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  1. I'll be concerned if/when it happens. We're a loooong way from a-half-filled Sonny Lubick Field. I mean Canvas Stadium, which has the second most lucrative naming rights deal in the nation. ¿How much is CSU-Fresno getting for their stadium naming deal?
  2. Turkey w/Provolone. The first Togo's I ever saw/ate at was w/in a mile of CSU-San Diego.
  3. Brand Theory: No Mkt'g Mngr in her right mind wants to tie their brand to Fresno.
  4. CSU has done that for BIG games at Hughes in the grassy end zones in the past...
  5. It looks like the Arcade I went to at The Mall in the '70's
  6. I think @TheTedfordTrain is on to something. I heard the same story on InfoWars.
  7. DAMN....SpellChk on this site BLOWS. CC: @mugtang I'm very strong w/the consonants, however vowels throw me for a loop when it comes to spelling. This will probably bring out the peanut gallery, but here goes anyways. I spell better in Español than I do in my mother tongue.
  8. ¡Thx Brother @Headbutt! The "'woke' world" hasn't made it to the dictionary yet. I looked up "Ms" & "Mr" & both are still only listed as nouns, as you mentioned. None of the professional & social circles I travel in are heavy into the new trendy "personal pronoun" rage, so I'll defer to you on that. If we give @Cincy the benefit of the doubt, he might have been referring to two-typos I made. I originally wrote "smart" instead of "smarter" & "is" instead of "if." I'm thinking this is more likely. I get the impression debates over the usage of parts of speech are substantially over his head.
  9. He'd be even smarter if "Dr." was a pronoun. When did titles become pronouns?
  10. NOPE. Anchorage, AK w/a high of +80*f & a hint of smoke from a fire down on the Kenai Peninsula.
  11. Hopefully Commander in Chief DJT will finalize the Exit Plan before he "...make(s) a call."
  12. W/DJT running the show who knows. Backing out of the Iran agreement isn't looking like such a great move at the moment.
  13. CDMX/El DF (México City) has honored the Aztec ppl by naming their marquee fútbol stadium: Estadio Azteca https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estadio_Azteca
  14. ...& your school is still in Fresno. +96*f & smoggy. Keep living the dream @Cincy Glad to see you're still a class act potty mouth.