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  1. cat is softer and tastier but not a lot of meat.you already know cuz.
  2. that’s the perfect size dog to eat. i recommend grill it whole except for the belly.chicharron.
  3. in two teams should be enough.west side and mountain.you already know cuz.
  4. this is the last year for divisions. only unlv and nevada hasn’t represented the west side in the championship game.
  5. hawai’i is a very unpredictable team. new coach and lots of starters leaving. nobody has film on us is a positive. qb: we are loaded. 8/10 o line: solid. 7/10 d line: serviceable. 6/10 lb: underrated. 7/10 db: thin. 5/10 rec: young but dangerous. 7/10 rb: good enough. 7/10 kicking: best in conference. 10/10
  6. i think sdsu needs to step up and create their own bowl.
  7. sex education is a legit high school requirement.
  8. mwc is in a tailspin and most people don’t recognize it.
  9. looks like a lot of work left to do.
  10. when will the stadium be completed?
  11. just keep the current scheduling formula.you already know cuz.
  12. hawai’i at 5-3 getting in over a 7-1 air force in 2018 still got the hillbilly’s and hair thompson’s pantys in a bunch. west side.
  13. west side.you already know cuz.
  14. 2025 is political propaganda.so was 2023.sick and tired of the bullshit.
  15. they also want to build a mini waikiki on the lot. lots of sewage digging work.the delays and excuses are going to be endless.2025 is a joke.
  16. i thought 2025 was a typo. if anybody believes the stadium will be ready by the 2025 season opener is insane.
  17. we also have a rail transit system being built that is a clown show. we have a lot of high ranking officials that are stupid.
  18. our defense will be solid.we got defensive players jumping in the portal but we will use the portal to upgrade.you already know cuz.
  19. big west update gachos 62 hawai’i 65 final
  20. timmy chang needs more money.he got a lot of kids to feed.
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