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  1. I'd vote to keep Parker on as our f'ball scheduler... YUP...we need a radical culture change.
  2. We've given CMBobo 5-YEARS to assemble that "...staff around him." Time to cut bait.
  3. ¿Can we pay CMBobo the 1/2-of-his salary that he's earning?
  4. ¿Did you forget we have New Mex & SoNevada (at home) on our sked? ¿How much longer will our players buy-in to CMBobo sinking ship? A home win -vs- Toledo could do wonders. 1-3 seems worlds away from 2-2. I pray we don't go into conf-play w/ZERO D-1A victories.
  5. The Equipment Mngr...ZERO drop-off w/the change.
  6. No...I'm great on 1/2-time snacks. What I "want" is for one-of-your opponents w/the character of #7 to end your Team Captain's season & f'ball career. See you: 22 Nov 2019
  7. ¡HORRIBLE! I just noticed the link had already been posted, after I added it to my post. ¡DOWN RIGHT UGLY!
  8. Did you see the un-tackle were we had one-Hog stopped by 5-Rams & the hillbilly scored a TD? http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=27615592
  9. ¿Anything new on CHill#15's prognosis?
  10. Just you wait...it'll be tied late into the 3rd-Qtr until Chill#15 get's taken-out w/a cheep shot.
  11. MWC has 4-of-the Top-10 QB Passing Yardage Leaders: #1 - McDonald, Hawai’i: 163.2 #5 - Hill, CSU: 174.5 #8 - Love, Utah St: 152.2 #10 - Bachmeier , El Juco: 132.3 ...& CSU’s CHill has the best QB Rating o’ the Bunch
  12. Memphis is a great town & @UofMTigers is a good man. The Gays are in every BIG city. You just have to look a little harder in some cities than others. As soon as The Gays move into your urban neighborhood. LOOK OUT...property values are about ready to go through THE ROOF!!!
  13. 1. El Juco 2. Hawai’i 3. wyo 4. The “other” Aggies 5. CSU-Diego 6. CSU-FresNO 7. CSU 8. USAFA 9. NoNevada 10. New Mèx 11. SoNevada 12. CSU-Josè