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  1. Says the guy who’s team took their ball & went home... https://wccsports.com/
  2. Of course you like it. Y'all are the biggest leach in the conf.
  3. Maybe we get swept in Logan. The Rams split in SD, ¿yet las 'tecas are better than CSU? ¿REALLY?
  4. Not at all. This is a reference to yrs-of-demise. As far as this season, I'm proud we split with los 'tecas & I concerned we could get swept one-or-both of our net-two: The CC & The Other Aggies. As for Nevada Southern...they're a non-factor.
  5. NO...for yrs ppl have been referring to CSU-Diego, New Méx & NV Southern as the "Big-3" on here. I'm just pointing out that since los 'tecas are the only one still dominate in MWC hoops, it's a historical reference, not current events.
  6. ¿Your bustin’ my balls over a missing “s?”
  7. ...& more importantly to my pt, 2/3rds of this mythical “Top-3” reside in the basement, while the other 1/3 is “Top-3” adjacent.
  8. Never said they were. Look real close. ¿Can you make out a Top-3/Bottom-3 pattern?
  9. ¿Am I the only one getting this BS? 2nd game in-a-row I tried to get radio feed for this season & got this error msg. TIA for any insight. ¡GO STATE!
  10. In other news: José, FresNO, Diego & Boise still aren’t States.
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