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  1. Updated with lines for Fresno and Hawaii.
  2. Expecting a Zoomie letdown after their historic major upset this past weekend
  3. Umm...the Warthog is pretty cool but not very fast. Hell, they have old P51 Mustangs that will blow the flaps off of an A10.
  4. No shit, the GOP somehow screwed it up.
  5. Let me show you guys how this is done: Air Force @ Boise State (-8) Wyoming @ Tusla (-3.5) NMSU @ New Mexico (-4.5) San Jose @ Arkansas (-21) Nevada (-14) @ UTEP Sacramento State @ Fresno State (-27) Toledo (-6) @ Colorado State Utah State (-3.5) @ San Diego State Central Arkansas @ Hawaii (-14.5) WTF CSU!!!?
  6. Just pepperoni is my perfect pie. Although i'm good with jalapenos. Olives suck...on anything.
  7. What's UNLV bball have to do with this?
  8. I wish I could photoshop Ralphie crying It was a sad day for my Buffs, I thought they might pull another one out...it wasn't to be. Congrats Zoomie...and @Bob
  9. Anyone who wants to phuck with Saudi Arabia is okay with me. 9/11 never forget
  10. Garbage? Return of the Pac? Six Pac-12 teams now ranked https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27621898/return-pac-six-pac-12-teams-now-ranked
  11. Yeah, wtf? I never saw them attempt anything wide, are the backs really that slow?