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  1. Hahaha....Drop CSU-San José & stay at 10-teams.
  2. NOPE...the “Roman” delineates it from Eastern/Russian/Greek Orthodox.
  3. There's one-way to measure tickets PURCHASED. There's one-way to measure ATTENDANCE. "Purchasing" & "attending" a verbs with very different meanings.
  4. That's not a bad idea. It's worth looking into.
  5. I was singling out schools by name that played YBU in Oct & Nov. I was lazy & only listed the teams that played 'em in Oct & Nov-of-this-yr. wyo doesn't play los cougs until 2022 & 2024 & both those games are on the 4th Saturday in Sept, so they wouldn't make my super awful Oct/Nov list either way.
  6. I agree it would be nice to have YBU back for ALL sports, but never á la carte. Why should the cougs come back for f’ball as long as 1/2 their sked is already filled w/MWC teams? If we stayed united & black balled ‘em, we’d have much more leverage than we do now. CSU-Diego, USU & The Juco bailing them out in Oct & Nov is especially counter productive. :-(
  7. Thanks for your take on how things went down during the negotiations. It’s will be interesting to see how things pan out during the nxt negotiations considering how different your take is on the “extra cut” in perpetuity, as compared to the perspective of our commissioner. Bit but than then again, what was were you saying about me being a “++++tard?”
  8. You seem to be a fan of “simple questions.” ¿How many wks will it take to play your 130-school round robin tourney? I’m starting to come around to your logic. We have no way of knowing if CSU is better or worse than: Oklahoma Ohio State Oregon LSU Clemson Sorry...I owe you an apology.
  9. Good luck finding the 12-Pac network so you can watch your boys playing on “the blu” in 2026.
  10. GOOD POINT: Trends & going 2-1 in bowl games means nothing.