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  1. Oh, so bout the same as eagle?
  2. Hey, did you ever eat one of those Nene? How do they taste?
  3. Damn, Warriors with or without KD, are awesome. Green is a great, especially in the playoffs.
  4. My chicken coop has the same address.
  5. Depends, for fishing yeah. For sightseeing and bar hopping, Tahoe.
  6. aren't they the same?
  7. Check back in 3-4 years, it will be the Dive Rice, Marvin Menzies, and TJ Burger discussion.
  8. Right. Many keep bringing up the New York and Virginia laws as though they are something new and God awful. All they really are is codifying in state law what was already the law according to Roe v Wade.
  9. If the mileage limitation was a little more, I would have picked FC because of it's proximity to Boulder. So, I'll go with Albuquerque, I hear there's some good restaurants and, come on, we all know about the "superior" meth