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  1. ching field is temporary but 10 years for the new stadium to be built is a long time.that’s a decade.
  2. we should build cha-ching field up to 20,000 and sell lots of beer and good food.high school football would bring in good money.
  3. we should make the visiting teams locker room at les murakami stadium.this will allow our fans to have a friendly conversation with them at half time.
  4. i got your third vaccine ready.prepare to take 3 days off from work next week.
  5. new mexico bowl win in frisco texas over houston has it’s perks.west side.you already know cuz.
  6. i could probably do a deal with boise. i can offer a package deal. johnny manziel and colt brennan for 100k. that is as low as i will go.
  7. the new head coach's salary is the news i'm waiting for.
  8. baseball was scrapped.football coaches taking furlough pay cuts.boise has overused its pee6 credit card and is trying to hire a new coach on the cheap.
  9. i can offer boise some budget head coach options. colt brennan $96,000yr titus young $55,000yr johnny manziel $32,000yr
  10. no ad.no head coach.no mwc championship.no bowl game.happy new years boise.
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