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  1. Nailed it. I've been using the stats argument forever. I can't imagine that they don't exist, but I don't think they've ever been here...unless you count @Jeffkills of course.
  2. I think the winner should be enthroned for the year. @BSUTOP25 and @halfmanhalfbronco - hook them up with something that oozes class and sophistication...
  3. There's no shame in it. Trolling is a art.
  4. I don't have a beef with you. You were just easy to hook.
  5. Much like BSU, I am unilaterally claiming co-championship. I have not lost, yet I didn't get to the championship round. There was obvious ballot stuffing, dimpled chads, sock voting and clearly an east coast bias. My SOS is irrelevant.
  6. Only the donks. I have no beef with Broncos. Some of my favorite posters are truckers.
  7. A chimp could have made that call.
  8. BSU couldn't make its bond payments a few years back. It wasn't pretty.
  9. Harsin to __________ discussion imminent.
  10. Not sure, the news just broke. I think they just take turns jerking each other off for free. It's rotating, a circle if you will...