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  1. That's just UNLV bricklayers
  2. Isn't that pretty much every fight...outside of a ring?
  3. Okay guys, 15 minutes till tip. What's the consensus, over or under 147?
  4. $20...plus my $22 back, thanks unless there's some Boise bullshit coming up
  5. Needed some action, don't want to touch the Nevada game.
  6. Compared to who? Football players are effing idiots, punching someone wearing a helmet Baseball players have to have their heads on a swivel, there might be bats involved. Hockey brawls are cool and strategic. Try to grasp the sweater and pull over the head with one hand while firing haymakers with the other, all while dancing on skates.
  7. Couldn't resist, the Rams are playing better and Fresno sucks... had to put $22 on CSU -5.5. kiss of death
  8. Freaking Death Star...very appropriate.
  9. if I say yes, will you answer my question? What did he lie about?
  10. I guess I was really asking, what did he lie about?
  11. Close to "sold out". Only a few hundred ticket left
  12. Rocket, what do you think folks do with their money? Can in the backyard? Mattress?
  13. He has all the best people some haven't even been indicted...yet.
  14. And Tark cheated. Both things can be true.