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  1. Typical nonsensical Jackrabbit sound bite. Do you make this shit up or read it somewhere?
  2. renoskier

    What an embarrassment

    Wow, did this ever ring more true?
  3. renoskier

    Top Teams in the American.

    And where would you rather party, New Orleans or San Jose?
  4. renoskier

    AP Poll out

    Who's we, Air Force?
  5. renoskier

    UNLV Coaches Quandary

    Doesn't mean he has any connection to UNLV. Yes, and maybe he does or will. For instance, William Pennignton has his name on several buildings at UNR, don't know if he ever attended any games or gave any money to athletics.
  6. renoskier

    UNLV Coaches Quandary

    Why should he care about UNLV? What the connection? Phil Knight was born and raised in Oregon and graduated from OU.
  7. renoskier

    Call Me Crazy

    LMU 61 UNLV 50
  8. renoskier

    Call Me Crazy

    Oh....but the money will be there for a "big name" coach.
  9. renoskier

    Karma lmao

    Instant Karma baby!
  10. renoskier

    CSU at Nevada game thread.

    Not me....I just got home.
  11. renoskier

    Tony Robbins for UNLV Football Head Coach

    Pffffttt.....you can barely afford the coach you have.
  12. renoskier

    Fire Tedford!!

    What.....too soon? How about after they lose to SDSU?
  13. renoskier

    Fresno @ Boise

    they get reversed all the time. Just wasn't a really good look on video.
  14. renoskier

    Fresno @ Boise

    Tough break, I thought that ball was out.
  15. renoskier

    Pacific vs Nevada - Game Thread

    Jazz took that poor guy out. He just couldn't get down the court fast enough.