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  1. This feels so meaningless with the season in limbo.
  2. Are you insane? What is Sisolak's motive to cancel the season? Does he want the state to lose money or?
  3. do they plan on getting sick from the coronavirus or?
  4. If we're smart we can do mass testing (like a million or so tests per day) and just lockdown specific areas of the country while everyone else is normalish at a certain point. That'd lead to a semi-normal college football season though select individual games may still not be held.
  5. Fair, but if I was a player, I'd never want to go to a coach who overrecruits the moment you hit the freshman wall.
  6. Keep in mind TJO has some track record of getting guys to stay. See Mike Daum at SDSU.
  7. Shooter who can't shoot. Not a huge loss.
  8. My biggest concern headed into next season is that too much player turnover will turn to bite us and lead us to a slower start than many would like. I really like how we played down the stretch last year and was a welcome relief but it still took a loss to Pacific at home in late December for us to get our act together. TJO doesn't have a proven track record with really exceeding expectations aside from last year (I'd say he met them at SDSU in balance, although there's striking similarities to his first season at both stops). Pending how the next few weeks shape up, we for sure could contend
  9. Hardy had the chance to become our first 4 year player on a schollie since Marshall/Hawkins. Let that sink in. Props to him for being on track to graduate in 3 years though.
  10. When every HC has failed since Harvey Hade here, it's hard to call a hire a bad one.
  11. Gilliam isn't garbage and maybe could be our QB for the new coach but the again our offense is more explosive with Rogers
  12. Hot take: I don't want a washed up retread coach trying to play a conservative style that is coming here to use Vegas as a retirement home. Then again a retread would be a safe bet to have a few 4-6 win seasos but I feel like our fans get too excited trying to get a big name when it's not that realistic.
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