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  1. It shows almost a 50/50 split overall but no single group with more than 37% Does not compute.
  2. Can you briefly explain this so I don't have to go down some mining rabbit hole?
  3. In theory, I agree with you. But I'm being pragmatic about realistic and politically expedient changes. If wish to to chase idealistic rainbows...
  4. My assumption is that they would need some type of documentation, something which grants fewer rights than a green card.
  5. Should deportations completely stop? I don't think so, break the law...bye bye. And if unauthorized immigrants had work permits, they would be much safer from "workplace abuse".
  6. I think Biden's proposal for a path to citizenship for those who are already here, illegally, is fine. That's my opinion. A separate issue is our current immigration system and whether or not it's too restrictive. I believe it is and should be reformed. I don't know if that's part of Biden's current proposal but is something that should be considered.
  7. I'll just put this here because... What a great wall! https://www.npr.org/2021/01/19/958339302/see-saws-built-on-u-s-border-wall-win-prestigious-design-prize
  8. This is what we should work on but don't reward folks who came or stayed illegally. Besides, as long as we are allowing them to stay and work on some type of permit, what's the hurry? Let them earn it. American citizenship should be cherished...to bad some stupid Trumpanzees don't feel the same.
  9. I hope they're not too excited about joining the MWC either
  10. IMO, to make it much shorter isn't fair to all those who waited years to emigrate legally. I would be fine with a shorter time frame for "dreamers".
  11. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  12. As always, I suppose it depends upon how the question was asked. If it was written to include the fact that mail in voting was greatly expanded due to the pandemic and to imply that it was somehow illegal, maybe that's how they got the poll results they were looking for
  13. So folks should only go to college for future $$$ potential? And if everyone became accountants or engineers, wouldn't it crater the job market for those skills?
  14. Instead of incessant whining about unfair "censorship" why don't these "victims" put their money where their mouths are and start calling for boycotts and divestments? Tech stocks are still doing very well, maybe these companies know their business
  15. I knew "take the mascot home" was a bad idea
  16. Maybe I missed it, have you ever answered the question: Why not the MAC? Seems like a better fit.
  17. Not to mention that nothing actually gets "consumed".
  18. Pretty simple really, for many folks the enjoyment outweighs the risk; just like many of our pleasure seeking endeavors.
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