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  1. Steve Alford went to 3 Sweet 16's in his 1st 4 years. UCLA is like UNLV's extra retarded older brother.
  2. I saw stability. I now see another reset. Another rebuild. That's not marvelous Marv. That's just my opinion until otherwise shown differently. So far not loving the downhill rumors. We were a 38% team in conference. Nearly 10% better than last season. Players get better. We'll never know. Debate is useless at this point. Semi relevant? Power 5? No. Lower mid major? I see why not..he was showing progress of a rebuild here and hes shiwn he can dominate a lower conference. People just didnt like he didnt have huge wins or NCAA pedigree...itd be a shame of we hire a guy.....I'll just shut up now.
  3. Well you're wrong. I simply believed we had foundation and next years team looked better. Add in Juiston and improved youth with the experienced they gained. I don't have faith in the UNLV searches. I don't think the next hire will be a huge splash and I think he will need a few years himself to rebuild if even a couple more leave. Not everyone will be happy. "Some people think this is rocket science that takes multiple years, while most of the fans are looking at how quick UNR, USU and Fresno improved and thinking "why not us?" What are your thoughts on this? Was UNLV year 1 comparable to what any of the MWC coaches took over year 1 at UNR, FSU and USU? Using logic and reason? SInce you butted into this conversation, you answer me that simple question and I'll answer yours. Because I guess disagreeing with this statement means I think Marv is phenomenal?
  4. I think marv is phenomenal?...my point is in the post above. Address the differences in the programs? Are they the same situations? The year 1s are different entirely. Marv had recruiting flaws. Marv had coaching flaws. He still is being compared unfairly though. Make sense? Or hard to comprehend?
  5. "Some people think this is rocket science that takes multiple years, while most of the fans are looking at how quick UNR, USU and Fresno improved and thinking "why not us?" Good player and experience helps. No players and desperation recruiting doesn't. You can't look at at Fresno, USU and Reno and expect year 1, "why not us" results when the situations are entirely the EXACT opposite. A few more players leave...we're in EXACT opposite situation again...
  6. You're right. They didn't take over rosters with more players that had 3-4 years of MWC experience than UNLV had players on entire roster.
  7. LOLOLOLOL year 1. Look at us. Look at them. See difference?
  8. 2.8 is the #joeknows and Insider for sure sources Thad Matta 100% locked up don't worry haha can't wait UNLV is gonna be sick as +++++ peace out Menzies crowd. So yeah...super credible...
  9. Hard to sell a new hire if it doesn't make a splash. Especially if the selling point on Menzies was fan hype.
  10. Next coach isn't set on 2.8 mill genius. It's market value. Nate Oates isn't +++++ing worth 2.8 mill. Not even half that.
  11. Because only you would pay him 2.8 per year.
  12. 2.8 mill for +++++ing Nate Oats. lmfao. How many seizures did you have today?
  13. Lon Kruger "left" his guys. His guys were 3-4 year guys mostly. Not Africans on a commuter campus who came for the coach.
  14. Joel Ntambwe and Jonathon Tchamwa-Tchatchoua are transferring. Feel like we been here before. wE dOnT nEeD dEm aNyWaY