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  1. CA proposes no tackle FB before HS

    It is more and more common for the more economically well to do parents to refuse to allow their sons to play football. They are wanting to protect their kids from injuries. In a short time, only the kids from poorer families will be on the field. How will that affect attendance?
  2. New recruiting style

    This new recruiting style appears to have really helped the G5 schools. As such, I am sure that the NCAA will review it and modify it to continue to help the "haves' over the "have nots". Most P5 schools appear to have filled or nearly filled their allotments in the December period and, as a result, several top flight players were still available for us G5's. I am sure that every school did as well as we at San Jose State did. However, we have never beaten so many P5 schools to talent they wanted in such numbers. To be sure, we always got the occasional P5 offer that we snagged but the volume this year is unusual. Here is a list of OFFERS from other D1 schools that we snagged this season. Several of those are from P5 schools. Not bragging at all because I am sure that all other MWC got the same results. Here they are, by school that OFFERED (again, not just interest but an actual OFFER). P5 Schools Cal 2 Oregon 1 Oregon State 1 UCLA 1 Utah 2 Texas A/M 1 Texas Tech 1 WSU 4 Arizona 3 Total = 16 Other D1's (G5) BYU 1 AFA 3 Navy 2 Army 1 BSU 1 CSU 3 Fresno 1 Hawai'i 3 Nevada 2 Tex. State 1 USU 3 UNM 1 NMSU 1 Wyo 2 UTEP 1 Total = 26 3
  3. Possible MWC Merger To Become A High-Level Conference

    How do you force BYU to join when they do not want to do so?
  4. UNLV at SJSU

    Cograts Rebels. Your team is awesome big. I am surprised that we almost matched you in rebounds. In the end (overtime) it was our old bugaboo (turnovers) and free throws that did us in. In overtime, the Rebs went to the stripe about six times to our one. We were called for 28 fouls to UNLV's 17. Therein lay the game.
  5. San Jose State 2018 Commits

    "That link is silent on one of the best indicators there is about recruits: who else offered." I agree with that. I believe that seeing who also felt the prospect had talent enough to offer is the best indicator of a candidate's potential. Unfortunately, in SJSU's case, you need to look up each player on 247 to get that info. Clearly, Harmon received offers from Cal SDSU, Fresno and others but I have not looked up each of the other recruits' offers.
  6. UNLV basketball

    Tell me about your Men's basketball team? Last year, you were really bad. This season, you are playing the "powers" of the nation and play like you belong. What changed so dramatically? Transfers, JC kids? New philosophy and schemes?
  7. In the NFL, Steve DeBerg had a long successful career. Jeff Garcia was also there with multiple Pro-Bowl appearances.
  8. A good human being. In his brief stint at SJSU he was clearly well loved and a force for good. RIP.
  9. Wyoming vs SJSU

    At least we beat a FBS team. THat makes us better than Fresno was last season.
  10. SDSU @ SJSU (Week 10)

    I have SDSU by 25.
  11. Kicking out SJSU of MW gains wider fan approval

    As I am sure you are aware, Zimmerman and NOW were very smart in suing the entire CSU system rather than the one or two schools implicated in, in their opinion, not granting Gender based fairness to everyone. By suing the 23 campus system that only had 3 FBS programs, the other 20 schools had "no skin in the game" and settled (court stipulation) rather than fight a lawsuit in which they had no interest. They threw SDSU, SJSU and CSU/Fresno under the bus. Hasn't that stipulation now expired???
  12. Tell us about your basketball team

    We are likely to take a step back this season. The transfer to Gonzaga of Brandon Clark really hurts. He was our "all-everything" last year. Here is what we have now. Probably use a lot of 3 and 4 Guards lineups. Center Oumar Barry-- A true Center at 6'11". Transfer in and is a Jr. Ashton Chastain-- Also a Center at 6'11" and a Sophomore. Forwards Keith Fisher III-- is a highly touted Freshman at 6"8". Ryan Welage-- Second leading scorer last year and is expected to carry that #1 load this year. 6'9" Jr. Walter Graves III-- May red shirt. 6'7". True Frosh. Ryan Singer-- 6'10" Jr. Guards Noah Baumann-- At 6'5" a Guard/Forward. May also red shirt. Nai Carlisle-- Highly touted Freshman and is 6'2" Jaycee Hillsman-- 6'6". May be used at forward. Rugged. Jalen James-- Real veteran. Team's only Sr. 6'4". Isaiah Nichols-- 6'5". Got a lot of starts last season as a true Fr. A So. Ryan Parilla-- True Frosh. 5'10". Caleb Simmons-- 6'6" True Frosh. May red shirt.
  13. You say that the CSU system will pay for the land. Is that a real commitment by the system or a "hope".
  14. Has SDSU definitively solved a new stadium's location? It seems to me that until the location issue is settled, the design cannot be finalized. Is the AD putting the cart before the horse? Stadia designs are, often, dictated by the land availability, lot size and topography of their locations.
  15. Your Top 5 Favorite Football Schools

    1. San Jose State 2. Notre Dame 3. Michigan State 4. San Diego State 5. California