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  1. I don't know, can you?
  2. The typical Republican today seems angry. The world is changing but they keep looking backward, as if things were better in the past. Things weren't "better", just different and it doesn't matter anyway, there's no going back.
  3. renoskier

    Trump World

    Thank goodness I had to google "Kloran".
  4. renoskier

    Kellen Moore Dallas offensive coordinator?

    Wyoming fans don't care because, well.....you know
  5. renoskier

    Problems at Covington High

    I'd give the kid a pass, he's probably completely clueless. The parents and administrators however WTF? Are they that phucking ignorant? Or worse, just don't care?
  6. renoskier

    Trump World

    Well, that would make a lot more sense than a "Trump Library".....with all the books he ever read:
  7. renoskier

    Kellen Moore Dallas offensive coordinator?

    Mary was pretty freakin' hot, she always went for the construction worker type. Virgin? No. Hot? Oh hell yes!
  8. renoskier

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    I've been looking but can't find anything specific. I wonder if there were some "poison pills" attached.
  9. renoskier

    SDSU @ Fresno

    Weird that the Bulldogs could play so poorly and then play so well
  10. renoskier

    Has Wyoming football peaked the last 3 seasons?

    Why are you so sensitive? We get it, you like Laramie. That's good, you can have it.
  11. renoskier

    Kellen Moore Dallas offensive coordinator?

    I did. He was doing his usual "water into wine" trick. The wine came out as a White Zinfandel, JC was going for a rich Burgundy. He was pissed, blamed it on the local water.
  12. renoskier

    Good baseball story...

    The Seattle Mariners have re-signed Ichiro Suzuki and will have him in the line-up when they open the season in Tokyo this year. "Ichi will be on our team when we go to Tokyo," Dipoto reiterated on Thursday. "He'll be an active player." The Mariners and Athletics will be allowed to use 28-man rosters for the two games at the Tokyo Dome, which will be played March 20-21. It has been speculated Ichiro will retire as a player following the series in Tokyo but that is not set in stone. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mariners-gm-jerry-dipoto-says-ichiro-will-play-opening-series-in-japan-after-reportedly-signing-new-deal/
  13. renoskier

    Fire Rice!

    Do you even MWC Board?
  14. renoskier

    MWC Football Assistant Coach losses

    Nevada is losing their D-line coach Jason Kaufusi to UCLA. He made $106k last year, the guy he's replacing at UCLA was making $350k.