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  1. I don't really see the issue here. A reporter writing a book wanted a name, but the people who knew the name told him they'll give it to him, but he has to wait til after the election, so that's what he did.
  2. Just filled out my bracket. My Final Four is Gonzaga, Duke, Kentucky, and Villanova ended up getting there even though that wasn't my plan when I started. Gonzaga over Kentucky for the title. As far as upsets and Cinderellas... Saint Louis, Oregon and Belmont to The Sweet 16 Yale, Murray State, Arizona State, Irvine, Ohio State, and NMSU pull one upset Cincy takes advantage of being in Ohio and upsets Tennessee in the second round
  3. Anyone going to make the trip to Columbus or Des Moines?
  4. I really think Florida isn't that great. The only noteworthy thing they've done all season is beat LSU twice, and the second win came when LSU was in a bit of turmoil.
  5. I think Nevada wins 1, and USU falls just short to Washington
  6. I'm sure they'll be there, but I'm getting nervous
  7. THat's a rough one, but we knew USU was headed for an 8/9 game
  8. You'd need to either end up in Gonzaga's quad or drop down to a 12 seed (or rise to a 5 but that's doubtful
  9. Both Belmont and Temple are in. Good sign for non P5's
  10. Maybe The Democrats will only get 65% of the Jewish vote in the next election. Also I'm glad that we agree that your claim about anti semtism on the left and islamiphobia on the right being equal was complete utter bullshit
  11. Yes who could forget when Obama used to say that
  12. You don't know the difference between being critical of Israel and antisemitism. I imagine the next democratic nominee will call for a full ban on Jewish people entering The United States until we figure out what the hell is going on?
  13. Would be cool if USU could end up in Salt Lake. They'd likely have to be in Gonzaga's quadrant for that to happen though
  14. Aggies will be dancing. Oregon trying to steal a bid, The Pac 12 gets shit on and that's fair, but Oregon is really fun team to watch when they're healthy. Ducks could win a game or 2 in the tourney
  15. It really is one of the best tournaments around if 2 of UNM, SDSU, or UNLV are ranked
  16. I look forward to seeing them in The WAC
  17. Sam Merrill - Utah State Neemias Queta - Utah State Devin Watson - San Diego State Jalen McDaniels - San Diego State Vance Jackson - New Mexico Per Geoff Grammer, Jackson is the first player to make it without his team making the semifinals
  18. Bowling Green up 1 on Buffalo with 9 left. Trying to steal a bid and make their first dance in 51 years
  19. I think Nevada gets a 7, though 8 is possible. I think USU ends up in an 8/9 game , if I have to be specific I'll say 8. For shit's in giggles I'll also guess that Fresno gets a 5 in The NIT
  20. Furman is only in on 2 out of 124 brackets on Bracket Matrix. They're the 8th team out on Lunadri's and 2nd team out on Palm's with no more games to play and the bubble only shrinking