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  1. Air Force VS CSU

    You are a prophet...

    Good get Rebs. He was an outstanding position coach & recruiter at CSU. He was also one of the few coaches taken to UF when CJM left. https://www.seccountry.com/florida/report-recent-florida-lbs-coach-tim-skipper-expected-become-unlv-dc ¡GO STATE!
  3. Airport - Fan gear sighting

    Last-wk I was on the ANC-DEN-LAX Thurs/Fri RedEye. College f'ball gear was very lean: ANC-DEN: One guy in an Okie St Jacket DEN-LAX: Wyo's DB coach was decked-out in cowgirl gear from head-to-toe including sweat tops 'n' bottoms for a Calif Recruiting Trip. ¡GO STATE!
  4. Immediate Transfers

    You are a "smaller school" with an enrollment of +24k-students? At what enrollment do BIG school start?
  5. CSU @ Wyoming

    I felt the same way until today's game in Laramie. ¡Thx Cowgirls! FWIW...I still think the return game in Ft Fun in a toss-up.
  6. Final S&P+ rankings

    I'd rather have The Boot, but I'm guessing their loss to CSU-San Josè cemented wyo below CSU in this poll.
  7. CSU:  One-Down…Five-to-Go

    This is a departure from CMB's usual squeaky clean Christian Family Man coaching staff MO. ¿How much are we paying our 3rd Choice?
  8. I like the name. The quality of his posts are crap.
  9. CSU:  One-Down…Five-to-Go

    Denver Post makes 3-suggestions for DC: https://www.denverpost.com/2018/01/11/derrick-ansley-colorado-state-rams-football-raiders-defensive-coordinator/
  10. CSU:  One-Down…Five-to-Go

    CDA will NOT be the DC at CSU. He's going to the LV Raiders: http://footballscoop.com/the-scoop/
  11. Your cheerleaders & young 'n' cute. There's that...
  12. Attn CSewe: that Pride Belt was cute and all...

    My condolences...
  13. I'm guessing CSU will be up 10 at 1/2-time. ¡¡¡GO STATE!!!
  14. https://www.denverpost.com/2018/01/08/colorado-state-rams-football-mike-bobo-espn/
  15. Attn CSewe: that Pride Belt was cute and all...

    Your Pep Rally at the Dirty Bourbon sounds better than our at Dave & Busters. I can't speak to the blu turf 'Mash Bash.' I took a ZERO on the 2016 Dec trip to SoCanada.