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  1. kalua pig

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    first thing i would do is kick out the hillbilly schools.change the name to left coast conference. sdsu fresno byu utah st. unlv nevada boise idaho hawaii sjsu
  2. kalua pig

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    i remember seeing junior boy throw a blind right into a unlv fan's coconut at sam boyd stadium.i saw his eyes roll to the back of his head in slow motion.
  3. kalua pig

    If you were Mtn West Commissioner

    hire me cuz.i can make people disappear on command.
  4. kalua pig

    Congrats Fresno!

    west side.you already know cuz.
  5. kalua pig

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    wyoming needs to start their own bowl.the brokeback bowl sponsored by outback.
  6. kalua pig

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    potato bowl.it's snowing up there.
  7. kalua pig

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    byu screwed wyoming out of a bowl game.
  8. kalua pig

    Hawaii Bowl - Louisiana Tech vs Hawaii

    we got this cuz.guarantee.
  9. kalua pig

    Describe your team's end to the season in one word

  10. kalua pig

    Turd of The Week- The Final!

    byu is the turd of the year.you already know cuz.
  11. kalua pig

    Hawaii at San Diego State

    i'm naked with my chicken mask on.
  12. kalua pig

    Hawaii at San Diego State

    24-14 hawaii at the half.this game is far from over.
  13. kalua pig

    Milton being carted off the field in the UCF game.

    milton is an island boy.he will come back more stronger.you already know cuz.
  14. kalua pig

    Wooden Legacy - Fresno State vs Miami (FL)

    the loser of seton hall/hawaii tonight plays fresno.
  15. kalua pig

    Wooden Legacy- Fresno State vs Northwestern

    wooden legacy.you already know cuz.