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  1. Sounds boring. Of course, I've "disobeyed" all 4 of those from time to time and have still done great financially. No guilt but white privilege is a real thing.
  2. And what do we do with all the folks who don't obey all of these wonderful rules?
  3. From the title, I thought this was going to be about OJ.
  4. Tentatively, Washoe County expects to fully open elementary schools. To reduce crowding Middle schools will attend on a 50/50 basis, half in class and half on-line. The assumption is that parents don't have to stay home and supervise a middle schooler all day. (damn, my youngest is going to be even more of a Fortnite wizard than is already ) Don't know about the high schools, haven't heard or didn't pay attention.
  5. Obama's DOJ forced Ferguson to adopt several changes: Justice Department and Ferguson negotiators tentatively agreed to policing reforms in January. But the agreement stalled last month, as the Ferguson City Council raised concerns about costs. But the Justice Department threatened a lawsuit, and told Ferguson officials that their cost concerns were inflated, pushing city officials to finally accept the agreement. The reported agreement, known as a "consent decree," is very broad. It requires that the city equip all officers who are "reasonably expected to regularly interact with the public" with body cameras within 180 days. It tasks the Ferguson Police Department with reorienting its use-of-force policies to emphasize deescalation and avoid force. It forces the city to overhaul its municipal court system. It mandates a community-oriented approach to policing. Most importantly, it requires an independent monitor to oversee implementation of these reforms and many others — as is standard with the federal interventions into local police departments. Unfortunately, Trump's administration has dismantled most of the department which oversees the consent decree. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ferguson-justice-department-police-reform-trump-pattern-or-practice_n_5d4b18b3e4b0066eb70bad87 Why do you think Biden will govern much differently than Obama?
  6. Hello!! It's 10x as good btw, where the hell is @Joe from WY?
  7. The "code of silence" and complicity among the "thin blue line" is phucking disgusting.
  8. Fortunately, a program like you mention already exist and has since 1965, it's called Head Start. The infrastructure is already in place, maybe it just needs to be expanded, and funded, to include older children. It's surprising that you would suggest a possible "solution" that will obviously be expensive for the taxpayers.
  9. It's because she former military that she knows how important and necessary this is. Do you think she would take this route if there was an easier/quieter way to make sure Vindman isn't getting screwed. My guess is that she's quietly endorsed by many current officers They are prohibited from weighing in on this issue but she is perfectly positioned to do so. btw, I don't really see how this helps her politically.
  10. This is the only way to see that an injustice isn't done to Vindman's career. It's really very simple, just release the list showing that Vindman's is up for promotion, he's "checked" all the boxes and the slot is open, and things can move forward. Also, no one is being harmed. All of these promotions will eventually be made, and they will be made retroactive.
  11. It sounds as though the whole "reporting" system needs to be looked at and possibly overhauled. Don't know if it's true but read that, although others seemed to be aware, she had never made a formal complaint against Robinson. Any cover-up after the fact should be dealt with harshly.
  12. I played tennis for several years at a D3 school back east and then played as a walk-on for a season at Colorado. I never considered what I was doing as "pay for play". I was going to go to school regardless and I loved playing competitive tennis. The school wasn't making any additional money from my exploits and they paid for my travel, lodging, and food when we traveled. I don't see how this is a "racket". Are you saying you, or your child, wouldn't have gone to school if it weren't to play ball?