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  1. I wonder when The NRA will reach out to make them their latest spokesman?
  2. Per Dana O'Neil there's hopes for a Spring Season Going to Spring would be a bit easier for The Ivy's than most league because they kinda do their own thing. They don't participate in The FCS Playoffs so churning out 7 league games would be very doable if it's safe to do so by spring (which is no sure thing). I do expect this to be the first domino though to no fall sports
  3. @mugtang can we get the thread title to include Yeezy please? @BSUTOP25 Who are you endorsing now that a 4th contender has entered the ring?
  4. According to ICE. I'm going to put this here because it's gonna get political, but this could effect MWC Sports. I don't know specifically the status of every foreign born player in the league (whether they're here on a Student Visa, a Green Card or they're naturalized citizens), but there's 17 foreign born football players in the league, and by my count 19 foreign born men's basketball players. This also doesn't include other sports. This may not end up mattering a ton, because if most schools start moving to online classes sports are in trouble anyway, but any team who tries to play through this could take some roster hits. This is really going to hurt schools though. Moving to online classes is already going to lead to a massive number of disenrollments, now there's an extremely high risk of losing international students who often pay the most for tuition. Especially in grad programs where they can at times make up 30 to 50% of a class. I believe about a third of doctorates in The US are given to foreign students. Not to mention how +++++ed up it is for the students pursuing a degree here.
  5. At this point 4 years ago Gary Johnson was polling at 8% and 12% were undecided. Most polls now only have about 7% undecided with little to no 3rd party support. Fence sitters in 2016 seem a lot more decisive this time around. He doesn't need to massively outperform Hillary either, he only needs to do a couple points better
  6. Well he's running against a significantly more popular opponent
  7. An interesting stat I saw from FiveThirtyEight is that Biden is only the 3rd candidate in the polling era to be over 50% at this point of the election. The other 2 were Nixon in 72 and Reagan in 84. Both won 49 states
  8. "When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people. You’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people slow the testing down please." Good god
  9. I don't think Trump will lose by double digits and will have some sort of a rebound. I still give Biden about a 75% chance of winning though
  10. What is? Calling out racist shit?
  11. It really is annoying that a cop can't murder a black man in broad daylight anymore without all these PC snowflakes getting all bent out of shape about it
  12. I'm not gonna pretend to know the political leanings of every coach, but you do have a lot of older white men from The South or Middle America coaching young black athletes. In our very polarized political climate, I do wonder if politics is going to start effecting locker rooms
  13. This may need to be moved to the other board, but it's sports related