wish we played you this year.
  8. Wow. CSU put Sac State in the #1 slot according to Massey. At least you didn't lose to a team that sucks. Like UTEP. Massey Ratings - College Football : FCS Ratings
  9. I see your raise and add in Montana. Big Sky is packed with great programs. Here are the conference rankings - 5 teams in the top 15. It's going to be rough to crack the top 5, but Eastern is having a down year and Weber might fuk up because they don't have an offense. Maybe we get Montana State, but Montana and Sac State are going to wreck everyone. 1. Montana (#2) 2. Montana State (#4) 3. Sac State (#6) 4. Weber (#12) 5. Eastern (#15) 6. Idaho (#24)
  10. Sec State is legit. Probably the best coached team in the Big Sky at this point.
  11. I would have thought Boise earned the spot without question, but some think the CSU/Sac State fiasco was neck and neck. I'm just facilitating harmony - you know how peaceful I am...
  12. Is there any precedent for co-turds of the week?
  13. Too early to say, but BSU damn well wouldn’t crack the top 5 based on the way it shat the bed this week.
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