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  1. It's times like this I almost wish I was still an SJSU fan, these tears are absolutely delicious. Bummer.
  2. but but spuds claims Californians are invading the highly desired Idle ho can't be, plus I own property there, there's no way I'm voting for that craptastic seperatist ideology.
  3. Hey now, don't be causing no earthquakes and droughts dude. Let the water flow and keep it in the ground. Farmers something something amirite?
  4. You made me think of Cypher, the scene where he two faces and betrays Neo, I hate two faces more than anything.
  5. Nietzsche says power. Freud says pleasure. I say out of weakness. A little man far away with access to a killing machine is not strength in spite of what they think. If that same man stood directly in front of his enemy he would pee his pants and beg not to be beaten up.
  6. I see it as double gouging, taxes pay the salaries of the government staff and testing and the press are "supposed" to help the public be informed by reporting what they say and asking questions. Otoh the press are making $$ off the stories so maybe they should pay since they are also private corporations. Don't we have a public broadcasting system? 😂😂
  7. I heard something about stolen catalytic converters the other day and was like wut? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/investigation-into-more-than-90-stolen-catalytic-converters-leads-to-marion-county-womans-arrest/ar-BB1dqLJS
  8. https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2020/2/16/1919598/-Facebook-changes-policy-for-ads-after-Bloomberg-memes-make-a-buzz-on-Instagram Useful Idiots
  9. Not too bad, I was worried she might be a dump truck.
  10. No strippers?!? No beer? ....Amateurs
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