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  1. When every HC has failed since Harvey Hade here, it's hard to call a hire a bad one.
  2. Gilliam isn't garbage and maybe could be our QB for the new coach but the again our offense is more explosive with Rogers
  3. Hot take: I don't want a washed up retread coach trying to play a conservative style that is coming here to use Vegas as a retirement home. Then again a retread would be a safe bet to have a few 4-6 win seasos but I feel like our fans get too excited trying to get a big name when it's not that realistic.
  4. That was a really fun win part of a really fun season.
  5. I'm at the point with Sanchez I was around start of Year 4 with Rice. Our passing game for the third year in a row is non-existent and our defense is dog shit as usual. Probably the best thing we can do is try to get a hot shot OC from the Pac 12. Maybe someone from the Mike Leach coach tree? At least that could put as on a path to at least scoring a lot of points and our defense not being on the field all game even if our defense is shit and at least give us a chance to win.
  6. BW once again proves it isn't serious about getting better.
  7. We need a list of stuff ph has been right about. Actually here it is: What a long list.
  8. Are we having the troll derby there?
  9. Only 5 star guys he's gotten is Fultz and Gross. And in recent years, he's done less with more, and that's definitely not encouraging. Gottfried and Crean at least have had more success recently at overall slightly easier jobs. if I was a UNM fan, I'd pull for Dooley.
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