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  1. wait. .. I've decided I don't even want to know what this means.
  2. small gov r us 'murica we got plenty of cash fer dumb shit but not you block head.
  3. There's a machine at CalTech that can use water bubbles and sound waves to target parts of the body, like the brain right through the skull, along with a drug that can then open blood barriers to insert the reprogrammed virus that enters the cells without destroying them. fascinating stuff.
  4. He's not like you, he doesn't have blinders on. He sees that there's more to it than just, how can we cut social programs.
  5. That's where I'm at too, when you see me post I'm taking a break from studying. Too much information at one time starts to wear on you. Especially when the information is as dry as commercial driving in California. It seems I can recharge a bit by forgetting about that for a bit and debate the evils of capitalism with a bunch of CPA's (trolling)
  6. I also like Patrick Stewart. His dream: Data has five Queens signifying he senses he's being cheated or the game is rigged. There are only 4 Queens in a deck. I'm hooked.
  7. That's all he's ever been about, saving his own ass. +++++ everyone else.
  8. Team deplorable right now in front of the entire country covering up for Trump and shitting on the Constitution. Go +++++ yourself buddy.
  9. I heard Trump was in Switzerland while his trial is ongoing. What's he doing there? Guarding cash registers?
  10. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/23/white-house-has-started-work-on-second-round-of-tax-cuts-to-boost-growth-mnuchin-says.html
  11. Bernie Sanders was fighting for minorities FOR 40 years, he marched with MLK while Trump was being sued for racial discrimination in his housing projects. Trump has done more for minorities. LOL