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  1. fresno o line likes to hold inside around the collars.they don’t get called for it.
  2. top of the 23rd sdsu 6 sjsu 6
  3. 6-6 top of the 17th inning.
  4. it was the no calls. our receivers were being held all night.
  5. fresno got all the calls in our game at home. the refs try to protect the top teams.
  6. no.he got relieved of his duties after the sjsu game this year.next bird up is junior boy jr.he called the fresno upset.he said take the points against nevada.
  7. larry went to rainbow bridge. colt brennan is feeding him and robert kekaula is going to eat him when he gets fat.
  8. kalua pig has over 300 roosters EDGE hawai’i
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