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  1. And this is a perfect example of why the Libertarian party has never and will never amount any serious challenge in American politics. They can never agree on where or even if any lines should be drawn. Libertarianism is nothing more than message board idealism.
  2. This is a good article a really touches on one of my biggest disappointments with the way we handled the situation. First, Sweden did enact many restrictions on daily life, ones that are comparable to the restrictions in place in much of the United States right now. Sweden banned visits to retirement homes in April. Bars and restaurants were limited to table service, with tables two meters apart, and shut down a few establishments that didn’t enforce those rules. The country recommended that those who could work from home do so and that citizens practice social distancing. Public
  3. But it might not even rise to the level necessary for a full blown DOJ investigation.
  4. So will everyone be okay with playing even if no fans are allowed? I didn't buy tickets this year anyway so I won't care, just give me some damn games.
  5. At this point I'll be happy with whatever we can get.
  6. This is a good question [email protected]: when did "teams" become a thing in the tour? I don't believe they were a thing in the early days. Looked it up: In the early years of the Tour de France, cyclists entered as individuals. Although they had sponsors, they were not allowed to work as a team, because tour organiser Henri Desgrange wanted the Tour de France to be a display of individual strength. In those years, cyclists could also participate unsponsored. They were categorized under different names;[1] 1909-1914: Isolés; 1919: Categorie B; 1920-1922: 2° Classe; 1923-1926: T
  7. And is there anything Trump could do to earn your support? Of course not. No one here is changing any hearts and minds. Everything we do here is all just for fun, enjoy it.
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