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  1. Doubt it. England isn't going to call him up in The September window, and we have 3 chances to cap tie him there Can be. Mexico fans are no strangers to filling the field with cups when they're not happy. This my favorite example from it
  2. Probably the scariest things I've ever seen on live TV Luckily it appears he's okay
  3. The Swiss piss away numerous chances to build a big lead on Wales and it comes back to bite them. Welsh 15 minutes away from stealing a point
  4. The Nations League would have counted as a non friendly, but Musah didn't play. It's how we captied Dest
  5. Hes not gonna miss his preseason in Spain to go to The Gold Cup. He'll get cap tied in September
  6. Oklahoma would have been the 4 seed last year
  7. Yes, traditionally FIFA windows are 2 matches, now they'll be 3. Qualifying will start in September and end in March. Last cycle we played our first qualifier in November of 2015 and played our last in October of 2017
  8. We traditionally play with 2 center backs who defend centrally and 2 fullbacks who defend out wide (this is referred to as a back 4). We decided to remove a midfielder from The Honduras game (Jackson Yuiell) and replace him with Tim Ream, a 3rd center back. Part of the hope was that this would allow Sergino Dest our fullback more room to get forward without having to track back as much defensively since he would have Ream covering him. It didn't really work, and Tim Ream was just kinda left on an island by himself, which he isn't really equipped to handle. Whether or not we'll se
  9. Mexico squeaks by Costa Rica in penalties. They did not look pretty either
  10. Yup, we really lacked that bite in the final third. Transition defense is a terrifying problem for this team. Tyler Adam's is arguably our 2nd best player behind Pulisic, but he's never healthy. It's his job to provide cover for our defense on the break and it's pretty clear that we don't have backups who could fill his role. He traveled with the team but didn't play today. I'm praying he's good to go for Mexico on Sunday
  11. Ooof, this has been a rough opening for our Golden Generation. Qualifying might not be the breeze many thought it'd be
  12. No that's the now defunct Confederations Cup. Gold Cup is just a regional tournament that is either won by The US or Mexico every year. CONCACAF is run primarily by tiny Caribbean countries with around 100,000 people. They don't really have the talent to compete for World Cups, but these tournaments are a solid way for them to milk some cash
  13. A tournament that was invented to try and reduce the number of meaningless friendlies and get more competitive matches for the smaller CONCACAF teams who never make it far in qualifying. The first round was in 2019, and it was supposed to be wrapped up last summer, but COVID pushed it. After this it's The Gold Cup in July which will be a B team, and then World Cup Qualifying starts in September
  14. They kick off against Honduras in 10 minutes on CBSSN. This is the first non friendly that our long touted Golden Generation will be playing. A win today likely means Mexico on Sunday night (though they have to handle Costa Rica tonight) Really pumped to see how these guys look
  15. The new Champions League format was officially approved today, which throws a massive bone to the bigger teams. I'm sure this issue will come up again, but hopefully that stops it for now
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