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  1. How is this “...a feminine looking font?”
  2. I bet you the only thing he's wearing that he had to pay for himself was socks, underwear & the duct tape. How can you make out the nameplate/logo on that MTB?
  3. ^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^ There needs to be two formulas. One for revenue production pgm & another for all the rest...
  4. It's some pretty abstract math, but I'm guessing you can handle it: By dropping more men's sports than women's sports The real question here, is how many will drop below the D-1a minimums, or how long will the NCAA grant wavers.
  5. Going .500% while recruiting to Laramie is worth several-million/yr is todys mrkt.
  6. Chk-out this new revolutionary Internet tool: https://www.google.com
  7. DISAGREE once you factor in exposure angle. One-of-the-largest single days for online applications to CSU was the day we beat Missouri in the first round of the NCAA. The way it engages alumni & alumni giving is PRICELESS for a majority of D-1a pgms.
  8. I the real question is: who's going to have to drop from D-1a to D-1aa because of CV-19.
  9. WRONG: Don't forgot: * ZERO signage in the building * Your Daddy won't let you play CSU on Saturday * y'all lost the Vegas Bowl ...$900mm is tax $$$ doesn't go as far as it used to, huh? No matter how you try sugar coat it...y'all got reamed by Jr Davis.
  10. CSU has the best stadium in the conf, why would I be jealous? I'm bitter y'all lost the Vegas Bowl. ¡Thx again! Hope you enjoy your new AirB&B Stadium. Have fun w/your new Landlord & I hope you sphincter regains it's original shape soon.
  11. Pretty sure all the rest were because of TV, not because they're the home team is the Raider bitch.