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  1. GoState99755

    Gear Sightings! Boise, SLC, Amsterdam

    ¿Where you looking in the mirror? I'm on campus at Berkeley today for Flying Lotus at the Hearst Greek Theater (the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow), & I haven't even seen any Cal gear yet.
  2. GoState99755

    Rebel Fan Council

    "Stealing???" Aren't y'all on the same team?
  3. GoState99755

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    ¿Is this the 3rd -or- 4th time you brought up the fact that cash is only a portion of the deal? ¿What's the over/under, on how many more times you are going to make this point on this thread?
  4. GoState99755

    Stunner's wet dream

    Totally ubderstandable! CSU-San José & CSU-Fresno is pretty much the same thing.
  5. GoState99755

    Stunner's wet dream

    The number disagree w/two-of-the-three on your list: 19%.....Idaho: You might have a pt 2%.......New México: I call BS >2%.....Nevada: I call BS SIDE NOTE: I'm shocked AK is #5 w/5%. In the 14-yrs I spent in Alaska I only meet one Mormon. The guy at my storage place. https://utahvalley360.com/2015/07/13/top-10-states-mormons/
  6. GoState99755

    More stripping children from parents

    Children "stripping" is illegal. Why are we discussing this?
  7. ¿Are you talking about Rosarito in Baja...or is there a Rosarita project north-of-the-boarder? ¿If it's Rosarito, is Baja planning on selling h2o to SD Co?
  8. ¿Wouldn't the SD/OC/BIG Valley State be red?
  9. GoState99755

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    ¿If that is true, why don't they sponsor YBU sports? The rosters at The-Y are full of old men w/kids & mini-vans.
  10. GoState99755

    2026 World Cup

    I don't have a feeling either way, but I'm curious why you feel there is an advantage to coalition hostings? Have there been any other hosting coalition in addition to Japan/Korea?
  11. GoState99755

    Stunner's wet dream

  12. What's the next hurdle to over come? Aren't y'all waiting on some sort of public vote?
  13. GoState99755

    2026 World Cup

    I didn't claim you were. However, isn't Mackay Stadium your figurative home? If that's true, isn't the "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" reference fitting?
  14. GoState99755

    2026 World Cup

    What's the Windex bill look like for your Glass House?
  15. GoState99755

    2026 World Cup