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  1. I’m just a grouchy fan on a message board. Who the +++++ cares that I have a “loser mentality”?
  2. Long term with so many teams in this league on the rise I don’t see a future to really ascend into the top half of the conference. UNM, SJSU, USU all making great hires and coaches that probably wouldn’t bail at first instance either. Might take until like year 4 to get the ball rolling to the point where we are competing for the postseason and that’s if Kruger can recruit out of high school well.
  3. Yea I don’t see how we finish higher than 8th this year but at the same time, this is probably one of our better teams post-Rice.
  4. That end to the half was so +++++ing embarrassing.
  5. They should fire Graham and go with a caretaker for a year or two. Eliminate a coaching position if you have to. Just get someone who treats players fairly.
  6. 28-42 is good by UNLV standards as depressing as it is to say.
  7. More underwhelmed by New Mexico than impressed with us.
  8. Kevin doesn’t strike me as the type to leave at least immediately. Far more likely he eventually gets fired.
  9. Guys omicron will eventually subside just like it did in South Africa. Just give it another 3 weeks.
  10. Get boosted anti-vaxxers.
  11. Didn’t know I as a fan having a “mental breakdown attitude” affects the performance of the team itself.
  12. With the MWC is this year there's like no teams I can go and say oh we can beat them or oh our program will be better than there's. That is scary.
  13. I know this was a tight game but it feels like we got our ass kicked with how we were outphysicaled. Next time we play them, we better try to move the ball more rather than try to exploit mismatches 1 on 1.
  14. We’re just going to have let omicron burn through for a few weeks I think. There’s no stopping it. Would be nice if they delayed the tournament a few weeks to allow adequate time for make up games.
  15. UNLV-UNR should be played in the meantime.
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