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  1. The enablers want you to think that = indoctrination. Project much.
  2. It's about civil rights. Australia has a law to protect the rights of it's people to not be racially vilified where the law applies to everyone including potus. That's what we need. You wouldn't be worried so much about it if you weren't enabling the little asshole.
  3. I get that but then you're ancestors didn't almost get exterminated did they? You haven't been suffering for the last 400 years. So it's easy to just shrug it off.
  4. come on man, nobody is victimizing old white men. You just can't start out your campaign with, brown people are rapists, murderers and their bringing drugs, they're not sending us their best. In order to rile up you white nationalist base. Every time you need a distraction, build the wall!
  5. Thanks that's where I was headed. More reason we need to rid ourselves of fossil fuels.
  6. Good thing Obama's not potus and Holder's not in cabinet anymore. Haven't been for years....
  7. Who said anything about banning offensive speech? You're becoming as bad as tools.
  8. I even put Australia in the topic for the white nationalists but of course Trump's not going to like you using his friends, Saudi Arabia as an example for your idiotic nonsense.
  9. I'm no constitutional lawyer but I believe it does already include directing violence and or threats at an individual and other "hate" speech definitions as not being protected. Also it's an ammendment, by definition needs to be re evaluated to serve ALL Americans not just white nationalists.