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  1. Boise State @ Nevada

    What him closely, it's a lesson in where the line is
  2. Boise State @ Nevada

    Just parking .....ready to rock GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. #Release The Memo

    But he happens to be more trustworthy than the other three? Based on what, other than the fact they they have D's next to there names? That's just coincidence?
  4. Government Shutdown 2018

    Democrats.......the Party of NO!!!!! #MAGA
  5. #Release The Memo

    Why? because he has an R next to his name?
  6. What we learned from this week of MW basketball...

    Hopefully, Nevada will do the same tonight. They've been a good 2nd half team so far.
  7. Boise State @ Nevada

    That's an interesting question. Online betting itself, was never made illegal, moving the money for that purpose was. Which effectively shutdown the business here In the US for awhile. Of course, many have now found a work around by using prepaid cards or wire transfers with no connection to US banks.
  8. Boise State @ Nevada

  9. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    Hey guys, how are things going here? Welcome to the the Non-Sports Board! It's good to see so many new faces. Take a walk on the wild side. BTW, I blame the President. The buck stops at the top.
  10. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    Is this a choice that AF is making? Article says Navy is going ahead with all scheduled games today.
  11. What's disappointing is that there are plenty of Roy Moore's out there.
  12. One of the many reasons.. .

    I love Nevada is being able to often interact with our elected leaders. Just chatted with the Governor; sitting right in front of me at a high school bball game tonight. Great Guv, too bad he limits out soon.
  13. New Mexico at UNLV

    I was typing, see my post above. I think that last part is impossible to say. He already has several transfers waiting in the wings and he'll be adding a new class this year.