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  1. The only game y'all didn't do "jack dilly shit" was Ball St.
  2. I stand corrected. NewMX is no longer the worse team in the MWC Mtn:
  3. NOPE...they got a first down. Clock stops.
  4. Let me introduce HCSAddazio: CSU Rams Spec Teams Coach
  5. Says the fan o' a school that needed 2-OTs to beat CSU-José:
  6. Are you sure? What makes you think your boys will even show up for their Homecoming? Y'all are 0-for-1 showing up for f'ball games vs los Rammies...
  7. Cayden Camper (K) is kicking well now, however he started out the season a lil' rusty.
  8. Did I mention I’m a Taylor on my Mom’s side?
  9. Does being picked #1 in the Conf Pre-Season “…beat…the ever living shit out of…” playing in your Juco Barn? Want to make strides to change your brand to a real D-1A University…go w/stone, brick ‘n’ Ivy. Want to persist w/y’all’s community college vibe…glass & steel is a great look for los blu burros’ revamped hoops gym.
  10. "Newer architecture..." is for tech firm campuses. Show me a P5 campus that has substianal modern arcitiecture. In the context of a college campus/athletics, going ultra modern is bush league. Less so than blu turf, however bush league none-the-less.
  11. Why "guess" when the info is at your finger tips? @UNLV2001 went to the trouble to posted all the info on this very board: Thx @UNLV2001
  12. Will HCSAddazio be wyo's Search Committee when they hire Urban?
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