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  1. By those farmers you do realize you're talking about Billion dollar corporations right? I'm not talking about mom and pop farmers here goof. Didn't read the article? you dont even have any common sense at all.
  2. By both sides are you referring to Corporate Dems and R? I don't recommend viewing those as opposing sides since you're right they both do this but Progressive Dems DO NOT take corporate $$$
  3. There's a difference between what you've always been told and facts.
  4. Between last year and this year tax payers are bailing out corporate farms. Most if not all, farmers are voting R, isn't that money laundering/bribery with taxpayer money for votes? I'm being facetious, no need to answer that. Nice grift you got going there though Link
  5. Nice to see the worms squirm for a change. Didn't see this posted anywhere hmm can't figure such a socialist program would fly under the (R)adar since Republicans and Corporate Democrats like to cry for Capitalism and rail against socialism so much 🤔 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/14/us/politics/china-tariffs-republicans.html
  6. Shut your ass you f'ing liar Seriously though every family can always use a lawyer. Congrats dickhead
  7. Is = is no time to argue the definition.
  8. Banning abortion forces white girls to have children even though they don't want any. Not sure why you're having trouble understanding but I'm out of time for today. Thanks for the discussion. Cya