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  1. He may not have been, but Jim Crow laws are why I dont always support "the federal government should stay put of state business" line of thinking that you seem to fetishize so much
  2. No that equivalent would be someone voting to keep allowing the persecution of The Jewish People, but saying it's alright because its for non hateful reasons
  3. He opposed them, he was just cool with staying in place
  4. Largely your defense of Goldwater as taking a "principled" view on Civil Rights laws.
  5. I love it, @BSUTOP25 starts to a thread to showcase the importance of Libertarians and then spends the middle part of the thread taking about how it important it is for Southern States to be able to keep Jim Crow laws
  6. I support statehood for Puerto Rico. DC should be absorbed by Maryland or Virginia
  7. You could just setup a general Trump said something weird thread for the covefe and creepy Ivanka statements.
  8. 1 side thinks gay people shouldn't be barred from kids shows. While the other sides point of view is?
  9. No it just seems like an attempt to defend homophobes while trying to sound like you're not. If Alabama banned an interracial marriage episode and people were rightfully outraged, I do wonder if you'd be saying the same thing?
  10. I really dont understand. A kid might be confused about why a guy on TV has darker skin than him. So I'll explain to him that some people have different colored skin than others. That's about it, I wouldn't ask TV channels to stop allowing minorities on. Though let's not give Alabama any ideas
  11. The gay people exist conversation is always a tough one
  12. What do you think happens at gay weddings? They're just as boring as straight ones
  13. I've been wanting to get a dog myself, but I live in an apartment and with my job I'm usually not home for 11 to 14 hours on work days. I just don't trust a puppy to stay alone in my apartment for that long. So about 2 months ago I got a cat instead.
  14. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-48350023
  15. I think it's the pacing that hurt this episode for me (which you can argue hurt the season as a whole). They moved on from Daenerys's death really quickly
  16. I guess it ended the way it should for everyone. Though something felt off about the last half of the episode
  17. Well Iran shouldn't be putting their country next to our aircraft carriers
  18. A solid gif based rebuttal like always