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  1. If fútbol doesn't pan out for our 'keeper...he's always got the plumbing biz:
  2. Elbow is tougher than face every time....
  3. Roddy came back... ...but, too little too late (74-74...w/14.6-secs left). F' this thug & the zebras. :-(
  4. Dbl-Stuff Side Show Bob is a pho king thug...
  5. Roddy ties the game at 74 w/0:14:6-secs left
  6. Roddy w/his butterfly stitches is PISSED...
  7. Roddy takes a beating w/multiple elbows to the face. LA Tech draws blood & send Roddy to the locker room midway through the 2nd Half. :-( ¡¡¡ GO STATE !!!
  8. FIFA is more powerful the the Olympics. 0-1...Advantage El Tri (not the good guys)
  9. El Tri scores 5-mins-ish b4 half: 0-1: advantage Méx @ the break Chippy first-half MX’s keeper left on a stretcher 10-mins b4 the goal Play o’ the 1st-Half: Great risky tackle (all-ball) in-the-box by USA/Chicago Fire defenseman to save a quality scoring opportunity ¿Why is México wearing fuchsia ‘n blk?
  10. Tokyo Olympics Qualifying in Guadalajara (U23):
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