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  1. No post game sugar cubes for Kellen.
  2. The region has definitely grown. They really should get angry at developers if they wanted to keep the small town feel. I say this as someone who saw Elk Grove's population explode.
  3. I never understood why people love flying flags out of their trucks. They're not even flags for schools/sports teams.
  4. Not nearly enough have left the state. People who enjoy telling Californians that people are leaving this state is not the ownage they think it is. I have a few friends who moved to Texas and one moved to New Hampshire.
  5. Hickory High won a state championship with mostly 6-7 players available and most of that season was played without Jimmy Chitwood, their star player.
  6. Him and Joe Gibbs are debating who wore short shorts better in the great beyond.
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