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  1. It's not great, but we are playing a road game against an NAIA team in Hobbs, New Mexico in order to lock down that fertile recruiting market Home games in bold Nov. 6 at Cal State - Northridge Nov. 10 NORTHERN NEW MEXICO (EXH.) Nov. 13 IONA Nov. 17 NEW MEXICO STATE Nov. 24 UTEP Dec. 1 at Bradley Dec. 4 at New Mexico State Dec. 7 vs Saint Mary's (Staples Center) Dec. 11 COLORADO Dec. 16 CENTRAL ARKANSAS Dec. 18 NORTH TEXAS Dec. 22 PENN Dec. 30 at University of the Southwest (Hobbs, N.M.)
  2. sebasour


    Stupid Liberals thinking there's any fire under all that smoke
  3. sebasour

    unbelievable officer involved shooting ...

    I've had some weird brain farts when I've been sleep deprived after a long shift, but there's too many layers of +++++ing up here, to believe this was an accident
  4. sebasour

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    We got destiny to laugh at one of our jokes, but we're not really sure what to do now and Wisconsin just sat down at the bar
  5. sebasour

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    Damn, Chryst really doesn't trust Hornibrook
  6. sebasour

    UNM @ #5 Wisconsin

    Whelp, all I asked for was an interesting half and I got it
  7. sebasour

    MWC Lines for Week 2

    Badgers cover 35 on UNM Vandy covers 10 on Nevada Air Force to lose but cover 8.5 on FAU Pokes lose but keep within 19.5 on Mizzou Arkansas covers 13.5 on CSU I'll take The Gophers in a pick em over Fresno Utah State wins but fails to cover 23.5 on NMSU UNLV wins but fails to cover 24 on UTEP Boise wins but fails to cover 32 on UConn Spartans lose but stay within 35.5 on Washington State Hawaii to win and cover 17.5 on Rice
  8. We'll lock down that NY6 spot when we win in Madison tomorrow
  9. sebasour

    Random hoops/non football thread

    I like Weir's recruiting but his scheduling is not bueno. We inked a home and home with Big West Goliaths, Cal State Northridge. A neutral site game against a down St. Mary's and a home game against Colorado are the highlights of our schedule (we also have the usual 2 with NMSU). The rest is home filler. We're also going to play a non D1 team in Hobbs, New Mexico for some reason
  10. sebasour

    Cancelled Netflix

    I'm cool with wanting to get money out of politics, I'm not gonna pretend to be a fan of the show though
  11. sebasour

    Cancelled Netflix

    I'm a flaming Liberal, and I find those guys too liberal for me
  12. sebasour

    Thursday Games: Week 1

    Northwestern - Purdue is the game of the night, Cats were the quietest 10 win team in America last year, I think they'll win in West Lafayette. I expect UConn to keep it close, but think UCF will survive. Despite the egg they laid last Saturday, I think NMSU can keep it relatively close against The Gophers. I think I've read that Kennessaw is actually a favorite over Georgia State, which is something I don't recall seeing in an FBS vs FCS matchup Wake Forest @ Tulane is the hidden gem of the night IMO. The Deacs have improved a lot, and them going on the road against an option team could be interesting. You'll also get to see the best helmets in the sport
  13. sebasour

    Pumpkin Spice Lattes

    I think they're delicious and I don't care who knows
  14. Those are hard to cover
  15. I think it's becoming more acceptable, which is a good thing. I don't really care personally, but if I were an employer hiring some one who has to deal with customers, face tattoos would give pause. If you're going to get one that can't be covered with a long sleeve shirt, and pants, then you're taking a gamble on future employment, and ultimately you're responsible for that.