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  1. that's exactly what the "Bobs" of the country are worried about. "Let's go Brandon 2024!"
  2. Hey, it's all about the "labor participation rate"!!!
  3. sorry, joke over head my ignorance...had to google "genetic drift" would Catholics be opposed to teaching GD? Why?
  4. What do you consider "early education"? It's certainly a subject which should be taught in depth at the high school level and probably broached in middle school. And in the case mentioned above, do you have a problem with someone telling even young children that over time animals adapt to their environment? edit: saw your response above
  5. Would you want to send your child to a school that didn't acknowledge/teach evolutionary theory? I'm glad the local Catholic schools, that my two oldest attended, don't hold such ignorant beliefs.
  6. No, it was just like that stupid "kill shot" tennis analogy
  7. and there's a good sized group on the right who don't even try to hide their racist xenophobia
  8. rightly so... knuckle draggers
  9. you mean like many who call Democrats "socialists" or "communists"?
  10. Gonzaga to the MWC doesn't make sense...for either party.
  11. Absolutely! Beautiful campus, exceptional academics, and located in a cultural "Mecca"... what parent wouldn't want to see their child be a Rebel?
  12. I just made a large bet on the Rams... so you're definitely phucked
  13. I used to have two window stickers: now I just have this one...
  14. yes, they have been rather intolerant of racism and bigotry, I'll give you that
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