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  1. Ends in Vegas. With the sweep next year. Save this quote for me.
  2. This is an L, but I didn't expect much from this team this season. The fact Hamilton and Hardy are ballin so good right now has me still hyped about watching this team finish this season out. This summer is gonna be one of those hype up years for us finally. Hardy, Hamilton and Jenkins? They could average 60 by themselves.
  3. I counted 3 transition 3's by Reno in that first half and Antonio was always 10 feet away.
  4. Laid a fat ass egg tonight. Gotta get better on the road. Gimmie some Mitrou-Long back soon please. We'll return the favor in Vegas no doubt in my mind.
  5. Hymes could have fouled out by now with that moving screen. He did it twice in a row. Finally called it.
  6. Welp, a very winnable game just not gonna happen. A little awakening. You can't turn the ball over as bad as they have and miss these open shots. ANtonio has been TRASH. Sit him..
  7. Reno with a quick 15 points on 6 possessions. Still only up 6. Keep it pushin Rebs
  8. Down 6, but gotta be pretty optimistic. Defense is actually looking pretty solid. Reno just dropping a few tough shots. 8-33 FG 2-13 from 3. I expect some better numbers 2nd half, but I don't expect much adjustment. Keep driving and keep crashing the boards. Absolutely dominating in that area and I don't see any way for Reno to stop it.
  9. Diong and Blair both with 2. Need that size for them boards.
  10. Tick tack foul to put Diong on the bench. MWC refs already making their imprint.
  11. Jonah is way too inconsistent. Giving up 3 wide open 3's in transition defense and laying bricks on long 3's he didn't need to shoot. Pull him. Gimmie some Mitrou-Long out there.
  12. Expect to see the adjustment here. Too many 3's. Time to drive and do what we do best. Draw fouls and crash offensive boards.
  13. Right on cue. Making some shots now. 14-10
  14. UNM 12-3 after 6 mins WYO 11-1 after 6 mins. Reno 11-2 after 6 mins.
  15. I like our size. I think we should dominate the boards here.