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  1. Lots of this is speculation, but there do appear to be some studs coming in, Hopefully they show up on the field because if not....well, I'm afraid this board is going to come after you with no lube.
  2. Don't forget the fans. They sold out the stadium after a couple losses. Greatest fans evar!
  3. I imagine TP in the grocery store frantically cycling through the hot dog ingredients labels looking for buttholes to be the first ingredient. "Pig snout, pig snout, oooh, finally - buttholes"
  4. TP is right. They're all shit. Go to Jim's or Sonny's if you want a legit cheesesteak. Pats and Genos are both tourist crap.
  5. Yeah, but this is philly. A mediocre hoagie here is a fantastic masterpiece in other parts of the country. We take our sandwiches very seriously here. Very. Seriously.
  6. literally eating a wawa hoagie as i type. Wawa is a national treasure, dont besmirch its name.
  7. Slow your roll brotha. If the B1G or SEC dreamed of having them, they'd stroke a check and they would have them. Seems like cream of the crop for G5 though.
  8. Florida State had something lie 23 players opt out. I'm surprised the whole program didn't opt out after getting done so dirty.
  9. For the record, when you mention Minnesota, you need to acknowledge the huge CSU presence there, js
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