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  1. No more than it does now. I'm not calling on elections for judges. If you're appointed, you stay appointed until your term runs out. There's no reelection to worry about it. The court would largely stay the same.
  2. I think it will be roughly the same, it'll only limit the potential of single party rule
  3. Yeah, I get that. I understand that too when I bitch about guns or The Electoral Collage. I'm just voicing my disagreement, not claiming they're politically realistic.
  4. Generally you're correct, most cases are unanimous, but there's still numerous 5-4 decisions on crucial court where the partisan balance of the court becomes a concern. This could also provide proportionate power to each president.
  5. I don't know what Jesus was thinking when he included that part
  6. To avoid partisan strangleholds on the court for potentially decades. There's proposals would set term limits and allow presidents to pick one or 2 justices per term, I think that would largely solve the issue.
  7. He may not have been, but Jim Crow laws are why I dont always support "the federal government should stay put of state business" line of thinking that you seem to fetishize so much
  8. No that equivalent would be someone voting to keep allowing the persecution of The Jewish People, but saying it's alright because its for non hateful reasons
  9. He opposed them, he was just cool with staying in place
  10. Largely your defense of Goldwater as taking a "principled" view on Civil Rights laws.
  11. I love it, @BSUTOP25 starts to a thread to showcase the importance of Libertarians and then spends the middle part of the thread taking about how it important it is for Southern States to be able to keep Jim Crow laws
  12. I support statehood for Puerto Rico. DC should be absorbed by Maryland or Virginia
  13. You could just setup a general Trump said something weird thread for the covefe and creepy Ivanka statements.