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  1. No shit. As a disinterested third party, it is hilarious to watch "As the World Turns" Las Vegas style but come on, how long does a normal hiring process take? I'm pretty sure the over under is probably a week to 10 days. How many other vacancies have already been filled? And where did the $2.8 million number come from?
  2. Will you guys be shouting racist shit when you play Washington?
  3. Doesn't really sound "gross": The used soap is "crushed, sanitized and cut into new soap bars," according to the company.
  4. I think the Aggies will kick some Husky ass. Washington can't score and Utah State will pick that zone apart.
  5. Do you believe innocent folks have ever been executed?
  6. Yeah, I don't get it. Chelsea Clinton spoke out against anti-Semitism and that's a problem?
  7. Why can't you be consistent about climate change? On one hand, you call it a hoax and then you turn around and complain about the negative impact it will have on our economy if we try to combat climate change. Which is it?
  8. You don't think that maybe Hammond is a really good coach?
  9. They've been there for almost 3 weeks and are scheduled to head home tonight.
  10. My sister just texted me, she and her friend arrived in Christchurch last night
  11. They don't need to "push off" for it to be an offensive foul. If the defender falls down because the ball-handler created the contact, with shoulder, body, or arm, as they drove to the basket, that's a charge. I agree, flopping sucks, but that's a different issue. The refs just need to do a better job making sure there was indeed "contact".
  12. If Harvard wants their student population to have a similar diversity as the overall population, why is that a problem?
  13. Well then, why hasn't the Trump DOJ done anything with all this evidence that the FBI has collected? It's not up to the FBI to "prosecute".