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  1. "How 'bout you just..." do not change my main acct ("Half-Man is All-Tyrant") to "Green Infection" (something I did not ask for) then lock me out of it. "How 'bout you just..." approve the new "---I GREEN INFECTION I---" acct I registered yesterday & is still pending approval more than 24-hrs-later. "How 'bout you just..." you knock off the arrogant prick schtick. I may not come through on this post. However, I truly do appreciate & value the wrk y'all do as owners & mods in this community. @retrofade - What I don't appreciate is you coming at me like I'm being some kind of high maintenance a-hole adding a shit ton of accts yesterday. I simply added ONE ACCT yesterday & the end result is: * I still cannot access it * The name of my main acct was changed & I'm locked out of it * You are going off on me inferring that I made some complex confusing request I am sorry to have bothered you Mr Fade. I do not doubt you "...have a lot better things to do." Pls do those things & refrain accusing me making some sort of grand elaborate requests and beating a dead horse about a ban from +8-months-ago. ¡Pls/Thx!
  2. Thx…I guess. Apparently my “Half-Man is All-Tyrant” posts were changed to “Green Infection.” Not what I did or wanted. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My new “—-| GREEN INFECTION |—-“ acct is still pending approval. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Now I’m unable to sign into my old “Half-Man is All-Tyrant” acct, which wrk’d fine yesterday morning before all the “Green Infection” confusion started. @Jeffkills @retrofade @halfmanhalfbronco @Headbutt - TIA for assistance y’all can provide.
  3. ¡Haha! ¿Are you runnin’ recon for Yank69?
  4. ??? FAKE NEWS (haha): I hadn’t been banned since February. That’s like 8-months. That shirking w/@Halfman ladt winter was my only banning, “A ton?” DAMN my four screen names must be heavy! At least 500-lbs ech. This has nothing to do w/being banned. It’s to commemorated & more importantly promote this new fledgling CSU/unr rivalry. As far as I can tell, I didn’t change anything. I ADDED a totally new acct ¿No? Thx for your assistance…
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Don't blame me for the Red Neck Riviera. That's on The NY Times & Kenny Stabler. Pls see image above. #1 - I'm not a Baylor fan. It's an ironic reference to my distain for Ken Star, the Rape Culture that was fostered & protected there, as well as the crazy, corrupt 'n' murderous pgm Dave Bliss at Baylor. #2 - Switched from GoState99755 shortly after I left Alaska (99755 - Denali Nat'l Prk & 99501 - Downtown, Anchorage) after 16-yrs, and moved back to SoCal. I currently split my time between 90277 (Redondo Bch where I grew-up) & 91505 (Toluca Lk/Burbank - I can see the Main Lot at Warner Bros from my 2nd story window). YES, there was "some dust up w/a mod" & NO, nothing was "lost." I chose the Half-Man is All-Tyrant screen name completely on my own, after a totally bogus & over zealous suspension by @halfmanhalfbronco. #3 - IIRC...¿Didn't you & I ( @Slapdad) have a pretty nice conversation about my former career in the Music Industry backin 2017/'18-ish? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ¿You'd have not way of knowing. However ¿didn't I welcome you warmly to the RamNation Board earlier this wk? My screen name there is GO STATE. I'll try to post a screenshot her of that encounter. #4 - I've never lived in Gre-ality, NoColo. However, I dated (using that term very loosely) a women there back-in-the-day.
  6. You'll be fine. All the dangerous players are in the NFL Draft or followed Coach Norvell to Ft Collins.
  7. Somebody was saying the contract was written, so CSU would have an opportunity to take the home date for a game vs YBU at Canvas in Ft Fun. GO CSU Ram Pack!!!
  8. I AGREE...College hockey is great!!! Funny you should mention the Lakers @tailingpermit. I saw Lk Superior State play twice. Once at Joe Louis Arena back in the late-'90's in that annual Christmas Tourney Mich/Mich St hosted in DT Detroit. Then again 3-5 yrs-ago when they were playing at UAA (Alaska-Anchorage). Unfortunately the Seawolves were still playing at the Sullivan Arena. Their new on-campus Alaska Air Cntr hadn't opened yet. It was still fun. However not quite as fun partying w/their coaches & team manager the night before in Downtown Anchorage. They were a great bunch o' guys & they hooked me up with passes to the game the nxt day.
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