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  1. Will we have more wins in the next 5 years compared to pages this thread will go to?
  2. For how long the product on the floor has been lacking, we’ve been making it up with exciting and dramatic coaching searches. We don’t call us the entertainment capital of the world for nothing.
  3. Honestly I think we end up with someone like Steve Alford when it’s all said and done.
  4. And Oats wouldn’t bolt because? Oats would probably be a good hire but that’s besides the point.
  5. Yeah there’s been too much smoke for there to not be discussions.
  6. So you think if Thad Matta was hired he’d bolt in a few weeks? Because even if Matta were to bolt in a year or two, at least we’ll be a factor in the MWC in the meantime. Something we’re not right now.
  7. LMAO Your post made sense until I read the second and third sentences.
  8. Also Shaka Smart should get strong consideration if fired from UT. Longer targets include Joe Pasterneck and Russell Turner but those are Menzies tier coaches in all likelihood.
  9. Kidd is a douchebag. Matta would be a home run and Hoilberg would be fine. I’d take Alford’s UNM success as well.
  10. Honestly none of these choices aside from Miller and maybe Kidd sound terrible.
  11. This better be a real guy with a proven track record. Or otherwise we’re back to square 1 and on our way to another 10 win season. As soon as the program was about to settle down as well....
  12. I can’t say I saw this coming. I feel bad for Menzies not going to lie.
  13. I love this team when it plays its ass off.
  14. We likely won't but I don't expect our problems to go away. As for my actual take, I'm almost to the point where I want Menzines gone but not 100% sold yet. He gets a pass year 1. Last year, we weren't terrible but we lost way too many games down the stretch (New Mexico twice, UNI). He's not a moron like Rice and at least keeps the roster stable but his teams just don't step up when they need to. Possible replacements for Menzies: Steve Alford when UCLA eventually fires him Joe Pasterneck Travis DeCure [Random next NBA coach that gets fired]