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  1. Def Leppard is my favorite rock band and then whitesnake then Mike and the mechanics
  2. Same here, it's hard to teach that white people exterminated large swaths of Native American tribes and stole their land but that's what happened. That's why millennials should first be taught this and not be subjected to blm so much.
  3. I'm full after 4. Poor body lol
  4. I guess I'm not clear about who's who, so confederate statues are being taken down by "the left" AND Union statues are also being taken down by "the left" and burning the union jack? Is that it?
  5. screw scotus Trump can do anything he wants 😂
  6. lol who you betting on?
  7. yea I live in the country, lots of homeschooling here. The schools out here leave a lot to be desired.
  8. I votr against reopening and I have school aged children. It's time to go full online, we have the technology, we have the infrastructure. Why not?
  9. God I hope Trump wins, I don't recall ever having it this good in my life.
  10. I hit Tahoe and all the Indian casinos around here. Bored as f*ck. Just doing my part to stimulate the economy. Harder to drink and eat with a mask on than I thought.
  11. It's just entertainment bro, it don't mean nothing.
  12. They had lots of dog whistles so we could identify and mobilize or move to another section of the store. Jigaboo or jig was probably her favorite. Jamoke was another favorite but also included towel heads which were turbin wearing foreigners buying up all the gas stations and 7-11’s who wore a towel looking like a lady coming out of the shower. If they’re saying any of these then it’s most likely who they’re going after. I hope the go after jamie foxx, how dare that boogaloo stand on the steps of my town, SF and talk crap. Who do that boogaloo think he is? If we were in Africa would white
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