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  1. He'll bitch and moan til the day he dies, but still leave when his term his up. The secret service isn't going to forcibly remove him
  2. All polling seems to indicate otherwise
  3. Yikes, this could get ugly. Oh well. I'm happy to be here
  4. I hate the Clemson/Bama stranglehold on the sport, but I also hate The SEC. I'm rooting for Clemson since I'm a Notre Dame fan and I want them to keep that winning streak up until they get to South Bend next year. More than anything I just want to see a good game. Burrow against that Clemson D should be a ton of fun, and while LSU's offense is receiving a ton of praise, I don't expect Clemson to punt a lot either. I'm leaning towards an LSU win. I think Clemson is a more balanced, but LSU's offense is just too +++++ing good. I'm really looking forward to this one.
  5. I'm enjoying being the worst 14-3 team in NFL history. Let's become the worst 16-3 team in NFL history
  6. Man that was one of the plays of the year. DeShaun Watson might be the next Josh Allen
  7. I thought Watson was gonna lose that ball there
  8. I've been snarky about him, but that was impressive
  9. Never a doubt that he'd lead them into field goal range. This guy won a Potato Bowl for godsakes, The NFL Playoffs are nothing.
  10. Would you guys recommend The Mandalorian for someone who's not really a big Star Wars fan? To be clear I don't dislike Star Wars or anything, I just wasn't really into it growing up
  11. That's huge for our season, I just hope that The Sparty game didn't destroy it
  12. Did you ignore the other parts of the article?