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  1. The hell with McConnell, just reclassify it through the Executive Branch. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Removal_of_cannabis_from_Schedule_I_of_the_Controlled_Substances_Act#Process
  2. Don't know if anyone, @UNLV2001, posted this. You know where we won't be watching from?: https://www.npr.org/2020/12/01/940767001/arecibo-observatory-telescope-collapses-ending-an-era-of-world-class-research Click on the NPR link. There's a video of the collapse. Featured in James Bond Golden Eye:
  3. I'm good with anyone who stomps Ohio State.
  4. This is a bullshit poll! How is it that I'm the only one to have voted for Nevada? NEVADA IS AT THE TOP OF THE LIST FOR A REASON PEOPLE! We literally throw grandmothers down the freaking steps of our stadium. What the hell do we have to do to be recognized?
  5. No, because post Wooden the Bruins have still been to: 19 Sweet 16's, 9 Elite 8's, 6 Final Fours and 3 Championship games., that's some pretty strong hoopin'. I'm sure that still puts them in the top 10.
  6. If that means you think you can baffle the board with bullshit...sure, whatevah.
  7. I think this speaks volumes for the overall intelligence of a Biden supporter. WTF was it about Trump rallies? Freaking sheep! I wouldn't phucking walk to the end of my street to hear any politician speak (much less Trump who has about a 100 word vocabulary).
  8. Hey don't feel bad @Bob, I still can't believe Hillary lost to Trump even though she easily won the popular vote. That election was really much closer than this one.
  9. There's really no such thing as a "centrist". Pretty much every single issue which swing votes has two sides. You're either for or against. Just because you support the Dem side on some and the GOP side on others, doesn't make you a centrist. Most folks will prioritize the issues based upon their personal beliefs and then vote accordingly. For me, even though I'm still registered as a Republican and will still vote for them at the state and occasionally national level, the most important issue for me is individual freedom. When the religious right really took control of the party in the l
  10. Not frustrated, just not serious. Most of us outgrow our libertarian ideals by the time we're 30; maybe not outgrow but re-prioritize.
  11. Swoll jinxed us! The Pack was 3-0 ATS until last night maybe it was my fault...I also had Nevada -3
  12. Hey @Bob here's the thread you were looking for...and it's amazing, closest I've ever seen to a board consensus. Your freaking pet doesn't need to go shopping
  13. Would they? What does 230 have to do with what the rest of the world does? Wouldn't companies just relocate or spring up on more friendly foreign soils? Would the US just censor them?
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