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  1. Comparing SDSU to Rutgers is an insult to Rutgers. Having said that, I have no idea how Rutgers generally sucks at football.
  2. A big fat line of Arm & Hammer for SAMO.
  3. Rough year. I see BSU is going back to the C-USA well. UNT finished 7-6 and UTEP finished 5-7. I too like to live dangerously.
  4. WTF? There was plenty of material last weekend.
  5. Bru, everyone on this board enjoys being difficult. It the zeitgeist of the MWC board and why I love it so.
  6. This is a lay up UCF Fresno AFA SDSU SJSU Wyoming USU UNLV CSU Hawaii Nevada Boise (although props for support during a time of crisis) UNM
  7. NDSU is definitely a tall order, but if the Griz play to their potential I can see it happening. My only criticism that Hauck seems to be set in his ways and might want to be a bit more flexible in the use of players, but that's 100% uninformed observation. Good luck!
  8. thanks for all the support folks. Much appreciated in a time of tragedy.
  9. The FCS true playoff system is a hundred times better than the FBS rigged playoff system. Can you imagine if 5 MWC teams made it into a 24 team playoff with a natty at the end if you win the next few games? If the MWC was to FBS as the Big Sky is to FCS, in no particular order: 1. Fresno 2. SDSU 3. Hoser 4. Boise State 5. Wyoming That would be wicked.
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