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  1. I don't know if your statement is true but as a western alum, I love Colorado being in the P12. Would suck to go backward.
  2. is it too soon for "turd of the week"?
  3. Naggsty, not just you but I thought this would be a good segue... Curious, of those Americans who haven't been vaccinated, what percentage refuse based upon "political ideology"? I'm guessing 70+%.
  4. Watching Morning Joe this morning and they were very negative on Biden's handling of this whole affair but apparently he's been on the phone with Macron and France is sending their ambassador back next week. Got me thinking that maybe "going it alone" and then asking forgiveness may have been the best course of action. Notify France before hand and there's no knowing how complicated things may have become. How would Trump have handled it? Seems like an "America first" type of deal.
  5. personal experience with 3 or 4...been enthusiastically "flashed" on 3 or 4 other occasions but didn't get to touch
  6. let's just simply... all fans, other than my team's fans... suck!
  7. the rockies? she should have you on suicide watch
  8. makes me sad to remember a similar fate which befell 2 beautiful owls that used to make their home in the outdoor garden area of a local Home Depot. same thing, they died of poison being used nearby
  9. If his wife is like the large majority of women I know who've had boob jobs, she would love to show them off.
  10. Of course this comes from @soupslam1 who grew up in California when it had one of the best K12 education programs in the country. A broad based education which focused on more than just the 3 r's. What's also funny about those who spout such nonsense is that most often speak with reverence of our "founding fathers". Many who were well educated with a very broad base of language, philosophy, art, etc.
  11. Wait, reverse phycology is something that works maybe, if you're lucky, once with our children before they catch on. So what kind of morons does this author believe we're dealing...oh never mind
  12. Do we recall our French ambassador every time France subsidizes Airbus to the detriment of Boeing? phuck them, Australia is our ally also
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