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  1. Immigration Reform

    Probably not.
  2. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    I believe the argument is that successful "Athletics" raises the profile of a university and subsequently, increases alumni involvement and donations. I've never seen any actual proof.
  3. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    They have a tough row to hoe. @ New Mexico Nevada @ Utah State
  4. Does Buzzfeed actually do investigative journalism? Apparently so. Neat article/story about how this reporter uncovered the source of Missouri's lethal execution drugs; the extreme and probably illegal process the state undertook to obtain the drugs. https://www.npr.org/2018/02/21/587731723/buzzfeed-news-uncovers-source-of-missouris-lethal-drugs
  5. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    2--2 end of regulation. OT baby!!!! Come on ladies!
  6. Dave Rice to CSUN?

    I always thought he was your daddy.
  7. So this just went across my twitter...........

    Or New York and LA
  8. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    Damn, I would walk out and get suspended just to have it on my resume. Certainly not a negative when applying to college.
  9. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    Actually, weren't the Russians pretty much kicking ass until the US started supplying the Mujahideen with shoulder held missile launchers?
  10. Yeah, kinda like the chocolate lobby convincing us that dark chocolate is health food.
  11. A starting five of all walk-ons versus SJSU

    In the whole conference, are there any walk-on who get significant playing time? Would Tooley make this starting five?
  12. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    I don't know about the grandma business but we do get a pretty sweet little recruiting advantage from Super Booster Lance Gilman and his wife: