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  1. Whelp, I'll keep my personal and much meaner feelings to myself, and just say that the guy has arguably had a bigger impact on modern American Conservatism than anybody else, and that is a hell of a legacy for a college dropout from a small town in Missouri
  2. Once in high school I was bored and took an online IQ test. After the test it made you take an absolutely excessive amount advertiser related surveys to show you your results. I pushed through and did them. When I finally finished the surveys the website basically told me something along the lines of "you just spent an absolutely insane amount of time filling out surveys in order to get results for a meaningless online IQ test. So your IQ is low " That really stung
  3. I have no strong opinion. I think it's another weird American thing where we like to insert nationalism into places where it doesn't really belong On the other hand, I don't really think it's meant to be much of a malicious statement for most people. Most people just half heartedly do it because they always have. It's kinda like non religious people who still celebrate Christmas
  4. Lobos appear to not be ending the year, and plan on playing @CSU
  5. It appears so. Being 1-11 and not being able to come home can't be fun
  6. https://www.abqjournal.com/2355363/games-off-lobos-basketball-calls-off-sdsu-series-maybe-season.html The SDSU games this week are cancelled and for non COVID reasons. The Lobos have already had 3 opts out and they're rumored to be having 2 more which would put them at 6 scholarship players. There seems to be a real chance that UNM just calls it quits on the year
  7. They're atrocious but this is far from our A team. Really solid showing for our depth
  8. Had a rough stretch at Chelsea that got him benched, though he did pick up an assist today
  9. Nice to see The US dominate these games, I watched a lot of lousy MLS only squads in my lifetime
  10. I think Serbia's C team just drew The Dominican Republic. I'm not sure they would have been a much stiffer test
  11. It's our B team of all MLSers, but the USMNT plays today against Trinidad and Tobago
  12. I'm gonna call BS that their driving motivation was denying a win to a guy who was about to reach his term limits anyway. That logic is actually very hard to follow for me, because it seems like it would make more sense to pick an ideologue when every individual justice is crucial to the court. If Republicans are picking moderates now, when they can nominate Rush Limbaugh, why would they stop doing so if they regain the white house in 2028 You're pointing out a next step that doesn't exist. The senate and white house will do what they've always done, nominate qualified
  13. Didn't Kavanaugh replace Kennedy? Both Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were confirmed roughly 3 months after being nominated, that's roughly how long it took for Kagen and Sotomayor
  14. I'm very curious about how they define the center and how they go about moving candidates away from it, but let's not get off topic. Why would unqualified radical judges all of a sudden become the norm? Why couldn't Dems just nominate a few more Kagen's? You seem to be claiming that the court isn't already weaponized as is, and that there's a minimal difference between the various justices. If that's the case, why did The GOP care about Merrick Garland getting on to the court?
  15. Fair enough, they need a few more seats in the midterms to actually do it, but I'm confused, we're crossing streams here of what's "right," and what politically viable right now, and I don't really understand your position. Say the Democrats pick up enough seats to do it in 2022, would it then be okay? I very much question that claim about the centrism of those judges, but fine, I'll grant you that. The Republicans had unchecked power on the last 3 SCOTUS nominations yet according to you, chose centrists. Maybe The Democrats will nominate 3 justices who are just as close to the
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