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  1. Did you already get tix? I haven't bought any yet. The selection isn't all that great on stubhub and others right now.
  2. I don't have a problem with it. Most of these people who are sleeping on the street refuse the resources/shelters they are offered and are in and out of jail anyway. Trespassing, littering, jaywalking, bike lamps...etc. etc. Brought to jail barely functional, smelling like urine and feces and walking like zombies. A few weeks of jail detox and they return to somewhat normal human beings capable of civil conversation. Problem is jail is just a vacation from their reality. They can't wait to get out and do it all over again. Addiction. Mental health. The drugs these days are frying minds. Everyone is seeing ghosts and the walls crawling. Thats the real problem. I'd rather these people sober up in jail every now and then instead of turning into downtown San Francisco where you can't 10 steps without seeing a pile of human shit or a used needle. Then when they're released it is up to them. We can't force these people to do things. Expand legal 2000 parameters? I have no idea. This matter is much more complicated that a lot think. These aren't families of 4 who lost their house and their jobs. These are decades old users who have accepted a life they can't give up.
  3. Dembele is just who we all think he is. He hasn't changed much in 4 years. His ceiling is a taller less capable Quintrell Thomas. Solid as in....not completely eff up the game in the 3-7 mins he gets. He's gonna have some highs and lows and probably some DNPs. I agree, he shouldn't be replacing that Antonio role, he's more Hardy than Antonio. If Long and Hardy are out there, Hamilton shouldn't be. He needs the ball in his hands to be productive. That early dunk attempt he had was a tell tale sign of this. In and out of rim with little pressure. Scared. I'll never say never, but he's not going anywhere after this year.
  4. Good win. Our starting 5 is a real nice balance. 2 guards that can handle the ball and can create for themselves along for others. A sniper of a shooter who we haven't seen since Stanback. It looks money everytime. A PF that can stretch, drive and attack the rim. A center who is long, strong and does everything you need him to do on both ends. Jonah Antonio is what makes this flow though. His reliability looks like it will be there more than it's not. Helps stretch the defense and allow our guards to attack. One slow switch or a little too much help defense and our guards will make you pay with a free lay up or this dude out there just locked in waiting for his ammo. Best thing of it all? We only lose Mintrou-Long and add David Jenkins....man this year looks like it will be fun, but next year is some real expectations!! (Gotta love 1 game into the season observations!) Blair and Dembele will be solid off the bench. Do what they do. Hamilton could be a real wildcard. Everyone will need more time to get this TJO offense down to 2nd nature, but Hamilton is a bit behind the rest. Hopefully with the play time he gets closer. He's skilled, but sloppy and his decisions at time don't seem to flow with what the team wants. Even then he looked more confident and put up some solid bench numbers. Our starting 5 will get some Musselman-UNR type of minutes. All stretching to that 35+ minute region. Hopefully the health stays strong. When Jonah is on, this team can compete. With Jonah off, we'll need the others making those shots. If Jonah and the rest of the guards are all thriving beyond the arc this team can hang with just about anyone offensively. Onto Kansas State, CAL and then UCLA. These are some real names with much more talent. It will be interesting to see how this team stacks up against these programs this early on.
  5. Gonna try and stream it though. IPFW has 6 straight winning seasons and starting frontcourt who has a ton of experience. Scouting report: Donnie Tillman vs. Matt Holba Diong vs Dylan Carl Holba is an offensive beast. Stretch 4. I think Tillman will match up well, but Holba is going to get his I believe. Carl is a solid big. I do think Diong should dominate this matchup. This is year 3 for the kid. We're gonna see that next step. No reason Diong doesn't average 10+ points and boards a 2+ blocks this year. Hardy is the heart and soul still. I'm excited he has a shooter around him in Antonio. I also think M-Long will be great along side Hardy. Long is more of a pass first guy. Hardy we need to score, but of course both will be dishing the ball. About as close a combination to Oscar Bellfield and Anthony Marshall we can get. Both probably average 5+ assists in this offense. This is a huge game. UNLV traditionally has been slow out the gate the last few years. IPFW wins this or keeps it close under Rice and Menzies. I think that changes. I like TJO's philosophies and I think UNLV finally wins the games it supposed to...consistently. Which UNLV has been lacking in previous years. (win some big games, lose to scrubs later) Excited for the new season.
  6. I gotta work tonight because I'm taking a week off next week.... Seahawks at 49ers Monday UNLV at Cal Tuesday UNLV at UCLA Friday VGK at LA Kings Saturday Gonna be a fun trip. BTW, if anyone is going to CAL game or know someone who wants to.... I have 2 extra tickets first row behind UNLV bench. So close I might see if I can put a uniform on and get a couple hard fouls for the boys.
  7. 4.5 mill AAV is what he got for 2 years. Marshy and Smith make 5 mill AAV. It's laughable people wanted to pay this unproven dude this ridiculous amount. We didn't even give Karlsson his money when he was one of the best out there...we made him double down on it and prove his worth. Glass could body Gusev right now and he's 3.5 mill less. Sin Bin and the rest of these dudes holding onto their pride need to let it go. They were wrong. Gusev's contract would be horrible right now. Set this team back the next 2 years.
  8. Yup this is about sucking up to coaches and not just locking in an unproven dude for damn near Marchessault and Reilly Smith money. Swallow the pride. We don't know exactly what Gusev would do with the players around him here in Vegas, but it's quite clear that Glass is all he is hyped up to be. The kid is gonna be real good and is already proving that so young into the season now. He's only going to get better. "4-5 years" is looking more like he's worth more than Gusev now. Saving damn near 4 million dollars over next 2 years until Vegas will have to pay him his worth. By then Stastny will be free to sign elsewhere and Glass gets that money. Vegas will still have it's top 2 lines for next 4-5 years. Meanwhile have some money to maybe grab a defender or two. VGK is in a great position right now. Even moreso after this season. 2020 and 2021 offseason they will have top 7-8 Forwards and 3 defenders locked in for a few more years with the rest of the roster basically on UFA. VGK can pick and choose who they want to bring in and have the money to afford some solid contributors. Or use the multiple picks they still have and get a steal from some struggling rebuild team. All is okay. This team is going to be good for a long time.
  9. It's almost as if...there is an adjustment...from KHL to NHL. Especially when you're 5'9 160 pounds. Cody Glass points so far: 6 Gusev: 4 Glass: 20 years old; 6'2 192 Gusev: 27 years old; 5'9 165 Glass: 900k salary until 2022 Gusev: 4.5 million until 2021 Remember when some of these "fans" were calling for heads? Minds were so blown? Gusev is no scrub, but he's not "get rid of multiple proven team guys for fantasy land production" good. Eakin is struggling after starting injured, but he still costs less than Gusev, fits the system and team and is less money...on a contract expiring year. Everything so far is pointing in the direction that all these experts and fans were wrong and GMGM played the cards correctly.. Once Tuch and Schmidt get back...which is sooner than later, this team is only going to get that much better. This is a top 10 team currently and still one of the best overall on paper. Just need all the pieces at once, just like last season.
  10. I dunno, I'd put a dude who begged his sponsors to pull a Betsy Ross flag shoe a snowflake. But thats just me.
  11. There is so much misunderstanding when it comes to a lot of these shootings. Cops aren't above the law. However, there is a shit load of case law that protects them from liability in the line of duty. People really don't seem to understand even the basics yet have strong opinions on this. Not all departments are equal. Some are absolute horseshit. Others are phenomenal and are lumped in with others. Pay cops. Fund training. Fund programs. Fund mental health. Fund public education. It's gonna be a 2 way street to help alleviate tensions and minimize terrible decisions. Takes one dumb decision to change yours and someone elses life. Or even end it. This is just another tragic case of that.
  12. Also his wife has breast cancer and recently had to have an operation. Very tough times for their family right now. I hope UNLV gets involved and this number reaches its goal soon enough.
  13. Bumping for Robert Smith. Hopefully he can come back from this. The guy is a true UNLV great from the start. Love hearing him on the radio with Jon Sadler. His voice has a calming affect and is just a genuine good person always thinking positively.
  14. It was still fun even with the L. VGK just didn't look the part. AZ dominated the ice. Garland's little ass was all over the place. Was nuts watching all the bouncing pucks just in AZ's favor. Little puck luck goes long way. They got it back home tonight in Vegas though so thats nice.