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  1. ¿Did the Costco in Loveland close since I left in 2004, or am I mistaking Sam's Club for Costco?
  2. Just protecting Lt CaspAr Collins’ honor... If the map maker was wrong, does that make it right?
  3. Guess you’ve never been to Houston, or are your a fan of Refineries & Chemical Plants?
  4. It was on TV is must be true. :-) Go hang-out near the old Holiday Inn in Reno. That place is thick w/Cracked/Meth’d out hookers... I have recent ABQ bias. My Lyft Driver came back to my room the last time I was in New Méx for wrk...
  5. If SJ can claim the redwood forest, the FC can claim SW Nebraska. ¡GO Humboldt State Lumberjacks!
  6. Reno & Fresno has The ABQ beat on the meth front. The ABQ is nice, but too much sprawl for me...
  7. Okay Mr hair splitter. It's Ft Collins adjacent in Timnath, CO which is on I-25 (link below). If said wyo shopper is already taking care of other BIG City Business in the College Ave corridor it's probably pretty close to a 50/50 proposition if they'd prefer the Loveland or Timnath, Colo Costco locations. https://www.costco.com/warehouse-locations/timnath-co-1178.html
  8. WRONG. "Casper" IS the misspelling. Ft Caspar (the original name of "Casper," wyo) was named after Lt Caspar Collins, a military hero from the mid-19th Century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Caspar CC: @BSUTOP25
  9. Culturally Fresno, Calif & Midland/Odessa, Tejas are very comparable.
  10. Read TTT's post again. Many of the minor sports aren't at their limit. Many student athletes share partial scholarships. In other news, the optics on this whole thing is dismal. :-( Just another reason to GO BIG SKY Sparty!!!
  11. I hope you right about Paragraph 2 & 3. What's the range for ticket prices in the new stadium? As I'm sure you already know, Paragraph 1 will only last 1-3 seasons.
  12. ¿& commitments like this aren't going to effect Southern NV f'ball ticket sales going frwd?