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  1. Your daughter must've accidentally turned in your bank statements with her homework. #MWCBoardMoney #Monopoly #1percenter #Bezos1Mugtang2
  2. Purdue straight choking this 2nd half. What the hell was that pass, lmao
  3. Maybe, but with my eyes and those replays, especially the side one, if it was going to be anything overturned that it should be INT. For what its worth I have +21 Reno on a teaser.
  4. The side angle shows pretty clearly Doubs never had possession. Went through arms and bounced off chest into defenders arm. Right call was made though. Tough to overturn that either way.
  5. That was an INT. Huge break
  6. Difference is we can't kick out citizens. Illegals can be prevented from illegally crossing. At least a much better job than we do now. Crazy retard logic though, nerd. "CRIME IS ALREADY HERE SO WHO CARES ABOUT A LITTLE MORE!" Nobody is talking about gun registration. Only you are. The original post was closing the private sale loophole. To make a law that makes private sales of firearms required to be done through an FFL and there must be a background check. Whatever the +++++ point you're making with car registration doesn't even make sense here. The law would be unenforceable.
  7. Again, you didn't answer the gun control question. Also, not sure what you posted has to do with anything? Illegals commit less crime than citizens? That is not even true. In California the rate of illegal immigrants imprisoned for every 100k is 94 compared to 74 for American citizens. In New York it is 169 vs 48 for every 100k. Only in Texas and Florida is the rate lower...and not by much. The crime numbers in my earlier post were crimes committed by people illegally in the country at their time of arrest. People look at the October 1 tragedy in Vegas and demand gun control on law abiding citizens. Illegal immigrants kill 4x that amount each year in Texas alone. You want to add ridiculous legislation rising costs for gun ownership that will absolutely do nothing with crime stats, but are furious and call racism when the right says we should just enforce the laws we do have at the border.
  8. The bluer the state gets, the more shit they'll find to tax us on.
  9. "In Clark and Washoe counties, the odometer information will be automatically added to smog check data the DMV already collects during the registration process."
  10. They're the same. Political violence is political violence. Proud Boys was formed in response to Antifa. Both are Fascists. Both are extremes. Both are cancers.
  11. Oh, so your point is confirming my view? Private transactions requiring background checks at an FFL dealer is impossible to enforce without the registration of firearms. So what is the goal? babysteps legislation? Private transactions. Nothing changes. Registration. Nothing changes. Confiscation next? Is it crazy to think all these laws limiting an amendment that won't actually prevent these things eventually give pathway for confiscation or a confiscation attempt? From June '11 to March '17 Illegal immigrants committed nearly 1,200 homicides, 69,000 assaults, 16,854 burglaries, 700 kidnappings and 6,200 sexual assaults in Texas. What about these mass crimes that can be avoided?....by enforcing laws that already exist. If the root solution of all of this was to make the United States safer in any way possible, Democrats wouldn't be shitting on the law abiding citizens rights and then advocating for open borders. Sure, call it a strawman but the truth is this isn't about lives or safety of Americans. "Gimmie your guns, open your borders and open your wallet, racist" -Democrats 2020 platform.
  12. Oh, I dont know, the cop running plate would see the expired tags? It's registered..... Still doesn't answer my question.
  13. I've sped. I've jaywalked. I've spit on the sidewalk. I've broken many laws. A law requiring me to pay $50 more, for absolutely no reason in my case...yes. I am not gonna do it. Unless it is free. The law is practically unenforceable anyway. How the hell would anyone know if you bought it through a private party and went through a background check?