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  1. So um, what's happening here?
  2. BYU probably isn't going to make an NY6 Bowl at this point
  3. Iowa's not even a blue blood though, which makes it weirder. If they were gonna slot in a P5 team it should be someone like Washington
  4. There's somewhat of a path for Cincy looking at this. You need Bama to beat Florida (probable), Texas A&M to +++++ up (50/50), and Notre Dame to beat Clemson (unlikely but possible)
  5. How is Georgia top 10? Why the hell is Iowa ranked when they've lost 40% of their games and their wins are a combined 3-11?
  6. Figured this is where it was heading. Trump was never going to be dragged out of The White House by The Secret Service or going to start a Civil War. He'll just bitch and moan til the day he dies, and hold the occasional rally to boost his ego
  7. Hard to pick The Lobos above .500 with no OOC games to shake off rust and a weird practice schedule. This may be a one bid league 1. San Diego State 2. Boise 3. Utah State 4. Nevada 5. Fresno 6. UNLV 7. Colorado State 8. New Mexico 9. Air Force 10. Wyoming 11. San Jose State 3 to 7 is kind of a wash for me. I could see those ending up in any order
  8. I'm not gonna pretend to be an expert on GA politics, but from what I've heard Loeffler is very unpopular and Warnock has a legit shot at winning that seat. Osoff is much more of a longshot and winning just one seat doesn't really do much for Dems
  9. Is this a Brad and Gary game? Or is CBS just putting the normal CBSSN crew on national TV
  10. This is my favorite post ever
  11. How is season 4 so far? The first 2 seasons were some of the best TV I've ever seen. I've been meaning to jump into season 4, but I heard the season premier got lukewarm reviews
  12. Yeah, that whole controversy was dumb. Jurgen had no problem playing MLS players and there will always be a place for them on the team. That said if you're a promising young player and Europe comes calling, you should absolutely take that chance. Now there's plenty of players who go to Europe, and fail. In those instances you need to know when to cut your losses. Sebastian Lletget is an example of that. He spent a long time at West Ham United, never broke through, and spent a lot of years rotting in their reserve teams where he was nowhere near the national team picture.
  13. sebasour


    When we point out concerns about the direction of The GOP it's not just because some "no name county commissioner in Crawdad Junction, Alabama tweets something stupid"
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