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  1. the journey to laramie from the airport is another journey.7000+ above the ocean.we are here.
  2. it seems like sdsu wins every game 21-17.i thought it wouldn’t happen again,but it does. sdsu 24 utah st. 17
  3. fresno o-line gets away with a lot of holding.keep an eye on the chick ref.
  4. hawai’i scheduled to play on the road on thanksgiving week is nothing new.
  5. the weather was hot and sunny last week.sunburn action.
  6. if hawai’i beats wyoming,we should be taking back the paniolo trophy,the boot,and get paid travel subs.
  7. back to back 20million weeks got me comfortable for the season.small kine house money bet.
  8. just got back from chinatown.$5million on hawai’i +10.
  9. what happened was colorado st. came a day early and found out it doesn’t work like that.
  10. we fly out to wyoming next week. stop crying.
  11. colorado st. flying their team in a day early and we pay the tab.whitepeopleshit.
  12. just got back from chinatown. $20million on hawai’i +2.
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