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  1. my sources tell me the same thing.
  2. i just got back from counting. all 420 of them are accounted for.
  3. going to enjoy watching texas get prison raped in the sec.oklahoma will hold it’s own.
  4. sdsu and hawai’i as travel partners.bring in unlv to pair with utah.colorado st. pairs with colorado. all teams with new stadiums.
  5. hey guys,how’s thing going on in here?
  6. for the p4 conspiracy to work,all teams outside the 64 are division 2. join or be left out. notre dame will hold out in the meantime,but in the end,they will obey.
  7. if the p4 conspiracy is true, sec is done with 16 teams. acc takes west virginia and notre dame. big10 takes kansas and iowa state. pac12 has 4 picks.
  8. if the p4 conspiracy theory is true,every p5 got the memo except the big12.
  9. when hair thompson tells west virginia they need to pay travel subs,they would laugh so hard they would die.
  10. our players are saying they are lighter and tighter fitting.my only complaint is the hawai’i across the chest is arched.i get the rainbow thing, but it hurts my eyes.
  11. if the 16 team p4 theory is true, it’s going to be a pick your team eating frenzy real quick.
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