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  1. Of course, your intend that the 5 year rule would also apply to BYU. Right?
  2. SpartaRick

    8 Spartans At First Round of NCAA Nationals

    Well at least you care. You always post in anything SJSU related. Thanks, you are appreciated.
  3. SpartaRick

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    The reason that many Spartan fans are happy is that the team went from a 3-10 record and last place in league to a 13-4 record for a total of 16-14 in league. It's that turnaround that creates some hope.
  4. SpartaRick


    I had heard that the agreement had no ending in time. If you are right, that is reassuring.
  5. SpartaRick


    BSU being here in the MWC is a good thing all the way around. The mistake was in making the concessions to Boise unlimited in time. All agreements should have an expiration date.
  6. SpartaRick

    CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    It is more and more common for the more economically well to do parents to refuse to allow their sons to play football. They are wanting to protect their kids from injuries. In a short time, only the kids from poorer families will be on the field. How will that affect attendance?
  7. SpartaRick

    New recruiting style

    This new recruiting style appears to have really helped the G5 schools. As such, I am sure that the NCAA will review it and modify it to continue to help the "haves' over the "have nots". Most P5 schools appear to have filled or nearly filled their allotments in the December period and, as a result, several top flight players were still available for us G5's. I am sure that every school did as well as we at San Jose State did. However, we have never beaten so many P5 schools to talent they wanted in such numbers. To be sure, we always got the occasional P5 offer that we snagged but the volume this year is unusual. Here is a list of OFFERS from other D1 schools that we snagged this season. Several of those are from P5 schools. Not bragging at all because I am sure that all other MWC got the same results. Here they are, by school that OFFERED (again, not just interest but an actual OFFER). P5 Schools Cal 2 Oregon 1 Oregon State 1 UCLA 1 Utah 2 Texas A/M 1 Texas Tech 1 WSU 4 Arizona 3 Total = 16 Other D1's (G5) BYU 1 AFA 3 Navy 2 Army 1 BSU 1 CSU 3 Fresno 1 Hawai'i 3 Nevada 2 Tex. State 1 USU 3 UNM 1 NMSU 1 Wyo 2 UTEP 1 Total = 26 3
  8. SpartaRick

    Possible MWC Merger To Become A High-Level Conference

    How do you force BYU to join when they do not want to do so?
  9. SpartaRick

    UNLV at SJSU

    Cograts Rebels. Your team is awesome big. I am surprised that we almost matched you in rebounds. In the end (overtime) it was our old bugaboo (turnovers) and free throws that did us in. In overtime, the Rebs went to the stripe about six times to our one. We were called for 28 fouls to UNLV's 17. Therein lay the game.
  10. SpartaRick

    San Jose State 2018 Commits

    "That link is silent on one of the best indicators there is about recruits: who else offered." I agree with that. I believe that seeing who also felt the prospect had talent enough to offer is the best indicator of a candidate's potential. Unfortunately, in SJSU's case, you need to look up each player on 247 to get that info. Clearly, Harmon received offers from Cal SDSU, Fresno and others but I have not looked up each of the other recruits' offers.
  11. SpartaRick

    Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    Really a bit sad to see so many posters continue to pine away for a return of BYU. The fact is that BYU ain't coming back. Since Utah entered a P5 conference, the Cougars will not join a G5 conference. Period. As to posters who longingly believe that we can create a "Best of the Rest" and have it become a P5 conference. Just another illusion. The current P5 will never dilute their revenue by letting any other conference join their exclusive club. They will block that and they have the political clout to do it.
  12. SpartaRick

    Nothing happens without SDSU's needs being met

    I wish SDSU luck in these negotiations. Let me enumerate the reasons that the Soccer/SJSU negotiations foundered. They may be instructive for SDSU as to what icebergs to avoid. 1. SJSU could not get the Soccer people to agree to enlarge the stadium to a suitable size for football. They wanted to create ticket "scarcity" with a smaller capacity and, thus, higher ticket prices. Since they wanted an "overhang" over the seats, in the soccer style, that would hinder any future expansion. 2. They insisted on the widest field allowable in soccer (soccer has a range of legal sizes). That would place football fans too far from the action. 3. They insisted on control of the venue (it would be on SJSU owned land) including control of any rental income to be accrued in the future. Good luck, Aztecs!!
  13. SpartaRick

    Concerns Mount for Tedford

    Now you have it. Fresno is offering the big bonuses because its leadership know there is no way that Tedford can earn them. There is no financial risk to the university.
  14. SpartaRick

    Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    I agree with you. However, my post was in response to an article saying that the MWC had to expect defections. There is current talk, mostly by Ram fans, of CSU moving to the Big 12. Earlier there has been talk, at one point or another, of AFA, BSU or SDSU going. Even a few posts about UNM or UNLV. Bottom line, however, is that, for better or worse, the current members are here for the long haul. Frankly, it can be an excellent conference. It will never surpass the PAC in the west but it will be the next most important western conference. We can be good.
  15. SpartaRick

    Nevada @ SJSU

    I agree. Nevada beat us in the most lopsided game we have played this season. Should be an easy win for them. We do have home court and we have improved so there is always hops.