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  1. The wealthy benefit from a rigged system. Sounds very American to me.
  2. They're going to try something new next season. I think it's called the forward pass.
  3. Well if no one else is going to say it, "Prepare thy anus, MWC!"
  4. Not only is it grammatically incorrect. It's karatically incorrect.
  5. Hawaii: Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.
  6. I'm beginning to see how Cincy could go undefeated.
  7. That's the whole premise of the show. There are no real villains, just different perspectives.
  8. Cobra Kai is really good. I recommend it.
  9. Boise wants to join the AAC because they're less likely to have a team capable of beating them.
  10. https://twitter.com/CoachBrennan/status/1341850456335785984?s=19
  11. You're internet famous... in Alabama.
  12. It's been a magical ride. Is it too soon to demand more TV money?
  13. Like he would want to take on another rebuild.
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