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  1. Roy Moore is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Clinton balanced the budget back in the '90's.
  2. Who said anything about "...woo(ing) a 17-yr-old???" There's a BIG difference between admiring beauty & hitting on someone.
  3. I think you need to read the indictment again.
  4. Week Zero 2018: Hawaii at Colorado State?

    We won 51-21 on the Islands last-yr.
  5. Where are our board member wrk'g for the CIA, NSA, etc...?
  6. How can you objectively prove or refute this?
  7. What's this equations...the youngest woman I should date?
  8. Actually...Colo & wyo are the same: 17-yrs
  9. Have fun w/your conspiracy theory...
  10. Every administration since Eisenhower or Kennedy...
  11. You left out a very important detail. ¿What about all the $$$ laundering El Donald has done for the Russian Oligarchs?
  12. ¡La verdad...soy un viejo sucio...jajaja! Not quite...that would be 16.67-yrs/per generation. ¿Isn’t a generation usually based on 20-yrs/per? My Dad had a theory. As you grow older, the window of women you find attractive only gets bigger. It remains constant on the young-end & grows every-yr on the older-side of the continuum.
  13. It varies by State. IIRC wyo is one of the lowest.
  14. DAMN!!! I guess I'll have to wait a-few-more-months before I can admire her beauty publicly. I've been driving MotorCoaches for Rock/Rap/Country music tours in the Lower-48 & Canada since last spring (April 2017). Other than a-few-days on an ABC TV show in H'wood back in Nov, I haven't driven a truck professionally since Feb 2017 on the NoSlope of AK. "In...(my) 30s???" GOD BLESS YOU MY SON!!! I turned 50 last spring. My last serious GF was 31/32, when I was 47/48.