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  1. VandalPride97

    OT: Pac 12 Network a bigger failure than you think

    This isn't good news for anyone. It is, at least for the west, an indicator that the media rights bubble is about to burst.
  2. I prefer to think that you're all a bunch of bitches.
  3. It's ok, little fella. You guys are still a prominent mid-major when it comes to on-field performance, just not as much as you were a few years ago.
  4. The Big 12 isn't going to raid the MWC or the AAC. If they decided to raid anyone, it would be the ACC, which would then backfill from the AAC. Western schools aren't going anywhere.
  5. They're the most attractive program for realignment purposes...
  6. I don't think we're that desperate yet, but with coach starting his son and us winding up in the middle of the Big Sky, lots of people will be plenty desperate.
  7. That's a pretty big deal, you know. Plus, they have the top G5 school to pimp out, and Cincy, Houston and Mempho have seen some success lately. USF and SMU rear up every so often and field good teams. Hair needs to get off his ass and start hustling.
  8. Someone will be desperate enough.
  9. As an outsider looking in, it looks like the AAC is eating the MWC's lunch on the reg. They're more aggressively selling their product and they have better TV markets. Plus, BSU has passed the G5 crown to UCF, so the privileges will likely follow at some point. The thing is, I like the MWC much more than the AAC and I'd rather see MWC teams play because I have ties to them so it sucks for me to see this happen as well. That's just my 2 pesos.
  10. VandalPride97

    Brace yourselves...

    Most underrated universities. Make sure you scroll through it slowly so the gravity of the situation sets in as you climb the list... https://www.businessinsider.com/most-underrated-colleges-america-2019-2#2-university-of-houston-49
  11. VandalPride97

    Huge News for the Broncos: FSU just kicked their qb off of the team

    You're really force-feeding these nicknames. It reminds me of a sitcom. Do you ever refer to yourself as "T-Bone"?
  12. Did you immediately tell them to go fuk themselves?
  13. VandalPride97

    Super Bowl LIII: New England vs Los Angeles

    Shittiest superbowl since the last time the Cowboys played.
  14. VandalPride97

    Super Bowl LIII: New England vs Los Angeles

    That game was dogshit. I want my 4 hours back.