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  1. hey @Swoll Cracker how about a "superior lifestyle" wager this evening? Avatar bet until say Christmas? If the Buffs win, you "wear" Ralphie for a few weeks... you pick my poison...Jay Norvell?
  2. now that this is out of the way... let's send some more $$$$/weapons Ukraine's way
  3. actually, my 15 year old boy often does his own laundry without being asked...he's just as bad as I am when it comes to folding and putting it away and I'm OCD when it comes to the dishwasher, wouldn't mind if they unloaded it but I usually end up having to reload it anytime someone else thinks they're helping
  4. GTFOH!! Are you complaining about this...where did you find these kids that load/empty dishwashers and do laundry?
  5. I think you forgot this...
  6. No shit. Why is being an "arms dealer" against the law? Are there "legal" arms dealers and "illegal" arms dealers? Says who? Isn't the good old USA the biggest "arms dealer" in the world?
  7. I've seen 6 or 7 houses in my neighborhood adding it recently, is their currently a substantial government incentive?
  8. liberal phucks...how come they always go left!? of course those euro F1 dudes are bi...they go both ways
  9. he officiated my friend's wedding... started the proceedings by asking the the groom if he understood "this is a life sentence" and after my buddy nodded yes, Mills yelled "then let's get it on!" Good times...a great Reno personality
  10. oh sure, shut it down... let's see how that works out for the GOP
  11. I don't get it either, so...I don’t do it but to each his own, as you say... "it's a free country"...allegedly
  12. a "sin"? says who? not my "religion"
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