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  1. In the last 2-months, I’ve seen 3 different co-wrk’rs receive False Positives on 2 different projects (AK & Méx).
  2. Thx for the update bud, even though the news is bad. I'm dying down here in Baja Calif, in a Méxican CV-19 Bubble. Una diversión de-4-horas en Sabado con los Lobos would have been a nice way to end-the-wk. OH WELL...what are you going to do ¿verdad?
  3. Speak for yourself. Word from the mean streets of The ABQ is, Los Lobos aren't showing up for 25% of our games in Ft Fun. :-(
  4. From Geoff Grammer of the ABQ Trib:"That reality, however, is the opener at CSU and for that matter even the Oct. 31 game against San Jose State scheduled to be played without fans in Albuquerque are in serious jeopardy as the record-setting week of new COVID-19 cases in New Mexico has dropped the program, through no fault of its own, out of compliance with the written guidelines set forth by state health officials." ¡Hey, Los Lobos! Pls tell us this isn't the & y'all will show-up Saturday. :-( @LoboMan59 & @Lobo Amor
  5. NOT what I wanted to see a-wk-b4 we open w/New Méx. :-( https://www.krqe.com/sports/local-sports/unm-football-practices-paused-after-8-players-1-staff-member-test-positive-for-coronavirus/
  6. I have no idea. I don't think CSU has made any decisions past the first-few-wks.
  7. If there are no fans, I guess 1/2-our-games on Thurs is no BIG deal & could be good for getting more nat'l exposure. This is what we get when we under-achieve for the-last-5-yrs & our conf doesn't decide to play until other conferences took up all the prime TV time slots. https://www.reporterherald.com/2020/10/13/four-thursday-games-added-to-csu-footballs-2020-schedule/
  8. FACT REMAINS: Your boy shit the bed last night.
  9. ¿How does MLB not have a time for Game-4 of the NLCS less than 3-days-out? ==================== https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-playoffs-schedule-2020-postseason-dates-times-tv-info-for-alcs-and-nlcs/
  10. That Scoreboard is BS. CSU hasn't lost to CSU-San José in NoCal since 2012
  11. Isn't Overland Prk adjacent to Leawood? Leawood is pretty swanky & better schools than the Missouri side...
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