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  1. If I recall correctly, he said he had to return home due to "family considerations". It turns out those centered on his brother being sent to jail. Perhaps certain traits tend to be family centered.
  2. When USU beats BSU this season, it may help to develop that "Old rivalry feeling".
  3. We will see but at this point I believe that Utah State is the best team in the MWC.
  4. While air quality in San Jose is not great, it is still better than up in Berkeley. Prediction is that south to north winds that are developing should push much of the dirty air toward the Central Valley.
  5. Good enough to beat BSU on the blue. So, they cannot be all that bad.
  6. Sounds like your on the road to riches.
  7. Really a bit sad to see so many posters continue to pine away for a return of BYU. The fact is that BYU ain't coming back. Since Utah entered a P5 conference, the Cougars will not join a G5 conference. Period. As to posters who longingly believe that we can create a "Best of the Rest" and have it become a P5 conference. Just another illusion. The current P5 will never dilute their revenue by letting any other conference join their exclusive club. They will block that and they have the political clout to do it.
  8. I wish SDSU luck in these negotiations. Let me enumerate the reasons that the Soccer/SJSU negotiations foundered. They may be instructive for SDSU as to what icebergs to avoid. 1. SJSU could not get the Soccer people to agree to enlarge the stadium to a suitable size for football. They wanted to create ticket "scarcity" with a smaller capacity and, thus, higher ticket prices. Since they wanted an "overhang" over the seats, in the soccer style, that would hinder any future expansion. 2. They insisted on the widest field allowable in soccer (soccer has a range of legal sizes). That would place football fans too far from the action. 3. They insisted on control of the venue (it would be on SJSU owned land) including control of any rental income to be accrued in the future. Good luck, Aztecs!!
  9. Now you have it. Fresno is offering the big bonuses because its leadership know there is no way that Tedford can earn them. There is no financial risk to the university.
  10. I agree with you. However, my post was in response to an article saying that the MWC had to expect defections. There is current talk, mostly by Ram fans, of CSU moving to the Big 12. Earlier there has been talk, at one point or another, of AFA, BSU or SDSU going. Even a few posts about UNM or UNLV. Bottom line, however, is that, for better or worse, the current members are here for the long haul. Frankly, it can be an excellent conference. It will never surpass the PAC in the west but it will be the next most important western conference. We can be good.
  11. I agree. Nevada beat us in the most lopsided game we have played this season. Should be an easy win for them. We do have home court and we have improved so there is always hops.
  12. Yes, there has been talk of adding Rice for academic reasons and UTEP for historical and geographic reasons. The comment about MWC defections though, I believe, is mostly wishful thinking by a few MWC members. I don't see the Pac adding any MWC members and, as to the Big 12, the talk is more about adding AAC members and BYU.
  13. Fresno being a 7.5 point favorite at their house is, probably, about right.