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  1. Any idea when we’ll see a line for Sun’s game in Ft Fun. ¡GO STATE!
  2. YUP & 3.4-mi from the LAX & 6.2-mi from Manhattan Bch, SoCal
  3. Pls post a pic of the rock you've been living under. "Los Angeles reached a historic milestone in 2018, welcoming 50 million visitors for the first time ever and accomplishing the destination’s ambitious tourism goal two years early. The new record is 1.5 million visitors higher than 2017’s total – a 3.1 percent increase – marking the eighth-consecutive year of tourism growth for Los Angeles." https://www.discoverlosangeles.com/los-angeles-celebrates-record-milestone-of-50-million-visitors-in-2018
  4. When it's played (b4/after Christmas) is a KEY detail as well.
  5. BULLSHIT Johnny Come Lately. You do realize uc-boulder & Utah are in the 12-Pack ¿RIGHT?
  6. Given their recent schedules laden w/MWC teams in Oct & Nov & their bowl rotation, YBU is a defacto MWC f'ball memeber (ala ND in the ACC).
  7. ¡WRONG! IF THE MWC representative is good enough to deserve to be playing "...against the champ of another conf..." our team will be in an Access Bowl game.
  8. CSU-San Diego ranked over CSU-Fresno !GO 'TECS!