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  1. Green and Gary? Those are reaches. Ewing was a beast though. Sam Merrill is a lock compared to all of them. If Wink Adams played 1 more year he'd be a lock as well. That guy put up more numbers in 3 years than many considered here put up in 4.
  2. Hutch was great his last 2 years, but Dalron Johnson for Early 2000's UNLV was great for 4 years and put up better numbers overall. He shouldn't be on it either though.
  3. When I drafted Damien Williams last year before the season the projections were through the roof. He was a top tier running back, Kareem Hunt was cut off, it was Williams' show all the predictions trended up. Then the games were played. What a +++++ing let down. Nowhere near projections. Total bust as a 3rd round pick. Covid-19 freaked everyone the +++++ out. Projections were enormous. Theories were established based on worst case scenario and limited data. (Even moreso than we got at first glance...China) Covid-19 was drafted preseason. Covid-19 has started half of this season. Yet, this asshole isn't putting up anywhere near the numbers we were promised. Open it up. Give the guidelines. Encourage the social distancing. Washing hands. Being courteous. Quarantine the at-risk, not the healthy. Isolation and economy collapse has its own factors. Domestics are up. Child abuse reports are record lows (teachers/care takers are #1 reporters). Depression and mental illness climbing. Immune systems weakening due to lack of exposure to normal outside world. A woman, a laid off casino worker, tried to kill herself in jail last night. DUI, drunk, emotional, tied her underwear around her neck until she turned blue and was cut down. Covid-19 is preventing people from other diseases and illnesses. Not seeing the doctor over fear of exposures. We're 5 weeks in. Can't get a stimulus check. People can't get through to receive their unemployment benefits. People already getting anxious. You don't want to see what 10 weeks looks like. Desperation, fight or flight will take over society. What will you do to feed yourself? What is someone else capable to do to feed themselves, their children?
  4. If this thing is lasting 18 months long...sports will be the last thing on people's minds.
  5. In the world cup Japanese players cleaned their locker room spotless before leaving and their fans were with trash bags cleaning the stadium. I'd say its a culture thing.
  6. Yup. It may just turn out for every life we "possibly" save, another 5 are ruined. Nobody really knows how bad things will be or how quick this can be handled, but I just don't have a good feeling about it. If this isn't temporary and only 30 days max. It's going to get real bad. DUI's have gone up this week in Vegas. 88k deaths from alcohol per year in the US 50k deaths from suicides per year in the US Some people will be saved from the big bad corona virus, but when all these people who were in thriving jobs just last week are now caught in limbo without a job, stuck at home, nothing to do? Drug, alcohol and mental illness will fill those numbers instead. We'll see if it's all worth it in the end. I'm gonna say no in most cases.
  7. Oh, I know. Fact is we don't quite know all the details of this thing. It's mass anxiety for the world today. hence, My ammo comment. As a joke of course. Kinda.
  8. Regular seasons almost over... about 15-17 games left. Won't be too hard to just push things back and just cancel summer league. But who knows how long this will last. One day its the flu, the next day its causing the world to stop.
  9. wut Na, I'll let my whiteblood cells do all the work.
  10. Who said that??? All I said is there are probably quite a few out there that already have it. Which is in response to.... "An unpaid athlete contracting the virus during this tournament would be a disaster for The NCAA" It wouldn't be a disaster for the NCAA, because this issue won't be isolated to the NCAA.
  11. None of these young dudes are gonna be fazed by coronavirus. It's their 80 year old grandparents they visit that will be +++++ed.
  12. There is probably multiple athletes with it already.... They aren't affected by it. Gobert isn't even ill. Dude was healthy enough to play in tonights game but was still positive.
  13. Tests aren't available like that dude...
  14. Who's laughing at my ammo stockpile now