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  1. pretty sure all of her songs were covers
  2. they also closely monitor their self checkouts and check receipts at the front door
  3. if it's so clear cut, this should be easy to prove...and then out goes Joe...right
  4. have some balls, answer the question... are blacks committing crimes at higher rated than whites? why?
  5. really? why do you think blacks commit crime at higher rates than whites? are they just inherently bad people?
  6. is it 40% immediately or spread out over a number of years? and when was the last time they had a raise?
  7. never understood why there were 2 to begin with
  8. wow, we complain about old folks serving too long but this makes me think it was even more prevalent in the past
  9. that's what I was thinking... the dollar is doing fine hey dogs, the thing is...when we were printing like crazy, so was the rest of the world...it's all fiat currency...it's all relative
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