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  1. this entire difference comes from a media rights contract which no longer exists
  2. yes, I agree with Beaver-Poke, that a decision should come next spring... but if a full merger is agreed on, I don't know if it would happen for the 25-26 school year or the following year hard to say without knowing the WSU/OSU cash flow from the PAC12
  3. people are going to "bail" regardless there's millions $$$ of reasons to delay the decision because the "2" get to share all the bball credits as long as they are still a conference there may also be millions in football bowl money to be divvied up no need to make a premature decision
  4. why? there's no reason to do anything yet what becomes "harder"?
  5. umm...do what "again"? lose? the Buffs have won the last 6 and lead the series 68-22-2
  6. apparently, not a single Nevada player entered the portal very surprising considering a coaching change
  7. Jeffkills didn't pay for a security certificate and has been mia for more than a month. Most of us were getting a warning everytime we came to the site. mugtang has rebranded the Pac12 board which he has owned for quite awhile.
  8. Sean, glad you showed up...have you noticed most of us are moving to a new location? https://www.wcsboard.com
  9. click here: https://www.wcsboard.com/ make a new account if you didn't already have one on the Pac12 board
  10. did you have a Pac12 Board account? if not, then yes open a new account... it's a new day!
  11. come find us at: wcsboard.com
  12. you bring a lot to the forum, it's appreciated. hope you'll join us at WCSB you too @sactowndog
  13. @BSUTOP25 @AndroidAggie @East Coast Aztec
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