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  1. https://www.unlv.edu/sites/default/files/assets/diversityinitiatives/reports/UNLV_Rebels_and_Mascot_Report_Nov2015.pdf "The appending of Confederate symbols to the already existing Rebels identity was of course unfortunate and to some extent immature. It was also inaccurate historically, as in 1864 Nevada entered the Union as a free state, which quite obviously was the only way it could gain entry. Dr. Moehring pointed out to me that “Abraham Lincoln pushed to make Nevada a state in 1864 (even though Nevada lacked the 60,000 people required by the Northwest Ordinance of 1787) just
  2. He shouldn't. The training and book work gives you the puzzle pieces. Field training is where you build the puzzle. Those first few weeks is shadowing and learning how to actually do the entire job. Which goes to show how bad some departments are. One of those clowns was his field training officer, yet the kid with fresh boots is the only one saying something.
  3. "They are supposed to release you after 24 hours when they can't book you." LOL
  4. When I drafted Damien Williams last year before the season the projections were through the roof. He was a top tier running back, Kareem Hunt was cut off, it was Williams' show all the predictions trended up. Then the games were played. What a +++++ing let down. Nowhere near projections. Total bust as a 3rd round pick. Covid-19 freaked everyone the +++++ out. Projections were enormous. Theories were established based on worst case scenario and limited data. (Even moreso than we got at first glance...China) Covid-19 was drafted preseason. Covid-19 has started half of this
  5. Everyday life continues as usual. I self quarantine everyday after work anyway. People are stupid as hell outside. Still might head over to TMobile for Pac 12 games Friday though.
  6. Pretty good article here. https://slate.com/technology/2020/03/coronavirus-mortality-rate-lower-than-we-think.html
  7. He's a good defender too. He'll probably get some solid run next season for that reason.
  8. I brought it up because it's true. Dude still has his loyalists who love to shit on the programs state right now, and then sit on their hands and cover their mouths at any sign of progression. Easier than most places? Yes. Easy? Nope. Ask Dave Rice how 5-stars and random players on roster work out without head coaching ability. Menzies is in only year 3 and we're starting to see his style of team because he basically set up the roster for mass turnover year 1 and 2. It does take time, no matter how easy you think it is. You love to make all these comparisons, bu
  9. This is a down year. We knew that especially with Wyoming, Boise, CSU losing alot. 2nd place is wide open though at this point. Reno has too much experience to drop 1st imo. Even tho I think they will get tripped up a few times this season. 2 bids with 3rd being possible with an upset in MW tournament.
  10. Never go full moron dude. Who turned around what? Muss? Lol let's all go find our Muss' dude. Wtf was this conference thinking. Go get your Muss dudes. Hella easy. Go get your Muss' and Martin twins and Jordan Caorlines. LMAO. Of course next year looks better. A blind fool can see it. Were loaded with young talent. And of course it can take 5 years to rebuild from ground up with high school kids. You arent recruiting fab 5 year 1 or 2 of the worst state of the program of all time. You should sit back and quit bitching about what Reno is doing and the amazing turnaround Mu
  11. Same morons stretching Dave Rices lifespan for 2 years too long after regression each year are the same dipshits expecting Menzies to turn around a rock bottom program in a year with progress shown each year. No real logic behind these kind of folks.
  12. Because Dave Rice was their glory days. Hype at its highest. Some still sour about it, let it spoil over Menzoes job. See your stop and see where we are comment. Pacific a measuring stick? How short of a memory do you have? Did you forget about what happened after Rice? Of +++++ing course they're a measuring stick. As is every game... we literally hit rock +++++ing bottom dude and you're over saying step back and look where we are...lmao. I know where we are. Were basically year 1 with Menzies foundation and play style. With loaded talent and young 4
  13. Watching the demise of Dave Rice and the death grip his loyalists had was tough to watch. However, I was prepared for it knowing it will take time to establish a total opposite culture. I could be wrong about Menzies, but anyone doubting him or saying it's taking too long are just flat out blind to how hard success is...especially after our situation and our fans. The future is bright. 7 of our top 10 players are freshmen or sophomores and are 4 year players. Havent seen that at UNLV since Kruger days.
  14. Last year was still a mix between newcomers, freshmen and those desperate recruits from year 1. Requiring 2 5'9 guys guarding perimeter and relying on a freshman 7 footer to play defense hes never played before. This is what Menzies team looks like. Long, athletic and defensive oriented. We are just now seeing it...and rightfully so considering the process it took to get here. (People swear hes been here 5 years and had a ton of classes gone thru. Hes literally had 2 offseasons to get where he is now. From ground up.) Look at Diong for instance. That's menzies. Year 2 and this
  15. You serious tho? Gotta be a troll or just not paying attention like half the UNLV "fans" Lmao. Its year 3. He had to field a whole roster just to get a team year 1. Look at our roster. Were loaded with sophomores and freshmen. Raw but serious potential up and down roster. This isnt Dave Rice plug and play every year. Exactly what I specifically wanted from a new coach... Foundation. Continuity. 4 year players. MM started that last year and it will only get better each year. Menzies is gonna get it done. I know I'm in the super minority, but I like wh
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