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  1. Sean Miller and DeAndre Ayton implicated in FBI wiretap

    Something with actual substance. Wish it was Coach K or Cal though.
  2. It's complicated and not perfect for sure. I agree. No feel good laws change the fact that these kids are sitting ducks for minutes that feel like lifetimes.
  3. I'm more for armed officers idea. The teacher thing is more complicated, but is still better than most suggestions, imo. As far as training they'd be training with the same department responding so they could create their own procedures on that. It'd be situational awareness. Even now active shooter training consists of the possibility a plain clothes officer is there doing same thing you are...finding shooter. You shoot at the threats. A man with a gun being defensive looks a lot different than a psycho shooting every person it sees.
  4. Patrick McCaw Linked in FBI Probe

    Dude had dinner paid for by an agent...2 weeks after his last game at UNLV...when he probably already decided mentally that he was headed for the NBA... Death penalty awaits.
  5. That is old policy. Can't speak for everyone, but majority of departments have updated active shooter training and policies. Direct to threat. Even solo. Exactly, but he did sign up for that. He should have went in and he shouldn't have even hesitated. Seems to be like he was in a different part of his life. Maybe a foot out the door. Usually the combination of being mentally prepared and adequate training is enough to get you in there.
  6. Instead of arming teachers what about

    It's okay, it's the internet and you have no idea what I do for a living. I think people without personal experience or knowledge put some things on a pedestal when in reality it's within reach of anybodies capabilities.
  7. This is vile, reprehensible, and completely abhorrent

    We need to pass a law on social media too. Faces to names. 21+ Universal background checks.
  8. Instead of arming teachers what about

    Don't watch the office much so not sure what this means.
  9. Instead of arming teachers what about

    Soldiers with m16s is much less disgusting than 17 dead children and some feel good laws, imo. It's a reality we obviously live in. But then again I don't think you need that image. You don't need m16s to kill a lone gunman. You also don't need to be in a scary camo or police uniform to trigger all the safe space kids either. Slacks and shirts. Concealed weapons. Multiple officees on duty and tours as, yes, if it is a prison. Yet not looking for escaping children, but for psycho killers. Local law enforcement? Who are already paid to do such training. Put volunteered teachers in same training. Tax breaks and gun advocates sponsor teachers. I bet the NRA would love to sponsor some teachers. It's not navy seal training bud. It's a situational training. It could be 2 weeks max. Week of range/course work. Week of scenarios/coursework. Cops don't go in military style tactics... I've gone through active shooter training in Las Vegas. Basic H.S. to be exact. Live sim rounds, child actors dead, injured, screaming and running. The whole 9 yards. It's +++++ing scary even when you know it's training. However there is no military tactics. You're clearing rooms at a fast rate and running directly to threats. You know how loud a gun is in a school hallway? Takes seconds to respond. Also the training consists of knowing your target. You don't just shoot any person With a gun. You identify the target. What if it was a responding officer who didn't call it in? These are all factored into training. Any gun owner with little training can do the job. Determined gunman with a "semi automatic" (words you use to make it sound scarier) exposing his location with every round shot? What about determined teachers who loves kids with a "semi automatic" and could come around a corner or another room at any second without any warning to a gunman? Or like I said above. Trained, armed plain clothes officers. Funding? March for that. I'm sure our money hungry government can find it sonewhere. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it fantasyland? Nope. Is it better than feel good do nothing legislation? By a +++++ing mile.
  10. Trump Cons Attack Olympic Athletes On Twitter

    Well that was my point. Twitter opinions shouldn't ever be considered valid.
  11. Trump Cons Attack Olympic Athletes On Twitter

    Especially on cancerous twitter. Bottom of the barrel Americans if you ask me. "Trump4Ever MAGABen" "#resist Jennifer #ImWithHer" The people who eat, sleep and hate on twitter. You damn sure know Jack has one of those profiles.
  12. Stay current on the

    To be honest...you're spot on. Cancer is society now. At least social media. Twitter might kill us before climate change.
  13. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    I'm in more of a state of confusion. Where does the middle ground actually lie? What is common sense gun legislature exactly? And will it actually make a difference in preventing these tragedies? The word common sense is thrown around, but specifics are non existent. The few specifics I've seen either violate the 2nd amendment in some fashion or is feel good legislation that wouldn't change a thing.
  14. Stay current on the

    Yup, and the NRA is millions of Americans, including many politicians. Saying the NRA is holding politicians hostage is like saying Planned Parenthood has politicians by the ovaries.
  15. Trump Cons Attack Olympic Athletes On Twitter

    I stopped reading at this. When you don't know the subject at hand you should be more receptive of criticism and take in the information given. Instead you're emotional and passionate on something you don't know much about and everyone is a sick +++++ gun nut now. Way to carry your case, brody. Fight on the good fight!