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  1. Seems to have been on a steady decline since 1996. The most recent murder rate numbers I could find (2018) are half of what they were in 96
  2. That should be easy! I'd love to look into ways of solving racial and income equality, but in the meantime I also can't help but notice that our inner cities seem to have no shortage of firearms, yet still seem to have lost of murders, sex crime, and police abuses
  3. If only our inner cities were flooded with guns, they'd be paradises
  4. Yet the vast majority seem to support stricter gun laws, but they probably don't know what's best for themselves I'm curious to see the data on trans support for gun control. So far I saw one Twitter thread from a leftist who wants guns banned. I do know plenty of hardcore leftists who want to use their guns to force a revolution that ends capitalism and the bourgeoisie
  5. Ah, well I'm assuming most of those 69% support the exact same type of gun control as you do, otherwise they'd be racists who are pro rape
  6. Don't women support gun control far more than men do? I know you love creating the image of a women buying a fire arm and defending herself from a rapist, but it seems more likely that the women is going to have a boyfriend who thinks he's a responsible gun owner, and then uses it on her one day when they get in an argument
  7. USA fails to qualify for the 3rd straight Olympics
  8. Decent enough performance against Jamaica, especially without 2 key cogs to our midfield. Those garbage time goals made the scoreline a tad flattering, but we dominated for 90 minutes
  9. Dest by far having his best game in a US shirt, and he gets this beauty as a reward
  10. I think that's a tad harsh. Long has been consistently good for The USMNT, and Acosta is only there because Adams and Yueill aren't available. Cappis is in a bit of a weird situation with his club right now, which put him in the 2nd division. He's moving to the best team in Denmark at the end of the year. He also only made the squad as an emergency option when guys pulled out
  11. Bummer, but a fairly meaningless game. I hope we get a shot at them in the title game, but priority number 1 is winning that semifinal on Sunday and getting to Tokyo
  12. Took an hour to break through The Dominican defense, but The USA does get a 4-0 win
  13. First of all, shouldn't Louisville be the ones complaining? Second, what are you expecting? CSU to hop on a plane from Dallas and be available for a game 3 hours before tipoff?
  14. The latter, it's also only the records of teams while they were in The MWC
  15. The MWC moves to 22-51 all time in the tournament with 0 teams having an above .500 record
  16. Bummer, but I'll never rule out Boeheim pulling some bullshit in the tourney
  17. It was damn ugly, but The US hangs on to beat Costa Rica 1-0 in Olympic Qualifying despite being dominated in the second half. As long as The US doesn't +++++ up on Sunday against The Dominican Republic, they should be off to the semis
  18. ESPN and FS1 split the rights. The US will play 2 friendlies at the end of the month. After that it's 2 friendlies and The Nations League in June. A B team Gold Cup in July, and then World Cup Qualifying beings in September. Well play 3 qualifiers in September, 3 in October, 3 in November, 2 in January, and 3 in March where we'll hopefully have a spot wrapped up
  19. There's some similarities. In the case of Musah, we have an assistant coach who used to work for his club team. About 2 years ago someone from that club made that assistant coach aware of Musah, and they've apparently had frequent contact since. In November The US had a couple friendlies. Friendlies don't lock you into playing for a country, so The US coaching staff convinced him to come play for us in those 2 games and checkout the team. He said yes, and apparently enjoyed himself because he's staying on board
  20. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2021/03/15/yunus-musah-commits-play-us-mens-national-team There's a lot of recruitment that goes on in international soccer, since many players have ties to multiple countries. The USMNT just managed to snag a pretty damn big one in Yunus Musah. He's only 18 and getting consistent minutes in La Liga for one of Spain's bigger clubs, Valencia. He's eligible for England, Ghana, and Italy, and was considered a pretty big longshot for us to land. He's captained The English Youth teams, he's had The English Coach publicly court him, and as recently as a co
  21. I don't understand what you're chiming in on. A guy is tried to claim that Team A didn't belong in because Team B played Team C tougher than Team A did. I feel that's a very shallow way of evaluating a resume and ignores dozens of other data points.
  22. That doesn't apply here, since the transitive property in this case favors CSU
  23. They seem to be less biased than the bracketologists, because every single one I saw not only had UCLA in, but avoiding Thursday
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