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  1. victor santa cruz got the shaft.
  2. i think matlin gets one more chance.
  3. he knows how fresno operates.good information.
  4. timmy chang’s staff so far is young and built to keep the talent home.
  5. new head coach for hawai’i.i like the fresh change.
  6. matlin is coming out of hiding tomorrow.
  7. can’t get close to him.he is a small snake.little worm.
  8. and he said hawai’i has the second lowest coaching salary proudly.dude needs to go too.
  9. i think they are going for matlin’s neck.june jones exposed him.
  10. if matlin disappeared,it wasn’t me.i went to visit him last night but he was on the mainland.
  11. why isn’t matlin speaking?isn’t he the athletic director?
  12. i am going to pay a surprise visit to matlin’s house right now to have a talk with him.hope it goes well.
  13. 2 year contract? dave matlin should be fired for age discrimination.
  14. june jones knows todd graham wasn’t the only problem in the football program.he is now publicly exposing dave matlin.
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