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  1. I'm wondering this too. When a new coach comes in, you're going to have numerous players leave. It's already really hard to build a new team in a few months, and I can't imagine it's any easier if schools have a lockdown on recruiting trips and on campus visits
  2. It's not all bad https://www.politico.eu/article/coronavirus-isis-terrorists-europe/ ISIS tells terrorists to steer clear of coronavirus-stricken Europe
  3. I think it was roughly a draw, but I'd give Bernie a slight edge. It wont matter though. This thing is over and Tuesday will hopefully end it
  4. Bernie really doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to turnout. Joe did far better in states that increased their turnout from 4 years ago
  5. Maybe but Trump should absolutely be nailing The Democrats on that and he'd be right to do so. I'm mostly happy that the party has moved somewhat Left, but calling for open borders is beyond +++++ing stupid both in terms of politics and policy
  6. This scares the living shit out of me in a general election
  7. Really bad dodge from BIden, there's video. You need to clarify what were fair statements, not deny them
  8. It's really bad to treat politics like sports, but god damn am I desperate right now and this is sadly the most exciting live event. Really curious to see how Joe handles a 1 v 1 debate. He's performed better in the last couple, but that was largely by just keeping quiet.
  9. UNLV should have waited a year
  10. It doesn't. Though they are discussing options regarding basketball too. I don't hate the idea in principle but I have a hard time with the logistics of it next year. If you're going to do it you have to give a one time pass on scholarship limits and you have to give it to everybody (even UNM who could really use another year of Corey Manigault). On top of that you're still going to run into issues where some teams have 18 scholarship players and some teams have 14 which is extremely unfair
  11. This morning The Premier League boldly announced that they're going to continue to play and do so with fans. 10 minutes ago Arsenal's coach just tested positive.