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  1. So, to summarize: "I worked hard and paid for college so....phuck these kids!"
  2. No shit, what dumbass started this abortion?
  3. This says it all. My niece graduated from Rice, in 4 years she never once had any desire to attend any sporting events. I have a feeling she was more the rule than the exception.
  4. So why don't they discharge student loan debt? Very difficult, sometimes impossible to get it discharged thru BK.
  5. To quote an recent popular quip: "the cure is worse than the virus" is absolutely true in this case. If not for relieving Crozier, none of this would have blown up. His letter would have been quickly lost to the Corona noise and forgotten. Maybe they should have quietly reprimanded him which would have had the same negative effect on his career.
  6. Likewise those who seem to disagree with the current social distancing measures won't admit the possibility of things becoming much worse for the economy in the long term if the virus isn't controlled.
  7. BOB! How about the incredible experience we are all currently sharing? My oldest son will miss his college graduation. My daughter is the valedictorian of her class and will probably miss her graduation and the opportunity to deliver her speech. Yes, it's disappointing that we will miss these occasions but the memory of what we, the whole world, is currently experiencing will be with us much longer than any foregone family moments. And yes, there will be some tragedy and no doubt some suicide as a result of this pandemic. None of us are prescient. You don't agree with the current social distancing measures because you're worried about the damage to our economy. However, you seem unwilling to admit or even consider that things may have become even worse for the economy if we had not undertaken these measures.
  8. Oh, so it's financial ruin you speak of? Is this the only metric you value in quality of life?
  9. Apparently #mathishard for you. If you knew anything of statistics, you'd know that "models" are dynamic. New data = new results. Why do you have such a difficult time admitting that social distancing is working?
  10. How have their lives been ruined. What metric do you use to judge quality of life?
  11. Do you think the entire northern hemisphere all decided to overreact at the same time?