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  1. Great story. Heard a good interview with him on NPR a couple weeks ago.
  2. wtf!? Has anyone already pushed back on this ridiculous apples and oranges math? personally, I spent more than 1800 hours "in the classroom" for my bachelors.
  3. He's been in the position for many years, under both Dem and GOP administrations. Was he "political as hell" then too?
  4. Yeah, but until I looked, I didn't know that he served his entire commitment before playing in the NFL. Pretty impressive but the Cowboys still suck!
  5. Not necessarily, I mean Roger Staubach was a 27 year old rookie
  6. Holy shit!! Where's that "crazy/hot" matrix thing? she looks damn good for 53 edit: oh damn, I just clicked on @818SUDSFan link... maybe not so hot
  7. Bullshit! He got the incredible education he signed up for. Now it's time to honor his commitment...a commitment he made to all of us who have paid him to go to school for the last four years. ...my guess is that they'll eventually make a special arrangement for him but maybe not right away, and no one should expect, or demand, such
  8. As an aside to this story...surprisingly, at least some Nevada sports books paid out both Cantlay and John Rahm tickets! Props to those that did so.
  9. Rosegreen's "double the pay" is a ridiculous exaggeration. Especially when you consider that fact that professional athletes must file tax returns and pay state income taxes in all the states where they play games. So yes, players based in California would certainly be paying higher taxes but probably not enough to base a free agency decision on.
  10. Making fun of Trump will never get old...ever.
  11. good analogy but it's freaking hardware store not a spa...quieter experience
  12. Me either, the Reno store has a higher end clientele. I just really prefer Home Depot, IMO, better selection and better layout.
  13. I was mostly taking a shot at Lowes...suburban housewife store.
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