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  1. If both teams are REALLY concerned about the final 5, do they both win?
  2. Well, it's only the 3rd time in 50 years. Why do you think it's going to become more common?
  3. He's a Trumper now, kinda, but it wasn't always this way and probably won't be this way for much longer. https://www.npr.org/2019/11/19/780937794/gordon-sondland-was-a-low-profile-hotel-owner-until-he-went-to-work-for-trump
  4. That would be great TV, Joe Biden given the national stage as a witness for the defense
  5. Did they have knowledge of Trump withholding aid for political dirt? What would they be testifying to? How are they relevant witnesses to Trump's alleged malfeasance?
  6. Are they under investigation? By who?
  7. What he wanted was dirt on Biden from a foreign government. That's completely inappropriate.
  8. He didn't give a shit about $$$ or Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election, for which there's absolutely zero evidence. FYI, IT WAS THE RUSSIANS. The only thing he cared about was dirt, or the appearance of dirt, on Biden.
  9. Both sports? Football just kicked ass on the road at #25 and will probably go bowling again.Not too bad from a team that was supposed win 4 or 5 games.
  10. Davidson torching us from 3 and 21 turnovers and counting; not a recipe for success.
  11. Well duh, to "gin up" the Dem base and to keep Trump occupied so he can't do anymore stupid shit. Win Win
  12. Your wife watches TV in the middle of the day? Talk about "needing to get a life"!