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  1. OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    Can Outpost actually support an NCAA Program, I haven't been there in quite some time? We might have to play at Tingley which is quite outdated or The Star Center which is way out of the way
  2. 4 Point Shot. Should the NCAA Add It?

    If you put it too close I'd be worried about players trying it too often, but if you put it too far at a certain point I think it just becomes more about luck than skill which I'm not sure deserves bonus points.
  3. President Shithole

    I went off this http://news.gallup.com/poll/116479/barack-obama-presidential-job-approval.aspx and didn't below 40, though If I missed one oh well, you're being pedantic and missing the point. Obama was far more popular than Trump (especially in year one), and you have to do a ton of reaching and cherry picking to say otherwise. Trump is very unpopular and that's largely due to the shit he says and does.
  4. Kids Need to be Protected

    I'm sorry what's your point? Are you mocking Liberals for being mad at bullying? Is it okay for the gay kid to get harassed? What about the 8 year old girl who recently killed herself? Is that just whiny Liberal bullshit?
  5. President Shithole

    I'm going off Gallup which listed every month of the Obama tenure which never went below 40, and usually sat around 50. Trump can't sniff that and don't pretend otherwise
  6. President Shithole

    Property discrimination? Accusing our first black president of being a secret Kenyan? Literally trying to ban an entire group? (though I guess that last one isn't only race so it's okay)
  7. President Shithole

    35 to 40 range is shit. Obama never dropped that low, even at his worst
  8. President Shithole

    Even if you give him a pass on this the guy is definitely a racist, he proposed banning an entire group from this country, he spent years pedaling the racist birther conspiracy (which arguably ignited his campaign), he's had numerous property discrimination suits levied against him (which he's settled on), he's pandered to neo nazis, and he refused to apologize for the Central Park 5 fiasco. He's also been accused of numerous racist polices at his companies, at one of his casinos in the 80's black workers were allegedly hidden in the back
  9. President Shithole

    He has a 39% approval rating. Just because the shit he pulls won't lead to impeachment, it doesn't mean it's not somewhat sticking
  10. Whatever she see's fit I guess
  11. President Shithole

    Yeah I don't think the issue is him saying shit hole, the bigger issues was the point he was making with it. We already knew he was a racist though
  12. New Mexico @ Fresno State

    We've gotten off to a surprisingly decent start in league play, but we've been abysmal on the road this year including a loss to a terrible UTEP Team. I'm curious to see if we can make a game of this
  13. The fun thing with that conspiracy theory is that Obama's mom was from Kansas, which I believe means he would be a US Citizen by default the second he was born. In other words he'd be a natural born citizen even if he was born Nairobi, and therefor he'd be eligible for The Oval Office. It's the same reason why Ted Cruz was eligible.
  14. That's not an unfair position, though I'm not sure what making the kids wait til their 18 would accomplish.
  15. Do we know the number that come here solely just to drop off kids? The 14th Amendment definitely helps the kids, but it doesn't really do anything to benefit the parents. I imagine you'd still see a lot of people coming over here. Is it worth putting hundreds of thousands of kids who did nothing wrong into a strange legal limbo, just to put a dent (that we don't know the size of) in illegal immigration? I have a coworker who's parents came here from Juarez when he was 5 and he's now in his 20's. Lucky for him he has a work visa for now, but if that expires he's facing getting kicked out of the only country he knows and getting sent to Juarez. He's done nothing wrong, and I really can't support increasing the number of people in his situation