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  1. Zags are a perennial Final 4 contender lately. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. Really pointless discussion. The point is the ball went in the basket. He's not moving to the ACC. He's moving to the MWC. Dude can score. Scorers score. Once again the stats don't show shaky ball security. You look at sheer TO numbers which don't tell a complete story. He was a primary ball handler for SDST. His TO rate was better than Hardy and Robotham. Better than any starting guard on SDSU. Better than more guards than not in the MWC, while possessing the ball much more. I wouldn't claim he has great ball security, but to claim he has issues with ball security doesn't make sense either. It's okay to be excited for a recruit. Nobody is claiming Final 4 runs. Nobody is saying he's gonna lead UNLV back to top of MWC. He's a great proven player on the D1 level. He's played for this coach and for UNLV to land him after how highly sought he was on the transfer market, it's a great pickup.
  2. Point is that he made those shots. He did it well and is a true scorer in all forms. He did it all under the Coach he is playing for again too. 19 points is severely limited? 50% on 2's and 4-4 at the FT line. He did have a down game against Reno, but he also dominated Memphis. (I know you said they're challenged defensively; They rank 54th and also 59th on 3pt%, but yes terrible?)(Also apparently 21-13 is basically .500 all year?) Stats don't say any of that... Clyburn had 16% Turnover rate. Jenkins was 17%. "Much more secure" Deshon Taylor and Vance Jackson who had similar possession numbers were sitting at 18% and 19% while dropping 15-30+ points on a usual basis. Hardy will have 3 years of starting and time alongside Jenkins. Diong will be a senior. Few others like Hamilton will be upperclassmen with experience. Other newcomers will have a year under their belt. Quite a few set pieces will be in place alongside anyone who steps up this next season. Nobody is asking Jenkins to come in and shoot the ball 35 times while everyone else hugs the lines... Again. Gonzaga and Oregon were recruiting him for a reason. As was the countless other big name schools he cut out before taking visits. It's fine to be skeptical, but Jenkins is the least of UNLV fans worries on who is gonna step up. We have about 3-4 other commits that 6 years ago we'd assume they'd get walk on minutes until they graduate.
  3. I was backing your point. Many "scrubs" do very well at small schools and continue to get better as they get older and more experience. Brandon Clarke did 2 years at SJSU....After sitting out a year, last season he was the 5th best player rated on Kenpom in the entire country. Carried Gonzaga in quite a few games.
  4. Among the 276 D-I players who attempted at least 200 jump shots last year, David Jenkins ranked first in the nation by making 47.7 percent. He ranked third in efficiency, averaging 1.298 points per possession on those plays. He's got a strong case for best shooter in the country. From Mike Grimala Also it's one thing if most of these others don't pan out. Gonzaga, Oregon and others weren't recruiting Jonah Antonio, Moses Wood and Elijah whatever... They were recruiting Jenkins. Dude went from zero to baller at SDST. I'm not worried about him in MWC territory.
  5. Yeah I don't get everyones "I don't think he fits Otz" notion. Seems to me everyone thinks we're gonna have five 6'2 guards out there shooting 3's and playing zone 100% of the time. Juiston fit that 5 spot more than anyone on this roster. Didn't think he was coming back, but thought he would go for a P5 spot with some tourney aspirations. Then again GCU returns Carlos Johnson (Aye UNLV connection) and majority of that roster. Adding Juiston would immediately put them as co-favorites alongside NMSU and have a good shot at the auto-bid.
  6. Confirmed by who? They only visited Nebraska.
  7. They'll come out clean. Just like UNC and their shamwow classes. But Cal Poly....LOL na +++++ you.
  8. Just show those morons this shit from last years playoffs when this game winning OT VGK goal was called back for interference...for touching a +++++ing stick. It was a goal that would have put VGK up 2-0 in the series. Instead they called it back and San Joser won in 2OT. They still got that ass waxed in 6 games anyway, but man what a shitty call and nowhere near as obvious as the above.
  9. “My main position is probably the two guard, but if you need me to, I can play the one guard,” Grill said. “I can shoot it pretty well. I can get to the rim. I’m just a winner and I’m tough. I compete for everything.” A major need for guards has been one of the biggest selling points from UNLV’s T.J. Otzelberger, who was formerly the head coach at South Dakota State, as well while trying to sway Grill into joining him in Las Vegas. Rated as the No. 403 player nationally in the class, Grill was a major recruiting victory for Otzelberger in Brookings as he chose the Jacks over a handful of other offers, including Power 5 schools Nebraska, Texas Tech and Washington State. “He’s just been telling me they really need guards,” Grill said. “He’s told me they don’t have a lot of guards, but they have a lot of four men and five men, a bunch of big guys out there. They need guards badly right now is what he’s told me.” Kansas State certainly has one leg up on the other three schools on Grill’s list just in terms of geography. But, Grill said while it would be nice to play close to home, it will not be the deciding factor in the school he ends up choosing to play for at the next level. “Playing close to home is something special, but it’s not going to be the reason why I choose a school over another,” Grill said. “(The deciding factors will be) just how I fit in with the team, how much I’m going to get to play pretty soon and just the relationships with the coaches. That’s probably the top three.”
  10. Since he retweeted it, I'm sure it has some truth. I never thought Blair would leave anyway. He came home and walked on for a reason. Entering transfer portal was probably some leverage to get a scholly.
  11. We all should only hope. We don't need to root for each other, but damn it would be something to throw money at. Our insiders are more like outsiders with a solo cup against the wall hearing Charlie Brown's teacher. That and twitter nerds selling game of thrones knock offs.
  12. This year was probably a solid awakening on how tough those runs are...and how magical those seasons really are. Alford should keep Reno in contention for MWC championships and at-large berths pending on other schools becoming better. (group effort sadly) This hire is great. Great for Reno. Great for the conference. Really great for the rivalry. UNLV already hates Alford. I think this offseason so far is playing out nicely for both programs.
  13. Wow, I was about to post about Alford in this thread yesterday, but looked into his buyout and just assumed that sitting at home for 1.8 mill for the next 2 years, and find a mid major after, would be ideal. This is an outstanding hire IMO. Alford gets a lot of hate. Some deserved, but the dude can coach his ass off. Easily in the top 5 of all-time MWC coaches. 3 years ago I would have puked at the thought of Alford at UNLV. This search I was hoping to hear his name in the hat. This should keep Reno in the top echelon for sure. Right off the bat they have the most proven Head Coach alongside Leon Rice in this conference. Jury is still out on all these others 1-2 year newcomers with their highs and lows so far.
  14. LOL. DId he play for Eldorado too? I don't ever remember that part of the story. I still got his t-shirt design ready though, just in case Mug ever starts selling MWCboard merch.