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  1. He really should know better. He owes us another triple double.
  2. I honestly blasted him too much during his tenure and looked kinda stupid doing so. Don't get me wrong, Rice did everything in his power to put the most unwatachable product on the court posible (with a few exceptions) but when he was let go, I said in the thread he was a good guy who meant well and worked hard and I haven't really dwelled over his tenure since then.
  3. And holy shit. Has ph gotten 2 predictions in a row right?
  4. Honestly this is the most fun I've had watching our team since either Lon Kruger's last year or Dave Rice's first year.
  5. Coleman and Hamilton better stay for their next 2 seasons. Antonio seems to at least have found his shot. Hardy didn't have his most dominant game but he hit a couple buckets down the stretch including one dunk. Blair was really effective as a 5 early in the second half. Tough stretch coming up. Win 1 of the next 3 and go to 7-3 and I'll be impressed.
  6. What would you consider upper tier P5 then? At least in basketball, that's somewhere like Illinois or Arizona (teams with some tradition/fan support but not blue blood levels). Teams like Oklahoma and Texas and USC are basically football schools with deep pockets.
  7. Because someone has to go? We have 7 recruits, 3 for sure open schollies, and hopefully only 2 or 3 transfers during the off-season.
  8. I seriously hope both of those things are true. I think the Coleman bit is obvious. EML I guess is a capable backup but Coleman is the feel good story of the team and maybe the #1 reason for our turnaround. TJ Otzlberger rightly seems in love with him. i hope more so that we don't lose much of the current core. We have Hamitltion and Coleman for 2 more years, Diong, Antonio, and Hardy for another year, and David Jenkins for 1-2 more seasons. I for sure think we could use Blake and Martinez next season but everything else is kinda eh, especially guard wise were we have a lot of depth really.
  9. LOL. I guess we (referring to Oklahoma here) could be if we wanted but we play in a trashy outdated arena with fairly little fan support. I'd say mid tier P5 is probably a reasonably accurate decription.
  10. Can you be even more premature?
  11. I'll give ph Patrick McCaw as he was an anomaly of the protypical Rice era guy but Rashad Vaughan is not someone I will remember as a team player.
  12. Given the press gave us problems last night for a few min and we've struggled with good outside shooting teams this year, I'd agree.
  13. We look like an actual team. Tilman, Hardy is playing hard, mixing it up defensively