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  1. An exercise in futility, our so called reps do the bidding of their corporate donors not what you or I want. The very definition of wokeness. Christmas is almost here put your cookies and milk out and wait for santa to come down the chimney.
  2. omg I needed this I was watching like
  3. That’s a part of the struggle of a coaching staff, how to change the culture of losing into a culture of winning? It takes time and energy and perseverance.
  4. I’ll vote for Mitt this time.
  5. There was a fumble towards the end of the game that luckily a spartan was there to jump on, sometimes, in a close game the bounce of the ball one way or the other can change the outcome of a game.
  6. I want to cheer for Utah St. as one of the teams who moved over from the old WAC which seems like such a long time ago now.
  7. Except for California roll with a little shoyu yum
  8. If Alex is short for Alexander or Alexandra, what is Alec short for?
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