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  1. I'm sure he does. There are ZERO Fla schools that can say they're even sniffing either.
  2. MWC 2.0 maybe. Doubt you'll be hearing from many of the old guard.
  3. Now you just need to hope your QB will finish the season with choosing to gray-shirt or transfer after the 4th Game.
  4. Doesn't playing 1-or-2 additional conf games, while cancelling all non-conference games open them up to tons of liability when settling the contracts of cancelled OoC games? Especially ones like the uc-boulder Bison @ CSU (48-mi apart). How does uc-boulder defend cnx'g a game 48-mi away due to safety concerns, to replace it with a team from the 12-PacNorth 1240-1300-mi away?
  5. ¿Appears to be a good hire? ¿Are you on heroine? How could you miss this HUGE BIGHT RED FLAG???: UNLV's new Pres "...did post-doctoral work in quantitative genetics at..." uc-boulder. WTF Nevada Northern...ow could this happen??? :-(
  6. Lovin' the the new icon @Rev McQuervo ¡Viva las 'tecas...vencieron las pumas!
  7. There's a a Tortilla Factory in there. All Idahoans know the Tortilla is one of the two-main ingredients of the, wait for it...:
  8. Is this an ad for sunscreen? Such a diverse group. You must be proud.
  9. RAPE U Baylor Bears Sending your daughter to a school run by Ken Starr. ¿What could go wrong? ============================================== I heard the young lady on the far-right is on the two-deep. ¿Is she a MLB or a Safety? @Warbow - Up @fbpack - On Deck @SalinasSpartan - In-the-Hole
  10. ¡¡¡ VIVA los ‘TECS !!!
  11. ========I Biden’s Eight I======== #1 - Tara Reade - 2019 - Accusation: touched her shoulders and neck…2020 - Accusation: head against wall & was fingered #2 - Lucy Flore - smelled her hair & kissed her on the head #3 - Amy Lappos - rubbed noises w/her #4 - Vail Kohnert-Yount - touched foreheads w/her #5 - Caitlyn Caruso - rested his hand on her thigh #6 - DJ Hill - hand on her shoulder…moving it down her back #7 - Sofie Karasek - holding hands and touching foreheads #8 - Ally Coll - squeezed her shoulders for a beat too long Source: Breitbart . com ======I Pres Pussy Grabber’s Twenty-Two I====== #1 - E Jean Carrol - digitally penetrated, then genitally raped in a dept store dressing room #2 - Katie Johnson - raped by Trump & Epstein in Jeff’s apt #3 - Kristin Anderson - reached up her skirt & touched her vagina #4 - Rachel Crooks - kissed her on the mouth at wrk #5 - Jessica Drake - hugged & kissed her & offered $10k for sex #6 - Jill Harth - groped her under the dinner table when her BF left briefly #7 - Cathy Heller - forcible kissed her on the mouth #8 - Ninni Laaksonen - Grabbed her ass at The Letterman Show #9 - Jessica Leeds - kissed her, grabbed her boobs & reached up her skirt in 1st Class #10 - Jennifer Murphy - Kiss her on the lips after a job interview #11 - Casandra Searles - Grabbed her ass & badgered her to go to his hotel room #12 - Natasha Stoynoff - During interview for People Magaizne: Pushed against wall and aggressively kissed her…the following day told by Trump staffer to he was waiting for her at a massage appt. #13 - Temple Taggart McDowell - Pageant participant kiss on the lips 2-separate occasions #14 - Summer Zervos - At a job interview grabbed boobs, kissed & tried to get her into his bedroom #15 - Mariah Billado - Walked into dressing room while she was changing #16 - Tasha Dixon - Walked into dressing room while she was changing #17 - Victoria Hughes - Walked into dressing room while she was changing #18 - Bridget Sullivan - Walked into dressing room while she was changing #19 - Samantha Holvey - One of several pageant participants wearing only robes in their dressing room made to line-up so Trump could walk down the line lear at them #20 - Lisa Boyne - One of several women forced to walk on a table so Trump & other men could look up their skirts & comment on their genitalia #21 - Karena Virginia - Touched her boobs at US Open #22- Ivana Trump - Accused him of Rape (recanted)
  12. After the 12-Pac's Conf only announcement for the 2020 f'ball season, CSU doesn't have a game scheduled until 19 Sept 2020: Oregon State - Sept 12th: The Beavers already played their end of the home/home in the inaugural game at Canvas (Aug 2017). So it's easy, reschedule a game in Corvallis on one of CSU open dates starting 2025, or be done w/them. uc-boulder - Sept 5th: Move the 2023 game from boulder to Ft Fun. Add @boulder game to 2029 (the Bisons 1st Open Date) ====I uc-boulder Future Skeds I==== 2021 - A&M (Denver) UNC & Minn (boulder) 2022 - TCU (boulder), AFA & Minn (road) 2023 - CSU & Neb (boulder) TCU (road) 2024 - CSU (FoCo), NoDak St (boulder), Neb (road) 2025 - GA Tech & Mizzou (boulder) & Houston (road) 2026 - Houston (boulder), GA Tech & NoWestern (road) 2027 - Colgate, NoWestern & K-State (boulder) 2028 - UMass (boulder), Florida & K-State (road) 2029 - OPEN 2x & Florida (boulder) 2030 - OPEN 2x & Mizzou (road) Now for the hard part. Who will the Rams fill their open dates with, or will they ever fill them?: Week #1 - Sept 5th: YBU - Utah in SLC - CNX’d TCU - Cal in Berkely - CNX'd ‘bama - USC in Arlington - CNX’d Bowling Green - Ohio St - CNX'd Florida Atlantic - Minnesota in Minneapolis - CNX’d NAU - ASU in Tempe - CNX’d North Dakota St - Oregon in Eugene - CNX’d Portland St - Arizona in Tucson - CNX’d Northern Iowa - Iowa in Iowa City - CNX'd Kent St - Penn in State College - CNX'd Wm & Mary - Stanford in Palo Alto - CNX’d Towson St - Maryland in College Prk - CNX’d Monmouth - Rutgers in New Brunswick - CNX’d Illinois St - Illinois in Champagne-Urbana - CNX’d Week #2 - Sept 12th: YBU - Mich St in East Lansing - CNX’d Iowa St - Iowa in Iowa City - CNX’d Houston - Wazzu in Pullman - CNX’d Syracuse - Rutgers in New Brunswick - CNX’d Virginia Tech - Penn St in Blackburg - CNX’d Memphis - Purdue in East Layette - CNX’d Central Mich - Nebraska in Lincoln - CNX’d Ball St - Michigan in Ann Arbor Champagne-Urbana UConn - Illinois in Champagne-Urbana - CNX’d Tulane - NoWestern in Chicago - CNX’d Western K’tuck - Indiana in Bloomington - CNX’d Montana St - Utah in SLC - CNX’d Cal Poly - Cal in Berkeley - CNX’d NoIllinois - Maryland in College Prk - CNX’d SoIllinois - Wisconsin in Madison Champagne-Urban - CNX’d Tenn Tech - Minnesota in Minneapolis - CNX’d