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  1. I think you're far overestimating the value of your underclassmen friend. You might lose Hank and Weaver but I doubt boosters around the country are rolling out the red carpet for guys that would likely come off the bench. Plus your boosters could make offers too . Your fans seems to buy tickets despite your team having zero chance at a title. I think you'd be fine. Schools with far less football success than Boise manage to fund their other programs. I do find your use of "run of the mill G5 team" interesting. You seem to acknowledge the gap there. No the NFL is not the only judge Cletus, and as we showed earlier The G5 does poorly there too. Recruiting rankings focus on your team as a whole, not the just the top few. It's also funny, that you view the few recruiting battles that you win against P5 schools as a badge of legitimacy, yet view the many that you lose as unimportant. Yeah, like them
  2. Andy Dalton didn't start getting buzz until his redshirt junior season. If he wanted to leave TCU for money, he would have declared for The NFL Draft early. He wouldn't sit out a year, and then go to Ole Miss because a booster offered him a free Camaro. That's what you're not getting. Yes there's plenty of 3 stars who blossom into elite talents, however they rarely show that until they're upperclassman at which point transferring becomes pointless. If you have an extremely rare instance where a player lights the world on fire as a Freshman, and wants to move up to the SEC, then oh well. Good for him
  3. Then what the +++++ is your point? Non revenue sports wouldn't be impacted in the slightest. It wouldn't cost the schools a dime, the money would come from 3rd parties. No, when we're talking about recruiting, the best thing to look at is +++++ing recruiting rankings. You know the thing that looks at rosters as a whole. It's just funny that you retreat to a metric that shows Boise State with a meh track record and a league that drafts P5 players 5 times as much as G5 players. Boise's NFL talent is largely diamonds in the rough. The bulk of your recruits are 3 stars who've decided that having a chance to play at an elite MWC school is better than sitting on the bench at a big P5 school or starting at a shitty P5 school. And let's be clear, you lose those battles far more often than you win them. You call me a clown, yet display some remarkable cognitive dissonance. Boise State recruits and produces talents at a similar rate to Rutgers, yet you claim there's little gap between the P5 and G5 outside of a few elite schools.
  4. 99% of the elite high school talent, which is what we're talking about here. I just find you bringing up the NFL hilarious because it does nothing to help your argument about talent disparity. Sure some lesser recruited players might be diamonds in the rough, but Boise could still recruit those if Californias law became the rule nationally. Its adorable that you dug up one metric that Boise finishes middle of the pack in. You rank 53rd in number of players drafted since 2000. The best G5s compete if you count everything but talent. Almost nothing would change for them. They'd recruit the same 3 stars. Very few would leave, since it usually takes a couple years for those players to break out, and they have to sit out a year to transfer. If they set the world on fire as Freshman and want the chance to play a higher level, Then good for them. The best players already go to big schools. As I showed above. No one called for scholarships to be taken away. Try to keep up.
  5. Okay lets look at NFL Draft picks. Of the 32 1st round picks last year, 30 came from P5 schools. If you look at the draft as a whole, the entire Go5 produced 42 draft picks combined, the P5 had nearly 5 times that with 197. The SEC had 64 by itself, and The Big Ten almost beat that with 40. Boise State is one of the elite G5 programs, we are very much cherry picking in your favor here, but that's fine. Let's look at Boise. Boise ranks in the 50 to 60's in recruiting every year It ranks 53rd in NFL Draft picks taken since 2000. It ranks 64th in Athletic budget 70th in coaching salary 66th in attendance. But hey some article said you have a top 5 locker room, so the gap is gone right? Are you really trying to +++++ing argue this? It's not a middle finger at all. Pat Mahomes getting a marketing deal with Addidas is not a middle finger to AAA baseball players who don't.
  6. You're right, I should have said only 99% of the nations most talented recruits go to P5 programs. According to 247, your 2018 recruiting class was fantastic by G5 standards. It was #1 in the league and #2 among G5 programs, yet only 57th nationally behind +++++ing Rutgers. It had a single 4 start recruit who was ranked the 360th best player nationally. ESPN ranks the top 300 high school prospect every year. In 2018, Cincy, Louisiana Tech, Princeton, and Toledo all managed to snag one. By my count the other 296 went to P5 schools. If you're going to tell me that there isn't a massive gulf between the players the P5 teams get and the players the G5 teams get, then you're delusional. The same is true if you think the funding, coaching, facilities, exposure, and competition are similar too. No one wants to take scholarships away. I want players to have the basic right to make money on their own name. I'm cool with Boise State players doing commercials for the local Toyota Dealership.
  7. Your recruiting classes are usually ranked in the 60's, and in good years you'll maybe break the 50'. That's for a program that consistently ranks #1 in the league and among the better Go5 schools nationally. I don't support exploiting players in order to keep a sense of equality that doesn't exist.
  8. I don't think we disagree on this issue Blue. I'm 100% in favor of it. That said, I don't share your optimism that it's going to lead to Go5 schools getting the same talent as the P5 schools. Most of them still lack the boosters, and the lack of playing in a major conference is still going to hurt.
  9. It might allow a couple schools to break through, but the schools with the biggest boosters were already winning recruiting battles now. That will remain the case.
  10. I guarantee the recruiting rankings will stay roughly the same
  11. I know plenty of +++++ ups who married too early
  12. Book really struggled in the pocket, though he did improve a bit in the second half. This felt a bit like The Clemson game, where Book just couldn't get anything going when facing pressure. That's excusable against Clemson, not so much against Louisville. It was a season opener on the road, and we did outscore Louisville 28-3 after the first quarter. Still though, my confidence about that upcoming game in Athens was already low. Tonight didn't help.
  13. Yeah we're coming off 12-1 season and a trip to the playoff but only ranked 9th. So overrated. Where should we be ranked?
  14. Took Houston +23. Them passing on the field goal was a real emotional roller coaster.