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  1. Well if we're not even gonna pretend the court is apolitical then +++++ it, lean in. Bring on court packing
  2. I think Rogan moderating is stupid, but I wouldn't be opposed to longer debates or more single policy debates
  3. Red Dead 2 and Mario Odyssey are deadlocked for the top spot. Last of Us 2, Spider-Man, and Assassins Creed Odyssey are up there too. Recency bias may be clouding my judgment but the weekend i spent with The Tony Hawk Remake was one of the best video game experienced I've had in awhile
  4. Sun Belt goes 3-0 against The Big 12. If we end up in a scenario where a perfect or 1 loss Big 12 teams makes the playoff over a perfect SBC team, That Sun Belt team is going to have a right to complain
  5. I was in 3rd grade. I remember it vividly, but didn't really comprehend it at the time. I remember all throughout day kids being brought home by their parents, when class ended there were like 4 of us left
  6. I don't think there was a big shift from 2012 to 2016 either when we went from electing Obama twice to Trump. I think Trump just won a super close election against a really unpopular candidate. When I look at consistently poor approval ratings though and awful poll numbers, I think it is sticking to Trump.
  7. Haha the typo fits. I don't think theres a single objective metric that has him as the favorite, let alone unbeatable? What is your % chance that Biden wins?
  8. Well the title of this thread is "why trump will win again" and not "why Trump may win again" @NorCalCoug likes to downplay racism and bigotry in the country (like the laughable claim that birtherism wasn't racism). I simply asked if he thinks President Trump is a bigot. If the answer is yes, then that does speak to a certain level of bigotry in the country since we elected him, no?
  9. Why do Trump defenders think nothing is racist or bigoted? Do you think Donald Trump is a bigot?
  10. I just can't help but chuckle at the claim that a guy with a consistently crap approval rating who won the last election by effectively 80,000 votes (against a very unpopular candidate) is unbeatable. The people who hate him outnumber the people who love him
  11. Smart! Tell everyone to vote illegally and when you lose complain that a bunch of people voted illegally
  12. Bummed they didn't really remaster them, and the limited release is stupid, but I can't wait. I've been wanting a legal way to play 64 and Sunshine
  13. You almost make me long for the days of a different blue on this board. You both go on the same incoherent rambles, but he could at least make a point
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