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  1. Sometimes, not always. And often children can stay with family or friends. That's what we should be doing now; catch and release was a much better policy for everyone.
  2. Unless it's for a very serious crime, bail/bond gets set and nobody is detained at all; families stay together.
  3. Yeah, I suppose that explains why Trump had 60+ million.
  4. I disagree. The content of the messages is irrelevant. They are both public employees and are using the platform to inform and/or communicate with constituents.
  5. This may be "a huge overreaction" but "actress" is misogynous!!!
  6. What do you mean "getting high"? Are you talking about the cost of living or folks smoking dope?
  7. WTF? He can always go to her next one.
  8. LMAO! It's only appropriate that you would bring us "Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun"
  9. On their public account, it shouldn't matter. And anyone leaving threats should be tracked down.
  10. Well, of course you don't, you're not a Boise fan!
  11. Well, it was supposed to be the Cal Bears, but after getting their asses kicked in Reno the last time, the begged off and won't play Nevada anymore.