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  1. They shouldn’t even be at the gym. They’re going to get sick. Make good decisions.
  2. Sexual harassment training, not just for work.
  3. The problem with America these days is separation of corporation and state whereas it used to be and some would say it still is, separation of church and state. It’s why we can’t have nice things.
  4. Go San Diego f*ck Utah, that is all.
  5. It’s hard watching the Spartan O, it seems to be getting worse every week instead of better.
  6. You add the same as BYU will add in the Big and USU will add here 24-27 year olds against our 18-21 year olds.
  7. Of course they are, question is how long before the Pac10 realizes they’ve been duped?
  8. I hate the game ended on another bad call. They did pretty good 99% of the game but that one error 1% screwed the Rebs
  9. Got rid of Larry Scott now get rid of Utah and the Pac will be fine.
  10. SJPD might have to bring in some extra cots. Get your batons ready lol
  11. Good thing you’re not the boss. You’ll be changing coaches every other week.
  12. yea if you’re a machine
  13. cancel culture wanna get people fired
  14. I think it’s only fair I upload my pic after all these years. That’s me and Captain and Sergeant, they just turned 1.
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