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  1. well, this is more of a dash than an enjoyable sight seeing adventure hope to make it in 3 days, it will be 3 long days of driving
  2. Heading out at zero dark 30 tomorrow morning to deliver my daughter's car to her in Maryland. Hope to be rolling into Laramie about 6-7pm tomorrow night. Would be glad to meet anyone for a beer.
  3. We're evolving into Europeans not a bad thing
  4. huh, not to my knowledge maybe I haven't kept up, did Nixon know before the break-in?
  5. yeah! coyotes I can deal with but those damn wolves, different story huh @halfmanhalfbronco
  6. and they were being "honored" when Trump was in office?
  7. hey @toonkee props, you always hit the nail on the head (in very few words ) at the core it just always comes back to "we don't like Mexicans" and Trump is mean to brown people...very simplistic
  8. As "conservatives", their ideological goals never change because it's "change" itself that they oppose. It's a fools errand because society is continually evolving (they hate any idea of evolution) and will continue to do so with or without them. your list is recent but how far back can we go? different gods peasants reading slaves are people women voting gays marrying it's always and they always lose in the long run... makes them angry
  9. yes and he although he's free he's a phucking pariah he had it all, now, not so much
  10. What a way to spend your day...hope they wore sun screen.
  11. No, I want to see you on here complaining about both sides, not just the Dems.
  12. God knows Trump never tried to actually read any of it.
  13. hey Jack how come all your vitriol is for the Democrat "elites" and rarely/never for the Republican "elites"?
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